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is there a manga where the girl is just not interested in the guy
(10 posts, 1673 views) Posted: 521d 14h, 31m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Chicken cutlet princess

I HATE shoujo-y mangas which the drawing fits into but give it a try, this one's hilarious and not typical at all. ...
Dangerous male love interest
(15 posts, 6791 views) Posted: 522d 14h, 18m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Oooh great request. I know what you mean!

Tenma no Ketsuzoku
Purple Eyes (not the "main" male lead though)
The Devil's Trill
Scarlet Palace
The Queen's Knight ...
Do you believe in soul mates?
(55 posts, 3945 views) Posted: 797d 11h, 21m ago by dancebaby in Chatter Box
Quote from KaoriNite
I was just wondering if people still believe in soul mates. That there is one person you are destined to be with. Once you meet them, you will fall in love and stay in love with that person for the rest of your life..

I think I do believe in soul mates, but m ...
Revenge / star-crossed lovers
(4 posts, 1528 views) Posted: 798d 6h, 50m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Ahh I will try my best to think of something. Only thing that comes to mind immediately for love/revenge in general is Basara but I don't think that's what you're looking for exactly and you've probably already read it. Bichunmoo sounds SO ...
intelligent female leads! name them
(26 posts, 3774 views) Posted: 798d 12h, 33m ago by dancebaby in Manga General
Lalalarry- yeah, like I said, I read Special A a long time ago and I listed it as "school smart."

Try the other series I suggested! You'll be surprised! I am really picky with my series too, having gone through thousands. These series are good though. ...
intelligent female leads! name them
(26 posts, 3774 views) Posted: 799d 1h, 36m ago by dancebaby in Manga General
Really lalalarry? No smart female leads? What have you been reading, there's plenty! Also try the "smart female leads" tag.

Basara Strategic, high emotional intelligence. Born leader.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami Manipulative, "business"w ...
really smart female lead
(34 posts, 9719 views) Posted: 806d 14h, 18m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
ghost sweeper mikami

It's a shounen, but I'm a girl and liked it, mostly because the female protagonist is amazing. Even if you feel iffy about it for the art/genre, really give the first volume a try at least! It's quite good smile ...
Nonstop laughter!
(23 posts, 2129 views) Posted: 825d 1h, 20m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
I really really want to read a series that will make me laugh nonstop. In the hundreds of series I have gone through, only THREE have done so... they are:

Akazukin Chacha
Zippy Ziggy
Time limit Nina

I mean, a lot of series make me smile here and there, or giggle a fe ...
Supernatural, Multiple Protagonists, and Epic Adventure
(6 posts, 799 views) Posted: 825d 2h, 53m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Princess - really epic and amazing, but has been on hiatus. spans generations.
Red River
7 Seeds - GREAT and has so many characters. you have to read this if you haven't already. not completed.

Edit: Oops! I was thinking epic and multiple characters ...
Top Romance Oneshots
(20 posts, 2661 views) Posted: 828d 14h, 28m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
You really have to read Heptagon. ...
Need suggestions on romantic manga/manhwa's :)
(7 posts, 705 views) Posted: 890d 9h, 55m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Most of Hwang Mi Ri's works... try Hot Blooded Woman and I will be Cinderella etc ...
Romance: GENUINE rivals become lovers.
(8 posts, 2712 views) Posted: 901d 6h, 42m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
I think Beauty Pop has imagined rivalry on the guy's end though roll eyes

Seconding Basara cuz it's a must read.

I agree that it's hard to give recs for this topic because it seems like in most rivalries, the pairings aren't evenly matched sad

Best kiss scene in a manga
(61 posts, 24014 views) Posted: 914d 23h, 23m ago by dancebaby in Manga General
The kiss at the glass museum under the moonlight.

Gakuen Alice
When Natsume kisses Mikan during the Christmas party in the tree with the lights in the background.

Hana Yori Dango
When Domyoji kisses Makino for the first time, afterschool when she forgo ...
Can anyone spoilerize me plz?
(42 posts, 8206 views) Posted: 920d 6h, 35m ago by dancebaby in 7 Seeds
OMG!!!!!! About Hana...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Brucie, thanks so much for the chap 107 spoiler... so happy Hana is alive!!! BUT, Arashi is told Hana is dead (in the next chapter, just after we find out she's alive!) and I really, really hope this doesn't mea ...
Masterpieces: Nominate them!
(48 posts, 8642 views) Posted: 922d 1h, 18m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Totally agree with nominations for Gokusen, Parasyte, Emma, Glass Mask...

I actually wanted to post a nomination for Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, but I see someone has beat me to it! A seriously amazing series--one I had actually dropped at volume 2 or so, and g ...
Why is yaoi so popular?
(4 posts, 858 views) Posted: 956d 23h, 42m ago by dancebaby in Yaoi/Yuri
Yaoi/shounen ai fangirls are everywhere... but I don't get why! I don't have anything against gay couples, but as for reading about it, it's not something I'm drawn to since I can't really relate (as a girl) to the relationship between a g ...
Romance with Capable Women/Heroines
(43 posts, 14517 views) Posted: 964d 3h, 15m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Mikami, the female lead, is seriously capable and just awesome. There's a little romance with her sidekick, Yokohama (the typical weak male lead in Shounen, but KEEP READING, there's character development!). The art' ...
Manga you wish would be scanlated (Unscanlated manga ONLY)
(169 posts, 25344 views) Posted: 965d 0h, 35m ago by dancebaby in Manga General
This manhwa tops my wish list: Four Daughters of Armian

If someone could scanlate this, I would be soooo grateful!!
eek ...
A series you wish you could forget and then reread
(15 posts, 2287 views) Posted: 979d 2h, 9m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Don't you feel that way about all really good series? I wish I could forget Harry Potter for instance, and then suddenly discover The Sorcerer's Stone and then have all seven books to read!

For manga series, these are some I love to no end and wish ...
Manga to pick up after Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro...
(2 posts, 459 views) Posted: 1070d 12h, 11m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Aww thanks smile I love Gokusen, I totally agree; it's another one of my favorites! And I remember Death Note was so addicting I read it all in one go. Thanks for the recs, I'll check out the unfamiliar names smile

Manga to pick up after Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro...
(2 posts, 459 views) Posted: 1075d 12h, 58m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
You know that feeling when you finish a really good series and it's really sad, and you feel like everything else out there isn't as good? Well, I feel like that now (for the second time) after reading Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I loved everything from the ...
Something psychological and with some romance.
(9 posts, 982 views) Posted: 1083d 2h, 17m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Parasyte ...
Manhwa or Manga?
(61 posts, 6067 views) Posted: 1085d 2h, 18m ago by dancebaby in Shoujo/Josei
I like manhwa, because my favorite genre is romance, and most manhwas center around a romantic theme smile I also like that many of them seem to portray emotions and situations a bit more realistically... it's hard to explain, but for instance one reason why I ...
Romance and Revenge
(4 posts, 860 views) Posted: 1088d 4h, 58m ago by dancebaby in I'm Looking For...
Looking for series in which love gets in the way of revenge...

i.e. Basara
Lie to Me

No yaoi/yuri please. Thanks in advance smile ...
The end
(1 posts, 1510 views) Posted: 1088d 5h, 53m ago by dancebaby in Hotaru no Hikari
I went through the raws, and I don't understand Japanese but

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Hotaru ends up with her boss. The designer guy breaks up with her at some point. In the last volume there is a time skip where everyone is 5 years older and Hotaru an ...

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