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Female gamers..
(284 posts, 22189 views) Posted: 92d 8h, 21m ago by evilcleo in Games
I don't play games but there's no reason to suspect that I'd be bad at it because I am a girl either. It's just hard for me to play with the keys and commands, while watching the screen. Although, goodness knows I like watching people play ...
Can men and women truly be friends?
(19 posts, 978 views) Posted: 92d 8h, 37m ago by evilcleo in Adult (18+)
I don't see why not. I mean, I'm in a male dominated field and when I was in school there was always 2-3 females and 8 males every year. I mean, one or two couples formed but for the most part, both sides couldn't see the others as "fem ...
Does anyone else here dislike Bleach and Naruto like I do?
(177 posts, 21754 views) Posted: 92d 9h, 10m ago by evilcleo in Shounen/Seinen
I have to admit, naruto was interesting in the beginning, and when I was younger. Now that Naruto is ending, the fans have gone crazy. I've read so many "uh, get to the point already" comments. The mangaka has been doing that for the last 650+ ...
New Poll - Checking Releases
(27 posts, 798 views) Posted: 92d 10h, 19m ago by evilcleo in News
Well, that's just as much a problem for me. Most titles don't mean anything, I need to see the pictures to jog my memory. I read a lot of mangas that go across a variety of genres. It has to be a really great or really bad manga for it to stick. ...
New Poll - Checking Releases
(27 posts, 798 views) Posted: 92d 10h, 47m ago by evilcleo in News
I don't really get why mangaupdates is rated so high, in terms of new release indications anyway. I mean, I read so many short ongoing mangas, I can remember a couple titles but generally to remember ALL their titles and search for every single ...
Are manga below a certain score ever good?
(18 posts, 893 views) Posted: 111d 8h, 18m ago by evilcleo in Manga General
I still give it a benefit of the doubt. People can be really petty. I've read many comments on manga where the person says "I gave up after page 3." And people can be really harsh on things like love triangles. There are so many people who says ...
Girls, what do you think about female characters with XXL boobs?
(81 posts, 9322 views) Posted: 111d 9h, 6m ago by evilcleo in Manga General
Honestly, if I come across these characters, I just move on because it'll become extremely ecchi or become a joke that isn't funny the 10th time. I mean, maybe girls shouldn't be flat but if they're bigger than her head, it's just unne ...
(160 posts, 14941 views) Posted: 111d 9h, 30m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
That's the problem I'm finding, at least where I live. I mean, it's a hard case to go against the muslim religion in the Middle East where women are considered to be more like property than individuals but here, it shouldn't be a big deal. Most ...
New Poll - Physical Manga
(27 posts, 815 views) Posted: 111d 10h, 8m ago by evilcleo in News
Well, I'm by no means a collector but I do have a lot. I haven't counted but maybe 75-100? Most of my collection contains 5 volume manga or so and I'm picky on ones I deem "buy worthy" so it's not as huge as it could be. And ...
What "flickered" your "BL/GL light"? :D
(31 posts, 1438 views) Posted: 123d 13h, 53m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
That was a pretty bad yaoi to start with. I read that a year or so after reading yaoi so it didn't bother me too much but it really did take yaoi cliches and push them to the extreme. The S&M definitely bordered on torture in those last couple chapters. That ...
Manga that stays with you FOREVER
(27 posts, 1801 views) Posted: 128d 20h, 17m ago by evilcleo in I'm Looking For...
I think a person's first manga will stay with you forever. My first was rave master and now that I've been reading manga for 10 years, it probably has a lot of flaws but in my mind it'll always be perfect. ...
New Poll - Anime Diverges
(20 posts, 681 views) Posted: 128d 20h, 45m ago by evilcleo in News
I don't mind as long as the story is still good. I mean, elemental gelade diverged quite a bit from the manga but the animation was good, there was nice character and story development, and the battle scenes were entertaining. I can't say the same for ...
