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April Fools' Day Warning
(17 posts, 2808 views) Posted: 1188d 1h, 30m ago by shonryukku in News
hunter x hunter release any one? ...
New Poll - Non-Manga Reading
(23 posts, 2980 views) Posted: 1265d 4h, 18m ago by shonryukku in News
i descided to take a break form manga till the end of the spring semester from chirstmas to now ive read 6 book but before that ii used to read alot of manga and before that i read alot of boxs it's like one orther other but never both ...
The Endless Abyss Isn't So Endless
(17 posts, 3123 views) Posted: 1265d 4h, 22m ago by shonryukku in News
i really liked these guys i hope they are well and that last inning, over drive and kimi no knife find new homes losing onemanga thaught me that when one falls 3 more will rise to take it's place ...
The end of Bleach
(65 posts, 14275 views) Posted: 1331d 2h, 51m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
Quote from strixflash
Dont worry ~ we dont love you either.And no one is judging anyone here.

hate is a strong word i use it with all the knowledge of it's power. if you count yourself among that group then we have a fundamental difference of opinions and th ...
The end of Bleach
(65 posts, 14275 views) Posted: 1331d 5h, 54m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
i hate you people who think you have a right to decide when an where someone's creative process should end. if kubo feels there's more to tell then that's more than enough reason to for bleach to keep going. he owes you nothing more so to ...
(34 posts, 5607 views) Posted: 1339d 10h, 55m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
that was big it seems kubo new thing is to give heavy foreshadowing to big things so that we have to accept them but have them be so big or do them in away we can't accept them ie captain commanders death ...
New Poll - Possible Adaptations
(21 posts, 3201 views) Posted: 1342d 13h, 46m ago by shonryukku in News
i'm up set that people aren't taking real life adaptation seriously ...
(12 posts, 1261 views) Posted: 1347d 19h, 53m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
bet you after ichigo loses he will have a training session with the fourth division captain who will let her hair down and release her OP form ...
(12 posts, 1261 views) Posted: 1350d 23h, 14m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
the war with the quincies end 1000 years ago idk when it started the quincy extermination happened about 200 years ago when i guess they started messing with the balance again the i think i read somewhere the 13 divisions are like from 2000 years ago ...
(12 posts, 1261 views) Posted: 1351d 16h, 10m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
Quote from Kaitentsuki
I think the bigger question is how on earth kubo managed to delay his appearance for what was it 15-18 pages?

i call that skill, my question is since ichigo has many time the reitsu of a captain, while he just curb stomp or get curb stomped bec ...
(22 posts, 2684 views) Posted: 1360d 9h, 40m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
so am i the only one picking my heart back up i knew it was coming but i didn't see it going down like that ...
scary webcomic
(12 posts, 1401 views) Posted: 1372d 12h, 9m ago by shonryukku in I'm Looking For...
lol i loved that thanks for posting it haven't seen it in awhile ...
(23 posts, 1981 views) Posted: 1374d 0h, 51m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
i don't think he was over powered your talking about the guy who was trained by a guy who wasn't a treat to old man genocide 1000 years ago obviously he's strong i suppose he also gets his ruthlessness for his master but then again how w ...
(23 posts, 1981 views) Posted: 1374d 2h, 18m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
so can we all agree the captain commander just fucked up big time and serious question this stuff happened 1000 years ago how can juda bachi be alive if he is a Quincy he should be human human life span and aging unless he's just using the puppet string ...
(23 posts, 2036 views) Posted: 1377d 22h, 16m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
Quote from QueenVIP
It works for bankai's that are used immaturely. The captain commander's bankai is completely 100% bonded with him. If his bankai were to be sealed, so would the captain commander. So pretty much, Ichigo and the captain com ...
New Poll - Unwanted Pairing
(38 posts, 6384 views) Posted: 1378d 0h, 47m ago by shonryukku in News
why it there no i don't have favorite pairing option, i read lots of romance but i don't play favorites

next poll should be should be how many choices should a poll, as much as the asker wants, enough to satisfy every conditions, the one choices the ask ...
(23 posts, 2036 views) Posted: 1378d 23h, 55m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
i could see ichigo or ishida fighting old man genocide seeing how much he is against killing and lets not forget these are quinces, humans not hollows killing them purifies nothing ...
(23 posts, 2036 views) Posted: 1380d 10h, 29m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
he really is more of a shinigami then the rest off them thinking those who are weak, who fail or break the code are scum and should die but what did you expect from old man genocide hugs and kisses? ...
(23 posts, 2036 views) Posted: 1381d 1h, 19m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
i think we all knew the captain commander was OP and if i know my directions there is at least one more power left ...
why is there no scanlation?
(1 posts, 1862 views) Posted: 1387d 21h, 45m ago by shonryukku in Bambino! Secondo
Is no group willing to do the scans of this manga? the original was amazing and i have seen raws out some why is no one picking this up? ...
Are bleach fans a dying breed ?
(105 posts, 14839 views) Posted: 1413d 23h, 3m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
you're right my previous post was written in about a min people who work don't have time to dilly daily school is also starting up so idk when i will find the time to write a proper coherent response i didn't have the time to read all you posts so i wil ...
Are bleach fans a dying breed ?
(105 posts, 14839 views) Posted: 1415d 23h, 15m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
Can't believe i still got to do this-

if you read bleach and thought aizen was the END GAME you haven't been reading at all.
one piece is a quest for adventure you know the end game and your just watching the fun times on the way.

bleach is a great m ...
Are bleach fans a dying breed ?
(105 posts, 14839 views) Posted: 1418d 10h, 15m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
i hate people who say bleach declined after the soul society arc i find them to be sheep who heard what other sheep where baying and then joined in

i also hate people who think bleach should have ended after the ss arc

let me get this right you think kubo create t ...
Are bleach fans a dying breed ?
(105 posts, 14839 views) Posted: 1418d 22h, 55m ago by shonryukku in Bleach
the answer is and will always be no the simply fact is that as a series continues it's harder for new reads to pick it up like not many people who don't read manga heavily will pick up ippo because it has over 900 chapters and that with the fact that ther ...
helz0ne Officially Closes
(12 posts, 2123 views) Posted: 1423d 12h, 36m ago by shonryukku in News
i feel ashamed for not visiting more often and not being more active you well be missed no matter the future the house of soup and pie will live forever in our hearts ...

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