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A gal can beat all the Naruto characters in one on one
(5 posts, 354 views) Posted: 31d 14h, 28m ago by HikaruYami in Naruto
Wow, not only do you overuse emoticons like crazy, you also use them badly. You don't need to insert javascript garbage, the renderer takes care of emoticons for you. ...
Dark souls the first game
(35 posts, 947 views) Posted: 48d 11h, 5m ago by HikaruYami in Games
Just buy the steam version. Like, yes, it was made to work with a game controller and not a keyboard, but you can plug in xbox controllers to a PC nowadays, so if you have an even remotely performant laptop, you can experience it on a PC without issue, thanks to ...
How often to you vote multiple times per poll?
(8 posts, 403 views) Posted: 91d 11h, 16m ago by HikaruYami in Manga General
Quote from chaechaeboi
There is no point. Potentially one would skewing the results by voting more than once. I'm not even sure why I do it. Perhaps I lack impulse control. I guess it is kind of fun as well.

Some people want to feel like they are part of the " ...
OP in RPGs (without cheating)
(14 posts, 890 views) Posted: 101d 18h, 58m ago by HikaruYami in Games
Quote from Baalzebup
Hmm.. Dragon's Dogma. Yeah, made in Japan and all, but it is much more in line with western sandboxes like Skyrim. Now, there is an actual level cap and a stat cap brought by said level cap and you will never just oneshot the end bos ...
2014, year of the broken games?
(19 posts, 1277 views) Posted: 103d 8h, 50m ago by HikaruYami in Games
Quote from Baalzebup
The latest Duke Nukem says hi. biggrin

Doesn't count. DNF would've been great if the original studio hadn't gone bankrupt. But after that, another studio (Gearbox) took over, started over from scratch and rushed the whole thin ...
Youve read Berserk...right?
(55 posts, 10728 views) Posted: 125d 19h, 40m ago by HikaruYami in Berserk
Quote from Mamsmilk
Talk about a necrobump.
Welp, while we are at it, might as well join.

Did you even read the thread? This last necrobump was barely more than a year. The original necrobump in this thread was over six years (from 2007 to 2013). Now that' ...
Gaming laptop
(6 posts, 576 views) Posted: 132d 20h, 13m ago by HikaruYami in Games
The fully-specc'd-out Lenovo Y50 IdeaPad has proven to be an amazing system for me. Ultra-HD graphics (2160p), and a graphics card that can drive high-end games with no frame lag even at that resolution. The network card also leaves nothing to be des ...
[Info]Naruto Manga Mini-Series Launches After Main Series Ends!!
(19 posts, 2704 views) Posted: 140d 6h, 34m ago by HikaruYami in Naruto
Quote from MinatoAce
well...if you ask me, I wouldn't call it bad...
I would give the ending 7.5 out of 10...
thou different peoples different opinions...

Quote from kirabook
I will never read Kishimoto's works again. He has proven to me that he cannot finish a s ...
Mistake in last chapter
(7 posts, 1028 views) Posted: 143d 6h, 16m ago by HikaruYami in Naruto
Unfortunately, the raw isn't floating around in full yet (and the spoilers don't include that particular page), but two separate translators made that translation, and a number is really hard to translate wrong. I imagine it was Kishimoto's mistake. ...
Fuuka now, wow...
(41 posts, 7112 views) Posted: 145d 21h, 8m ago by HikaruYami in Fuuka
Yeah, too bad What's There to Know had scanlations stop because korean webtoons that aren't tower of god are all slow and boring as fuck.... ...
Why are cover images disabled for some series? (SnK, NnT, ... )
(27 posts, 4155 views) Posted: 149d 11h, 39m ago by HikaruYami in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from bhui
But it is a Copyright Violation until you win a (few) Lawsuit(s) declaring it Fair Use. (Possibly a Win. Could be a loss if the violation makes the original Work obsolete.)

Fair Use is not automatic. Rights Holders usually do not bother to sue.
Quote from jon ...
New Poll - Pleasure Reading
(34 posts, 1332 views) Posted: 153d 8h, 45m ago by HikaruYami in News
Of those 75 people using "other", I would bet money than at least 70 of them are running ChromeOS, 3 or so are running OS/2 or its slightly more modern variant, eComStation, and the last stragglers, _if there are any_, are running their own homebrew ...
Fuuka now, wow...
(41 posts, 7112 views) Posted: 153d 8h, 54m ago by HikaruYami in Fuuka
Seo is a genius.

