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New Poll - European Comics
(17 posts, 407 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 33m ago by KaoriNite in News
Thanks for the examples. I've heard of Tin Tin but never read the comics or watched the cartoon. And never read or watched V for Vendetta. The other ones I have no clue what they are so I guess they didn't become that popular in America. ...
New Poll - European Comics
(17 posts, 407 views) Posted: 3d 18h, 46m ago by KaoriNite in News
same. I don't think I know any European comics. Are there any really famous ones? ...
New Poll - Bad Characteristics
(25 posts, 877 views) Posted: 24d 3h, 36m ago by KaoriNite in News
I've stopped reading stories because the main character behaved unrealistically. Usually it's a shoujo where the main character is unrealistically stupid/naive. I've read a few stories where I'm just thinking "there is no way someo ...
New Poll - Classic Manga
(41 posts, 1496 views) Posted: 31d 4h, 50m ago by KaoriNite in News
I was just questioning the definition because in the case of novels, I wouldn't really consider a novel from 20 or 30 years ago to be a classic, even if it was really popular and influential. When I read the question, 'classic' to me meant the manga t ...
New Poll - Classic Manga
(41 posts, 1496 views) Posted: 31d 19h, 5m ago by KaoriNite in News
I voted never, thinking that "Classic Manga" meant manga from like the 1970s or 1960s and before. So what really is the definition of 'Classic'. Is there a specific era the manga has to be from, or is it more about how popular and influentia ...
New Poll - Manga Hiatus
(21 posts, 1014 views) Posted: 66d 18h, 48m ago by KaoriNite in News
I think the longest hiatus I've taken from manga was about 2 weeks. Ideally, I'd read everyday if there were enough manga translated that interested me. Right now, I don't think I could take a month long hiatus from manga. It'd feel like som ...
New Poll - Pokemon Go
(21 posts, 1334 views) Posted: 72d 21h, 9m ago by KaoriNite in News
I'm not interested in Pokemon. Even when I was back in elementary school, I was one of the only kids who didn't collect the Pokemon cards or watch the series. I just never understood the appeal. ...
New Poll - Translating Jokes/Puns
(12 posts, 753 views) Posted: 80d 19h, 14m ago by KaoriNite in News
So I'm guessing this is when a joke doesn't translate well. I'm good with choices 2, 3, and 4 actually. The only reason I'm not okay with option 1 is that I'd be wondering if it was a bad translation (if you don't know the Japanese ...
New Poll - Relationship Status
(32 posts, 2150 views) Posted: 92d 22h, 50m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from Munchingonclouds
I completely agree

I don't agree. There are a lot of people who stay single because they prefer being single. Just because you're single doesn't mean that you're sad and depressed. And just because ...
New Poll - Relationship Status
(32 posts, 2150 views) Posted: 94d 19h, 30m ago by KaoriNite in News
Thanks for reminding me that I'm #foreveralone laugh But yeah, I'm more comfortable on my own, so I'll stick with that for now. ...
New Poll - Least Favorite Genre
(33 posts, 2298 views) Posted: 101d 19h, 0m ago by KaoriNite in News
On the list, the only genre I haven't read is mecha. It's a bit weird to call it my least favorite genre though. I don't dislike it per se, I just have zero interest in reading one of these manga. ...
Tokyo Ghoul Gets Live-Action Film
(1 posts, 246 views) Posted: 102d 21h, 20m ago by KaoriNite in Tokyo Ghoul
I was excited for a moment, and then I remember how many manga/anime have had such poor, poor, shitty excuses for live-action movies made. no I won't get my hopes up with this one. ...
New Poll - Guys with Long Hair
(20 posts, 1660 views) Posted: 108d 18h, 54m ago by KaoriNite in News
Very random question. A better question would be why wouldn't it okay for guys to have long hair? ...
New Poll - Wrong Genre
(20 posts, 1591 views) Posted: 115d 21h, 43m ago by KaoriNite in News
I'd try reading it. They're my favorite mangaka for a reason. I'd have faith that they could make any genre good. ...
New Poll - Changing Tastes
(30 posts, 1894 views) Posted: 129d 21h, 56m ago by KaoriNite in News
My preferred genre has changed since I first started reading manga 6~ years ago. In the beginning, I mostly read shoujo, and now I mostly read yaoi. I think the biggest change though is that I'm a bit pickier with the manga I read. I'm more aware of wh ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 2579 views) Posted: 133d 21h, 8m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from imercenary
I get what you're saying but practically every country in the world has already outlawed loli/shota (to some degree).

It doesn't do a goddamn thing about child abuse.

Action like this is nothing more than a way for politicians to sc ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 2579 views) Posted: 135d 19h, 47m ago by KaoriNite in News
I forgot I even submitted this question, lol.

But the reason I asked is because a few months ago, a United Nations envoy said that Japan should ban loli and shota manga. Back when I first started reading manga, I was completely disgusted by the idea of loli and shota, a ...
New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 1854 views) Posted: 143d 16h, 46m ago by KaoriNite in News
Never read an actual American comic book, but I've watched plenty of TV series and movies based on them. I never really had an interest in American comics because they all (or at the famous ones) seem to just be about superheroes, with the same sto ...
New Poll - Categories
(21 posts, 1528 views) Posted: 150d 4h, 48m ago by KaoriNite in News
I'm a little confused by the question. What exactly do you mean by important? Does this mean my favorite category to read? Or is it the category that I read the most often? Or the category I think impacts the story the most? It could also mean a category tha ...
Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell
(6 posts, 771 views) Posted: 151d 23h, 57m ago by KaoriNite in Chatter Box
I haven't read or watched Ghost in the Shell so I can't really answer to how well Johansson would do in the role. I just wanted to say I love that this has become an issue. In the past, Hollywood would've chosen a white actor to play a minority' ...
New Poll - Forgetting the Story
(16 posts, 1119 views) Posted: 157d 4h, 12m ago by KaoriNite in News
I have a horrible memory, so I usually forget right away. When a new chapter is released, I usually reread half of the previous chapter. This is part of the reason I prefer reading completed series. ...
New Poll - Contacting the Creator
(16 posts, 1219 views) Posted: 176d 1h, 41m ago by KaoriNite in News
I've never tried contacting a mangaka. The only mangaka I would want to contact is the author of Nana because it's my favorite manga, but unfortunately it's unfinished. I know that the author got sick and had to hold off on continuing the manga ...
New Poll - Drawing Your Own Manga
(15 posts, 1482 views) Posted: 192d 1h, 43m ago by KaoriNite in News
I wrote a few short stories in middle and high school, but that was a decade ago. I hate drawing so I'll never try making a manga, but it's possible I could try writing again. ...
New Poll - Importance of Manga
(21 posts, 1832 views) Posted: 206d 21h, 25m ago by KaoriNite in News
When I first got into manga, I would've said extremely. It felt weird if I didn't read any manga in a day. Now, I can go a week or two without reading anything. It's still important to me, but I wouldn't consider myself addicted or an otaku anymo ...
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 3603 views) Posted: 220d 2h, 39m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from Karonhioktha
This is my situation as well. Trust me, I want to work or go back to school, but my health thinks otherwise.
And I just finished university to became a RN. How unlucky.

I think this would fall under "unemployed and not looking for work" ...

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