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White skin
(15 posts, 1767 views) Posted: 472d 15h, 23m ago by Caiman in Manga General
Just makes me think of all the posts on r/japanlife complaining about sidewalks full of people with umbrellas on sunny days. laugh ...
Anyone knows this manga?
(6 posts, 932 views) Posted: 494d 13h, 54m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Weirdly enough, I've seen another thread where someone was looking for a manga that sounded a lot like Aa Itoshi no Banchou-sama but wasn't it. There probably are two that are very similar, but I've never read or seen the other. ...
Idol falls for normal girl
(15 posts, 2374 views) Posted: 520d 15h, 16m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
I'd say Pin to Kona might be a good one. The main character knows the male lead's work pretty well because she's interested in kabuki, but she doesn't meet him until the beginning of the series. ...
Shoujo and josei
(8 posts, 1270 views) Posted: 537d 12h, 23m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Here are a few that weren't on your lists.

Dame na Watashi ni Koi shite Kudasai
Liar x Liar ...
why is it always the same guy?
(7 posts, 1233 views) Posted: 556d 14h, 32m ago by Caiman in Shoujo/Josei
Yeah, eexp, that's usually the way to figure out love triangles where the two male leads appear simultaneously. I like to call those two-person harems, because the plot is developed the same shitty way. Contrasting hair is supposed to be more visually appea ...
New Poll - Mangaka Assistant
(17 posts, 2046 views) Posted: 559d 9h, 57m ago by Caiman in News
Such stalker-y choices! laugh ...
New Poll - Switching Japanese Language
(31 posts, 3550 views) Posted: 566d 14h, 36m ago by Caiman in News
I took it as having a comparable skill level if you switched. If you're literate in your first language, you'll be literate in Japanese. If you're terrible at spelling, your ability to write kanji might not be good, like many Japanese people, but your reading ...
Manga set in ancient Rome/Greece?
(5 posts, 1741 views) Posted: 568d 10h, 31m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
HBO's Rome is the tits. Personally, when I want fiction about antiquity, I go for the western published stuff. It tends to be better researched, the political intrigue is better fleshed out and conveyed, and it doesn't dwell on explanations that Japanese people ...
Manga About Japanese Visual Arts?
(0 posts, 223 views) Posted: 583d 14h, 13m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
There are plenty of manga about traditional performance art and literature out there, but does anyone know if there's manga about traditional visual arts? I'll define it to include crafts because there might not be much. I'd like anything from famo ...
White chocolate: Love it or hate it?
(15 posts, 1527 views) Posted: 592d 9h, 34m ago by Caiman in Chatter Box
White chocolate contains no cocoa powder. It's just milk, sugar, and fat. It has no chocolate flavor, which isn't quite my thing as far as chocolate is concerned. I don't really like less than 65% cacao, though. ...
Josei Older woman younger guy
(4 posts, 2236 views) Posted: 593d 9h, 0m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
I highly recommend Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Otoyomegatari. They're two of my favorite manga overall. ...
Male Yandere
(13 posts, 2411 views) Posted: 595d 2h, 8m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Oops, didn't see that was already on your list. Unless you just edited it in, in which case, never mind.

I'm pretty sure there's a "male yandere" category, so you can always search that. ...
Male Yandere
(13 posts, 2411 views) Posted: 595d 3h, 19m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Risou no Kareshitachi is about the shortest, fastest developing male yandere manga I know. There's suspense, but I wouldn't call it horror, per se.

Also, high-school age guy(s), no BL, and no smut. The art style depicts guys cute, but I feel that way abou ...
Age Difference Romances..why are some taboo? [Rant]
(10 posts, 1862 views) Posted: 615d 2h, 41m ago by Caiman in Manga General
Quote from evilcleo
it's legal for 13 year olds to have sexual relations in Japan

This is a commonly misconstrued law. By national law, 13 is the age of sexual consent, but all prefectures have it set at 18. There are certain exemptions with parental approval, bu ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2251 posts, 609062 views) Posted: 620d 14h, 33m ago by Caiman in Manga General
I'm not sure if this has been done before (it probably has), or previous polls focused on just preference of online reading vs. physical copies.

How available are manga published in your language and country?
-In most major book stores
-Only in specialty store ...
New Poll - Sexual Orientation and Preferred Romance Series
(47 posts, 5446 views) Posted: 629d 15h, 40m ago by Caiman in News
I agree with the people who say there should be a "both/all" option. If not, instead of phrasing it as "like reading x," it ought to be "tend to read more x." People are perfectly capable of having more than one like and dislike.

There ...
who else hates soowon? (May be spoilers)
(14 posts, 2470 views) Posted: 641d 5h, 32m ago by Caiman in Akatsuki no Yona
My main beef with Soowon is that he's a traitor and a kinslayer. How can you trust your country with someone who could so easily kill his own family? He also has some weird thing where he feels that he has to hide the fact that he isn't a total dumbas ...
Looking for lost stories
(7 posts, 647 views) Posted: 642d 0h, 47m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Not sure of the others, but I'm certain the first is the extra story "I Won't Let You Become a Star" in Absolute Boyfriend by Watase Yuu. ...
Guilty pleasures?
(17 posts, 3596 views) Posted: 645d 3h, 42m ago by Caiman in Shoujo/Josei
Aw, I unabashedly love Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and Hatta Ayuko's work in general.

The one shoujo that I can't stop reading, even though it's an ABSOLUTE train wreck, is Cosplay Deka. It's just so horrible in every way. Its portraya ...
name passing/inheriting
(5 posts, 511 views) Posted: 653d 0h, 35m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
I'm not sure what you want specifically in terms of subject matter, but there is name inheritance in kabuki, so that should hold true for manga about it. I don't read any myself, but I know they're out there. ...
What manga is this? 3 delinquents 1 girl
(1 posts, 376 views) Posted: 660d 0h, 7m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
It doesn't fit your description exactly, but you might be thinking of Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama. I'm not certain, so I'll try looking for one that has the details you're mentioning. ...
New Poll - Yaoi vs. Yuri
(58 posts, 6619 views) Posted: 668d 8h, 45m ago by Caiman in News
There are so many things that affect a person's preferences in reading. People's reasoning for liking certain genres differs vastly, far beyond their gender. ...
How long did it take you to learn Japanese?
(11 posts, 1558 views) Posted: 697d 3h, 28m ago by Caiman in Chatter Box
I plan to take the JLPT N3 soon (they recently added a fifth level) and am a Japanese major in university. I've studied it for 6 years, but the first four were in high school and paced very slowly. It was in a classroom setting, so my experiences are probably dif ...
How long should a scanlation group wait before picking up a series?
(2 posts, 378 views) Posted: 699d 0h, 13m ago by Caiman in Manga General
The rule many groups respect is to wait 6 months of no releases of that series before you can ask the group if they would be willing to give the project to you. This is if the group is active. Don't just take the project if the group is still active without asking! If a ...
Islamic Historical Setting
(6 posts, 786 views) Posted: 711d 6h, 33m ago by Caiman in I'm Looking For...
Thanks for the suggestions. Of the ones I haven't read, I'll try them out! Shokoku no Altair seems to deal with Ottoman Turkey (just going by the description), but it seems interesting.

I guess the Ottomans are really where it's at in terms of adapta ...

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