Don't get me wrong, I hate him, I'm sad as fuck right now, but he is a *genius*. If he can keep up this level of emotional impact, this will be my favorite non-battle manga ever. ...
Did Naruto ever make chunin?
(14 posts, 1512 views) Posted: 160d 18h, 42m ago by HikaruYami in Naruto
-Naruto tries to take the Chuunin exam again
-Gets told "This time around, we really do want you to do the written test successfully, you can't just pass with a blank sheet"
-Rules say "if you get thrown out of the testing ar ...
New Poll - First Fandom
(27 posts, 1397 views) Posted: 169d 20h, 5m ago by HikaruYami in News
I mean, the first Japanese TV show I enjoyed was undoubtedly Speed Racer (the dub of Mach GoGoGo), which was still having re-runs from the 70s when I was a very young child (I was born in 1991).

The first thing that got me _really into_ Japanese media was Pok ...
Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(68 posts, 5680 views) Posted: 183d 18h, 42m ago by HikaruYami in Naruto
Quote from Book_girl
Battered wife... Yeah that is so true and guess what: IT'S NOT LOVE SAKURA!! I'm not giving up on her yet though. I still believe in a NaruSaku ending. Sasuke just needs to die, but I doubt Kishi has the guts to do it. Oh well, I' ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 10015 views) Posted: 184d 20h, 10m ago by HikaruYami in News
Wooow. lambchopsil, can you turn on a logging feature and just ban the fucking 10% of voters that voted "What? Sexism still exists?" They are pretty clearly the most sexist bastards on this website. ...
Liar Game Enters Final Arc
(3 posts, 1493 views) Posted: 196d 7h, 20m ago by HikaruYami in Liar Game
Quote from Silver Fantasy
I don't think I've ever felt so sad to see a series go into its final arc. But I guess all good things must come to an end, even Liar Game.

I've never been so happy to see a series go into its final arc, actually. Mind, you, I do ...
Most overrated manga.
(334 posts, 50240 views) Posted: 196d 7h, 24m ago by HikaruYami in Manga General
Quote from Scormio
One Piece isn't overrated, unless you're saying its SO popular that even the great storyline can't make up for it? People just don't like One Piece because they haven't read more then 2 pages of it. roll eyes

100% ...
demon king manga...?
(5 posts, 526 views) Posted: 247d 20h, 17m ago by HikaruYami in I'm Looking For...
On the plus side, Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans are (slowly) making their way through the complete volumes of Shutendouji, which is the main story from which Goumaden apparently branched from. Once they're finished, I'm sure they can be c ...
a manga with a protagonist ...
(6 posts, 609 views) Posted: 253d 11h, 44m ago by HikaruYami in I'm Looking For...
Quote from whitespade
he just messing with you cos of the spelling. supposed to be 'calm and weak'

On most websites I would've jumped to make fun of the spelling as well, but MangaUpdates has like 40% or more non-native-English-speakers, ...
TWGOK:The worse pairing/ending in the history of anime and manga and here's why.
(2 posts, 818 views) Posted: 259d 20h, 2m ago by HikaruYami in Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai
Everyone already considers the ending bad, but there's some serious hyperbole going on in the title. A whole lot of good (or at least reasonable) manga-ka can't write final endings for shit. Some of the best ones--ones which have gone on so long tha ...
Fifa World Cup 2014
(85 posts, 4592 views) Posted: 264d 10h, 45m ago by HikaruYami in Chatter Box
Quote from DragonAndLance
I didn't say before the games are played.

I said before the opponents are decided.

Despite that, this is a clear example of what you shouldn't do. I made a mistake due to my hatred of Germany. Too many people jump on t ...
Kissing family members on the lips
(18 posts, 1338 views) Posted: 265d 20h, 50m ago by HikaruYami in Chatter Box
I'm from the US as well, in the southeast (ugh), and I now live in Massachusetts. I have seen one family that does lip-kissing in the South and am not particularly weirded out by it, but most families around there don't, and I have seen absolutely no families ...
Psychotic woman
(13 posts, 991 views) Posted: 284d 13h, 40m ago by HikaruYami in I'm Looking For...
Quote from Superfreak
I want the yandere/psychotic characteristic to be applied to something else i.e Revenge?

It really doesn't count as yandere anymore when you take out the dere.... ...

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