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the mangaka died, and now?
(9 posts, 558 views) Posted: 6d 5h, 34m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from dasnik
and in another case
Zero no Tsukaima (Novel) writer YAMAGUCHI Noboru died in 2013 and is work will never be finish. But the anime was given a good ending.

Actually, this is no longer true. We had news about it being continued earlier this yea ...
Female sadist main??
(7 posts, 605 views) Posted: 14d 14h, 56m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Check out Teppuu. She is anything but usual. Definitely a sadist, along with a set of other unusual character traits. Quite down to earth for a martial arts manga as well, where the series as a whole is concerned. ...
(3 posts, 667 views) Posted: 46d 2h, 4m ago by Baalzebup in Dungeon+Harem+Master (Novel)
I hope you realize that via the Streissand effect, more people are now going to read this instead of less. Mission accomplished? (Well, Streissand may the the wrong effect here since there has been no attempt to remove it wrong public sight as of yet, but whatever ...
Forgot The Name
(2 posts, 189 views) Posted: 69d 18h, 16m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Perhaps Mitsu no Getsu - Secret Honeymoon by Hiryu Ran ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 458 views) Posted: 71d 14h, 25m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from residentgrigo
And that God of War 4 will open up the conference and that they will at least try to get Crash back.

You know, this might actually happen. There are some underground rumblings about the Crash Bandicoot license. It is entirely possible that ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 458 views) Posted: 72d 15h, 37m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from residentgrigo
Kickstar is incapable of funding games with an actual budget as the bulk of the money will need to come from the developers own pockets or in this case Sony

Uhh, yes? It was obvious from the start that the whole point of the kickstarter w ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 458 views) Posted: 72d 17h, 18m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Who beside you knows of Shenmue? Beside about half of gamer fanatics of the world? You do realize that the kickstarted project broke speed records on how fast they got the money flowing, right?
Shenmue 3 has become the fastest videogame to raise $ ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 458 views) Posted: 74d 16h, 2m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from secretdesires
Yea I've always been a playstation fan, I've never even played an xbox before but I'm considering getting an xbox because of the backwards compatibility. Hopefully playstation catches up with that

They pretty much li ...
What is the name of this hentai?
(2 posts, 220 views) Posted: 86d 10h, 17m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Eh, the name "Ran Sem (blahblablah)" appears several minutes into the video. It is kinda safe to bet that it is Ran->Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori ...
Ex-delinquent female mc
(11 posts, 1028 views) Posted: 89d 9h, 40m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Webtoon/Wanhwa instead of a manga, but Mrs. Angel. She is married, has a daughter and her old life is catching up to her. ...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1468 posts, 118580 views) Posted: 98d 2h, 8m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Mad Max: Fury Road It seems like the resonance between Borderlands and Mad Max now goes both ways, as the warboys were definitely channeling some Psychos there. Excellent action flick. ...
Badass Teacher
(6 posts, 509 views) Posted: 98d 20h, 34m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Then you have read pretty much nothing of GTO? I mean, he goes to town with the punks in his class during the introduction chapters and that is before the series even really begins.

Onizuka is always a bit of a goofy loser in some ways, but he is also the absolute a ...
good anime series not after manga
(6 posts, 337 views) Posted: 100d 19h, 34m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Well, you have Noir listed, so the other two of the Beetrains girls with guns -trilogy should work pretty well. Madlax and El Cazador De La Brujah

Heroic Age was pretty good.
Scrapped Princess there is a manga of it as well, but the manga and anime have little in com ...
What are you playing now?
(1927 posts, 190668 views) Posted: 110d 0h, 22m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from residentgrigo
This could be the best one of the 4 but co-op kind of breaks the game (again)

Eh, if you're using co-op for the first run, you're doing it wrong. Go solo and go blind. 'tis the way of the righteous. ...
a certain h-manga
(2 posts, 240 views) Posted: 121d 18h, 38m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Well, the details are quite a bit off from what you describe, but maybe Princess force?
It's the only one that I remember straight out that has a similar theme and tags. ...
300 Team Takes on Live-Action Robotech Movie
(3 posts, 384 views) Posted: 121d 18h, 48m ago by Baalzebup in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross the First
How the heck does anyone score rights to anything involving Macross or Robotech? The last I read on the subject, the whole mess was a snarl that dwarfed every other license argument ever, easily. ...
Dance in the Vampire Bund II - Scarlet Order Manga Ends
(4 posts, 719 views) Posted: 131d 0h, 57m ago by Baalzebup in Scarlet Order - Dance in the Vampire Bund 2
Quote from AquarianDemocrat
Wow, this is distressing. Was it axed, or what? I thought sales were good, so I wouldn't assume so. Maybe it was always intended to be just a short addition... hopefully it gets a good ending.

This. I just bough the first volume of the ...
What are you playing now?
(1927 posts, 190668 views) Posted: 152d 16h, 21m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Bloodborne Took my time with it, but I think I'm finally facing the final boss. 100% blind run. I can't wait to get googling and Wiki-ing to find out just how much I missed. The latter half is straight up Lovecraft in many ways and I've been really going w ...
Tadanohito Closing
(25 posts, 2704 views) Posted: 162d 6h, 16m ago by Baalzebup in News
Wow... Him and Sahadou are the two most known hentai translators that I'm aware of, and seemingly the two best ones as well. Sad to hear of this. ...
Manga about a man whose penis is too long
(25 posts, 4724 views) Posted: 171d 10h, 0m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Quote from Terr0rCakess
So was this ever found!

Read the thread and find out?
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
A gal can beat all the Naruto characters in one on one
(5 posts, 604 views) Posted: 185d 11h, 28m ago by Baalzebup in Naruto
"One on one" and "Any character", huh... Okay, I'll bite. And I only read some really random parts of the series, so I'm actually pretty ignorant on the subject.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

Dark souls the first game
(39 posts, 2042 views) Posted: 185d 13h, 51m ago by Baalzebup in Games
If by shrine you mean firelink shrine, don't go beyond the graveyard area unless you want to be murdered by undying skeletons. They only stay down if killed with a "holy" weapon of some kind.

Going by the "standard" Dark Souls rout ...
Looking for the name of this manga
(2 posts, 245 views) Posted: 186d 5h, 30m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Yup, it is Manabe Jouji but the series is Tail chaser instead of Ring X Mama ...
Harem with the mc dedicated to only one girl
(6 posts, 777 views) Posted: 187d 10h, 47m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Ai Yori Aoshi is this. There are several girls who are crushing on the MC, but he remains committed to the one he is engaged with. No straying whatsoever. It helps that the MC is kinda obvious to the romantic feelings of the other girls. ...
naruto is not a ninja!!
(4 posts, 494 views) Posted: 187d 10h, 50m ago by Baalzebup in Naruto
The fuck?

You posted this entire spiel 9 months ago.

Why do it again? ...

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