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Worst SHOUNEN Cliche
(582 posts, 108657 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 33m ago by That3rdGuy in Shounen/Seinen
Quote from djbennyb
what i dislike about a lot of shounen like naruto and one piece is page upon page of boring fighting scenes... how about some more STORY?

That's because you're reading shounen lol. Seinen is apparently what you're look ...
What did you learn today?
(983 posts, 83074 views) Posted: 20d 4h, 8m ago by That3rdGuy in Chatter Box
Oh, Jesus. This is too hard for me not to reply. Forgive me in advance... or not.

Quote from Doormouse
There is a survival rate of 24% for stowaways in airplane landing gear. I can't believe multiple people are crazy enough to attempt this.

You seriously can' ...
The Pixar Theory
(11 posts, 462 views) Posted: 20d 16h, 58m ago by That3rdGuy in Chatter Box
Does it blow my mind?
No, because I'm not a simpleton who finds small connects of children's movies so much as noteworthy. Wow, the same vehicle appears in several movies and there is a ball and lamp which appear often as well! Holy shit, they of ...
New Poll - Anime Diverges
(20 posts, 471 views) Posted: 55d 13h, 29m ago by That3rdGuy in News
I fucking hate it when this happens. It occurred with Desert Punk and Elfen Lied. Its bullshit when they change the story to meet the generic TV program design or to satisfy the censors. I only watch those animes if I haven't reached that point in the manga or ...
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 1444 views) Posted: 147d 17h, 29m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Everyone is replaceable?? Even your loved ones?? You have a warped mind my friend. You definitely need to mature. I truly hope you change your views.

Living forever is a curse, BTW. First two options are best. ...
New Poll - Media Type
(43 posts, 2401 views) Posted: 282d 8h, 6m ago by That3rdGuy in News
WTF is a drama cd? If it's just some crap where people are recorded trying to act, we kinda of got out of that around the 1950's radio shows.

If I had an original story to write, I'd use the medium of a book. Comics are for kids, same goes for m ...
New Poll - Bullying
(28 posts, 1782 views) Posted: 291d 5h, 7m ago by That3rdGuy in News
It's unrealistic and/or cliche in many series, but it almost always adds to the character development. Therefore, I feel it has a place in manga. It happens to many people every day and usually affects the way people act. Just because some people find it unp ...
What sorts of people read manga???
(959 posts, 151939 views) Posted: 293d 17h, 40m ago by That3rdGuy in Chatter Box
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Country/Continent: Wisconsin, USA
Race: Caucasian (dunno much about my dad's side, but still mostly Caucasian)
Main Personality Traits: Pretty lazy, smartass, sympathetic at times (to strangers and those who deserve it... yup, I prof ...
New Poll - Hating Art
(32 posts, 2047 views) Posted: 311d 7h, 44m ago by That3rdGuy in News
The art of hating!
I remember there was this guy who lived next to me and made a LOT of money selling marijuana. While he caused no problems (in fact, much of the profit went towards the community and I lived in a legal state), I still told the police when he got a ne ...
Why rename Weekly Shonen Jump ?
(7 posts, 860 views) Posted: 312d 6h, 33m ago by That3rdGuy in Suggestions & Bugs
Usually I don't care much about how things are categorized, but this is one I actually have an opinion about.
I strongly agree with somemango. I've been surfing anime/manga themed forums for a while (mostly to troll, to be honest) and have seen peop ...
New Poll - Favorite Character Type
(36 posts, 1878 views) Posted: 318d 21h, 34m ago by That3rdGuy in News
It's a tie between the quiet, good-looking one and the scheming plotter because those are the ones I can see myself as and relate to the most. I really don't like those from shounen because they're usually have exaggerated personalities. Yup.. ...
New Poll - Exercise
(30 posts, 2062 views) Posted: 347d 8h, 48m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Yes. Just because one runs errands while doing it doesn't make it not count. It's just not exercising for the sake of exercising. If anything, it's smarter (IMO) to do something meaningful while exercising so you don't give up on it. ...
New Poll - Exercise
(30 posts, 2062 views) Posted: 347d 8h, 52m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Sometimes... usually only if I'm actually working (like when I do construction). Otherwise, I really don't need it. Well, I do, but it's not like I'm overweight. I'm just not in shape, either. My metabolism works really well even though I' ...
How much does manga normally cost in your country?
(62 posts, 4220 views) Posted: 348d 0h, 10m ago by That3rdGuy in Manga General
FREE! I'm exclusively a pirate and leecher. The mangaka can eat it. laugh

