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New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 846 views) Posted: 16d 21h, 59m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I hate superheroes. Hate them. Like, wouldn't get near them with a ten-foot pole kind of hate. And I don't understand why everyone seems to worship them. I can't take anything about them seriously, from their foolish costumes to the cringewor ...
As Japanese, curious about people doing scanlation and reading them
(26 posts, 3209 views) Posted: 196d 0h, 57m ago by crazyboutcute in Manga General
Agreed with NightSwan here. It's the Internet, so it's pretty much anything goes -- with scanlations, videos, literature, etc. It's the parents' responsibility to monitor what their kids are accessing online.

As for scanlators drawing their own or ...
A unique psychological manga
(5 posts, 683 views) Posted: 200d 19h, 17m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Bastard (Hwang Youngchan) by one half of the team behind Melo Holic should be right up your alley. It is ongoing, but it updates weekly. Carnby's other ongoing series, City of Dead Sorcerer, might also be worth checking out, though while it started as a crim ...
New Poll - Web Comics
(19 posts, 1643 views) Posted: 212d 7h, 4m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I read a lot of them. Especially Korean webtoons. I also like the long-strip format and the fact that most of them are full-color. The art style also tends toward the more anime-ish, which is an aesthetic I particularly enjoy (not that I don't love traditional manhwa ...
New Poll - Web Novels
(35 posts, 2843 views) Posted: 217d 17h, 25m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I don't mean to sound like an elitist snob, but I'm going to now proceed to sound like an elitist snob. dead (Warning! Writerly snobbery ahead!)

On this site, anything with "Novel" in the title or "Adapted from Novel" in the tags makes me ...
LF: Focus on Male Body, Sexuality
(1 posts, 373 views) Posted: 224d 4h, 42m ago by crazyboutcute in Adult (18+)
I've always preferred yaoi over hentai, despite enjoying reading about straight relationships as well, and recently, I realized why: I have absolutely no interest in seeing the female body or female sexuality. I'm interested in men, not women, so what I' ...
New Poll - J-Pop
(19 posts, 1624 views) Posted: 226d 16h, 48m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I used to listen to it ALL THE TIME but have since moved on from it. When I was younger, I was really into the eurodance and bubblegum pop-type stuff, and a lot of j-pop fell right into that. I also played a lot of DDR, which didn't help my obsession, and watched ...
can soeone tell me what this webtoon bgm is?
(1 posts, 302 views) Posted: 226d 17h, 13m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
The artists' names are Park Hyung Seok (박형석) and Pyeon Deokhwa (편덕화), which I'm not sure I romanized correctly because I don't actually speak or read Korean. ^^; The former, at least, app ...
Something more unorthodox
(9 posts, 922 views) Posted: 228d 16h, 46m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Pandora Hearts takes a lot of traditional shounen and fantasy tropes and turns them on their heads. AND it has major (and well-supported) plot twists. I see that it's on your wishlist. Please move it to your reading list. biggrin

Ana Satsujin is stupid as anything with its pr ...
New Poll - Best Josei
(20 posts, 2151 views) Posted: 234d 18h, 2m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I'm a little surprised that I've never actually read any of these series (barring 07-Ghost, which I dropped several chapters in because of how stale and generic it felt). Too bad Karneval didn't make the cut; that might just be my top josei at the mo ...
Smut and the Female Gaze
(12 posts, 1748 views) Posted: 240d 2h, 3m ago by crazyboutcute in Shoujo/Josei
I'm going to be the totally contrary opinion here: I freaking LOVE beautiful, androgynous men. <3 For what it's worth, I'm a heteroromantic ace with strong, detached sexual fantasies involving one or more men, or men in (generally) light fem ...
Long engaging manga
(9 posts, 920 views) Posted: 241d 19h, 5m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Black Haze (hilarious)
Noragami (also hilarious, with romance)
Karneval (funny and exciting)

are what I've been reading lately. eyes ...
Any aromantic yaoi suggestion?
(11 posts, 655 views) Posted: 241d 19h, 19m ago by crazyboutcute in Yaoi/Yuri
Yeah, I really don't think you're going to find any aromantic yaoi (though the concept is an interesting one). Most yaoi that I've read, if not out-and-out romances, have some ridiculous attempt at a love story forced into them to try and justify the ...
New Poll - Best Seinen
(30 posts, 2829 views) Posted: 246d 22h, 22m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I don't really feel qualified to vote, as I've read only one of the listed series, so I'll refrain this round. Seinen is the demo I'm most deficient in, so I guess it's to be expected. My current favorite is Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, though, whic ...
Gentle looking but actually OP protagonist
(9 posts, 1288 views) Posted: 252d 16h, 58m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Hey, OP, you miiiight want to spoiler tag that.

