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Your favorite author has been charged and/or convicted of a serious crime (murder, rape, child prostitution, etc). Would you treat their fictional works any differently?
Make no difference, so I don't care
All works past, present, and future has been tainted
Anything new they work on is tainted
Only works that are related to the crime are tainted (i.e., plot point about rape)
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What type of end do you wish for at this point?
(23 posts, 5686 views) Posted: 687d 1h, 22m ago by jrdragon2003 in Berserk
I'm still down with the story myself, I don't mind the direction it's taking. It seems to me that the quality of the story really isn't the problem, it's the length of the releases. If it was shorter periods of time in between, there wouldn' ...
"Berserk" Manga Schedules Latest Hiatus!
(22 posts, 5897 views) Posted: 687d 1h, 44m ago by jrdragon2003 in Berserk
Quote from residentgrigo
Is first grade math really that hard? dead
He drew 25 chapter in the selected time period as my link proves. He also completed an entire one-off-manga and over a dozen paintings (!) in the meantime.

Didn't click your link, sorry ...
"Berserk" Manga Schedules Latest Hiatus!
(22 posts, 5897 views) Posted: 688d 2h, 27m ago by jrdragon2003 in Berserk
Haters are gonna hate?
I agree though it took a very long time for that amount of chapters, in which it shouldn't have really happened. I can understand if he released maybe 12 Chapters a year, but 20 for the span of 4 years is pretty bad. It shows he does ne ...
speculation:haise sasaki is actually kaneki?
(11 posts, 4216 views) Posted: 1143d 2h, 18m ago by jrdragon2003 in Toukyou Kushu:re
There is a lot of instances pointing to Haise as being Kaneki. but at the end of the day it's still just speculation. Although the clues are being placed left and right, it'll just be that until it's officially confirmed to be him. ...
What type of end do you wish for at this point?
(23 posts, 5686 views) Posted: 1337d 22h, 32m ago by jrdragon2003 in Berserk
Quote from Bafflement
I'm fairly happy with how Berserk is going apart from the release rate, and I'm hope that Miura comes back refreshed after taking a break to write something else. The end I want is simply for Miura to follow through with his sto ...
New Poll - Bust
(96 posts, 10281 views) Posted: 1503d 2h, 18m ago by jrdragon2003 in News
This is probably the most well thought out answer I've ever seen in a long time. It's actually rather refreshing. With that being said, the manboobs choice is funny, but it makes me wonder about how many heavy set main characters are there around? ...
(1 posts, 1109 views) Posted: 1625d 4h, 13m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
I never really worry about any arc that comes from this series they always seem to deliver. ...
(6 posts, 1303 views) Posted: 1702d 1h, 12m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
Yeah he seemed to have learned a lot since then, but last we saw he was being given a "lesson" by Donflamingo for blemishing his name to Luffy. So what's his motive for trying to win Donflamingo's favor? ...
(47 posts, 5256 views) Posted: 1708d 21h, 15m ago by jrdragon2003 in Naruto
More like a sensible decision, but more or less one of his many selfish ones made on a whim. All his decisions were made on his own, he just let emotions cloud his judgement to the point of them being really stupid or regrettable. He somewhat grew but not by muc ...
(7 posts, 1086 views) Posted: 1708d 21h, 23m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
I agree with the VA comment, after all Garp is a VA as well, that is if he's still in the Marines. ...
(47 posts, 5256 views) Posted: 1709d 0h, 24m ago by jrdragon2003 in Naruto
Quote from kirabook
The only thing I liked about this chapter is Minato being eager to see Naruto.

I can't wait to see the father and son interactions.

That's an understatement, I'm curious to see the reactions of the army especially the Konoha vi ...
(8 posts, 1243 views) Posted: 1715d 22h, 50m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
It kind of makes sense that they would adopt that system, after Blackbeard was part of Whitebeard's crew before he betrayed him. So his style may have its unorthidox like flare it still follows what he may have picked up from Whitebeard. Which reminds me, ...
(17 posts, 2914 views) Posted: 1716d 2h, 55m ago by jrdragon2003 in Bleach
I know it's a late reply but, yes I see it very strongly there, In both appearance and what kind of being it is. That sir, for you to point out, shows how good an eye you have. lol ...
(17 posts, 2914 views) Posted: 1736d 22h, 43m ago by jrdragon2003 in Bleach
The basis of my opinion on the reincarnation is based off of S.S and it's shear amount of souls that are outside of it waiting to be reborn again if at all. All souls usually have to go through S.S to do anything in the first place anyway.

As tragic a story that would ...
(17 posts, 2914 views) Posted: 1737d 0h, 17m ago by jrdragon2003 in Bleach
If he did do something like that, it would be the dumbest idea in the world. For one it would be blatant plagiarism, plus when have any Shinigami sealed a Hollow before? Their sole existence is mainly for purifying souls in general, and Hollows are souls too. the only thin ...
Highschool of the Dead to Resume
(12 posts, 11619 views) Posted: 1745d 1h, 45m ago by jrdragon2003 in Highschool of the Dead
It's good to know it's coming back, but it also makes me realize that one of their works might be going on hiatus to compensate for this one, lol. ...
(13 posts, 4820 views) Posted: 1751d 2h, 5m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
Well I'm hoping it's going by a limit of 2 per user, cause that's a lot of fruits to put into one being. I'm not stating it as a sense of overpowering someone, but as a standpoint of practicality of what Oda is writing. It might lead to being to much ...
(20 posts, 2373 views) Posted: 1751d 3h, 54m ago by jrdragon2003 in Bleach
Pretty much, it's a shame when a story becomes way to predictable. ...
New Poll - Power Rangers
(36 posts, 5375 views) Posted: 1754d 21h, 57m ago by jrdragon2003 in News
That's pretty much why I went with Black, lol. ...
(9 posts, 1099 views) Posted: 1757d 5h, 23m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
I feel it's probably going to be the latter theory in this case. Cause I doubt Oda would want to make Blackbeard into this series' own Sylar (yup, Heroes reference was just made). ...
(9 posts, 1099 views) Posted: 1757d 21h, 48m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
Quote from Kaitentsuki
After Whitebeard died you may certainly be right, but during the time skip we have no idea how much Blackbeard has grown and how many powers he has attained.

I'm not a 100% positive on this, but I'm pretty sure Blackbeard w ...
(15 posts, 2109 views) Posted: 1764d 23h, 22m ago by jrdragon2003 in Naruto
Honestly that isn't really true, for the most part Madara himself is already passed on, and moved to a level where only those from his time period or those who are in the same jutsu as him can really make a difference. Cause at the end of it all Madara is wo ...
(27 posts, 3792 views) Posted: 1771d 3h, 57m ago by jrdragon2003 in Naruto
That's actually a good point to bring up, if Minato's sould has been freed from it's confinement, as well as Orochimaru's arms... Than Kurama's other half of his soul should be released as well. So if that's been released and ...
(14 posts, 1649 views) Posted: 1771d 4h, 8m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
Well if that's the case it's much more bearable to deal with than him flat out being easily dominated. But you have to admit throughout this whole arc he has been a bit lackluster. I still feel there should've been a bit more improvement for the guy ...
(14 posts, 1649 views) Posted: 1772d 22h, 2m ago by jrdragon2003 in One Piece
Yeah that's basically the case, from the way I see it he's some sort of string or wire man. Though I'm disappointed at the level difference between Smoker and Donflamingo, I would have thought he would hold out a bit longer in a fight. But then a ...

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