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Some cult following for this webtoon
(13 posts, 654 views) Posted: 28d 20h, 40m ago by Baalzebup in Noblesse
I still read it because the core draw of the series hasn't really faded. While the structure of the various arcs are indeed pretty repeating (though I'd argue the current one is actually a bit different), there is an overall plot that has been moving forward a ...
rape ?
(3 posts, 554 views) Posted: 65d 13h, 51m ago by Baalzebup in Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
It features quite graphic scenes of such, as well as brutality of other flavors as well. Should you be warned about that? Only you could possibly know how sensitive you are. ...
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 2694 views) Posted: 71d 1h, 49m ago by Baalzebup in News
Quote from lifeanddeath2012
You should have added a Management option, because technically Management are not employees.

Except that unless you also own the business you manage, you are an employee of said business, no matter which bracket you occu ...
Something that made you smile today.
(2719 posts, 276353 views) Posted: 79d 4h, 11m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
A silly internet age typing mistake: I was supposed to make some papers in order to send a shipment to a local World Trade Center (yes, the NY one isn't the only one in the world). Naturally, the name is shortened to WTC as the address field includes a bunc ...
What are you playing now?
(1990 posts, 206724 views) Posted: 86d 5h, 26m ago by Baalzebup in Games
X-COM 2 has my soul so badly right now, it's not even funny. I have managed to fit in some Gravity Rush Remastered on the side as well, but everything else has been put to the side until I finish my first campaign. One more round, one more mission. ...
Looking for a particular incest oneshot
(3 posts, 540 views) Posted: 118d 5h, 8m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Quote from Miko Akeenah
who is pretending to be
Kinda missing some key info there, friend. ...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1531 posts, 130936 views) Posted: 134d 6h, 58m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Quote from residentgrigo
(who knew that C-3PO can actually be funny?)

"Shut me down"? Likely the single funniest moment of the prequel movies.

Quote from residentgrigo
Off to the cinema with you! VII is Darth Plinkett approved after all.

No need, I saw ...
How should I do my gaming next year?
(5 posts, 449 views) Posted: 143d 1h, 32m ago by Baalzebup in Games
I agree with the German librarian. PC > PS4 > XOne.

The console supremacy is a pretty clean cut, unless you have some inner reservations about Sony for one reason or another or, for example, clearly prefer the MS controller over the Sony one. PS4 is te ...
Is it just me, or has Batoto decided not to let people be able to read the manga on their site?
(30 posts, 3636 views) Posted: 171d 10h, 42m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from zarlan
That's not what a double post is.
To quote Wikipedia (with added emphasis, from me):

Since when has Wikipedia been unilaterally accepted as the one true gospel, or indeed, a valid dictionary, for internet terms?

For example, Urban dictionar ...
What are you playing now?
(1990 posts, 206724 views) Posted: 185d 5h, 38m ago by Baalzebup in Games
I have returned to Rivellon with Divinity - Original Sin Enhanced Edition. The new Tactical difficulty setting and the various tweaks to the skills abilities etc are just the thing I needed to keep the challenge up to match my power- and metagaming tendencies. Loving it. ...
Where can I read this?
(1 posts, 174 views) Posted: 189d 23h, 9m ago by Baalzebup in Akuyaku Cinderella
I guess there is some poetry in having your first ever post violating the first listed rule of the forums:
DO NOT ask where to download manga. Asking for download sites is the same as asking for download links. Asking where to read manga online is ALSO th ...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1531 posts, 130936 views) Posted: 192d 3h, 53m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
The Martian - So from where will we be saving Mr. Damon next? Jokes aside, the movie is good. There is enough drama, but not too much. The scientific parts seem pretty solid for a layman and the humor works. Easily recommended

Sicario - A rather gray movie ...
About the art of manga Ah! My goddess ??
(2 posts, 397 views) Posted: 227d 7h, 49m ago by Baalzebup in Ah! My Goddess
The art gets better for sure. There are roughly 3 phases to it, with the final style being, IMO, even better than that of the anime. I can't remember whereabouts the changes happen though. ...
japanese boob size in manga/anime
(68 posts, 15819 views) Posted: 243d 5h, 31m ago by Baalzebup in Shounen/Seinen
Quote from conquerorofheaven
Do Japanese people seriously think bigger means better? I mean I can see the appeal in decently sized breasts but a lot of these manga have girls with boobs the size of their head. Even if a girl like that could exist she wouldn' ...
the mangaka died, and now?
(9 posts, 1123 views) Posted: 254d 18h, 29m ago by Baalzebup in Manga General
Quote from dasnik
and in another case
Zero no Tsukaima (Novel) writer YAMAGUCHI Noboru died in 2013 and is work will never be finish. But the anime was given a good ending.

Actually, this is no longer true. We had news about it being continued earlier this yea ...
Female sadist main??
(7 posts, 1170 views) Posted: 263d 3h, 51m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Check out Teppuu. She is anything but usual. Definitely a sadist, along with a set of other unusual character traits. Quite down to earth for a martial arts manga as well, where the series as a whole is concerned. ...
(3 posts, 1117 views) Posted: 294d 14h, 59m ago by Baalzebup in Dungeon+Harem+Master (Novel)
I hope you realize that via the Streissand effect, more people are now going to read this instead of less. Mission accomplished? (Well, Streissand may the the wrong effect here since there has been no attempt to remove it wrong public sight as of yet, but whatever ...
Forgot The Name
(2 posts, 365 views) Posted: 318d 7h, 11m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Perhaps Mitsu no Getsu - Secret Honeymoon by Hiryu Ran ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 1134 views) Posted: 320d 3h, 20m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from residentgrigo
And that God of War 4 will open up the conference and that they will at least try to get Crash back.

You know, this might actually happen. There are some underground rumblings about the Crash Bandicoot license. It is entirely possible that ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 1134 views) Posted: 321d 4h, 32m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from residentgrigo
Kickstar is incapable of funding games with an actual budget as the bulk of the money will need to come from the developers own pockets or in this case Sony

Uhh, yes? It was obvious from the start that the whole point of the kickstarter w ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 1134 views) Posted: 321d 6h, 13m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Who beside you knows of Shenmue? Beside about half of gamer fanatics of the world? You do realize that the kickstarted project broke speed records on how fast they got the money flowing, right?
Shenmue 3 has become the fastest videogame to raise $ ...
E3 2015
(10 posts, 1134 views) Posted: 323d 4h, 57m ago by Baalzebup in Games
Quote from secretdesires
Yea I've always been a playstation fan, I've never even played an xbox before but I'm considering getting an xbox because of the backwards compatibility. Hopefully playstation catches up with that

They pretty much li ...
What is the name of this hentai?
(2 posts, 438 views) Posted: 334d 23h, 13m ago by Baalzebup in Adult (18+)
Eh, the name "Ran Sem (blahblablah)" appears several minutes into the video. It is kinda safe to bet that it is Ran->Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori ...
Ex-delinquent female mc
(11 posts, 1474 views) Posted: 337d 22h, 35m ago by Baalzebup in I'm Looking For...
Webtoon/Wanhwa instead of a manga, but Mrs. Angel. She is married, has a daughter and her old life is catching up to her. ...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1531 posts, 130936 views) Posted: 346d 15h, 4m ago by Baalzebup in Chatter Box
Mad Max: Fury Road It seems like the resonance between Borderlands and Mad Max now goes both ways, as the warboys were definitely channeling some Psychos there. Excellent action flick. ...

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