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New Poll - Choosing a Series
(21 posts, 428 views) Posted: 8d 5h, 44m ago by KaoriNite in News
I typically stick to completed series, so the first thing I do is scan the releases page for series that have just ended. Having the series be completed is generally the most important factor for me because a lot of manga end up going unfinished. After that, I choose b ...
New Poll - Goals
(16 posts, 485 views) Posted: 36d 10h, 15m ago by KaoriNite in News
My goal is just to be satisfied with my life. I don't know what specifically will lead me there, though. ...
New Poll - Deal Breaker
(27 posts, 1343 views) Posted: 42d 11h, 54m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from MangaGhost
Its mostly how a topic is handled. Most topics if handled seriously it doesn't bother me. On the other hand, let's say its something like rape and the manga author is obviously using it like fan service that ticks me off and I'm ...
Combine "Adult" and "Mature" into a single genre
(20 posts, 1045 views) Posted: 63d 11h, 4m ago by KaoriNite in Suggestions & Bugs
I think for regular readers of these genres, the distinctions are clear. As residentgrigo wrote, if we compare these to movie ratings, mature would be R-rated and adult would be NC-17. And as hahhah42 mentioned, smut is a manga with some sexual content that is ...
New Poll - Eating Apples
(15 posts, 748 views) Posted: 71d 12h, 56m ago by KaoriNite in News
Yay my random poll was chosen! I wanted to ask because I never peel apples and had never heard of anyone peeling apples until I read manga. The only reason I would peel an apple is to cook it, like when making apple pie or something. Besides, isn't the pe ...
New Poll - Wake-Up
(15 posts, 814 views) Posted: 78d 10h, 45m ago by KaoriNite in News
Right now, I go to bed between 10pm and 11pm and usually wake up between 6am-9am. Though sometimes I suffer from insomnia. On those nights, I'll wake up between 3am-5am and won't be able to fall back asleep. ...
New Poll - Hidden Hobby?
(15 posts, 881 views) Posted: 85d 12h, 44m ago by KaoriNite in News
I don't hide it, but I don't go out of my way to talk about it. But when I talk about it, I do hide that I'm into yaoi. ...
New Poll - Long Series
(16 posts, 998 views) Posted: 99d 0h, 49m ago by KaoriNite in News
Well I think the longest series I've read is Red River and that had 28 volumes. Being a shoujo and yaoi fan I don't get the opportunity to read a lot of long series. But I kind of feel that there's no such thing as too long. What matters is keeping up th ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2347 posts, 650989 views) Posted: 101d 22h, 24m ago by KaoriNite in Manga General
Do you peel apples before eating them?
- Yes, always
- Yes, sometimes
- No, never
- I don't eat apples

This is a bit random but I often come across scenes in manga where the characters peel an apple before eating it. I don't know anyone who peels an ...
New Poll - Good, bad, and the Ugly
(40 posts, 2350 views) Posted: 105d 12h, 58m ago by KaoriNite in News
Well I can't read something with a bad beginning because I'd drop the series immediately. There's no guarantee it'd get better, and I wouldn't want to continue when the story was poorly planned from the beginning. And a bad endin ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2347 posts, 650989 views) Posted: 112d 10h, 48m ago by KaoriNite in Manga General
We've done ones similar to this, but not sure if we've had this exact one before:

