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New Doujinshi Rules In Effect
(42 posts, 4781 views) Posted: 414d 0h, 38m ago by misc in News
That's basically the whole point of my initial question.. none
In the end it seems that both ways of reporting dj releases work in various circumstances according to both of your replies regardless of what you said in the first one ...
New Doujinshi Rules In Effect
(42 posts, 4781 views) Posted: 424d 19h, 32m ago by misc in News
What if 'ABC' is too long to fit in the permitted length for the field of chapter name, and won't be displayed properly? ...
New Doujinshi Rules In Effect
(42 posts, 4781 views) Posted: 424d 20h, 32m ago by misc in News
Uhm, what about scanlation of only a part of an anthology doujinshi, which consists of a lot of smaller doujinshis from different authors? Are these releases still allowed to be reported? If yes, which format should they be in?
For eg, Group XYZ releases scanlation ...
Pixiv field
(2 posts, 524 views) Posted: 426d 2h, 42m ago by misc in Suggestions & Bugs
I second this with my whole being. Most artists have pixiv accounts nowadays, it's rather slow of MU to not have updated this feature. It's especially annoying when some mods/admins keep deleting the pixiv links that were painstakingly added in manga ...
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! to End in June
(1 posts, 1431 views) Posted: 533d 12h, 45m ago by misc in Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
Urgh finally -_-
The real question here is how the hell this manga managed to spawn off more than 17 volumes (at the time I'm writing this) tbh ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 16845 views) Posted: 761d 12h, 13m ago by misc in News
This poll is about distaste for sexism yet the options themselves are actually most sexist. Sexism shouldn't be restricted only to females but to all other types of 'sex'. Men, women, bi, trans, gay, les, etc., all of them suffer from sexist tropes found ...
New Poll - Favorite Narrative
(13 posts, 1356 views) Posted: 776d 3h, 18m ago by misc in News
Well, I didn't plan to voice anything upon this matter, but hearing you say you don't buy much manga and only (a lot of) merchandise made me think I have to join in. The fact that you only buy merchandise is irrelevant in this case imo, because if you don ...
Doujinshi pairings' names
(2 posts, 432 views) Posted: 782d 2h, 2m ago by misc in Suggestions & Bugs
So I have seen more than a couple of ways people write pairings for doujinshis here in MU.
For eg, for the Free! fandom, I've seen the following in different dounjinshis:
- Pairing: Nanase Haruka x Matsuoka Rin
- Pairing: Haruka Nanase x Rin Matsuoka
- Pairin ...
Current Status (Hiatus due to Sensei's poor health)
(2 posts, 2170 views) Posted: 791d 9h, 45m ago by misc in Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru
Okay, I do want my mangas but the mangakas are altogether much more important, so good to hear of news about sensei and I hope her health improves. ...
New Poll - Physical Manga
(27 posts, 2338 views) Posted: 867d 2h, 36m ago by misc in News
I'm proud to say that I'm one of those who always try to buy physical manga volumes when I can (ie if I have the money) to try to support mangakas. After all, it's because of sales that my favourite mangakas can continue producing what I love ...
Favorite pairing
(18 posts, 5696 views) Posted: 891d 18h, 33m ago by misc in Shingeki no Kyojin
Oh man, both my favourite pairings are not in here? I've always thought for a long time now that Jean x Armin has potential and they're cute as hell, and shipping Erwin x Levi isn't bad based on their history and their seiyuus.. smile wink grin ...
Year (2)
(1 posts, 266 views) Posted: 919d 16h, 33m ago by misc in Suggestions & Bugs
Uhm, so this is rather a question to the mods and admins really:

Is it okay from now on to show the 'year' section of a series as a period? Eg. '2006-2010' (meaning it was first published in 2006 and ended in 2010 - kinda similar to wikipedia ...
(3 posts, 414 views) Posted: 953d 16h, 1m ago by misc in Suggestions & Bugs
Hello, could admins and mods listen to this humble proposal:

