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What sexist trope in manga bothers you the most?
Patronizing "but you're a girl!" statement
Falling in love with their rapist
"All women are..."
Sexual assault/rape portrayed as a joke
Harassment is okay because she's "playing hard to get"
Damsel in distress
Girl solely exists to be a love interest
Jealous, vain, and/or cruel fangirls
Madonna/whore dichotomy
What? Sexism still exists?
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Long series that's worth it
(12 posts, 971 views) Posted: 65d 3h, 0m ago by Oddwaffle in I'm Looking For...
Jiraishin: 18 vols (more if you follow the sequel) - This is a dark, hard boiled, action, detective Seinen. There is a strong element of romance in 2-3 of the story arcs, including the one with the main character. However, this is a dark/tragic type of manga so the roma ...
Is this Cool?: Sword Balancing on Shoulder
(12 posts, 421 views) Posted: 116d 3h, 5m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
The whole picture of a person holding a blade on his shoulder shows a certain degree of over confidence, ready to fight and some what provoking. The person is giving off a message that he's confident in using the sword with an unorthodox battle pose and ...
Getting manga raws from ebooks
(22 posts, 708 views) Posted: 145d 2h, 25m ago by Oddwaffle in Manga General
I assume ebook are actual ebook file you can download and not something you have to connect to the internet to read.

I don't know what kind of ebook manga are in but if it's epub like other books then you can unzip it as it is just another form of zip file ...
Antisocial behaviour
(14 posts, 697 views) Posted: 230d 12h, 1m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
Most of the time having family trying to talk to someone when they are emo will not work. There are 2 ways dealing with certain disorder: discipline or religion.

Strong discipline is usually the most practical way of doing it. This is because it will most likely going to wor ...
Why aren't manhwas ever made into animes?
(45 posts, 4068 views) Posted: 236d 15h, 0m ago by Oddwaffle in Manga General
Sorry, it's a typo that got stuck in my head for a long time. Veritas and The Breaker are both wushu in a sense where as Ares or Shin Angyo Onshi are not but they are more focused on actions rather than martial arts. ...
Why aren't manhwas ever made into animes?
(45 posts, 4068 views) Posted: 238d 1h, 46m ago by Oddwaffle in Manga General
No, I'm certain that a fair number of martial arts mangwa made by korean artists are loosely based on wushu world settings. They have a modern take on it, similar to urban fantasy vs fantasy but they are based very similar. In contrast, historical fantasy, fa ...
Why aren't manhwas ever made into animes?
(45 posts, 4068 views) Posted: 239d 1h, 37m ago by Oddwaffle in Manga General
A lot of mangwa martial arts don't translate well. The stories are based loosely on wushu novels. They are a very different world compare to current manga and anime. It's like the tolkienian world of the east. Only a few of the elements get passed in ...
(27 posts, 1203 views) Posted: 244d 22h, 5m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
There is luck and there is chance. Even though you are betting on good fortune, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be stacking your deck. ...
What if we couldn't lie?
(33 posts, 1683 views) Posted: 291d 13h, 22m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
There is a huge difference between lying and deceptions. You can tell the truth and nothing but the truth but you can certainly deceive people with the truth. The simplest way would be the tone of your voice and the pauses in your sentences when you say something ...
Will world peace ever be achieved?
(32 posts, 1339 views) Posted: 330d 22h, 41m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
War arise from conflict and human love war because it's born with them. You can't have a conflict-free world because the world would never change and never get better with that. It's like a perfect world. It seems nice but it's not the w ...
How do you guys sort your manga in your PC
(18 posts, 940 views) Posted: 346d 2h, 11m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
--->Manga 1
|_____ Vol 1
|_____ Vol 2
|_____ Chp31
--->Manga 2
|_____ Vol 1-10
|_____ Vol 11-20
--->Manga 3
|_____ Vol 1
|_____ Vol 2
--->One Shots/Single Volumes
|_____ Author 1
|_ ...
New Poll - Favorite Character Type
(36 posts, 2008 views) Posted: 379d 12h, 26m ago by Oddwaffle in News
Yeah, the scheming plotter type always make the story interesting. Too many fake 'smart' characters, we need real smart, clever, stoic and prudent type. ...
Novel Recommendations
(53 posts, 3163 views) Posted: 388d 8h, 3m ago by Oddwaffle in I'm Looking For...
Give Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher a try. Wizards, magic, supernatural in a hard boiled detective style story. It's more action/detective/film noir with mind games rather than crime/thriller. It's about a wizard trying to make ends meets as a priv ...
Child porn in Japan
(41 posts, 5406 views) Posted: 393d 12h, 22m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
What's that saying goes? "if you have enough money, even demons will be your slaves.".

