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Perfect subordinate
(16 posts, 668 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 9m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
Reimei no Arcana
the MC has a friend/servant who is loyal aad skillful. ...
Mangas where the main character dies in the beginning
(13 posts, 637 views) Posted: 6d 0h, 51m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
Half & Half
Shounen with girl only he can see
(9 posts, 355 views) Posted: 6d 23h, 51m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
ib - Instant Bullet
It's not completed though. Seinen but more like a more mature shounen.

And thirding Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. ...
You are very hungry; and very tired and sleepy. What do you do?
(101 posts, 4256 views) Posted: 26d 21h, 10m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
I have hypoglycemia so I won't sleep when I'm hungry.. rather shiver, sweat and feel nauseous until I decide to eat something. As soon as I'll eat I'll pass out. ...
School-Required Reading
(106 posts, 7875 views) Posted: 31d 22h, 9m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Quote from Hanae
As for my favourite and least favourite books: The least favourite is "The Sorrows of Young Werther", I suppose I don't have to explain why. I understand why we had to read it, but I definitely did not enjoy it. And the favourite is ...
Age Mistaken?
(119 posts, 6573 views) Posted: 38d 23h, 8m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Lately I wanted to buy a 16+ manga, and the clerk asked me.. for an ID. I thought he was making fun of me... but no. He went to the shelf and put it back.
"Erm.. I'm like... almost 21.." ...
Do you hate your family?
(148 posts, 11409 views) Posted: 38d 23h, 18m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
I love my mother and grandma (she's like a 7yr old kid now), and they are the only people from the family I have contact with.
The rest is either dead, doesn't care at all or hates me (step-sister, and I really mean it)

So it sums up to A I suppose? ...
Electronics problems
(14 posts, 294 views) Posted: 43d 21h, 39m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Quote from =xxmichellexx27f
PC, (...) takes 7 mins to boot, and 20 mins to shut down, which is why I rarely use it.

if it's not 12+ years old, and has a proper system installed this shouldn't happen. Usually re-installing the system should speed it up a fair bit. I ...
PE (physical education)
(91 posts, 5245 views) Posted: 48d 22h, 10m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
I like sports but I didn't really like the mandatory lessons while I was at school. I happened to be in a class, where most of the girls found stereotypically "manly" sports such as football (soccer) more appealing than aerobic but we had to do some ...
Skinny Jeans/Pants
(54 posts, 5123 views) Posted: 53d 23h, 42m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Non-skinny for me.
I'm skinny and I have proportions of a 14-year old boy, so I don't need the pants to emphasize it even more. Straight are fine, the wide ones even better (the type that is so wide it's at the edge of falling down), and recently I' ...
Teenage/young "mentor" character and child go on adventure
(11 posts, 653 views) Posted: 102d 20h, 46m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
No. 6
Both teens are about the same age, one - street smart, living outside "paradise" takes care of a refugee, not used to the world outside. Nice and deep, you could see how they learn from each other.
But rather novel, the manga has reportedly drif ...
(304 posts, 18472 views) Posted: 103d 20h, 49m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
This will be a rant of someone who had to stop being a vegetarian after 6 or 7 years due to health problems, and had to pick what to eat and what not.

I agree that the example with a boy is a bad one.. if you really want that one, this should be more of a case, of:
in yo ...
survival romance
(13 posts, 821 views) Posted: 104d 22h, 51m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
Seishun Survival I wouldn't recommend it too much, though. About .. well.. survival trip + romance... ...
(24 posts, 927 views) Posted: 105d 20h, 36m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Quote from NightSwan
I also have a hate/hate relationship with the sun, so I don't sunbathe.

Where's the shorts+t-shirt option?
It's comfortable, modest and prevents you from sunburns.
But people stare. ...
Ever Attended Military Training/Exercise??
(18 posts, 871 views) Posted: 107d 1h, 5m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
"Warsaw will be your capital!" //Hetalia
And well, not really, since we have no compulsory military training here either, it's been canceled about 2 years ago, every male has to attend medical examination and gets a category (fit, unfit, handicapp ...
Do you have more friends of one gender than the other?
(4 posts, 333 views) Posted: 107d 1h, 33m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
While the same applies to universities here, universities of technology are a different case. Some faculties have less than 10% of women. My faculty is considered "average", maybe a bit feminine even (even though girls are by far outnumbered).

Back ...
How would you prefer to be disposed of?
(17 posts, 698 views) Posted: 107d 21h, 34m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
My thoughts are exactly the same as NightSwan's, if you can save someone's life, why not.

Cremated and then scattered.. the only problem is, that cremation is really badly seen in my country (considering the WWII & the religion), and scattering ...
Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore
(22 posts, 922 views) Posted: 107d 21h, 51m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
I've been a vegetarian for about 7 years, but recently I've became allergic to milk, which, together with diabetes made being a vegetarian impossible. So I'm a pescatarian who doesn't eat milk-products, probably the only one out there... ...
Do you have more friends of one gender than the other?
(4 posts, 333 views) Posted: 107d 22h, 12m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
More male friends.. I somehow find it easier to deal with guys than girls, I have no girlish hobbies, and at the university the male to female ratio is about 3:1, so not much of a choice there. ...
Girl taken from home and sold in foreign land
(9 posts, 770 views) Posted: 107d 22h, 19m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
Reimei no Arcana
Heroine is forced to marry a king of a foreign country.
skipping school
(225 posts, 15007 views) Posted: 115d 22h, 38m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
Skipped a lot of middle high and high school, mostly because we had an unwritten agreement between us and teachers, that as long as your notes are good you could just as well sleep on the couch in front of the classroom instead of attending. And as long as you ...
Do you fall under a stereotype?
(7 posts, 453 views) Posted: 116d 22h, 44m ago by chrum in Chatter Box
I like manga/anime which means I'm awkward with people, a nerd and a no-life.
Pretty proud of all of the above. ...
Manga about Girl Assassin/Ninja?
(2 posts, 317 views) Posted: 119d 20h, 30m ago by chrum in I'm Looking For...
Maybe a combination of assassin/s + gender bender or ninja/s + gender bender would help?

(127 posts, 9887 views) Posted: 120d 21h, 23m ago by chrum in Adult (18+)
You surely never asked for agreement, neither was it my intention to suggest, that you might have had.

Quote from psycho-shocker
Suicide is one of greatest sin. I might not seem like one, but I actually am a religious person. Someone who can't bear the pa ...
(127 posts, 9887 views) Posted: 121d 22h, 25m ago by chrum in Adult (18+)
Quote from psycho-shocker
Suicide are for weak people who can't face the harsh of reality.

I wouldn't agree with that. I wouldn't agree with a statement, that surviving is always the best choice. There are circumstances, under which committin ...

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