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New Poll - Changing Tastes
(30 posts, 538 views) Posted: 8d 18h, 29m ago by KaoriNite in News
My preferred genre has changed since I first started reading manga 6~ years ago. In the beginning, I mostly read shoujo, and now I mostly read yaoi. I think the biggest change though is that I'm a bit pickier with the manga I read. I'm more aware of wh ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 1083 views) Posted: 12d 17h, 41m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from imercenary
I get what you're saying but practically every country in the world has already outlawed loli/shota (to some degree).

It doesn't do a goddamn thing about child abuse.

Action like this is nothing more than a way for politicians to sc ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 1083 views) Posted: 14d 16h, 20m ago by KaoriNite in News
I forgot I even submitted this question, lol.

But the reason I asked is because a few months ago, a United Nations envoy said that Japan should ban loli and shota manga. Back when I first started reading manga, I was completely disgusted by the idea of loli and shota, a ...
New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 838 views) Posted: 22d 13h, 19m ago by KaoriNite in News
Never read an actual American comic book, but I've watched plenty of TV series and movies based on them. I never really had an interest in American comics because they all (or at the famous ones) seem to just be about superheroes, with the same sto ...
New Poll - Categories
(21 posts, 797 views) Posted: 29d 1h, 21m ago by KaoriNite in News
I'm a little confused by the question. What exactly do you mean by important? Does this mean my favorite category to read? Or is it the category that I read the most often? Or the category I think impacts the story the most? It could also mean a category tha ...
Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell
(5 posts, 471 views) Posted: 30d 20h, 30m ago by KaoriNite in Chatter Box
I haven't read or watched Ghost in the Shell so I can't really answer to how well Johansson would do in the role. I just wanted to say I love that this has become an issue. In the past, Hollywood would've chosen a white actor to play a minority' ...
New Poll - Forgetting the Story
(16 posts, 566 views) Posted: 36d 0h, 45m ago by KaoriNite in News
I have a horrible memory, so I usually forget right away. When a new chapter is released, I usually reread half of the previous chapter. This is part of the reason I prefer reading completed series. ...
New Poll - Contacting the Creator
(16 posts, 793 views) Posted: 54d 22h, 14m ago by KaoriNite in News
I've never tried contacting a mangaka. The only mangaka I would want to contact is the author of Nana because it's my favorite manga, but unfortunately it's unfinished. I know that the author got sick and had to hold off on continuing the manga ...
New Poll - Drawing Your Own Manga
(15 posts, 920 views) Posted: 70d 22h, 16m ago by KaoriNite in News
I wrote a few short stories in middle and high school, but that was a decade ago. I hate drawing so I'll never try making a manga, but it's possible I could try writing again. ...
New Poll - Importance of Manga
(21 posts, 1376 views) Posted: 85d 17h, 58m ago by KaoriNite in News
When I first got into manga, I would've said extremely. It felt weird if I didn't read any manga in a day. Now, I can go a week or two without reading anything. It's still important to me, but I wouldn't consider myself addicted or an otaku anymo ...
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 2974 views) Posted: 98d 23h, 12m ago by KaoriNite in News
Quote from Karonhioktha
This is my situation as well. Trust me, I want to work or go back to school, but my health thinks otherwise.
And I just finished university to became a RN. How unlucky.

