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Total: 304

Series Rating Comment
100 Days Dream7---
12 O'Clock Bell Rings8.3---
24, 257---
A Doll and His Master6---
A Small World8.5---
Ability Shop8---
Adolte and Adarte6---
Afghanistan9This is a very interesting little one-shot; it is cleverly written and gives the readers a good idea of t... View
Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami9---
Alice in Underground6---
Alice Turn Back Clock------
Ame no Furu Basho7.6---
Angel's Share7.8---
Apple (KOMI Naoshi)7---
April Fool6.9---
Assassin's Plan------
At Na-chan's------
Atashi no Onna ni Te o Dasu na5.7---
Attemo Nakutemo Neko no Shippo7---
Baku Ai5---
Because Goodbyes Are Coming Soon8.6---
Bishounen no Koi6.5---
Black Cat Tunnel7.1---
Black Coffee6---
Boiling Head9---
Boku wa Sakana7---
Bongcheon District Ghost4---
Brigit's Supper7.7---
Byouto Shoujo Kan6.7---
Cain (ASADA Yasuka)7---
Call My Name (JARYUU Dokuro)6.9---
Cat & Me7.7---
Cha! Chu! Cho!8.8---
Chishiyoubun no Ai wa Komete6---
City in the Sea7.1---
Class Room6.8---
Cocoa Theory6---
Cross (OOGA Asagi)7---
Cut the Angel with A Scythe6---
Cyber Dorothy------
Cynical World5.6---
Dead Flowers6.7---
Did I do Something Wrong?5.9---
Die7.2This is the only story I've ever read that deals with
Spoiler (highlight to view)

As... View
Die Quarry Proie8.6---
Dirty Work5---
Dokusaisha Granada9.2---
Door to Heaven------
Doraemon (MATSUMOTO Taiyou)8---
Double Play5.8---
Dr. Psyche4---
Dreaming: Fairy Tale of Dream6.5---
Eros in the Stoic------
Extracurricular Lessons6.3---
Fake (MIYAMOTO Kano)4.9---
Fc Barcelona Monogatari------
First Year Class C Yoshida Representative2.5---
Fizon Core6---
Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor5.8---
For Once Story6.2---
For You, My Beloved7---
Fujunna Renai7.1---
Full Moon (IM Hye Shin)4.8---
Fushou no Musuko7---
Futsutsukana Ani Desu Ga5---
Giri no Vacance7.8---
Girls' Lives6---
God's in His Heaven4.8---
Gokiburi Gijinka------
Gong Bao Chicken2---
Goth Cage8.6This is a wonderfully gripping collection of short stories, each delving deep into the cruelty, superf... View
Green Beans7.9---
Hakoiri Musuko3.5---
Hana (MATSUMOTO Taiyo)7---
Hana ni Omoeba5.8---
Happy Summer Dream------
Healing Elegy------
Heart Stealer2Just another romance manga that tries (and fails) to disguise itself as something unique. It seems... View
Hi Ina6.6---
Hidari Te6.2---
Hitoribocchi no Kuni5.6---
Holy Night8.5A really interesting little trio of short stories. I can understand the low rating, though -- I bet most o... View
Home for Lost Children7.7---
How to Colonize Space4.8---
Human Clock------
Hyakuyou Daichou------
I Love You (HANATSU Yaya)7.3---
I Love You Until the End of the World------
I say, sink of Dark6---
I Will Grant You Three Wishes3.8---
I'm Not an Angel3.8---
Ibara no Majutsushi8.8---
Ichika Nikki8.8---
Iigakari Neesan6.1---
In the Afternoon...5.8---
Ink Flower5---
It and Lily5---
It Might Be a Hottie (Novel)3---
Ito Junji's Dog Diary2---
Iím a Pet2---
Jewel to Canary------
JoJoís Bizarre Adventures dj - The Joestar Family vs The President2.4---
Kaeri Michi------
Kanojo to Shinigami------
Kare no Satsujin Keikaku8.2---
Kasougenjitsu Ren'airon5.5---
Kata Kutsushita no Otoko7---
Ki mama ni Tanteigyou6---
Kikagaku Ehon6.7---
Kimi Dake ni Focus4---
Kimi wa Boku no Taiyou8.5---
Kimi wa Machigatteiru7.9---
Kimi wo Omofu------
King's Prophet7.8This one was really interesting. Finally ~ a BL that isn't some sugar-coated fantasy about o... View
Kiri Keisuke to Johnny Yonhyaku Tsukumo Hitokiri1.5---
Ko Mori Uta4.2---
Koishichatta no Yo------
Korisu Ballet3---
Koukai no Naraku------
Koyubi wa Amaku Sasayaku5.4---
Kumabachi no Koto8.6---
Kuro Tenkousei6.8---
Kurseong South: The Forest of Black Tea------
Kuuchan ga Iku7.5---
Lily White5---
Little Birds of Paradise6.6---
Little Sweet Delusion------
Love / Death5---
Lucid Dream7.2...with a likeable protagonist and pleasant artwork, but sadly, all of it only amounted to a one-shot. I'... View
Mahoroba no Hibi5.7---
Mahou Ineko to Ibarahime6.6---
