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Can men and women truly be friends?
(16 posts, 795 views) Posted: 52d 13h, 38m ago by Pebble_ in Adult (18+)
Of course they can. '-_-
Is that still a subject people are wondering about?
I think it's weirder to have friends from your own gender exclusively. ...
Dark but fun
(10 posts, 690 views) Posted: 52d 13h, 46m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
Seconding the Voynich Hotel. Some other stuff from Douman Seiman are in the same vein, you should check them out.

Also maybe try the anime Baccano! ? ...
Looking for a manga!
(2 posts, 172 views) Posted: 53d 16h, 19m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
Maybe Sono Koi ni wa Wake ga Aru ?
Maybe not, though. ...
manga ends with unrequited love
(7 posts, 656 views) Posted: 61d 2h, 53m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
Sakamichi no Apollon maybe. ...
Looking for a manga
(2 posts, 202 views) Posted: 104d 19h, 22m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
Sorry, that's not very specific. Remember any other detail? ...
Real horror manga
(11 posts, 462 views) Posted: 104d 19h, 32m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
I think Franken Fran is more "funny & creepy" as the OP doesn't want.

You could try Alive. It's not really scary (well it depends on the reader) but it has great focus on psychological issues.

Doubt and Judge might also be what you' ...
Must-Read Yaoi for a Presentation
(18 posts, 1005 views) Posted: 140d 15h, 6m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
If you're still looking, I'd suggest Sakura Gari if you'd like to talk about "darker" yaoi, with such themes as, well, rape, stockholm syndrom, etc. but still very well written, so it could be considered a "must-read" (imo).
Not su ...
Good short stories
(10 posts, 423 views) Posted: 140d 15h, 27m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
You could try Reset.
Also Alive.
Both psychological and quite dark. Both really good.
You are very hungry; and very tired and sleepy. What do you do?
(101 posts, 4453 views) Posted: 147d 13h, 18m ago by Pebble_ in Chatter Box
Quote from otakuness
pass the hell out. no crawling. no effort. just straight blackout.
hell yeah, body shutdown control. biggrin

Yep, that.
If I'm tired enough, I'll black out no matter how hungry I am. ...
would you rather be really hot or really cold
(67 posts, 3501 views) Posted: 169d 18h, 21m ago by Pebble_ in Chatter Box
I think I heard that the human body is better suited to adapt to (and survive) extreme cold temperatures than extreme hot temperatures.

Anyway, I'd go with cold if I had to choose. I don't like being cold but I like being too hot even less. ...
No Righteous Series
(10 posts, 637 views) Posted: 171d 17h, 23m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
No righteous side in Black Lagoon.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(No, not even Rock, promise)
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 1550 views) Posted: 180d 23h, 42m ago by Pebble_ in News
There should be a reincarnation choice.
I'd like to be able to experience several mortal lives. ...
unrealistically large weapon/s
(11 posts, 732 views) Posted: 225d 14h, 56m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
Suou's rifle in Darker than Black
Yoko's gun in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Mami in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. homura too, kinda. <-Lolis

Also, there is a loli villain with a huge sword in Deadman Wonderland too, but she's not a MC.

(Also b ...
New Poll - Fan Service
(37 posts, 2285 views) Posted: 229d 13h, 47m ago by Pebble_ in News
In most cases, I loathe it. Especially when you can tell its sole purpose is to appeal to a not-in-this-for-the-plot! audience, and it has nothing to do with the story. It breaks flow, it's bad for the atmosphere and it objectifies characters it's used on... ...
Most erotic Yaoi you know
(5 posts, 1829 views) Posted: 230d 9h, 46m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
Definitely Kareshi Glamorous.
A lot of Watanabe Asia's series are very erotic. ...
Guy Doesn't Save Girl in Time
(8 posts, 895 views) Posted: 235d 1h, 54m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
A bit far fetched (and
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the girl dies
) but:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Cowboy Bebop -> in the last arc of the series. Spike fails to save the girl and goes beserk afterwards
are all yaoi and yuri porn?
(15 posts, 1406 views) Posted: 275d 18h, 24m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
sex does not equal porn!
Not all yaoi and yuri are porn. As to how to differentiate, I don't have any special criteria, but you can usually tell if you're reading/watching porn of something else.->When there is a story, when the sex isn't meaning ...
New Poll - Completed Series
(46 posts, 2425 views) Posted: 278d 14h, 39m ago by Pebble_ in News
Well, around 825 according to my lists, so I'm still in the second to last category

+54 on my list of mangas I hated but completed anyway (most likely because what I hated was around the end, or because it was so bad I just had to keep reading) which is not pu ...
What's Your Native Language?
(162 posts, 7604 views) Posted: 331d 13h, 28m ago by Pebble_ in Chatter Box
Native language is French.
The only other language I'm (more or less) fluent in is English. I actually learnt from watching series/movies with the english subs, and reading books in english. ...
The first four words you see
(86 posts, 3039 views) Posted: 331d 13h, 34m ago by Pebble_ in Chatter Box

Ok that's pretty good. Spotting "Happy" first feels great too. biggrin ...
All Time Favorite Disney Movies
(80 posts, 4044 views) Posted: 351d 13h, 36m ago by Pebble_ in Chatter Box
The Lion King.
Best disney movie.
Though, I haven't watched it in years because I'm afraid I'd still cry you know when.

Scar is the best disney villain too. ...
Manga about a "devil" man and a girl
(3 posts, 403 views) Posted: 364d 22h, 36m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro I guess.
The anime has an original ending, the manga is longer. Both are great though (and hilarious), highly recommended. ...
Apocalyptic without guns
(14 posts, 933 views) Posted: 366d 3h, 22m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
Wolf's rain ...
Looking for this Yaoi
(3 posts, 246 views) Posted: 366d 13h, 25m ago by Pebble_ in Yaoi/Yuri
I concur, it looks like Fine play ...
Character is what she / he fights
(12 posts, 1748 views) Posted: 366d 15h, 16m ago by Pebble_ in I'm Looking For...
I've got a good (imo) example, but it's a heavy spoiler...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Really big spoiler...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Shingeki no Kyojin. If you want more details>
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
You sure? Really really heavy spoiler
Spo ...

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