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New Poll - Living a Demographic
(25 posts, 955 views) Posted: 71d 22h, 9m ago by imercenary in News
Wow, so many people want to live in a seinen world? I wonder why. And I sincerely hope people don't say something immature like, "a seinen world is just like the real world" cause most of them seriously aren't. ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 11261 views) Posted: 169d 1h, 59m ago by imercenary in News
Do you think loli / shota should be -illegal- or banned?

Sounds like you don't read at all. ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 11261 views) Posted: 169d 14h, 37m ago by imercenary in News
Quote from sleekie
>closed room

Reading comprehension.

Insider trading.

Person A walks into a room with a pencil and paper but leaves only with the pencil. Person B then walks into the room with nothing but walks out with a paper. Person B later acts on inform ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 11261 views) Posted: 169d 14h, 47m ago by imercenary in News
So you're fine with snuff, guro and torture as long it doesn't involve children? Oh boy, you don't read much beyond the mainstream do you? ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 11261 views) Posted: 169d 14h, 49m ago by imercenary in News
Quote from herrdachs
I voted no/no. If we illegalize it, then there is plenty more types of manga that should be illegal.

This this this.

I don't think people realize how LETHAL any kind of censorship would be to ALL kinds of writing/drawings/manga/books. ...
New Poll - Unrealistic Manga
(32 posts, 1892 views) Posted: 183d 2h, 34m ago by imercenary in News
What a wonky poll.

Due to its poor phrasing and even worse choices, I choose Indifferent.

If it makes sense in context of the story, the more unrealistic, the better. If it doesn't make sense in context, such garbage. ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 10361 views) Posted: 222d 4h, 46m ago by imercenary in News
It becomes sexual assault when the character does it tens/hundreds of times of the course of a series.

Most manga even lampshade the fact that its become so common that its become a cliche in and of itself. (ie. The "public morals" officer gets sex ...
New Poll - Animal Ears
(28 posts, 2067 views) Posted: 300d 1h, 1m ago by imercenary in News
Funny how that works out doesn't it? MU plays by the rules and gets screwed, while aggregators don't and profit. ...
New Poll - MU Years
(64 posts, 3163 views) Posted: 336d 2h, 31m ago by imercenary in News
It is, but its also interesting/amusing to see what people vote.

Statistically speaking, unless you have a SUPER hardcore fanbase/community, the poll should look like an upward slope, with the two ends being the lowest (due to the lack of publicity/starting up/etc and ...
New Poll - MU Years
(64 posts, 3163 views) Posted: 337d 11h, 40m ago by imercenary in News
Thats your "joined" date, not when you 'first' started visiting.

Personally, I'd known about and been visiting MangaUpdates LONG before my join date but I rarely sign up for websites and/or throw away/make new accounts. My prof ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 4921 views) Posted: 374d 1h, 21m ago by imercenary in News
WOW. Yaoi is seriously holding its second place position (no pun intended)

Shounen getting first, no surprise there bigrazz

That said, the poll is stupid as hell. Half the options aren't even demographics. ...
New Poll - Manga vs. Anime (Time)
(18 posts, 890 views) Posted: 386d 4h, 59m ago by imercenary in News
Manga, easily.

Mangas are light reads so I can get through a "chapter" within 5 minutes, easily.

But animes are pretty demanding, ~20 minute long and only one intermission point. Episodes are almost always designed to be watched a full episode at a tim ...
Who provides the internet with raws?
(3 posts, 289 views) Posted: 389d 16h, 46m ago by imercenary in Manga General
Both, probably. ...
The World God Only Knows to End in Next Volume
(6 posts, 1911 views) Posted: 401d 4h, 43m ago by imercenary in Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai
Ending? Well, I guess we can only hope for a sequel.

I can't say I'm surprised though. The ending was pretty much foreshadowed when the whole "Find the 6 goddesses" arc started. ...
Series you should have read sooner.
(29 posts, 2214 views) Posted: 403d 3h, 8m ago by imercenary in Manga General

Yeah, its old. Yeah, its on hiatus (when isn't it on hiatus?).

But I found out about the series pretty late (mid-2000s or so) and it still holds up OK (I still don't get why people swear by the Band of the Hawk story arc), but reading those early volumes? ...
Your favorite "unique" storyline manga?
(18 posts, 1561 views) Posted: 434d 1h, 57m ago by imercenary in I'm Looking For...

The main character is a minor figure in the grand scheme of things? You'd be surprised how unique that is if you really think about it. ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 3046 views) Posted: 441d 0h, 2m ago by imercenary in News
Actually, no. The poll doesn't imply that. Its a Freudian slip.

People read the poll question as "Go into his/her world in the series" and assume 'with roughly the same situation/strokes of luck/powers/abilities/level as him/her'. ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 3046 views) Posted: 442d 13h, 22m ago by imercenary in News

Most manga worlds are either god forsaken hellholes or hyper exaggerated versions of our own world (I'm looking at you shoujo/ecchi/harem/comedy/slice of life genres).

A lot of people in the comments also seem to assume that going to said w ...
Favorite Zombie manga
(9 posts, 928 views) Posted: 462d 10h, 43m ago by imercenary in Manga General

I view zombies in mangas to be nothing more than stand ins for generic mooks or blatantly contrived excuses for the author to kill off side characters. (If you pay attention at how much in-story time passes, its fucking pathetic how quickly people are killed o ...
Why aren't manhwas ever made into animes?
(45 posts, 4598 views) Posted: 464d 2h, 24m ago by imercenary in Manga General
Quote from cmertb
Well, before wondering if a manhwa can be made into an anime, I'd like to know if Japanese read manhwa in the first place? Does anyone know? I know k-drama is quite popular in Japan...

Of course they do. The problem is that legally/fin ...
Good ending standards
(14 posts, 796 views) Posted: 473d 3h, 34m ago by imercenary in Manga General
-Accepts the fact that life moves on
-Gives us resolution to the main plot points (subplots be damned!)
-Quietly moves on/ends

Seriously, nothing annoys me more than high school stories where the last chapter(s) suddenly time skip decades into the future just to sho ...
Prefer Ongoing or Completed Series?
(94 posts, 7115 views) Posted: 474d 13h, 16m ago by imercenary in Manga General
Dem necros.

Depends on the length.

If the series is long enough, (double digit volumes) I like completed series cause I can reasonably expect a good/fairly written ending.

If the series is shorter, I prefer to read ongoing series because theres always a chance it wou ...
Group Links Removed
(226 posts, 35144 views) Posted: 506d 12h, 13m ago by imercenary in News
And for new groups or groups without a RSS feed, they're screwed! ...
Is Borderline Hentai really Borderline?
(27 posts, 5220 views) Posted: 509d 8h, 43m ago by imercenary in Manga General
I'm not even sure what "borderline hentai" is.

That said, its all moot. Different cultures define hentai/porn differently and that moves the 'borderline' accordingly. Whats "borderline hentai/porn" for Japanese audiences m ...
Ending Discussion *SPOILERS*
(11 posts, 3804 views) Posted: 509d 18h, 51m ago by imercenary in Nozaki Ana
And now the Ending is translated thanks to Japanzai!

That said, that was a very weak ending. Too much, too fast with a cliched ending to boot. (Really? A 'I'll wait 1 year'-ending?) I expected something a lot tighter for the ending. ...

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