Seriously, though, I have no clue. I wouldn't be caught dead buying something I could get for free online. Even if I wasn't woefully poor (because all my extra money goes to w ...
New Poll - Imperfect Art and/or Story
(31 posts, 2048 views) Posted: 352d 20h, 9m ago by That3rdGuy in News
I'll take anything no matter how bad so long as I find it entertaining. For example, the original Onepunch Man (not the ones currently being released) has absolutely terrible art, but I still read it. I guess I do like rough artwork, like Alice in Hell and Dorohedoro, bu ...
Poll for class project
(15 posts, 843 views) Posted: 370d 4h, 15m ago by That3rdGuy in Manga General
I voted no, but I've went there before learning about manga. It's basically the reason I got into manga since some kid turned me on to it.
Why would it effect somebody? Does a, say, Italian who reads western comics want to visit the States because he ...
New Poll - Vehicle
(46 posts, 2605 views) Posted: 375d 6h, 18m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Seeing as you can pick anything, I'd have to say my choice is either a unicycle, a motorized wheelchair (like Hoveround), or a Segway.
Ballin'! cool
Just kidding. I'd definitely use a beer bike and be shitfaced all day, every day, until I drunkenly fall off in ...
New Poll - Preferred Setting
(21 posts, 1311 views) Posted: 382d 1h, 58m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Futuristic Earth with a post-apocalyptic theme. Something like Desert Punk and Alice in Hell. I like deserts and ruins. MC must be an antihero. Don't care about the location. Mercenaries are always good, too. Must be a seinen. Struggling to make a living while ...
New Poll - Preferred Setting
(21 posts, 1311 views) Posted: 382d 2h, 5m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Agreed. ...
When will One Piece end?
(12 posts, 4875 views) Posted: 388d 22h, 54m ago by That3rdGuy in One Piece
Doesn't seem like it'll happen for a while. There's still all four warlords and the marine leaders to fight, along with Joker and the like. So many more possible enemies and the story progresses at a snails pace. I'd say around a decade if S ...
New Poll - Protagonist
(20 posts, 1601 views) Posted: 388d 22h, 57m ago by That3rdGuy in News
This is the first decent poll I've seen in a long time.
I prefer an anti-hero mostly, for example Desert Punk. I always like a devious reason to laugh. The first five choices define most protagonists and I've grown tired of that kind of generic character. ...
New Poll - Manga on Devices
(30 posts, 2313 views) Posted: 395d 23h, 30m ago by That3rdGuy in News
Yet another pointless poll. no
Of course most people are using some type of computer to read manga if they are here. ...
can u bear to read long shonen with no girls?
(144 posts, 14018 views) Posted: 401d 6h, 34m ago by That3rdGuy in Shounen/Seinen
I was going to vote yes, then I saw the poll question. Fuck no, that's gay a hell. Hell, reading anything where two guys keeps telling each other how precious they are to them makes me wonder if they mix that crap in there for the shounen ai crowd. Really, wh ...
New Poll - Last 5 Years (Anime)
(21 posts, 1827 views) Posted: 402d 6h, 32m ago by That3rdGuy in News
I don't read much manga nor do I watch much anime. Mostly just the ones I've wanted to finish since back then. I never pick anything new up because it's all the same. While the content has changed a little, the main ideas are all still there, just re ...
New Poll - Manga vs Others
(33 posts, 2259 views) Posted: 416d 20h, 52m ago by That3rdGuy in News
What?! Manga has a huge majority over all others?! I never would have guessed that on a manga release site! Incredible!

Out of all the idiotic polls this site puts up, this one takes the cake. Did anyone expect any of the other choices besides "no preference" ...

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