Me wo Mite Hanase7---
Meikai no Pendulum6---
Melodramatic Library4.5---
Metropolis (KURODA Iou)2---
Mi to Shounen6---
Mian Ju5.8---
Michikusa (KUNIEDA Saika)------
Mimi ni Nokoru Kimi no Koe wa------
Minna Kirakira7---
Moon Walker LTD7.5---
More than Words (YAMAMORI Mika)8Really, I pity whoever added the "BL Subtext" tag to the category field: Congratulatio... View
Mousou Otoko1---
Mukuchi na Bakemono wa Yoru ni Naku2.5This one-shot is a waste of even the ten minutes you have to dedicate to reading it. I'm not... View
Mushroom Boy7.8---
Nagisa Round------
Namida no Suisou------
Nanadome no Gomenne1There's no substance in this story, and if it was supposed to make me sad then it failed mis... View
Nightmare After School6---
Nightmare Syndrome5.5---
Noel la Neige6.9---
Nowhere to Go6.8---
Okimono Kimono------
Oni ni Itaru I didn't expect anything too deep or meaningful. It's not a bad story at all, though... View
Onmyouji ni Naru Houhou------
Onward! Maiden Road6---
Orange Sweet Olive Blossoms6.1---
Ou to Sokkin3.5---
Out (HIDAKA Shoko)6.8---
Past Heaven5.8---
Pieces of You------
Plastic Girl (FURUYA Usamaru)9This is actually a really good one-shot; riddled with symbolism and dealing head-on with the experie... View
Princess Kaguya2.5---
Private Table6---
Pure Shadow4---
Rapunzel (RURI Hozuki)2---
Rasen no Kioku8---
Rohan au Louvre8---
Rome Rome6.9---
Rooftop Miracle6.6---
Rose Garden (KIM Yeon-Joo)7.8---
Roundabout (OTSU Hiyori)6.1---
Route 208.1---
Ruler of the Dark Region3---
Saigo no Negai7.6---
Saiyuiki Gaiden - Tenjou no Ari------
Sakamoto Gakari6---
Sasabunechou Konjaku7.4---
Seimei desu ga nani ka?6.6---
Selling Me Softly5---
Semi-Eternal Happy End2---
She Loved Him, and He Loved Himself7.2---
Shiroi Kageboshi7.4---
Shitateya Shinikami------
Shitauke Tantei Nokori Kasuhiro------
Shoujo Manga (KATOU Shinkichi)7.3---
Shoujo no Tsukurikata------
Slow Down8.3---
Smargs won't Sing8.7---
So Serious6.7---
Sono Seiren naru Tsubuyaki wo7---
Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru7.1---
Soshite Watashi wa Kaeru ni Koisuru------
Spoiler Wars6.3---
St. Men's Cafe------
Stray Dog7.8---
Summer Switch1---
Sunflower (KIM Yeon-joo)9.7---
Sunset and Curry------
Survival of the Dead------
Sword Dancer7---
Tadashii Hitsuji6---
Tarepanda Goes on an Adventure9---
Tell Me a Lie------
Tengoku no Honya7---
Terror7I can guarantee one thing- the ending will take you by surprise. No-one would have been able to g... View
Test Flight Girls5---
The Animal Sacrifice------
The Black Cat3---
The Cosmic Tunnel6.7---
The Devil Mansion's Teacher6---
The Dress7It's a supernatural-themed depiction of how jealousy, avarice, materialism and selfishness... View
The End in Common Ruin6.6---
The Female Body3.8---
The Girl's Winter8.2---
The Hero in My Heart6.3---
The Kids Are Alright7.7---
The Little Mermaid5.4---
The Monkey's Foot7.3Actually, this wasn't too bad for a one-shot. Yes, I know it borrowed the basic concept fro... View
The Poet Who Buys Words6---
The Red Demon Who Cried "Moe!"4---
The Story of a White Mouse7---
The Story of the Gatekeeper7.9---
The Visitor8---
The Wolf-Girl and the Seven Kids5---
The World Cup 19626.1---
Tiger and Bunny (KATSURA Masakazu)3.9---
Tomo's Scary Story6.1---
Toriaezu Revenge3.5---
Toriya Trip8---
Toy Box (Naf Naf-Re)------
Try! Try! Try!7---
Tsujimura-san is a Secret4---
Uchi no Hide8.8---
Under the Sakura Tree------
Unmei no Koi ni Naritai3.3---
Urban Cross1.5---
Ushiro no Pleiades7---
Uso to Makoto6.2---
Violence Becomes Tranquility7.5---
Violet7.5This one-shot took me completely by surprise! The characters are hateful, yes; but they are accu... View
Visitor on a Moonlit Night6---
Watashi no Kidou6---
Welcome to Cosmos Apartment House4---
White Cup------
White Garden8.5---
White Rain6.9---
Wreckage X------
X-Tai Shinsho4---
Yawarakai Taion5.5---
Yoru Naku Suzume6.5---
Yubikiri Hime7.3---
Yururira9How is adorableness of this level even possible!?
Yururira is simple, charming, and a truly wonder... View
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