Usually when a story is adapted to a different medium, such as a manga being made into an anime or anime into a live-action, we can expect the story to be changed in so ...
New Poll - Doujinshi
(10 posts, 820 views) Posted: 119d 21h, 7m ago by KaoriNite in News
Seldom. Like someone else mentioned, djs are for shippers, which I am not. I always come across the yaoi djs, where they take straight characters and make them into gay lovers. Now I love yaoi, but I don't like seeing my favorite characters changed. Whe ...
When did you join MangaUpdates? What's your first completed Manga according to your list?
(20 posts, 909 views) Posted: 130d 1h, 19m ago by KaoriNite in Chatter Box
I joined 6 years ago. I was using this site for a while before that though. I think for about a year. Anyways, I first used the site to find new manga to read but eventually realized I needed to keep a list of the manga I was reading. So I thought about it for a couple month ...
(130 posts, 12079 views) Posted: 133d 23h, 13m ago by KaoriNite in Chatter Box
I got a B.A. in anthropology with a minor in religious studies. Lately I've been considering going back to school as I'm in the midst of a career change. ...
New Poll - Sports
(34 posts, 2146 views) Posted: 141d 9h, 25m ago by KaoriNite in News
I've read a couple of romance manga that were about archery and enjoyed them. But it's really hard to choose one when there are so many options. I don't even really like sports, but a good manga could make any sport interesting. But for m ...
New Poll - How Fast Do You Read?
(21 posts, 1643 views) Posted: 162d 11h, 6m ago by KaoriNite in News
If I'm not busy, a few hours. I like to find completed series and read them all at once. I have a pretty poor memory, so sometimes I'll start a story at night, and when I go back to finish it the next day I've already forgotten what was happening. It' ...
New Poll - Chicken or the Egg?
(24 posts, 2030 views) Posted: 169d 12h, 56m ago by KaoriNite in News
The Sailor Moon anime. I first saw it when I was about 6 years old. Of course I didn't know it was anime then. I also the watched Dragon Ball Z when I was around this age. Some years later, Cartoon Network started their Toonami programming and brought b ...
New Poll - Anime/Manga Club
(16 posts, 1500 views) Posted: 180d 5h, 57m ago by KaoriNite in News
My high school didn't have one, but my college did. I didn't join it. Although I watched a few series growing up, I didn't really get into anime until my senior year of college. And by the time I was a senior, I was over joining clubs. ...
New Poll - Conventions
(17 posts, 1692 views) Posted: 217d 23h, 8m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from calstine
I have no interest in what the mangaka, voice actors, or what-have-you are like as long as their work itself is good, don't consume doujinshi or other fanworks, don't care about getting signatures or buying collectibles, never was i ...
New Poll - Other Settings
(14 posts, 1145 views) Posted: 225d 10h, 54m ago by KaoriNite in News
For me, I don't have a particular setting that I prefer to read. But I just wish that whatever setting the author chooses, they do their research and depict the setting accurately. There are plenty of times I've read a manga where the setting was outside ...
New Poll - Chinese Names in Japanese Manga
(20 posts, 2164 views) Posted: 231d 22h, 26m ago by KaoriNite in News
My question would be how many translators would know the proper Chinese translation? And how much effort would it take to find out the correct Chinese pronunciation and how to reflect pronunciation in English?

Also, for me since I don't know Chinese it r ...
New Poll - Lunar New Year
(15 posts, 1690 views) Posted: 238d 22h, 25m ago by KaoriNite in News
Japan doesn't celebrate Lunar New Year. Chinese or Korean communities in Japan celebrate it, but the general Japanese population doesn't. According to japan-celebrates-wester ...
How did you get you get into anime/manga?
(177 posts, 22804 views) Posted: 241d 21h, 9m ago by KaoriNite in Manga General
As a young kid, I watched Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. At the time I didn't know that they were Japanese. When I was in middle school, I found out they were anime when they started re-airing on Toonami. I occasionally watched anime on Toonami through ...
New Poll - Live Action Adaptations
(17 posts, 2067 views) Posted: 246d 12h, 21m ago by KaoriNite in News
It's case by case. It really depends on how the trailer looks. I used to be super excited any time I heard of an adaptation, but now I approach them cautiously. ...
Attack On Titan Eyed By Warner Bros. For ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Producer David Heyman
(3 posts, 725 views) Posted: 249d 12h, 57m ago by KaoriNite in Shingeki no Kyojin
Cautiously excited. I want Attack on Titan to get a proper movie. It's a great story that unfortunately the Japanese movie destroyed. ...

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