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What sexist trope in manga bothers you the most?
Patronizing "but you're a girl!" statement
Falling in love with their rapist
"All women are..."
Sexual assault/rape portrayed as a joke
Harassment is okay because she's "playing hard to get"
Damsel in distress
Girl solely exists to be a love interest
Jealous, vain, and/or cruel fangirls
Madonna/whore dichotomy
What? Sexism still exists?
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New Poll - Favorite Narrative
(13 posts, 242 views) Posted: 12d 7h, 32m ago by AceBunneh in News
I like episodic stories of a few chapters each, with longer overreaching arcs in the background that span through them which may or may not end within each of the mini episodes.

As for time, it can be linear or it can jump around in time and include flashbacks and ...
Drinking Milk
(122 posts, 5658 views) Posted: 44d 4h, 44m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
I drink all sorts of milk in all sorts of containers.
Currently I prefer soy milk as I got two different types I loved when I was a kid from this Chinese place. >.>;;
Second is probably almond I guess..? x]] ...
What's Your Native Language?
(171 posts, 8125 views) Posted: 49d 6h, 38m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Well, the first language I learned was Cantonese (Chinese) but that's gotten worse overtime as my native language (as I was born and live in the US) is English so I typically only use English. >.<;
Moreover I never really had a chance to learn it, so I only e ...
New Poll - Animal Ears
(28 posts, 794 views) Posted: 74d 7h, 42m ago by AceBunneh in News
I'm really not sure... Maybe wolf or fox..?
I really don't think I have the face to pull it off though... Dx ...
Made a short game.
(0 posts, 78 views) Posted: 80d 9h, 20m ago by AceBunneh in Games
My brother and I put a short game together over night for a contest.
It's a top-down scrolling shooter with a short story. oter-v200-now-up/
Alternative link-

I'd ...
Help recognizing manga characters?
(11 posts, 316 views) Posted: 92d 11h, 54m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
As far as I can tell, it was a work on but the artwork was removed. ...
New Poll - Sailor Moon
(37 posts, 1131 views) Posted: 122d 4h, 9m ago by AceBunneh in News
No love for Sailor V? )= ...
Good Book
(3 posts, 610 views) Posted: 123d 5h, 59m ago by AceBunneh in All You Need Is Kill
I found it entirely too predictable.. ._.''
I was reading it before bed while being sleep deprived and I saw the majority of the things from a mile away.. Dx Only minor details weren't predicable, but then again who can get all he details right? ._.' ...
fighting/supernatural manga (cant remember name)
(5 posts, 429 views) Posted: 124d 8h, 35m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
It shouldn't be Hidan no Aria since the characters don't fit..
The closest I can think of is Zeroin although it seems unlikely as they go to a normal school, but they also work for the government/police. (Also the main male character isn't especially ...
What are these?
(2 posts, 160 views) Posted: 134d 8h, 56m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Yes, that was very helpful.
Thank you. =) ...
What are these?
(2 posts, 160 views) Posted: 134d 9h, 48m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I don't see where else it would go... ._.''
What are these and what are they from? o.o;; ...
New Poll - Scanlation Team
(36 posts, 1242 views) Posted: 187d 2h, 22m ago by AceBunneh in News
I lack the talent and patience. Also that other one... Er..
The ability to adhere to deadlines. (: ...
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(177 posts, 5239 views) Posted: 208d 8h, 40m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Life. ...
(10 posts, 409 views) Posted: 241d 8h, 53m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Hm........ I don't think you thought this out well enough honestly.
No regenerative abilities, okay..
But do I need any in take to survive?
Do I need food, water? Anything?

Or is it not really immortal, but just you won't die from old age?
What about diseases then? ...
New Poll - Pursuing Romance
(43 posts, 1810 views) Posted: 245d 8h, 23m ago by AceBunneh in News
Is there a choice for everyone?
Honestly it's hard to say, because for me it depends on their personalities more than their back story. Dx

Moreover it also depends on the talent of the writer, as lately I've seen a ton of horribly done yanderes so I' ...
Favourite Chocolate?
(85 posts, 3613 views) Posted: 277d 3h, 51m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
All chocolate ever since the beginning of time... Probably..
I'm not sure.
I've had a lot though.. 90% cacao is a bit strong I guess.
I've also had it with various things including peppers and fruits and such which was pretty good also. x]] ...
New Poll - Web Browser
(55 posts, 2668 views) Posted: 280d 4h, 32m ago by AceBunneh in News
I use mostly Chrome, but it's honestly closely followed by Firefox (well, various edits of it)..
And then Opera for some special purposes, and IE only when all else fails. >.<; ...
Can you cook? II
(19 posts, 873 views) Posted: 281d 8h, 32m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
I can boil water... Does that count?
Oh, but there was that one time I ruined my pot doing that.. ._.''

P.S. Despite how you may read this, everything I said here is true. ...
How would you confess your love?
(164 posts, 14500 views) Posted: 282d 3h, 22m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
While they're tied up in a chair and gagged.. >.>;;

All joking aside, I haven't a clue..
I'll figure it out after I get to know them..
Things like this need to be custom tailored to the person based on their personality. ...
_______ Fish out of Water
(3 posts, 308 views) Posted: 290d 6h, 56m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
I'm looking for a fish out of water story..

I don't want there to be a knowledgeable character leading or teaching constantly, if there's more than one person who the story is focused on (the leads) they should all be in a place or time they' ...
Typical weak to strong and...
(8 posts, 767 views) Posted: 297d 9h, 20m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
Yes, it does fit, although unfortunately I've read it. u.u''
Personally I thought it started out well enough, but it fell apart near the middle (I think before it was near getting axed). The ending wasn't well done either (there are better ends even fo ...
Typical weak to strong and...
(8 posts, 767 views) Posted: 298d 4h, 7m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka isn't completed, but I guess it can't hurt to chck it out, thanks for the suggestion. =)

Yes, I've read Bakuman and I rather enjoyed (the majority of) it. It's on ...
Typical weak to strong and...
(8 posts, 767 views) Posted: 299d 3h, 52m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
Just to be certain, you know I was asking for two different things right. o.o;

Eyeshield 21 I consider more suitable for Weak to Strong but I haven't read it yet..
I'll check it out, thanks. =) Not sure why I was putting it off. >.<; ...
Typical weak to strong and...
(8 posts, 767 views) Posted: 299d 5h, 37m ago by AceBunneh in I'm Looking For...
I'm looking for two things.. The first one should be pretty easy..
A typical weak to strong, but it can be anything.. It doesn't have to be action or martial arts, it can be sports (soccer, basketball, ping pong, etc), writing (from beginner to more talented), artis ...
How much of a stalker are you?
(13 posts, 960 views) Posted: 312d 4h, 13m ago by AceBunneh in Chatter Box
Yay! I'm not alone anymore. xD
It's honestly not my fault I'm such a stalker.. u.u''
I mean, out of boredom I searched a friend (just first and last name, no middle or confirmation name or anything else. It's not a rare name eithe ...

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