Anyway, Black Haze has the adorable, squishy Rood! |D (On the right in my signature pic, actually.) You might also try perusing the "Deceptively Weak-Looking Protagonist" category. wink ...
Cute romance with adorable adult couple
(13 posts, 1609 views) Posted: 253d 14h, 54m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
I don't read a lot of romances, but lately, I've been drooling over unTouchable (Massstar). If you're looking for an aDORKable adult couple, you'll find one here. I mean, there really isn't another name for it when someone calls her ...
New Poll - Best Shoujo
(54 posts, 3931 views) Posted: 253d 15h, 7m ago by crazyboutcute in News
My vote goes to Natsume. It's just so sweet and serene, and like someone else said, it stirs up all kinds of emotions in the reader apart from what one might be inclined to call the "typical shoujo fare" (namely romantic ones).

Akagami no Shirayu ...
Expiration Dating
(2 posts, 351 views) Posted: 258d 19h, 19m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Not sure if this is entirely what you're looking for, but the BL Seven Days had one of the main pair date the first person who asked him out on Monday morning and always ended up breaking up with her by that Sunday because she wasn't "the on ...
New Poll - Best Shounen (besides One Piece)
(48 posts, 3527 views) Posted: 259d 22h, 28m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Pfft, Pandora Hearts, hands down, period. I consider it a literary classic of the 21st century. (Now I just need someone to canonize it. laugh ) But seriously, I haven't read a piece of literature maybe ever that's touched me quite like this series has. An abso ...
New Poll - Manga Ads
(29 posts, 1943 views) Posted: 267d 21h, 11m ago by crazyboutcute in News
If the free releases depended on a click per chapter, I would. But otherwise, I wouldn't, though I would turn my adblock off for that site if requested to do so. I DO love supporting series I like, but I find advertising to be generally sleazy, and I'm very rarely ...
Twisty, non main stream title
(13 posts, 917 views) Posted: 271d 18h, 59m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Yeah, I tend to not really enjoy a lot of mainstream titles. Maybe it's because they're over-hyped, or maybe they're just too simplistic for me and rely on the same popular (and overdone) tropes, but I just can't seem to ever get into them ...
Male MC Physical/Emotional Abuse
(3 posts, 512 views) Posted: 274d 18h, 57m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Yeah, basically, I'm looking for a good ol'-fashioned whumping of a (preferably cute) male MC (or even a prominent supporting character). Physical and/or mental/emotional abuse are all fine. I'd prefer it if he grows stronger as a result, thoug ...
Hated protagonist
(5 posts, 1638 views) Posted: 274d 19h, 17m ago by crazyboutcute in I'm Looking For...
Vampire Juujikai fits the bill quite well. There's also the more human drama-heavy Natsume Yuujinchou where the protagonist is hated because he can see youkai while most other people can't (and therefore, they think he's creepy and/or a l ...
New Poll - Maid Cafes
(18 posts, 1968 views) Posted: 274d 19h, 35m ago by crazyboutcute in News
I'd go just to check it out. From what I understand, they run the gamut from sleazy to family-friendly, a la Hooters (which incidentally is not my thing, but that's beside the point). Of course, I'd prefer period/conservative, mildly stylized maid outfits, n ...
New Poll - Obtained Physical Manga
(21 posts, 1722 views) Posted: 279d 16h, 54m ago by crazyboutcute in News
Don't mean to take the moral high ground here, but as a librarian, I feel have to say something. And that something is this: Please, please, please, please, please don't steal from libraries! Especially ones that are publicly funded! We generally don' ...

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