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Manga List Bug Topic
(1336 posts, 139592 views) Posted: 30d 14h, 17m ago by jasperv in Suggestions & Bugs
KAYAMA Kifumi and KAYAMA Noriaki
are the same person
you can find Kifumi's manga Hana no Android Gakuen on Noriaki's website in the works section ...
(22 posts, 1539 views) Posted: 68d 15h, 19m ago by jasperv in Music
nicosound is no more
well you can extract the sound from the downloaded PV (downloaded with nicofox for example) ...
Group Links Removed
(226 posts, 23291 views) Posted: 134d 17h, 42m ago by jasperv in News
the manga pages already display if its licenced and the group/company that licenced it, even further it display the original magazine who publish it ...
Looking for...
(10 posts, 786 views) Posted: 173d 18h, 58m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
Hisashi Hirai's (xebec and sunrise) Soukyuu no Fafner and Infinite Ryvius
In Soukyuu no Fafner: they are forced to pilot mechas in desperate war
and most of them die doing so
In Infinite Ryvius: they have to manage a spacestation (and later a space-battleship ...
(22 posts, 1539 views) Posted: 205d 5h, 24m ago by jasperv in Music
that nicosound trick is what every vocaloid fan should know (song ID)

thank fo suggesting Nobunaga's cover
I didn't know about (right now I'm not browsing other Utaites)

about Kaito because of some PV his image of Comical character stuck o ...
manga with fantasy/historical setting
(5 posts, 524 views) Posted: 207d 16h, 35m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
well people would misunderstand what you want, if you just say fantasy/historical
and will link you seinen stuff too
but I guess you want something shoujo/josei with Romance
then check Babylonia no Shishi
can't believe I was reading Amatsuki (until I stopped r ...
(22 posts, 1539 views) Posted: 207d 16h, 48m ago by jasperv in Music
well thats something I have missed considering that Deep Sea Girl was one of my favs, thanks for telling me this
about nico yes but you have to open an account (which I did)
but there is an alternative use embeded video so you can view PVs from nico ev ...
Abused girl? Guy notices?
(7 posts, 907 views) Posted: 216d 4h, 23m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai
female friend notice abuse
father daughter love subtext and shoujou-ai subtext
dark story ...
(22 posts, 1539 views) Posted: 222d 4h, 47m ago by jasperv in Music
as for me miku is a must but i'm rooting for Aoki lapis, other vocaloids are good
some Utaus too but I'm not knowlegeable about most of them (they are fan made)
my fav producers are Clean Tears, Aether_Eru and Aura Qualic
and my fav Utaite is S ...
(22 posts, 1539 views) Posted: 231d 4h, 3m ago by jasperv in Music
today is Hatsune Miku's birthday!
anyone attended the Concert?
Same author
(1 posts, 227 views) Posted: 232d 4h, 25m ago by jasperv in Suggestions & Bugs
IM Kyung Jae (임경재) ID# 7193 and THOR ID# 18354
are the same author
the same for Berry Star ID# 14935 and YOON Joon-sik ID# 7002 (the two called 윤준식) ...
Is Ubel Blatt Harem?..
(33 posts, 11197 views) Posted: 238d 17h, 36m ago by jasperv in Übel Blatt
I actually laughted at the "nameless woman" rape-scene
for Barstar (or Bastard) to call her "nameless women" it was almost a case of forth-wall ...
What is the best classic manga you have read?
(20 posts, 2340 views) Posted: 308d 16h, 38m ago by jasperv in Manga General
No a Classic is something that all the world agrees that is good and no matter how many years pass its still watchable and people are nostalgic about
Akira is definitely one
Love Hina ... I love it but not all people agrees on that
Evangelion ... would be
most of studio Gh ...
Scanlation etiquette.
(5 posts, 648 views) Posted: 310d 5h, 10m ago by jasperv in Manga General
from your example and from mine
I think it depends if the creator is approached first by someone asking for permission or if he found out it was done without his permission
the person in question told me that most he asked gave approval though there a percentage ...
Scanlation etiquette.
(5 posts, 648 views) Posted: 322d 7h, 24m ago by jasperv in Manga General
I don't know of precedence about someone uploading another ones work and telling him in doujinshi or manga
but I know about it happening with Vocaloid music
someone made a youtube channel and worked to promote vocaloid producers music
with the art ...
online reader hate
(42 posts, 3157 views) Posted: 322d 7h, 32m ago by jasperv in Manga General
some yes
but most hate is of making money at the expense of others
nobody likes robbers, swindlers and scammers not because people have big egos
but because they commit evil
and you being a scanlator doesn't makes your opinion contradict some-on ...
online reader hate
(42 posts, 3157 views) Posted: 332d 14h, 48m ago by jasperv in Manga General
before knowing about scanlators vs online readers war
I didn't bother with online readers because reading online is impractical for me
I prefer to download manga from the scnalators channel or website
if not I seek a some irc bots or known ftp server i use ...
ManKen manga
(1 posts, 262 views) Posted: 335d 15h, 34m ago by jasperv in Manken.
I really liked this one
it have an interesting premise about a female closet mangaka ...
Is this all in his head or what.
(3 posts, 403 views) Posted: 335d 17h, 9m ago by jasperv in Sense.
Its an interesting way of doing a teacher-student adult-manga without going the serious route
by passing these scenes as delusions, its keeping it realistic (yeah having delusions is realistic XD) how many teachers out there have relations with their students ?
there a ...
Manga that made you cry as hell
(32 posts, 2906 views) Posted: 339d 15h, 54m ago by jasperv in Manga General
I'm an old stone-hearted pervert
some manga did, but for the moment I don't remember
some scenes in Shin Angyo Onshi did
but recently Crepescule did make me drop tears ...
Your favorite anime OP/ED?
(318 posts, 48606 views) Posted: 354d 10h, 21m ago by jasperv in Music
Serial Experiments Lain OP: Duvet by BOA
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto OP: Kouya Ruten by FictionJunction YUUKA
Berserk OP: Forces by Hirasawa Susumu
Ergo Proxy OP: Kiri by Monoral
Rahxephon Op Hemisphere by Maaya Sakamoto
Wolfs Rain OS ...
The Last Of
(12 posts, 803 views) Posted: 354d 12h, 33m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
Crepuscule (Yamchi) .... mc in this is human that manages to get to that world

I could add that the few leading immortal pure blood (vampires, ghost and werewolf)
are the last of their kinds because most of the population are short living hybrids
and occasional ...
Looking for something like Molester Man.
(13 posts, 2189 views) Posted: 355d 6h, 4m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
ok recently I stumbled on Moteki and believe me it hit me hard
thought if you're not twenty and something or worse thirteen (like me T_T) or have age crisis you won't get it
and it fits too into this thread the way the char bable to himself about others ...
Looking for something like Molester Man.
(13 posts, 2189 views) Posted: 360d 17h, 34m ago by jasperv in I'm Looking For...
I've just recently read The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat
mayb because i didn't have any expectation and mistook it for a ecchi-shounen manga (actualy its seinen) I was pleasantly surprised by its depth well hidden under a simplistic facade, the prota ...
IM Dal-Young strikes again... UGH!!!
(36 posts, 13377 views) Posted: 461d 8h, 32m ago by jasperv in The Legend of Maian
did you know that "Oh not so great" ripped the plot of Air Gear from Fire Candy?
not only he use rollers he even riped the Homo-short cute guy from that manga
although I gota admit I liked TenTen
same with Im Dal he is know to be a troll
though he can ...

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