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Gantz - Spanish Full Color Volumes
(1 posts, 63 views) Posted: 1d 12h, 36m ago by Baalzebup in Gantz
Yeaaaahhh.. You do realise that you are breaking the forum rule of
"(Added 08/27/10) No mentioning that "_____ series is scanlated and can be found here ____"
, right?

Linking to any kind of scanslations is quite the no-no these days an ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 2d 11h, 15m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from zarlan


In what way? "they don't like it" rather than "I don't like it".
How is that any different?

Now you are just being fucking obtuse and I have no desire to play your stupid game. I answered, it' ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 2d 13h, 12m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from zarlan
Well constructed?
Addressing something well beyond personal feelings on the matter?
What post are you talking about?

No need for the rethoric question, even if you don't agree.

duskyderp's post gives reference and points to sym ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 16m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from takeva
But please, give me evidence that you don't know if these 100% fictional characters aren't really based on real people?

Lolwut? Some fictional characters are based on real people, including the horrible exploitative crap that reside ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 26m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from takeva
I said nothing about them learning from reading it. Just reading it might fuel them to act upon their desire. I suggest you go to those same support groups and ask them what they have stashed away on their computer? Some of them do read. Mat ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 5m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from residentgrigo
What would the japanese think if another country came up with a ecchi comedy based on Nanking.

This is going wildy off-topic, but I'm pretty sure that the Japanese aren't the ones who would have an issue with this..... Beside d ...
Where to get my manga - IN SWEDEN?
(4 posts, 167 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 13m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General has a rather good selection of manga and anime.

I've bought a bunch of series from them and while they will never be the cheapest option, you can at least same some money on shipping by ordering a bunch of stuff at once.

I'd say this ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 4d 15h, 6m ago by Baalzebup in News
I remember reading about the Junko Furuta case way back... must have been 10 years ago. Too bad that it is, in this particular case, pretty much completely unrelated to the discussion at hand. That some bastard had the gall to make exploitative crap out such a mo ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 42m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from ElanorR
We’re organisms that have been bestowed a consciousness. Ergo, any action is usually always preceded by thought. Do you really think a rapist hasn’t imagined raping before he actually does it?

This is a given. Every crime of that nature is ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(194 posts, 4834 views) Posted: 5d 0h, 6m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from ElanorR
It's unbelievable, looking at the sheer number of people who're into this sh*t/unconcerned.

Wow... there are so many things wrong with this post that I don't even know where to begin (I do agree with some individual parts of ...
What are you playing now?
(1883 posts, 167406 views) Posted: 5d 8h, 35m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from lambchopsil
Trying to finish Valkyria Chronicles, and old PS3 game which was ported over to PC last week.

My brother! Though in my case, I'm in no rush to finish it since I played upside down and inside out back when it was released on the PS3. S ...
Do you know who is the author of this manga?
(2 posts, 134 views) Posted: 13d 12h, 55m ago by Baalzebup in Yaoi/Yuri
Seeing as Bara is a subgenre of Yaoi, you'd do well to ask this at the Yaoi/Yuri section. The picture has me thinking that the author has not switched over to hetero for that particular piece. ...
Recent Outage Due to DMCA Request
(51 posts, 3371 views) Posted: 24d 6h, 52m ago by Baalzebup in News
Now that is just fucking sad. Seen as it isn't all that difficult to figure out which companies were behind this, their stock just went down a bunch in my books.

A really good way to increase my inclination to buy your products.... oh, wait. ...
yi shioon questions. SPOIL IT FOR ME
(3 posts, 239 views) Posted: 34d 16h, 30m ago by Baalzebup in The Breaker: New Waves
He starts being able to fight in a limited fashion through medicine around chapter 30 or so. Reaches the level of his old self around chap 80 or so, goes on to later outclass his old self by a wide margin.

Just keep reading it. You'll miss out on a lot of awesome ...
Anyone else see that? (spoilers)
(4 posts, 447 views) Posted: 45d 15h, 5m ago by Baalzebup in One Piece
Now why the heck did you post a spoiler directly to the topic name? That is just bad taste. ...
Crafting-based game?
(5 posts, 268 views) Posted: 47d 16h, 26m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Are you aware of the Atelier series of games? That is generally the first stop to go to when you're after crafting games. ...
When should i start this epic?
(10 posts, 572 views) Posted: 47d 17h, 58m ago by Baalzebup in Berserk
Quote from EternalNightmare
1. Consensus right now seems to be that the author is probably going to die before he finishes it = P

2. At least check out the Golden Age Arc, starts on the last chapter of volume three ^^

Agree on the 1st one. Berserk will not be finish ...
looking for a hentai manga (english vers.)
(2 posts, 236 views) Posted: 51d 21h, 50m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Seeing as the forum rules basically ban both asking where to read / find something and posting links to anything even resembling a reader, I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to help you with this.

Polish up your Google-fu, is all I can say. ...
reverse sleep sex
(1 posts, 225 views) Posted: 53d 1h, 19m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
The only one that immediately comes to mind is one of the short chapters of TiTiKei. It has the guy, who is boning his sister, sleepwalking and having sex with their mother... Chapter 10, to be precise. ...
When was the last time you sat down and read a book?
(485 posts, 43139 views) Posted: 53d 18h, 20m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
My reading is a bit cyclical. I can go 4-6 months without reading any books at all and then I binge a whole series or something.

Right now, I'm nearing the end part of my current low perioid, having last read a book 3 months ago. Will be reading at least 3 in the ...
Why do some people dislike vegans?
(94 posts, 4748 views) Posted: 54d 0h, 51m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Vegetarian =/= Vegan. Vegan is a far more extreme version of being a vegetarian. ...
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(190 posts, 6088 views) Posted: 56d 20h, 18m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Okay, being the evil person that I am, I'm not quite sure if I should have posted this in the "Something that made you smile today" topic instead, but I ended up choosing this one.

So, there is apparently this new hoax advert that claims that after patch ...
What are you playing now?
(1883 posts, 167406 views) Posted: 61d 14h, 22m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Eh, you should really throw the prequisite moola at Larian and get the game for realsies.

It is such a glorious return of the turn based combat systems that I played that game exclusively 'til I finished it back at the release. I still plan to do another run soon as the ...
pity sex
(2 posts, 257 views) Posted: 76d 20h, 23m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
For the reverse, there is Gimme a hug! by Aoki Kanji

A hottie feels jilted and gets and ego-boost / rebound / consolation by fucking a guy who happens to meet her at a moment of weakness. There are a few continuation chapters.

The only other one that immedi ...
Anime fall season 2014
(16 posts, 905 views) Posted: 80d 14h, 2m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Heeh.. I'm pretty much the opposite, as there seems to be a good bunch of titles that pique my interest.

I'll at least check out most of the mecha seriers, the Gundam Build Fighters sequel is a definite thing to watch. Gundam Reconguista possibly. Definite ...

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