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If you were a mangaka, which demographic would you draw / write for?
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New Poll - Drawing a Demographic
(14 posts, 247 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 52m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Well, as a writer in general, I aim for the young adult demographic but with a strong periphery demographic (that's what I hope for, at least ><). So it's hard to say which manga demographic I'd write for, especially since they're gen ...
Shounen/Seinen Romance About the Relationship
(7 posts, 234 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 35m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Crush on You has both a playboy and playgirl falling in love with the same person. I won't say who ends up with who, but they both do end up in monogamous relationships. ...
Two males with rivalry or love/hate relationship
(3 posts, 203 views) Posted: 1d 18h, 58m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Game x Rush sounds right up your alley. The main character is a bodyguard, and his rival is a hitman, so they're always at odds, but, iirc, they have some Go-Karting with Bowser moments and are generally pretty friendly to each other. laugh

Also, it's been ...
Tragedy or just super sad
(9 posts, 442 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 55m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Seconding Vampire Juujikai. That brought me to tears. cry
Pandora Hearts is absolutely full of tragic characters, male and female, and especially the male MC once you get deeper into the story. This series is beautifully done in general -- I can't recommend it e ...
New Poll - Self-Control
(31 posts, 514 views) Posted: 13d 1h, 15m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Okay, "when it starts getting boring" is totally irrelevant and shouldn't be an option here because the question isn't, "When do you drop a manga?" The question is, "When do you stop reading?", i.e. before going to b ...
New Poll - Types of Relationships
(25 posts, 637 views) Posted: 21d 18h, 7m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I voted "I don't like reading romance," which is only partially true. For awhile now, I've mainly steered clear of the genre because I am so sick of sloppily-written romance cliches, and anything with even a hint of wish fulfillment in it has me r ...
New Poll - Yaoi vs. Yuri
(58 posts, 1964 views) Posted: 29d 18h, 52m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Straight ace female here who prefers yaoi -- though to be fair, I've never actually read any yuri/shoujo-ai series (though I have a couple on my wishlist I need to check out laugh ). I'll be honest; I read yaoi almost solely for the smut (since they rarely have g ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 9893 views) Posted: 102d 17h, 23m ago by crazyboutcute in News
You have absolutely no authority to tell this person that they need help. Having a fetish is not the same as committing a sex crime.

But I don't mind if lolicons are put on a list. A keep on eye list just to be safe.

This is akin to saying, "I don't mind ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 9893 views) Posted: 102d 17h, 53m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Will looking up that book change the fact that it's disgusting and needs to be banned?

Lolita is Nabokov's best-known work and one of the greatest literary accomplishments of the past century. Discarding your opinions on loli/shota in general, fo ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 9893 views) Posted: 102d 18h, 19m ago by crazyboutcute in News
It makes them want to do it in real life.

Actually, no. Pedophilia is considered a mental illness, not a learned behavior. (If you don't believe me, I recommend looking up some pedophilia support groups -- groups where people who, against their will, were b ...
New Poll - Physical Manga
(27 posts, 1214 views) Posted: 267d 2h, 20m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I bought a lot when I was younger, but I've since sold most of it to make room in my bookcase. I still have quite a bit, though. I have the entirety of Mink and NG Life, which I got before Tokyopop went under and they went out of print. I also have all of The Gentle ...
New Poll - Mediums
(27 posts, 1138 views) Posted: 308d 23h, 45m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I have to agree with a lot of you here. I usually prefer the series in its original incarnation because I feel like that's the closest to what the author intended. Of course, that's not a hard and fast rule. bigrazz If the original author had a good idea but was a lousy w ...
Pandora Hearts to End in Next Volume, #23
(4 posts, 1661 views) Posted: 309d 0h, 20m ago by crazyboutcute in Pandora Hearts
I think I might cry. cry I've spent years of my life with this series, and it's really changed me as both a writer and a human being. I'm glad it's not going to drag on forever -- I'd hate that -- but I'm still going to miss the heck out of it ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 4724 views) Posted: 316d 3h, 3m ago by crazyboutcute in News
How about "categories"? bigrazz I think the question of the poll is pretty clear and it's just an issue of being pedantic here... laugh ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 4724 views) Posted: 316d 3h, 7m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Oh, I don't know... I guess I mostly read shounen and shoujo... Although, lately I've been reading a lot of josei, and while I'm not as well-read in the seinen demographic, I have a couple of long-running series that I regularly keep up with. I also read ...
New Poll - Crying
(48 posts, 1832 views) Posted: 325d 16h, 49m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Any kind of strong emotion (sadness, anger, embarrassment, happiness, etc.) always makes me bawl against my will (it's been the source of much embarrassment throughout my life -sigh-). So naturally, I cry hardcore when it comes to fiction. bigrazz While all type ...
New Poll - Scanlation Team
(36 posts, 1618 views) Posted: 350d 2h, 3m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Yes... but we haven't updated in awhile. ;_; There are only two of us (my best friend and I), but we've managed to get out some releases! biggrin I was in charge of cleaning and typesetting, and she did translations and proofing. I don't use Photoshop sinc ...
New Poll - Aggregate Sites
(40 posts, 1900 views) Posted: 356d 2h, 15m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I usually use Batoto, but if the scan group has its own reader, I'll go with that. Very rarely do I actually download chapters -- it's tedious and just clutters up my computer. When I have to use other aggregate sites, I have adblock employed, so at least the ...
New Poll - Fan Service
(37 posts, 2907 views) Posted: 415d 17h, 37m ago by crazyboutcute in News
In most cases fan service feels like the obligatory sex scenes in hollywood movies. It sucks.
Don't mind the fan service if it's at least remotely funny or at least makes a tiny bit of sense, which it doesn't in most cases.

^This. I don't m ...
New Poll - Completed Series
(46 posts, 3070 views) Posted: 466d 23h, 7m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Probably around 100, if I had to estimate. That's for "completed" series, as per the poll's specifications. I have very, very little patience for bad writing and cliches, so my number of dropped series far surpasses my completed ones. laugh ...
New Poll - Bust
(96 posts, 6178 views) Posted: 480d 20h, 32m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Ehhh kinda a lame, double-standard poll, and it hardly has anything to do with manga. no Can we get the male equivalent poll next time? ...
New Poll - Noise Reactions
(25 posts, 1742 views) Posted: 542d 19h, 29m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Guilty as charged. wink I react to pretty much everything in life (usually audibly dead), so of course, manga, books, movies, TV, etc. are no exceptions. Usually when I read, it's restricted to laughing and groaning in annoyance/shouting at characters when they do stup ...
Detective Horror
(20 posts, 2354 views) Posted: 603d 19h, 23m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
The only two I can think of off the top of my head are City of Dead Sorcerer and Yami no Matsuei.

CDS is an ongoing Korean webtoon centering around a serial killer and the detective who occasionally crosses paths with him. It's got a bit of gore and definit ...
New Poll - Gender Bender in Real Life
(44 posts, 5208 views) Posted: 709d 0h, 56m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Really, what a silly question! "Gender" as a whole does not matter in such a case as this - it depends on the individual. If a transgender/transsexual individual were intending to get a sex change operation and suddenly became their desired biological sex ...
New Poll - Non-Manga Reading
(23 posts, 2340 views) Posted: 779d 5h, 31m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I put "about the same." I'm a creative writing major, so I read a lot of student work as well as published literature for all my English classics. On my iBook app, I'm also always downloading free public domain lit!! smile wink grin (I'm a classics junkie ...

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