I think this would fall under "unemployed and not looking for work" ...
New Poll - Publication Frequency
(16 posts, 1644 views) Posted: 105d 23h, 37m ago by KaoriNite in News
I prefer the dream world of the entire series in one go. I don't really see how people would feel overwhelmed by this. It would be the same as when a novel is released. And for someone like me who has a horrible memory, I don't have to go back and ...
New Poll - Spin-Off Series
(13 posts, 1169 views) Posted: 120d 15h, 49m ago by KaoriNite in News
It just depends on the story and the quality of the spin-off. It's clear there are plenty of series that only get a spin-off so the publishers can make more money. From a story standpoint, there isn't a need for a spin-off, but they'll keep getting made ...
Thoughts and reactions
(7 posts, 2049 views) Posted: 157d 23h, 32m ago by KaoriNite in Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru
Quote from calstine
Two - Jeremy's utterly irrational compliance to the sexual abuse. It would make sense if he and Sandra had nowhere to go -- but in America there were people who urged him to stay and promised to look after him! (Not to mention a girlf ...
New Poll - Bad Scanlations
(55 posts, 3976 views) Posted: 162d 0h, 39m ago by KaoriNite in News
I agree with others have said, it depends on how bad the scanlation is. If the translation is so bad that I am constantly confused about what's happening, then there is no point in having it scanlated. If I notice during the first chapter that the scanlation is really poo ...
New Poll - Blood Boil
(68 posts, 5255 views) Posted: 169d 16h, 30m ago by KaoriNite in News
There's so many I wanted to vote for, it's hard. But I'd have to say as a yaoi and smut reader, the thing that annoys me the most is sexual violence and rape. When it is treated realistically, it can create a really great story. What pisses me off is ...
New Poll - Character Shift
(28 posts, 2359 views) Posted: 175d 18h, 16m ago by KaoriNite in News
I can only really answer based on what I've experienced before, which is a change in importance/relevance. What I'm thinking of is when a main character is suddenly made a side character, and a new main character enters the picture. Just recen ...
New Poll - Dropped Series
(24 posts, 2843 views) Posted: 183d 0h, 53m ago by KaoriNite in News
Yeah, there's nothing much for me to do if my favorite series gets dropped, which has happened numerous times. I'm currently learning Japanese, but I'm still at a very low level and it's a pain to read raws when I have to look up 90% of ...
New Poll - Encouraging More Research
(16 posts, 1474 views) Posted: 196d 23h, 29m ago by KaoriNite in News
Although I get interested in whether something I read is true or not, most times I'm too lazy to do research on it. When I read manga that occurs in a historical setting, rather than researching into that historical time-period, I just wish that I could find a historica ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2197 posts, 575302 views) Posted: 202d 15h, 27m ago by KaoriNite in Manga General
A U.N. envoy has recently said that Japan should ban child manga porn ( -calls-on-japan-to-ban-extreme-child-manga-porn).

Do you agree that loli and shota should be banned?

- Yes, of course. It' ...
New Poll - J-Pop
(19 posts, 1621 views) Posted: 225d 1h, 25m ago by KaoriNite in News
I think K-Pop has more fans than J-Pop. K-Pop is popular throughout Asia, and has cult followings in the West. As far as I know, J-Pop is only popular in Japan. Although a group like BabyMetal has been able to find some success outside of Japan. ...
New Poll - J-Pop
(19 posts, 1621 views) Posted: 225d 16h, 47m ago by KaoriNite in News
I occasionally hear songs I like in anime, but overall I'm not into J-Pop. I've tried looking for J-Pop music, thinking it would be good practice for learning Japanese. But the majority of J-Pop I've come across I haven't liked. ...
New Poll - Sickness
(16 posts, 1526 views) Posted: 226d 15h, 21m ago by KaoriNite in News
When I feel the slightest bit sick, I start taking medicine, try to get more sleep, and have lots of tea and soup. So I actually do 3 of these things all at once. But I voted for using pills and medicine. I try to stop my sickness before it gets really bad. If I do nothing, it'll ...
Smut and the Female Gaze
(12 posts, 1744 views) Posted: 239d 17h, 15m ago by KaoriNite in Shoujo/Josei
I haven't read shoujo or josei smut in a while, but I'd have to say I don't think the female gaze is drawn for in smut manga in the same way that the male gaze is drawn for in ecchi and hentai manga. Yes, women are attracted to different physic ...
Best Yaoi
(62 posts, 43783 views) Posted: 252d 2h, 9m ago by KaoriNite in Yaoi/Yuri
Surprised I've never seen this post.

Anyways, my favorites are
Haru wo Daite Ita
Ii Kankei de Komatteru
Dear Green: Hitomi no Ounowa ...

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