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(3 posts, 421 views) Posted: 236d 11h, 16m ago by Badkarma in Adult (18+)
Search "Netori". ...
Art vs. Plot
(251 posts, 30697 views) Posted: 300d 21h, 4m ago by Badkarma in Shoujo/Josei
They're equal. ...
(4 posts, 670 views) Posted: 368d 19h, 48m ago by Badkarma in User Announcements
Good evening. ...
Do you consider piñata as animal abuse?
(27 posts, 2383 views) Posted: 383d 8h, 55m ago by Badkarma in Chatter Box
Quote from BaeSooky

Unless there is an animal inside...

I hate to necro this COMPLETELY asinine thread, but I must.

This is too funny for me. BaeSooky, I meant to reply when you made this post, but I... I dunno, I didn't. Why? Well, there's a reason I gu ...
The "Z" is DBZ
(29 posts, 3751 views) Posted: 383d 9h, 55m ago by Badkarma in Dragon Ball
Holy necroed topic, Batman!

But honestly? Dragonball should have ended after they dealt with Freeza if it wanted to make any sense at all.

They establish that he's one of the strongest being in the universe, and his decades of intergalactic tyrannical rule seem ...
Ichigo 100% ending( i know this is old news but i recently read it)
(40 posts, 8192 views) Posted: 424d 15h, 48m ago by Badkarma in Ichigo 100%
Quote from Great
Although, I still dont understand with what you mean about : Kurosawa chose the final pairing for Ise Katsura and Yoko.

I can't be entirely sure precisely what I meant, as I said this two years ago, but I think it means what it means.

Ichigo %100 ...
Ending discussion
(59 posts, 15276 views) Posted: 457d 21h, 17m ago by Badkarma in Usagi Drop
I might have said this before, but I think the high amount of rage for this ending is mostly because the readership it gained for the first four volumes. It doesn't have art that appeals to a younger crowd, and it was a story about the trials a single parent faces w ...
School Rumble petition to continue the series.
(2 posts, 1359 views) Posted: 459d 19h, 15m ago by Badkarma in School Rumble
Was the ending really that bad? I stopped reading the series at Volume 13, not out of disinterest, but because DelRey decided to stop releasing volumes.

I enjoyed the romance elements mostly because they didn't involve panty-shots or trip-gropes, but this wa ...
I think I understand why people choose myanimelist for manga most of the time.
(15 posts, 1759 views) Posted: 461d 1h, 48m ago by Badkarma in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from ybnrmalatall
If y'all think I am open to reading your counter arguments, go ahead and post but they mean nothing.

This is where I stopped reading ybnrmalatall's post and scrolled to the replies. If you don't care about what I say, then I ...
I hate the ending...
(9 posts, 3194 views) Posted: 468d 15h, 55m ago by Badkarma in Aki Sora
Quote from residentgrigo
How long did your 2000 word review take you ?

How long did it take? I don't know, when I feel strongly about something, words just flow, and it's not like I was particularly concerned about the word count. It probably took less t ...
Why do people persist reading series that they hate?
(17 posts, 1471 views) Posted: 468d 23h, 25m ago by Badkarma in Manga General
I'll finish a manga series I hate precisely because I hate it. Hate is an emotion like any other, and a powerful one at that.

Basically, loving something and hating (like, genuinely hating) something are essentially the same thing for me. It's when I have no inte ...
2014, year of the broken games?
(19 posts, 2217 views) Posted: 501d 17h, 23m ago by Badkarma in Games
Remember when you could pop your cartridge into your 'way more powerful than a PC' gaming console?

Those were the days... ...
Most screwed up manga you have read
(10 posts, 1263 views) Posted: 503d 2h, 33m ago by Badkarma in Manga General
Quote from RS456
What's so creepy or disturbing about it? Wasn't this also made into an anime? I didn't watch/read it but if I remember correctly it is suppose to be a pleasant story. Compared to what I described I am pretty sure it won' ...
I hate the ending...
(9 posts, 3194 views) Posted: 503d 3h, 15m ago by Badkarma in Aki Sora
Quote from residentgrigo
How crazy is it that this manga is dedicated to a dead friend of the author.
I am truly at a loss for words.

I know, right?

Might as well have pissed on his or her grave... ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 19039 views) Posted: 530d 2h, 1m ago by Badkarma in News

Mostly because when you start making fictional works conform to actual laws, then what? You'd close a lot of creative doors. ...
Why do some people dislike vegans?
(95 posts, 7386 views) Posted: 585d 17h, 16m ago by Badkarma in Chatter Box
That's not even remotely close to anything I'm trying to say, but sure, I can see where you're coming from... in a really, REALLY general sense, I guess. ...
Why do some people dislike vegans?
(95 posts, 7386 views) Posted: 585d 17h, 28m ago by Badkarma in Chatter Box
What people dislike are people who push their ideals on them.

If you're a vegan, nobody cares.

If you're a vegan that goes to a straight-up burger shop demanding a vegan-burger when there is no vegan-burger on the menu, that's when you' ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4943 posts, 355441 views) Posted: 585d 19h, 20m ago by Badkarma in Music
FantomenK & Maja Det Snurrar i Min Skalle

<3 FantomenK ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 15130 views) Posted: 586d 8h, 33m ago by Badkarma in News
No, I didn't.

Don't ruin the moment. ...
Isn't this shounen?
(4 posts, 575 views) Posted: 587d 2h, 31m ago by Badkarma in Delusional Boy
Shounen is a demographic.

This manga should be labeled as shounen or seinen depending on the demographic it's being sold to. Since the info page doesn't list the magazine it's serialized in, there is no definite answer. ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 15130 views) Posted: 587d 2h, 36m ago by Badkarma in News
Objectification, I guess?

Not the usual objectification, though, where a man looks at a woman like a piece of meat. I'm talking more along the lines of... what, reverse objectification, I guess? General objectification when speaking in terms of sexism is about u ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4943 posts, 355441 views) Posted: 606d 19h, 45m ago by Badkarma in Music
The Light Before We Land - The Delgados ...
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2949 posts, 330272 views) Posted: 613d 21h, 4m ago by Badkarma in Chatter Box
I hate to circumvent such a well thought out and helpful post, but really, the key to sleeping well at night is as simple as having a meaningful day.

That may sound corny, sure, but seriously, that's what I've observed in my twenty-eight years of life. I find tha ...
Be honest. how many lists do you have?
(5 posts, 467 views) Posted: 613d 22h, 52m ago by Badkarma in Chatter Box
The only list I keep relevant is my 'Garbage' list, which lists all the manga I've ranted about in the comments. I only do this because the user CP or any feature on this site doesn't automatically do so, which is odd. (Or maybe it does track it ...
Am I the only one who hates Tsundere?
(63 posts, 8588 views) Posted: 614d 20h, 3m ago by Badkarma in Manga General
Cookie-cutter tsundere's are annoying, but in retrospect, any cookie-cutter archetype is annoying.

A good tsundere will have more facets to his or her personality outside of "I-It's not like I did this for you or anything!" ...

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