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New Poll - Immortality
(18 posts, 1492 views) Posted: 155d 5h, 37m ago by legowaffles in News
Assuming we mean Immortality as in, not dying due to old age, it is both curse and blessing. On one hand, you wouldn't have to worry about old age. You would literally have all the time in the world to see whatever you want. On the other you would have to se ...
I thnk I know who Kumo-chan is now...
(9 posts, 2738 views) Posted: 731d 22h, 59m ago by legowaffles in Kumo Desuga, Nanika?
Raises the question of why she'd decide to make war with humans.

Unless unreasonable hatred for humans is a side effect of the Demon King title. ... - Everything You Should Know
(112 posts, 20710 views) Posted: 770d 21h, 34m ago by legowaffles in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from cmertb
It's actually a pretty famous sociological experiment in which most choose "no" time and again.

I guess you and the other guy lack a certain sense that most people have because you view this as "shiratori gets $10, or ... - Everything You Should Know
(112 posts, 20710 views) Posted: 770d 23h, 47m ago by legowaffles in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from cmertb
"But if I had nothing to do in return for the money, sure I'd agree with it. $10 more is $10 more." -- understood, thanks for the answer. Therefore, your level of social development is similar to that of a chimpanzee. The vast majo ...
Yen Press licensed
(4 posts, 1925 views) Posted: 871d 13h, 47m ago by legowaffles in Makouka Koukou no Rettousei (Novel)
Don't worry guys, it'll only take 5/6 years before we get to actually read it again! Maybe I should try and learn Japanese. ...
D.Gray Man Returning after a 2 year hiatus
(18 posts, 12105 views) Posted: 1018d 13h, 53m ago by legowaffles in D-Grayman
Wow. I honestly thought it simply wasn't being translated anymore. Didn't know it was on another hiatus.

Was it bad health again? ...
Naruto 692
(9 posts, 1431 views) Posted: 1074d 15h, 47m ago by legowaffles in Naruto
1 Chapter of Fighting
3 Chapters of Talk-no-jutsu
1 Chapter of FIghting
1 Chapter of Talk-no-jutsu
1 Chapter of Sasuke and Naruto kissing and making up. ...
(10 posts, 708 views) Posted: 1306d 4h, 39m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
So, what you're saying is. . .

If you're chopped up, into a hundred pieces, you won't regenerate.

You'll get to suffer that pain for an eternity. Probably alone, for an eternity. I may hate people, but that doesn't sound like a blessing or gi ...
OP characters
(7 posts, 5077 views) Posted: 1337d 3h, 30m ago by legowaffles in I'm Looking For...
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Novel)
The main character hides his power. However, he is ridiculously powerful when he isn't holding back.

There is a Manga version out, but I haven't read it. ...
(24 posts, 3084 views) Posted: 1347d 17h, 45m ago by legowaffles in One Piece
They didn't allow her to leave. They actually tried to kidnap her when she tried to meet up with them.

See Chapter 598 for evidence. At least, I assume that is the Revolutionaries attempting to kidnap her. I don't think the World Government would try som ...
(24 posts, 3084 views) Posted: 1347d 19h, 22m ago by legowaffles in One Piece
It'd be a good way to show how much Luffy has improved as well. Sabo and Ace were shown to be pretty much equal in the flashback.

If they fight, it would show how Luffy matches up to how Ace was. ...
(24 posts, 3084 views) Posted: 1347d 20h, 11m ago by legowaffles in One Piece
Bets the Revolutionaries try to take Robin back by force? Forcing a clash between Sabo and Luffy? ...
A sequel to Negima! "Huh?"s abound
(20 posts, 6589 views) Posted: 1452d 5h, 24m ago by legowaffles in UQ Holder
Honestly I am of the opinion that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Negi isn't actually dead, so much as missing or believed to be dead. It wouldn't be the first time someone faked their own death for whatever reason. His grave could be empty.

Also, even if ...
(7 posts, 1519 views) Posted: 1503d 3h, 29m ago by legowaffles in Bleach
Quote from Recaro
Hmm, well it seems there's a big chance Ichigo will be made the next Squad 8 Captain.

It's like Kubo is putting some sprinkles on a pile of shit every 10 chapters...Acceptable?

@Bolded I somehow doubt that. I find it more likely that he ...
(9 posts, 1612 views) Posted: 1509d 5h, 22m ago by legowaffles in Bleach
My best guess: Urahara, or their father somehow saved them.

It's also possible they aren't considered mixed blood due to their father. Don't worry though, the question of why they are alive will probably never be answered.

EDIT: Actually, I can ...
(9 posts, 1612 views) Posted: 1509d 7h, 40m ago by legowaffles in Bleach
It's quite possible the only surviving pure Quincy is Ishida Sr. . . And I imagine he would refuse.

Also, technically, Ichigo would be a surviving mixed Quincy. Unless Urahara actually killed him back when he was getting his Shinigami powers back and has been liv ...
Your opinion about the End of the World!
(45 posts, 3932 views) Posted: 1702d 23h, 59m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
Quote from TaoPaiPai
the mayan callender did not end
one unit of 2366 years ended[forgot the exact years one of these cycles last]
its year one their next unit of time

this happens every 23xx something years in their callender and is something norm ...
Your opinion about the End of the World!
(45 posts, 3932 views) Posted: 1703d 3h, 46m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
I saw the end of the world before. Ya know, back in the year 1988 (twice), 1989 1990, 1991, 1992 (twice), 1993, 1994 (twice), 1995, 1996, 1997 (Twice), 1998, 1999 (four times!), 'Before' 2000, 2000-c, 2000 (Four Times), 2001, 2003 (Twice), 2006 (Twice), 200 ...
The Hobbit! seen it yet?
(23 posts, 2311 views) Posted: 1703d 20h, 43m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
The Hobbit is to be read. Not seen.

Same with LotR. ...
The end of Bleach
(65 posts, 15132 views) Posted: 1746d 13h, 59m ago by legowaffles in Bleach
Quote from Great
And I also wondering, why do they were called Gotei 13?
Are there any Gotei 1 - 12? Or maybe there are also Gotei 14 and further on?
I mean, maybe the soul society which we have seen until now, only a very small fraction of the whole afterlife ...
The Rules Of The Internet Have Been Deleted!!!
(7 posts, 873 views) Posted: 1761d 20h, 16m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
No! This cannot be! How can order possibly be maintained in this orderless hive of scum and villainy without those Rules!?

How will we survive without them! ...
(1 posts, 1057 views) Posted: 1805d 19h, 58m ago by legowaffles in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
If it makes you feel better. . . I was shocked too o.O ...
New Poll - Scanlation Ethics
(80 posts, 13901 views) Posted: 1807d 6h, 34m ago by legowaffles in News
This, in my opinion is a bad question.

As the true answer depends on multiple different variables:

Is it for money? Is it currently being Translated to <insert your language here>? How far behind are the official (if any) translations? As well as others I am missing. ...
(6 posts, 1285 views) Posted: 1821d 16h, 57m ago by legowaffles in Beelzebub
What will happen is quite simple. He'll wipe the floor with everyone (including Toujou and that minor character that trained Miki whose name escapes me). Then, Oga shows up for a rematch. The fight goes on for a bit, evenly. Then, Oga lands a punch/kick/w ...
Humans vs Vampires vs Werewolves
(14 posts, 2586 views) Posted: 2001d 4h, 56m ago by legowaffles in Chatter Box
Assuming the premise of the war was to totally wipe out the other two groups, Vampires would lose by default simply due to needing Human blood.

That brings it down to Humans and Werewolves. Werewolves (generally) are fewer in number than humans, and hav ...

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