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Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1088 posts, 66359 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 41m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from sk_shankar11

Rather unexpected, seeing as they were not kindergarteners. The series started at the 3rd grade...

New Poll - Age
(30 posts, 795 views) Posted: 12d 4h, 11m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from Karuna
I'm 20 now, it's so sad to see how time passes by, it seems like it was yesterday when I had 18... sad

Hahaha, it will only get worse. After entering regular workforce, years seem to sprint faster and faster, each ending earlier than t ...
a MC that loves fighting against stronger people.
(12 posts, 577 views) Posted: 12d 7h, 44m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Veritas comes to mind. Gangryong lives to fight and get stronger and is pretty much always fighting someone stronger.

Too bad the series ended very suddenly, pretty much axed. Horrible cliffhanger to boot. ...
(2 posts, 145 views) Posted: 12d 10h, 18m ago by Baalzebup in Claymore
Well now, that was a real surprise to be sure. It's also rather fitting, since Claire has inherited so much from so many warriors, that this particular inheritance is brought to the forefront.

Certainly brought a smile to my face. Looking forward to 150. eyes ...
New Poll - Age
(30 posts, 795 views) Posted: 15d 23h, 56m ago by Baalzebup in News
Heh. 29, going 30.

Ain't stopping this train now. ...
Life Insurance for 20s-30s? Please helpp!
(15 posts, 416 views) Posted: 15d 23h, 59m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box

Yes, I have a life insurance. As to why, I have a co-investment -thing going on and if I were to die in some freak accident, I wouldn't want to trouble the other parties by causing additional headache and worry due to the arrangements involving the l ...
Language? Geez Idk what to title this...
(7 posts, 342 views) Posted: 16d 0h, 31m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Quote from oneeyed
Hmm I think I remember something similar in To Aru Majutsu no Index... It reminds me of some short stories by H.P Lovecraft, if you hear even part of the real name of the old gods, you become mad...

There are at least two sound based mindfu ...
Loli x bara
(1 posts, 125 views) Posted: 21d 3h, 24m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
That would be a pure impossibility.

Lolicon, or loli, is pretty much sex and sexualisation involving pre-pubescent (or generally just very young(looking)) girls, while bara is a (sub)genre of homoerotic fiction limited strictly to male couples.

They are mutually exclusive.

Ed ...
burning question
(6 posts, 172 views) Posted: 22d 6h, 44m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
1) Nice triple post. Next time, edit your post instead.

2) You forgot to copy/paste a rather important bit from wikipedia: "Seinen manga have a wide variety of art styles and variation in subject matter, ranging from the avant-garde through sports, games, busine ...
burning question
(6 posts, 172 views) Posted: 22d 7h, 20m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from DarkKossak
I have a problem with that though is the main character is male all the main events taking place around women, and male mc is relegated to sidekick.

Defining something as Seinen does not rule out any kind of possible combinations of cha ...
burning question
(6 posts, 172 views) Posted: 22d 7h, 50m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Uh... Why the heck would they not have a dominant female MC?

The target demographic does not translate into any kind of requirements to the age, personality or sex of the main character.

For example, Murciélago and Teppuu are both Seinen series with ...
Something that made you smile today.
(2529 posts, 204198 views) Posted: 23d 0h, 23m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
My roommate dropped me this link just a few moments ago.

Some languages are easy to learn, some... less so. ...
Boob Size Preferance
(602 posts, 59776 views) Posted: 23d 2h, 25m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Quote from 狂気
貧乳はステータ スだ!希少価値 だ!

A-cup lover confirmed. bigrazz

Myself, I don't really have an actual pre ...
Ah! My Goddess/Aa Megami-sama Manga to End in April
(5 posts, 506 views) Posted: 28d 10h, 12m ago by Baalzebup in Ah! My Goddess
Oh.. it really is ending. It's a series I've been aware of since my earliest days of manga-involvement.

I'm sad to see it go and happy to reach a conclusion at the same time. Like all good things should end, really. I hope that Dark Horse publishes th ...
Specific boy X man manga
(2 posts, 88 views) Posted: 35d 23h, 57m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
It begs to question why this was not posted in the Yaoi/Yuri section of the forums, where it belongs? ...
Something different
(31 posts, 1782 views) Posted: 36d 2h, 45m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Hmm. I'll just link my recent post from another topic. The exact "value" of how unique they are can be debated from here to the moon, but they are interesting, each in their own way. ...
manga where the Mc is your favorite character
(18 posts, 1315 views) Posted: 36d 5h, 35m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Teppuu Female MC, but a very unique one. More like an antagonist in the traditional sense. Most of the pull of the series comes from her.

Jormungand Another non-traditional female MC. Rather like Lelouch, actually, though the series itself is closer to Black Lagoon ...
Your first manga/anime
(767 posts, 62396 views) Posted: 37d 5h, 17m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from Limzayz
First manga i read was Ranma 1/2. Public libraries FTW.

I had the same thing going with me. Ranma ½ and other works from Takahashi were my gateway-drug. I just grabbed a random volume of Ranma (vol 12, the latter half of the mo ...
When you were little, what did you want to grow up to be?
(109 posts, 4025 views) Posted: 39d 20h, 32m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Hooboy.. This is something that changed daily, if not every other hour.

Jedi, scientist, space marine (Adeptus Astartes), truck driver, planeteer, astonaut, snake charmer, a second Jacques Cousteau, a dragon.... yeah, I think you get it smile ...
Would you ever recommend a series that's either incomplete or on hiatus?
(14 posts, 440 views) Posted: 40d 1h, 30m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
I would, and do, recommend anything that I like and I think others would like.

Naturally, I'd mention the availability of said works, especially if the future prospect of releases seem bleak for any apparent reason. ...
What type of end do you wish for at this point?
(10 posts, 599 views) Posted: 40d 1h, 33m ago by Baalzebup in Berserk
What do I wish for?

To have Miyura finish what he started, no cut corners or axed/rushed endings. When you actually have a few chapters to read, Berkerk is still a beast of a manga with pretty much no equals.

Now had you asked what I actually expect to happen... ...
How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
(55 posts, 1300 views) Posted: 43d 1h, 19m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
I was 12 or 13 when I got my first mobile. It was a Nokia 5110 and it seemed that every other kid 'round the same age had one too, except for the ones who had a 6110 instead. A few filthy heathens had Ericssons instead. smile

I've mowed through a few di ...
Nhk... What are you doinn.....
(12 posts, 345 views) Posted: 43d 3h, 48m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Quote from NibbPower
The bombing may have been a mass destruction for Japan, but Japan bombed one of the areas of US and killed many army soldiers.

Actually, this is one of the arguments in favor of Japan when we are comparing the evils of each participa ...
Looking for some "realistic" drawn hentai
(3 posts, 536 views) Posted: 43d 6h, 55m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
All the works of Fuuga are pretty much what you ask for. They are also well regarded for their relatively abnormal quality of actual story and such instead of plain old sex, while still being Hentai. ...
how do you hide your hentai?
(304 posts, 32390 views) Posted: 44d 4h, 18m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
I totally hide them....yeah. I have a folder titled "Hentai". They are all there, without exception.

No passwords, no hidden folders. Just a buch of sub-folders for anime, certain artists, series and/or themes. ...

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