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Why do some people dislike vegans?
(69 posts, 2538 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 29m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
ahh... i tried to avoid this thread but oh well, here goes. As a lot of people have already said, there are a lot of stereotypes about being vegan or vegetarian. So if it is someone's first time meeting one, they may be leery of you. Or they may have had a bad en ...
Looking for Game and/or Cross Dimensional Cultural Exchange Genre MANGA
(12 posts, 608 views) Posted: 32d 17h, 43m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
For the first one - Btooom! Instead of going to a "game world," the game is recreated with the players forced to play-or-die kind of manga.
And I'll second No Game No Life, it's based off a light novel but there aren't too many mang ...
Do you consider piñata as animal abuse?
(22 posts, 1115 views) Posted: 57d 1h, 30m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
No. Probably cause 1) I don't normally see them too often and 2) When I do, they do NOT resemble real animals. They're pink/blue/green/multicolored cartoonish versions of animals, actual cartoon figures, or inanimate objects (like a star or pineapp ...
'Typical' Shoujo Manga, a survey
(12 posts, 489 views) Posted: 57d 22h, 18m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
In case it helps, here's a link to "Worst Shoujo Cliche!" http:// tid=977 ...
Master of two worlds
(7 posts, 618 views) Posted: 61d 23h, 25m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
I'll second Kill No More and No Game No Life. I'd recommend reading the novels though. They're much further along.

Also, Noblesse, Magi, and Drifters fit. The last one isn't frequently updated though. ...
Manga Recommendations
(5 posts, 295 views) Posted: 79d 22h, 28m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
Okay, not sure if these are what you're looking for but here goes -

Chang Ge Xing has absolutely beautiful art
Godly Bells
Natsume Yuujinchou has sketchy art and while I find it beautiful and very well suited to the story, I know not everyone is a fan. Still, check ...
Kissing family members on the lips
(18 posts, 1080 views) Posted: 85d 15h, 39m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
I'm from New York (Russian, Irish, English, Canadian, German). Mostly kissing on the lips occurs with younger relatives or young kids of close friends. It's innocent. As I grew up I did it less with close family and never with extended family or friends. No ...
Looking for the name of this manga!
(3 posts, 360 views) Posted: 127d 22h, 56m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
Haha. This sounds like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is a movie. Didn't think there was a manga with a scene so similar. Good luck finding it. ...
Worst grammatical error in your opinion.
(9 posts, 376 views) Posted: 137d 22h, 2m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
I try not to judge too much since I'm getting the translations for free and, let's face it, English has more exceptions to rules than actual rules so... as long as it's understandable. The one that bugs me the most is the word "advice." Fo ...
Opinion on the Confederacy.
(80 posts, 2948 views) Posted: 231d 23h, 52m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
Let's disregard whether being against mixing is racist or not for a moment. I am not the one accusing you of racism, I'm saying that your comments have been giving off that impression. These people are having very strong negative reactions to you ...
Opinion on the Confederacy.
(80 posts, 2948 views) Posted: 232d 0h, 28m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
Quote from you_no_see_me_
Alright, I am truly confused how a fucking sig from a DnD personality test from four years ago is racist?
Especially considering the wording. It assigns colors for the various personality traits. Holy shit. I get that you seem to have to fin ...
Opinion on the Confederacy.
(80 posts, 2948 views) Posted: 232d 1h, 31m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
I like how my post was ignored. I even tried really hard to stay on topic and not be antagonistic. sigh...

Honestly, I don't understand why this degenerated into a "what was worse" type scenario. Why are we rating people's suffering? It' ...
Opinion on the Confederacy.
(80 posts, 2948 views) Posted: 232d 20h, 46m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
ok, so it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm not thinking too clearly, but just to clarify- what is your stance on this? I realize you want to focus on states' rights but was there any other "right" that the South was trying to protect besides slave ...
Hair preference
(24 posts, 2309 views) Posted: 288d 21h, 18m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
Quote from Chayto
1) I like my hair long, very long. I'm 185cm and its about 10-15cm from my waist so yeah it's pretty long. Oh it's brown btw. Regarding facial hair, I leave it to my mood, if I wanna shave, I shave, if not, I don't. Now it' ...
strange food mixtures
(185 posts, 9694 views) Posted: 288d 21h, 42m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
Oh and strawberries with nutella.. ...

normal and very delicious. also good with bananas, cookies, on sandwiches or just by itself ...
strange food mixtures
(185 posts, 9694 views) Posted: 288d 22h, 22m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
^lentils are small and circular, kind of like a small bean and curry is spicy and usually orange to brown in color

Peanut butter and raisins on tortilla chips - the perfect blend of sweet, salty, creamy, and crunchy
Tuna fish sandwiches with ketchup and doritos
When I ate ...
Favourite Chocolate?
(85 posts, 3625 views) Posted: 288d 23h, 21m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate!!!!!!! Soooo its own food group, am I right ladies?

I'm partial to dark, but I love chocolate with fruit or nuts in it or caramel or coffee, toffee, tea, honey, sea salt.... i think you get the idea... Favorite brand would be La Maison du Choc ...
Preference: Male or Female singer?
(14 posts, 802 views) Posted: 301d 4h, 47m ago by rychels in Music
In English, I prefer male singers. Their voices are more soothing. I feel that female singers can get shrill or screechy, which after awhile will either bother my ears or make me sick of the song. But in French, I prefer female singers. Dunno why.

I'm a girl btw, ...
looking for...
(5 posts, 501 views) Posted: 343d 1h, 11m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
okay, I'm not sure which genre you would prefer, so I'll add a couple each....

gender bender: Tokyo Crazy Paradise (same author as skip beat), Saver, Seiyuu Ka-!, Kuragehime, Amakusa 1637 (historical/martial arts)
school life: Warau Kanoko-sama a ...
New Poll - Bullying
(28 posts, 1925 views) Posted: 360d 21h, 2m ago by rychels in News
hahaha to the guy above me.....

I was looking for the "it's unrealistic and cliched" choice. Although the first thing that popped into my head was shoujo manga bullying.... Really? I seriously doubt that normal middle or high school girls go around pus ...
What's Your Native Language?
(184 posts, 8613 views) Posted: 370d 1h, 35m ago by rychels in Chatter Box
American English. Though I studied French for 6 years in school.

It wasn't until I started learning French that I pitied anyone learning English as a second language. We have the MOST words and it feels like there are more exceptions than rules to our langu ...
can't remember the name
(1 posts, 269 views) Posted: 435d 7h, 25m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
Teppen! maybe ...
manga with disable characters
(18 posts, 3299 views) Posted: 449d 2h, 7m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
Ichi mc is blind
Dark Mage mc is a hunchback but i have to warn you this one got axed.. they've recently taken up translating the novel into english though
Can't See Can't Hear But Love mc1 is blind, mc2 is deaf
Feng Shen Ji mc is missing an eye ...
Leadership Qs in MC
(10 posts, 840 views) Posted: 450d 3h, 5m ago by rychels in I'm Looking For...
Well... it's not a manga but he is seriously epic so, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel)
Amakusa 1637
Feng Shen Ji though I've missed the last 20 chapters or so.. ...
(4 posts, 583 views) Posted: 574d 9h, 13m ago by rychels in Skip Beat
Because what's happening now with Ren is worse than when Shou forcibly stole her first kiss in front of everyone and then laughed it off as a joke? Or when he used and cheated on her? Yeah, okay.

Kyouko actually likes Ren, she's only uncomforta ...

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