I myself am not too familiarised with the field, but is it possible to make the symbols of my lists (reading list, wishing list etc) visible when a) visiting a scanlating group's page and b) visiting a publisher/m ...
New Poll - Archive Fansubs
(23 posts, 2142 views) Posted: 979d 2h, 54m ago by misc in News
Do you understand what 'only a few' means? Obviously for those people they only archive a few series while rest of what they read could only possibly be done ONLINE, so you can't count all that huge 33% to 'people who download arc ...
New Poll - Archive Fansubs
(23 posts, 2142 views) Posted: 985d 2h, 55m ago by misc in News
This is a bit off topic, but I was also one of those people obsessing with both the manga and anime of Cardcaptor Sakura. It's not everyday you could find such a solid manga AND equally awesome anime to go along, especially for a rather older series like i ...
Which 'year' to add?
(2 posts, 390 views) Posted: 991d 19h, 3m ago by misc in Suggestions & Bugs
First of all, to the admins, if this thread is in the wrong section please move accordingly. Thank you

Secondly, I want to bring up the question that's been on my mind for quite a while: how to decide which year it was that a manga was released. I know that soun ...
New Poll - Web Browser
(55 posts, 4956 views) Posted: 1042d 2h, 12m ago by misc in News
Lol Chrome all the way here.
I'm one of those lazy people who can't bother to switch all the time to keep up with new hypes and show off to others. Instead I'd rather sticked to one and become an expert user. ...
New Poll - Hardest to Scanlate
(28 posts, 3532 views) Posted: 1049d 2h, 3m ago by misc in News
I haven't had that much experience with scanlating but with the little amount that I have, translating and editing/cleaning are usually the toughest parts, meaning you have to be very fluent in different languages and get yourself a good knowledge of photoshop ...
Group Links Removed
(226 posts, 46999 views) Posted: 1052d 3h, 5m ago by misc in News
eek eek eek

F**k this s**t!!!

A fourth of what I've read depends on the links provided here damn it, because I read a lot of doujinshis, and you're going to go through hell if you try to find those doujinshis' scanlators' websites through google. I do ...
New Poll - Completed Series
(46 posts, 4759 views) Posted: 1068d 8h, 20m ago by misc in News
This is when my "Complete list" here in mangaupdates becomes useful lol. Seriously, when you have one it's so simple to keep track of how many you've finished. Mine is in the 500-700 range, but it's actually almost 700 already. Can ...
(7 posts, 1066 views) Posted: 1068d 8h, 38m ago by misc in Naruto
Uwah nooo, now that you guys mentioned it I also noticed how the next issue will be on a break until 'issue #1". My question would be will that issue strictly be released only at the first issue of next year or will it be released 2 issues earlier than the stated ...
Who do you think Naruto will end up with?
(126 posts, 18359 views) Posted: 1068d 8h, 48m ago by misc in Naruto
Honestly, I strongly think (and somewhat hope) that's it's going to be none. There are too many reasons for this, mostly because the epic of the character and the series on a whole will inevitably be influenced by this decision of the mangaka to let him ...
SasuSaku or NaruSaku?
(32 posts, 4905 views) Posted: 1068d 8h, 58m ago by misc in Naruto
LOL sorry to say but I support none. Maybe the fact that I'm a bit of a fangirl might have influenced my choice a little, but it's impossible to deny that both these 2 ships are really going no where and I don't think they'd bear any fruit in the fu ...
New Poll - Scanlation Anger
(138 posts, 16242 views) Posted: 1098d 4h, 5m ago by misc in News
Uwah this is such a hard poll for me, not because I don't particularly agree with any choice (like sometimes) but because almost all of them annoy me to no end I don't know which one to pick! ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4955 posts, 374794 views) Posted: 1797d 2h, 2m ago by misc in Music
Well well, I'm listening to Cry cry by T-ara & Love is move by Secret. ...

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