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Why aren't manhwas ever made into animes?
(45 posts, 4059 views) Posted: 237d 9h, 27m ago by kekpew in Manga General
it is not difficult for Korea to make animations.. its just that there is no audience for it ...
(7 posts, 976 views) Posted: 407d 15h, 42m ago by kekpew in Naruto
The mangastream translation makes it looks like the exact opposite will happen with the other half of Kurama.. it seems like he will become good'' ...
a manga whit more than 200 chapters
(19 posts, 1693 views) Posted: 415d 22h, 40m ago by kekpew in I'm Looking For...
Hajime no ippo 1000+ chapter boxing manga with a bit of comedy ...
Am I missing something?
(4 posts, 655 views) Posted: 445d 21h, 4m ago by kekpew in Naruto
Pretty sure Madara entrusted his eyes to Nagato ...
Any reason why Onizuka and Urumi won't hook up?
(6 posts, 1051 views) Posted: 460d 22h, 12m ago by kekpew in GTO: Shonan 14 Days
Hes already a criminal. ...
(5 posts, 492 views) Posted: 461d 23h, 40m ago by kekpew in Fairy Tail
i thought that we would finally see someone die.. but like almost every other shonen manga out there the author is too big of a pussy to kill someone ...
(20 posts, 1623 views) Posted: 463d 21h, 22m ago by kekpew in Bleach
Pretty sure Ichigo's zanpakuto is called Zangetsu and not the hollow ...
E3 2013 - (Xbox One vs. PS4)
(40 posts, 3629 views) Posted: 464d 17h, 2m ago by kekpew in Games
Quote from Terr0rCakess
they still are minor details because they are still editing software and hardware.
Remember last failure with RRoD and YLoD they do not want to have that repeated as that wasnt their first but second consecutive console malfunction in m ...
E3 2013 - (Xbox One vs. PS4)
(40 posts, 3629 views) Posted: 464d 18h, 35m ago by kekpew in Games
Quote from Terr0rCakess
We really cant say much till atleast a month before the consoles come out
as X1 & PS4 have only mentioned minor details and they are not finished.

Minor details? full specs of both consoles and all the big tech they are gonna have w ...
(10 posts, 948 views) Posted: 481d 23h, 9m ago by kekpew in Bleach
Why is everyone whining about ichigos new zanpakuto when that isnt even its actual form... it still hasnt been FORGED yet -.- ...
(47 posts, 3293 views) Posted: 523d 17h, 9m ago by kekpew in Naruto
The 3rd hokage is not weak.. if he was weak he wouldnt have been called teh God of Shinobi ...
(47 posts, 3293 views) Posted: 526d 15h, 28m ago by kekpew in Naruto
What do you guys think the "present" the fourth was talking about is? i hope its the other half of the 9 tails chakra :< ...
(47 posts, 3293 views) Posted: 527d 0h, 48m ago by kekpew in Naruto
Karin being an uzumaki is actually old news .. Nagato was a uzumaki aswell incase you didnt pay attention to the chapters that revealed that. ...
(15 posts, 1261 views) Posted: 566d 15h, 52m ago by kekpew in Naruto
They say he created it but we dont actually know the truth ...
Girls, what do you think about female characters with XXL boobs?
(81 posts, 9229 views) Posted: 569d 2h, 46m ago by kekpew in Manga General
i dont think you have ever watched any anime then^ ...
Do You Play PC Games With A Controller or Keyboard and Mouse?
(15 posts, 1333 views) Posted: 583d 21h, 32m ago by kekpew in Games
Depends on the game usually i use keyboard and mouse but in 3rd person action games / racing games i use a controller ...
(9 posts, 810 views) Posted: 603d 21h, 28m ago by kekpew in Naruto
Quote from Jun Tenkawa
So why is that the Hachibi can't transmit any of his power while Kyuubi can?

And wow Super Saiyans everywhere now.

Naruto has had the Kyuubi inside him his whole life and hes an Uzumaki pretty sure that reason and the usual bull ...
(28 posts, 2424 views) Posted: 640d 3h, 55m ago by kekpew in Naruto
Why is it that everyone is dying so fast? it should have been spread out through the whole war instead of having people die one after another near the end of it ...
What are you playing now?
(1855 posts, 161267 views) Posted: 643d 20h, 49m ago by kekpew in Games
Firefall and DotA 2 ...
sexual abuse part
(15 posts, 3836 views) Posted: 661d 10h, 52m ago by kekpew in Freezing
Quote from FormX topic so quick

Quote from OolonColluphid
Anti feminist atheist actually, so you didn't read my signature very well.

Sorry I reread your sig so many times and yet I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't care for an explan ...
R.u.N. ~ Webmanga about Parkour
(10 posts, 2212 views) Posted: 690d 16h, 26m ago by kekpew in Shounen/Seinen
Quote from lambchopsil
We do not allow fan-made series

Aww thats too bad sad but i guess it makes sense if you want to keep some kind of order ...
R.u.N. ~ Webmanga about Parkour
(10 posts, 2212 views) Posted: 690d 16h, 58m ago by kekpew in Shounen/Seinen
Why isnt this in the mangaupdate database? would make it easier to see whe nits release on at the releases section ...
(18 posts, 1394 views) Posted: 695d 4h, 48m ago by kekpew in Bleach
My guess is Ichigo is half Quincy and half Shinigami!

it kinda makes sense when you think about it.. His father stopped Aizen from telling ichigo what he was.. so Ichigo thought it was half human.. b ...
(12 posts, 1008 views) Posted: 696d 17h, 58m ago by kekpew in Bleach
Quote from Baalzebup
It's kinda natural that the Vandenreich would know the feel of Ichigo's reiatsu considering he is listed as of the "special war potentials." It would have been silly if they hadn't done that much groundwork over an ...
(12 posts, 1028 views) Posted: 722d 0h, 7m ago by kekpew in Superior
The reason it is shounen is because its published in a shounen magazine.. it has nothing to do with the story or art.. ...

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