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New Poll - Paid Manga
(50 posts, 816 views) Posted: 16d 5h, 39m ago by herrdachs in News
How is the question ridiculous?

Haven't bought any manga for years.. I used to own all the Dragonball volumes, and some 30-ish One Piece ones. But yeah, it's inconvenient and expensive to do it nowadays. Though I might've bought some Berser ...
New Poll - Manga Fan
(39 posts, 1244 views) Posted: 29d 14h, 20m ago by herrdachs in News
I'd say I'm around rookie or maybe even intermediate amateur. I can't remember how many series I have read, or am "reading". Still, I' think I have read a good deal of manga since I started, how the heck have you people b ...
Is it really Incest?
(1 posts, 127 views) Posted: 36d 19h, 21m ago by herrdachs in Mahou no Iro yo!
No, I wouldn't really trust the "incest" tag for this manga, people sometimes like to add that just because, but I wouldn't say it's right for this manga in particular. Go ahead and read it! wink ...
New Poll - Assuming Genders
(56 posts, 1926 views) Posted: 44d 4h, 45m ago by herrdachs in News
depends on where I am on the internet.. while gaming, I mostly assume the other person's a male, by habit and experience. on an internet forum such as this, I don't assume, since I know for certain there are plenty of gals who frequents the forums, ju ...
MU Becomes a Decade
(69 posts, 2022 views) Posted: 57d 12h, 37m ago by herrdachs in News
happy birthday MU!
here's to another ten years!! laugh ...
When Did You Wake Up Today ?
(18 posts, 423 views) Posted: 57d 12h, 42m ago by herrdachs in Chatter Box
What is the point of threads like this??

don't really see the problem with it, op is prolly just curious... it's not that hard to just ignore it and move along

on topic: i woke up around 9:30 am after having fallen asleep around 1:30 am, really difficult to fall a ...
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 1618 views) Posted: 205d 9h, 23m ago by herrdachs in News
I'm kinda torn between 1st and 2nd option. I mean if I play it right I could be an immortal wise man living for centuries honing various areas of expertise. Maybe I'll become a master at martial arts? A brilliant scientist? But then again I'd be very, ve ...
Action/Mystery/Murder Movies
(5 posts, 437 views) Posted: 360d 9h, 27m ago by herrdachs in Chatter Box
the korean movie memories of murder is real good imho, i'd suggest you watch that, and then there's:

i saw the devil (this one is pretty gory tho, but it's still good)

yes, all korean movies! biggrin ...
(8 posts, 1890 views) Posted: 413d 13h, 25m ago by herrdachs in Deadman Wonderland
Can't say I'm too happy about being left to interpret Shiro's ending on my own (lazy I know) but I would have preferred it being a bit more of a closure than it was. Needless to say I loved the manga throughout. The ending was bittersweet for me ...
Hentai Artists doing normal Manga
(21 posts, 2711 views) Posted: 413d 13h, 50m ago by herrdachs in I'm Looking For...
Maken Ki!, Highschool of the Dead are two that comes to mind at the moment.. nice art too. wink ...
What Are Are The 3 Oldest Songs That You Would Consider To Be One Of Your Favorite?
(26 posts, 2401 views) Posted: 483d 14h, 21m ago by herrdachs in Music
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles, 1966

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth, 1966

And my favourite, All Along The Watchtower cover by Jimi Hendrix (1968) can't be played to death I think biggrin ...
A manga with a serial killer
(19 posts, 1918 views) Posted: 498d 8h, 46m ago by herrdachs in I'm Looking For...
Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies is a pretty entertaining, but short, read. ...
Dancer to Martial Artist?
(8 posts, 725 views) Posted: 505d 16h, 31m ago by herrdachs in I'm Looking For...
I would suggest you try out Shamo. It is a pretty dark manga but one character that plays a big role happens to be just what you are looking for, though it occurs in the later volumes. ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4767 posts, 269426 views) Posted: 529d 5h, 20m ago by herrdachs in Music

Andrew Bird - Simple X ...
Which game are you looking forward to the most?
(443 posts, 31661 views) Posted: 532d 15h, 18m ago by herrdachs in Games
Witcher 3
Archeage Online
Total War: Rome 2
Dark Souls 2
Camelot Unchained
Prey 2
Metro: Last Light
EQ Next
Lineage Eternal
Watch Dogs
Project Eternity

So many games, so little time roll
There are plenty more games that I'm interested in but I can't ...
What are you playing now?
(1852 posts, 160951 views) Posted: 537d 15h, 53m ago by herrdachs in Games
enjoying bioshock infite, it's freaking awesome. play tf2 from time to time which is still my fav online fps 5 years later biggrin ...
(12 posts, 2090 views) Posted: 628d 6h, 30m ago by herrdachs in Deadman Wonderland
im guessing it'll be on hiatus for quite a while longer then ...
Dark Souls Pc
(8 posts, 1422 views) Posted: 629d 3h, 2m ago by herrdachs in Games
i know, i know.. necroing threads aint cool. but i didn't want to start a new one because one already existed. anyways, was just reading the manga Baketeriya when i came across a page with this picture and thought it was worth sharing http://i1285.photobuc ...
another Stephen Hawking?
(3 posts, 553 views) Posted: 634d 13h, 2m ago by herrdachs in Chatter Box
i have no idea who you are talking about, mind actually telling us who this "other" Stephen Hawking is? a name for starters... ...
crazy girl(yandere)
(2 posts, 615 views) Posted: 639d 15h, 9m ago by herrdachs in I'm Looking For...
there is a tag dictionary, try be more specific if you want some series suggested wink

*edit Mirai Nikki is seriously epic, try that one if you haven't already ...
the ending...
(29 posts, 4283 views) Posted: 646d 10h, 24m ago by herrdachs in Otaku no Musume-san
this manga was like having a fun dad who later turned out to be nothing more than an abusive drunk ...
horror elements that scare you
(49 posts, 3095 views) Posted: 660d 13h, 49m ago by herrdachs in Chatter Box
children/babies, i mean, crazy people and insects okay.. but at least i can punch them and squash them without feeling bad. but dead children and screaming babies?! i always get a cold sweat whenever i see a scary looking kid in a movie..
What is your height and weight?
(421 posts, 37153 views) Posted: 687d 6h, 47m ago by herrdachs in Chatter Box
white male, 18

171 cm, damn do i feel short. but considering my circumstance, i should feel lucky. im youngest in my family, yet tallest.
60.3 kg and keeps dropping.. must be my new diet ( i was around 70 at the end of summer ) ...
song thats stuck in your head?
(177 posts, 7927 views) Posted: 695d 3h, 43m ago by herrdachs in Music
fell in love with a girl - the white stripes

i dont even like the white stripes ...
What are you playing now?
(1852 posts, 160951 views) Posted: 699d 8h, 32m ago by herrdachs in Games
Guild Wars 2! steadily leveling my warrior

Dark Souls, Prepare to die edition

Dishonored. Going for the nonlethal ending there, much more fun going that route I think wink ...

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