Air pollution killing people? Hand over the cash and the jobs and the government will sweep it under the rug. Hand over some more cash and even the peop ...
Pale Skin vs. Tanned
(19 posts, 1868 views) Posted: 451d 10h, 10m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
I think it depends. Some people look nice with sun tanned skin; slightly brownish or bronze/caramel coloured skin in general. Some other people look nice with a pale skin. Not porcelain white pale or vampire-grade pale but more like peach colour pale.

I have sun tann ...
How do i explain to mom that i read something with incest?
(11 posts, 1432 views) Posted: 471d 20h, 13m ago by Oddwaffle in Manga General
There are a lot of fiction novels involving a lot of killings. There are a lot of movies and TV shows with blood, deaths, violence, malice and all sort of things that would be outlawed in the real world. It's fiction, it can be anything. You just tell her that you're ...
romance but not high-school...
(19 posts, 1864 views) Posted: 496d 14h, 8m ago by Oddwaffle in I'm Looking For...
Give Oishii Kankei a try. It's about cooking but 40% of it is romance/drama. There is this mature kind of love growing between the characters. Not the sweet and happy type romance though. More like 'you are together or you are not'. ...
romance but not high-school...
(19 posts, 1864 views) Posted: 497d 8h, 15m ago by Oddwaffle in I'm Looking For...
Little House with the Orange Roof would be light heart romance without highschool setting. No harem and little to no drama but it's closer to a middle age bracket rather than young/student setting. Live happily ever after kind of story.

Hmm... can't think ...
whats ur favorite shirt phrases?
(166 posts, 12696 views) Posted: 520d 6h, 16m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
"I like men same as my coffee. Warm, rich and can keep me up at night"

"Please do not give this man a beer. Signed: His wife" ...
Disabled Children - Abortion?
(63 posts, 4229 views) Posted: 535d 19h, 32m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
Quote from lynira
No, thinking someone's life will be horrible is not a good enough reason to kill that person. Even if you're most likely correct that they will suffer a lot, you can't guarantee that they won't find any happiness or joy in living, ...
Disabled Children - Abortion?
(63 posts, 4229 views) Posted: 536d 2h, 36m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
There is a real case for you people to chew. I don't really remember the specifics but it's about a father killing his 9-year-old daughter (maybe 10, i can't remember). The child was suffering from a disease that caused her some of her bones n ...
Mental Illness
(13 posts, 1213 views) Posted: 638d 15h, 34m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
IMO, when you act or start thinking without solid reason in your mind then you probably have some sort of mental illness. For example, most people tend to be hoarders, which is a mental illness with a grading I think; almost all of us tend to keep stuff that we 'm ...
National Alcohol
(32 posts, 1981 views) Posted: 643d 12h, 20m ago by Oddwaffle in Chatter Box
In Vietnam they have what people called as "De" liquor; read as 'Dee' I think. It used to be a moonshine as it was illegal to make liquor at home. People brew it in their house away. When the liquor inspectors came check if they were making ...
New Poll - Platonic vs. Romantic
(17 posts, 4119 views) Posted: 643d 12h, 39m ago by Oddwaffle in News
Platonic relationships in stories and such are like snacks. It's fun to have and you should always snack to enjoy it. Romance is like the main course in the relationship. You can survive with snacks alone but you will probably drool for the main course. Having m ...
PC Gaming
(15 posts, 1256 views) Posted: 649d 15h, 21m ago by Oddwaffle in Games
MSI is pretty good on their gaming laptop line. I have a GX660R from MSI and I have been playing a fair bit of games on it. I think the new line is called GT70 or something. One thing to watch out for is the screen size. A 17 inches laptop tends to remove the 'm ...

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