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New Poll - Money
(6 posts, 277 views) Posted: 12d 7h, 56m ago by cmertb in News
Well, I chose coinage because the idea of a chest full of gold coins sitting somewhere in my vault seems aesthetically appealing.

But in reality, this is another unfortunate poll that doesn't present the options clearly or correctly. The form of money that is most ...
New Poll - April Fools' Scanlator Jokes
(12 posts, 822 views) Posted: 54d 6h, 9m ago by cmertb in News
Most people simply don't have sufficient intelligence and/or sense of humor to come up with any good jokes. So when there's a day in a year where they feel compelled to make jokes, the result is only cringe worthy. ...
New Poll - Chinese Names in Japanese Manga
(20 posts, 1492 views) Posted: 105d 5h, 19m ago by cmertb in News
Quote from 狂気
This is exactly why I called the poll absurd. Except... that would actually be "Maikeru".

Maybe you want to say that the first option of the poll is absurd? The poll itself brings up a very interesting issue and it's definitely ...
New Poll - Chinese Names in Japanese Manga
(20 posts, 1492 views) Posted: 108d 19h, 36m ago by cmertb in News
Quote from Lucumo
The English spelling is listed on the Japanese Wikipedia page, so why would he need to check a different one?

Because "Praha" is one the first line, and "Prague" is a few lines down. Checking the English page is SOP fo ...
New Poll - Chinese Names in Japanese Manga
(20 posts, 1492 views) Posted: 109d 19h, 19m ago by cmertb in News
Quote from Lucumo
Praha = Prague. In what way is it ignorant of the translator not to change it?

First of all, it's not the only mistake in that line.

And the ignorance can be deduced from the fact that the tler hadn't heard of Prague (or of Antonín ...
New Poll - Chinese Names in Japanese Manga
(20 posts, 1492 views) Posted: 110d 1h, 44m ago by cmertb in News
This is an excellent question.

My answer is that, with a few exceptions, Chinese (or any other) names need to be translated to the proper spelling of the target language. It's very common for personal and geographic names of a neighboring country to start t ...
New Poll - Lunar New Year
(15 posts, 1202 views) Posted: 117d 2h, 33m ago by cmertb in News
Is this like "Are you Chinese?" worded in a different way? ...
New Poll - Live Action Adaptations
(17 posts, 1529 views) Posted: 122d 4h, 23m ago by cmertb in News
It actually helps a lot when you don't know the source material. Otherwise, you sit there noting every single deviation from the story and grumbling that "in the manga this was explained better".

Of the live actions I watched recently, I quite enjoyed ...
New Poll - Dere
(55 posts, 3805 views) Posted: 154d 2h, 49m ago by cmertb in News
I wanted to see ヘルノーデレ in the options. ...
New Poll - Translating Money
(19 posts, 2014 views) Posted: 173d 2h, 5m ago by cmertb in News
No, you do not let translators convert stuff. Many of them are burdened with some kind of a liberal arts degree that prevents them from doing such complicated operations. I remember I was watching some drama where in the subtitles they decided to convert kilom ...
Bad Translation
(24 posts, 2420 views) Posted: 193d 16h, 2m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Quote from catandmouse
With all that, I think to best to leave things undone if there is not a strong grasp of the languages involved.

Do you want to eliminate like half of all JP-EN scanlation? ...
New Poll - Saving a Dying World
(16 posts, 1726 views) Posted: 205d 4h, 1m ago by cmertb in News
Not enough information to make a logical decision.

Therefore, the priority will be: gather enough info to figure out wtf is going on. ...
Bad Translation
(24 posts, 2420 views) Posted: 229d 23h, 46m ago by cmertb in Manga General
What are you all talking about? I just tried JP->EN Google Translate on 私は漫画が好き です and it gave me "I like comics". It works perfectly. ...
New Poll - Translation Sound Effects
(22 posts, 2099 views) Posted: 236d 2h, 12m ago by cmertb in News
SFX are absolutely not worth the effort. So in 90% of the cases, ignore them. In 10% of the cases, where there is actually some non-obvious meaning to it, put the translation on a margin.

Even SFX in bubbles should be ignored just to save the translator's time ...
What is the best app on android for reading manga?
(11 posts, 1019 views) Posted: 259d 6h, 5m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Quote from zillafox
if offline reading (manga downloaded version), try perfect viewer. the application is simple and very smooth

Seconded. ...
(4 posts, 605 views) Posted: 289d 17h, 42m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Quote from rozen1
Translaslations only translate manga of already existing raws or whatever the source is, but do NOT scan it.

Scanlations translate AND do scanning of manga, it's pretty easy to comprehend the difference.

That's an assumption ba ...
(4 posts, 605 views) Posted: 307d 8h, 15m ago by cmertb in Manga General
And sometimes you find "Fansubs".

Noobs aren't up to speed on the lingo, that's all it means. Unfortunately, if their group name sticks around, the result is that the meaning of the original terminology begins to shift, creating confusion. ...
Bad Translation
(24 posts, 2420 views) Posted: 307d 22h, 10m ago by cmertb in Manga General
So basically, based on text alone, it is usually inconclusive. I would really hesitate to use these points to differentiate between a terrible human tler and a machine tl. Now, if a group admits to using machine translation, that is a different story.

Actually, your point about u ...
Bad Translation
(24 posts, 2420 views) Posted: 308d 16h, 32m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Quote from Serendipity_
I have noticed for a long period of time that translators use Google translate as a means to...well translate a manga.

I think you have a bit of a terminology issue. Whoever uses google translate should not be described as a translator.

On the ...
Manga about Scanlation/Scanlating process?
(5 posts, 707 views) Posted: 328d 18h, 43m ago by cmertb in Manga General
I suspect it would be a pretty boring manga.

The only exciting stuff that ever happens in scanaltion is release wars with groups trading accusations in public. ...
New Scanlation Group for Newbies, but I need an experienced person as a co-leader I guess, in addition older groups I can't describe it in the 125 characters, pls read
(9 posts, 869 views) Posted: 329d 18h, 8m ago by cmertb in Recruitment
Quote from hurafloyd
The best way is to have a proofreader that knows the language check your translation.

My whole experience tells me that this isn't true. I've been on both ends of TLC, and it is generally not a good thing for anyone. It makes the T ...
Manga reader website that sponsors the author.
(7 posts, 1441 views) Posted: 357d 18h, 46m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Is it supposed to be a non-profit site? Then it will run like crap, like most volunteer projects.

If it is a for profit site (after paying the mangaka or rights owner), then why would scanlators work for it for free?

If it also pays scanlators, then it becomes non-viable as a bus ...
The SFX Issue
(43 posts, 6336 views) Posted: 357d 20h, 3m ago by cmertb in Manga General
I would prefer to have sfx translated for the sake of completeness, but only if the cost of doing that is negligible. And since that cost is never negligible, I would say screw them. The only exception is when an sfx is integral to understanding what is going on in the pan ...
Would you read it?
(9 posts, 1116 views) Posted: 357d 20h, 9m ago by cmertb in Manga General
Personally, based on the description alone, I wouldn't read it. But if it received good reviews, then I would.

Which brings me to the important point: it doesn't matter what your story idea is. Most people can come up with a dozen good story ideas per wee ...
Translator looking for help!
(5 posts, 1113 views) Posted: 418d 17h, 0m ago by cmertb in Recruitment
There is none. If you don't enjoy the process itself, this isn't for you. ...

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