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New Poll - Manga Hiatus
(11 posts, 92 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 41m ago by Trimutius in News
If manga in general then a month or so... ...
New Poll - Pokemon Go
(21 posts, 596 views) Posted: 7d 7h, 18m ago by Trimutius in News
Well... Not playing, doesn't seem reasonable to play... For the same reason I am no longer playing MMO... I want to take care of my RL, not my augmented life... ...
New Poll - Demon King/Queen
(19 posts, 772 views) Posted: 21d 7h, 18m ago by Trimutius in News
Well I would definitely do something like what Aur did in Maou no Hajiemkata. Closest one is probably "Try to form an alliance", though he actually more or less conquered the country, and lowered taxes so that there is no rebellions. (Though read the n ...
New Poll - Relationship Status
(32 posts, 1409 views) Posted: 28d 8h, 28m ago by Trimutius in News
I don't know how to answer, there is a girl and I want a serious relationship with her, but haven't reached that stage yet. ...
New Poll - Least Favorite Genre
(33 posts, 1538 views) Posted: 35d 7h, 56m ago by Trimutius in News
Quote from kurokaze
where is yaoi confused That is the one genre I avoid the most after that i would probably be sports.

Yaoi is demographics not genre... This poll also doesn't include:
Yuri, shotacon, lolicon, shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei, shoujo ai, shounen ai ...
New Poll - Least Favorite Genre
(33 posts, 1538 views) Posted: 35d 7h, 58m ago by Trimutius in News
For whatever reason for me it seems to be Mecha. I might have voted Horror, because i don't like a lot of horror mangas, but the fact that i can tell this means that i don't really avoid horror genre (and there are some horror mangas that I liked), while ...
New Poll - Guys with Long Hair
(20 posts, 1123 views) Posted: 42d 7h, 33m ago by Trimutius in News
Well, i had long hair myself around 10 years ago. I still consider it to be normal haircut, just too much of a hassle looking after the hair. But if the guy's long hair look clean and neat then why not... ...
New Poll - RPG Class
(24 posts, 1080 views) Posted: 56d 8h, 53m ago by Trimutius in News
If question is put this way then summoner. No resurrection... I definitely don't want to be on the front line....

Even though in D&D i'm playing monk right now(it is simpler), but later on i will create someone who can summon for sure... ...
New Poll - Changing Tastes
(30 posts, 1298 views) Posted: 63d 8h, 39m ago by Trimutius in News
Well when i just started i didn't want to read certain types of manga, but now I have a much broader range of what i want to read. If only i had time to read it all... ...
New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 1380 views) Posted: 77d 7h, 56m ago by Trimutius in News
Quote from lambchopsil
So if the series has a strong female lead that grows a lot, then we're golden?

Well. One Piece, Skip Beat and Berserk for example do fall under both of this categories, though in different ways. One piece and Skip Beat are definitely 10 ...
New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 1380 views) Posted: 77d 8h, 19m ago by Trimutius in News
I randomly read some american web comics. So decided to vote "Just a little" ...
New Poll - Categories
(21 posts, 1151 views) Posted: 84d 8h, 23m ago by Trimutius in News
I am like "wow they chose my proposal". And then I realized that I don't remember what I was going to vote for. So I had to think about it all over again. But it has to be Character Growth I suppose. ...
New Poll - Forgetting the Story
(16 posts, 833 views) Posted: 91d 7h, 1m ago by Trimutius in News
Well I can still remeber series which were not updated for a year, but the ones that had last chpater translated 450-500 days ago or earlier I can't really remember already. So I suppose over a year. ...
New Poll - Preferred Ending
(19 posts, 1175 views) Posted: 98d 6h, 31m ago by Trimutius in News
Well 501+ is possible... I was doing that when I had nothing to do the whole week... those times are long gone...

As for current question. I prefer no ending at all (love ongoings), but it isn't really possible, because mangakas tend to be humans, who don't liv ...
New Poll - How Much You Read
(13 posts, 936 views) Posted: 105d 7h, 53m ago by Trimutius in News
I definitely read more than 21 per week. If I pick up something it may be even over 100 in just the weekend alone. And if i'm on vacation I might read 100 chapters per day... for example I have read 600 chapters of One Piece in just a single week of vacation ...
New Poll - Contacting the Creator
(16 posts, 1029 views) Posted: 111d 18h, 6m ago by Trimutius in News
Well I have written to one amateur flash game designer once, and ended up doing scripts for him. (somehow it went that way, but he was actually asking for help with scripts, that is why I have contacted him in the first place)
But I wouldn't call it contacting an a ...
New Poll - Reread a Series
(17 posts, 1316 views) Posted: 119d 8h, 1m ago by Trimutius in News
I reread series from time to time, especially if they are on a short side (1-5 volumes), but I think it is still below 10 times for any particular one, so voted 4-10. ...
New Poll - Kidnapped Daughter
(37 posts, 2935 views) Posted: 133d 7h, 35m ago by Trimutius in News
Previous poll was kinda obvious.

This time... well I suppose I will bargain with them. Who knows maybe it is just some Romeo and Juliet stuff and my daughter just fell in love with some demon, I can just bless them and have some half-demon grandkids.

Am I reading to ...
New Poll - Good Plot But Bad Art
(36 posts, 2791 views) Posted: 147d 7h, 17m ago by Trimutius in News
I have read some stories with no good artwork, some of them even to the end. What is important to me is always plot. Fortunately good plot but bad artwork is rare combination. (I don't care about art style though, so i consider many artworks to be good)
Th ...
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 3381 views) Posted: 154d 7h, 16m ago by Trimutius in News
Well I am a full-time software developer. (Or as my official title goes "C++ engineer", though I do not only c++, but bash, node js and perl too (and know some other languages, but I haven't used those at work) ...
New Poll - Another Anime vs. Manga
(28 posts, 2386 views) Posted: 197d 7h, 39m ago by Trimutius in News
I generally don't like adaptations. That is why I only read manga in such cases. For example I never watched One Piece or Fairy Tail anime, even though I like mangas... ...
New Poll - Bad Scanlations
(55 posts, 4224 views) Posted: 217d 6h, 46m ago by Trimutius in News
Well, for me it is like this:
If English translation is bad I try to find Russian (and hope it isn't a second-hand translation from English), if both are bad or no Russian exists, then I just read bad one, for the most part my understanding is enough to correct in my head ...
New Poll - New Words/Terms
(16 posts, 1699 views) Posted: 245d 6h, 9m ago by Trimutius in News
I usually go to Wikipedia. Or if it is a slang word then urban dictionary. I usually read everything on my phone, so going old school is too much of a hassle. But first thing that shows up in Google is also not my thing (unless that first thing is Wikipedia or urban dictionary) ...
New Poll - Web Novels
(35 posts, 2976 views) Posted: 273d 2h, 27m ago by Trimutius in News
I read quite a number of novels. But not so much anymore, I wish I had more time to read, I have more than 30 novels on my wish list.

P.S. 2 of the novels are actually sitting in my wish list since I registered on the manga updates. I want to read them but they are long a ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2215 posts, 585679 views) Posted: 275d 22h, 4m ago by Trimutius in Manga General
Quote from sara..
I love this
hope it get chosen with some edits

Well I kinda made it somewhat long question so that the concept is understood. Making a shorter question probably would make more sense. Like:

Which of the following categories is most important/aw ...

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