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Can't remember the title of a really weird manga
(1 posts, 197 views) Posted: 33d 14h, 36m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
Kigurumi Planet? I haven't read it, but it seems like that's the one.

Btw, in such cases the description search is very useful ...
(5 posts, 506 views) Posted: 33d 14h, 42m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
This topic could help
And this one
And maybe this one too
There's a deceptively weak-looking protagonist category too ...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1400 posts, 102834 views) Posted: 41d 8h, 24m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box

I generally enjoyed it, the setting was interesting, characterization very good, actors were great. But on the other hand, there were way too many wtf moments (although I liked some of them) and deus ex machina plot devices, and the whole premise ...
most disappointing manga and anime you have seen/read
(6 posts, 296 views) Posted: 45d 4h, 9m ago by Hanae in Manga General
The most disappointing (but not really overhyped) would be Double Arts. I think it's very good and I liked it a lot, but apparently the Japanese didn't, because it got axed after three volumes. The author managed to put together an ending that sort of mak ...
New Poll - Unrealistic Manga
(32 posts, 1095 views) Posted: 45d 4h, 22m ago by Hanae in News
I agree that the question and the answers in this poll are kind of vague. Is realistic = not fantasy? Is Prince of Tennis realistic? On the one hand there is no magic or fantasy elements, but on the other hand some things that happen (e.g. a character playing while blind ...
Recent Outage Due to DMCA Request
(51 posts, 3640 views) Posted: 48d 11h, 59m ago by Hanae in News
I understood when download links were removed. I could sort of understand when links to scanlation groups were removed as well. But covers? The Japanese seem to be rather strict when it comes to image copyright (at least I think so, considering that most anim ...
New Poll - Pleasure Reading
(34 posts, 858 views) Posted: 51d 10h, 0m ago by Hanae in News
I prefer books to manga, so I read a lot. If it wasn't for libraries and ebooks I would have run out of space to store books a long time ago biggrin
In my experience, the people who say they "don't really like reading" just haven't found the rig ...
Mangaupdates Global Site Downtime
(44 posts, 2124 views) Posted: 53d 11h, 11m ago by Hanae in News
The site has finally started working for me about an hour ago. It's good to have MU back smile I'm glad the downtime was caused by technical difficulties and not something worse. ...
Unethical/selfish character has to do the right thing
(6 posts, 639 views) Posted: 96d 12h, 50m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
Thanks, everyone! (sorry for responding so late, I forgot I wrote this post) ...
Unethical/selfish character has to do the right thing
(6 posts, 639 views) Posted: 104d 4h, 43m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
I'm looking for a manga in which a character (preferably the main one) is selfish and/or in conflict with the law and is faced with the situation in which he/she can either save himself/herself or risk death/arrest and choose the greater good (like saving a lo ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2941 posts, 287003 views) Posted: 116d 12h, 26m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
If you say "I'm going to college", then this means that you're going to be a student there. If you say "to the college", then you go there for some other purpose (you're supposed to meet a friend there or something). Sam ...
MU Becomes a Decade
(69 posts, 3189 views) Posted: 150d 9h, 15m ago by Hanae in News
Happy Birthday MU! Two weeks ago 5 years have passed since I made an account here, although to me it seems as if it was only yesterday smile ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2941 posts, 287003 views) Posted: 174d 3h, 6m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
Thanks! Tetris makes me stressed, but I like the rest, thank you! It doesn't really matter what kind of game it is, I just need something to make me look busy ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2941 posts, 287003 views) Posted: 174d 3h, 58m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
Does anyone know a free mobile game for android that doesn't require an internet connection, doesn't try to sell me things (at least not in an annoying way) and does not drain the battery too much or take up an awful lot of space? I need something to ...
Manga Similar to Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Love in the Mask
(7 posts, 391 views) Posted: 181d 4h, 23m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
The first thing that came to my mind was Oresama Teacher, but the female lead is not crossdressing (but she's very badass though and has a secret identity). I was also thinking about Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, but I read it a long time ago and I don't ...
New Poll - City Size
(39 posts, 1340 views) Posted: 184d 4h, 58m ago by Hanae in News
I guess city size standards are relative, the biggest city in my country is under 2 million and it's considered a metropolis ...
Mangatraders Hacked, and How it Affects MU
(83 posts, 35190 views) Posted: 190d 7h, 11m ago by Hanae in News
Whoops... I have an account there I haven't used for years, I have no idea what e-mail I used with it and what the password was... ...
Crossdressing schoolboy meets schoolgirl
(3 posts, 450 views) Posted: 192d 4h, 7m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
Mint na Bokura...? ...
When has...
(8 posts, 331 views) Posted: 197d 3h, 20m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
I've never had any issues with moderators on MU, I think there's a perfect balance between keeping discipline and allowing people to express themselves here.

But I used to be a member of some discussion forum where moderators and the admin fo ...
Highly energetic manga like Eyeshield 21
(7 posts, 459 views) Posted: 198d 7h, 46m ago by Hanae in I'm Looking For...
Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go (I hate board games but it made me want to learn to play go biggrin), maybe Beck (it starts like a silly ecchi comedy, but gets better later, art also gets much... less ugly), and maaaybe Kokou no Hito, but to be honest I don't remember ...
Absent minded/memory lapse moments
(11 posts, 718 views) Posted: 200d 3h, 47m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
I've had many moments like this, but something that's happening repeatedly is that when I'm doing something on my computer and have a cup of tea in front of me, I drink it without noticing. It's like I have a full cup of tea and next time I' ...
New Poll - MU Years
(64 posts, 2513 views) Posted: 200d 12h, 58m ago by Hanae in News
I think for me it was 2008... I made an account in 2009, but I had been lurking for quite some time before that. I've been registered to many manga related websites and forums, but I always stopped posting after a few months. MU is the only site that I've ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2941 posts, 287003 views) Posted: 204d 13h, 29m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
My friend's allergies manifest like this. Whenever she scratches her skin, even very lightly, this spot becomes swollen and itchy, like a mosquito bite. She used to have this all the time, now only in her allergy season (pollen). Perhaps you really are allergic to so ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2941 posts, 287003 views) Posted: 205d 4h, 34m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
Quote from NightSwan
During last year's attack, I started sprinkling Cinnamon all over the apartment (windows/cracks), and next to my desk especially. It acts as a deterrent.

Salt works too! Ants won't go near it. Last summer ants kept getting into my ...
Questioning Sailor Moon
(6 posts, 289 views) Posted: 205d 16h, 42m ago by Hanae in Chatter Box
I haven't watched/read Sailor Moon since I was in kindergarten, but I remember there were some Sailor Stars, not sure if they were based on actual stars though. I only remember I was confused as a child because I didn't know if they were male or ...

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