New Poll - Sailor Moon
(37 posts, 1248 views) Posted: 131d 16h, 31m ago by evilcleo in News
Sometimes that makes a difference. Cardcaptor Sakura was definitely better when I tried the Japanese version. Well, I still can't take the main characters' love story seriously because they're too young but the true relationship between Yukito ...
(160 posts, 14941 views) Posted: 131d 16h, 48m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Well, I'm against polygamy for sure. I don't necessarily think it should be between two people but I do have an issue with the unfairness of it. I mean, if it is acceptable for guys to have multiple wives, women should have the same right. And the whole " ...
New Poll - Sailor Moon
(37 posts, 1248 views) Posted: 134d 13h, 13m ago by evilcleo in News
I dunno about that. You may still like it but I've known many people who go back and watch it, ending up saying "what did I like about that show?" I'm one of them. I always liked Sailor Mercury though. At least one of them has a good head on ...
Is dating tedious?
(34 posts, 2868 views) Posted: 148d 15h, 30m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Never had much interest in it. Sure, there were moments when I got lonely and got curious if having someone would change that but the next second, it would go away. It's unfortunate we live in a world that teaches and expects you to be dating, married, or a ...
New Poll - Can't Sleep
(23 posts, 761 views) Posted: 148d 15h, 42m ago by evilcleo in News
Lol, I'm much the same. I'd say the insomnia/ I just can't sleep option covers it though. ...
Would you feel happier if the main heroine end up with the second guy?
(53 posts, 6746 views) Posted: 148d 15h, 52m ago by evilcleo in Shoujo/Josei
Not really. As much as the first guy is usually a jerk, if the girl's heart and emotion isn't into the second guy, what's the point? She just ends up stringing him along. If the guy is okay and recognizes that, ready to take the risk of heart break, like in ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 3636 views) Posted: 155d 20h, 57m ago by evilcleo in News
Based on his responses to follow, my assumptions were 100% correct and completely relevant. He even intentionally provoked the fandom he goes so far to hate. I tried the peaceful way of reporting him, more or less to avoid a huge feedback of responses when ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 3636 views) Posted: 157d 16h, 49m ago by evilcleo in News
I thought it pretty obvious they hated yaoi and yuri. I'm a huge yaoi fan and I really object to be called "disgusting." If they can't show any respect for the fandom, what respect do you expect them to have towards the genre? ...
Uke does anything for his seme
(7 posts, 940 views) Posted: 158d 11h, 50m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
Sexy cool voice. The seme doesn't treat the uke horribly physically but he's emotionally detached and silent which leads to emotional turmoil. ...
Looking for josei oneshot
(0 posts, 86 views) Posted: 158d 12h, 11m ago by evilcleo in I'm Looking For...
I'm looking for a josei oneshot I read years ago. I only remember that there was a part where the girl was going to welcome the guy into her apartment and he questions why she is inviting a guy into her apartment. She's a tomboy or something and h ...
Popular shojos you just don't like?
(508 posts, 65790 views) Posted: 158d 12h, 37m ago by evilcleo in Shoujo/Josei
I could never understand the appeal of skip beat. It became an overblown party of cliches with characters that lack appeal. I don't mind cliche stuff but if it continues like a cycle again and again for 200+ chapters, it gets really old. And I don't know if the ...
Worst Shoujo Cliche!
(520 posts, 106973 views) Posted: 158d 19h, 42m ago by evilcleo in Shoujo/Josei
I always get annoyed by the fan girls. You know, if the main guy or target is so great and loves the gf or love interest, he should do something about the bullying. Maybe not hit them, although there are plenty of girls who need a good slap, but yell, threaten, report, hum ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 3636 views) Posted: 163d 9h, 7m ago by evilcleo in News
No matter what you do, romantic options show up in manga's that aren't tagged romance. I love Karneval and the relationships are not even close to romance, but somehow readers still obsess about potential love interests be it BL or hetero. Makes ...

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