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New Poll - Manga vs. Anime (Time)
(18 posts, 235 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 8m ago by evilcleo in News
For now, I'm sticking with manga. I'll give anime another shot when summer series come out. Maybe then, there will be a good selection. ...
Looking for oneshot
(1 posts, 46 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 12m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
The seme is a horse rider or something and the uke is his number one fan. The uke works at a bar his mom owns. Anyone know the title? ...
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(119 posts, 2890 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 18m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Waking up to find I still have a cold. I know it's just been a day but I feel so miserable and want it gone. ...
Manga that Scarred you for Life
(400 posts, 66970 views) Posted: 7d 3h, 36m ago by evilcleo in Manga General
I won't say I've been scarred by a manga for life but after I read love prism, I took a break from hard core yaoi for a bit. I've read a lot of hardcore stuff but the last two chapters bordered on torture. I took a break after reading Kitsune no Tam ...
Sleeping in Public
(94 posts, 5882 views) Posted: 45d 10h, 16m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
When I'm sick I do. Since I take Vitamin C every morning, I don't get sore throats, cough, or have serious congestion issues when I'm sick. I do get really exhausted though and have this endless fatigue that sleep never seems to cure. I can even ...
Popular yaoi/yuri/shounen ai/shoujo ai you don't like?
(17 posts, 1029 views) Posted: 60d 3h, 19m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
I like JR and SIH but I have to admit, it wasn't love at first sight. I didn't truly get into the stories until about volume 6 or so. It took a lot of development for me to appreciate the characters and art.

Sex pistols was decent. I liked the secondary couples until ...
Yaoi series that you hate
(17 posts, 662 views) Posted: 60d 3h, 49m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
I personally think there is always some audience that will appreciate most yaoi series but Fish in the trap is a definite exception. It's one of those series where people say how horrible it is and you sit there like "it can't be THAT bad." But yo ...
What are you doing for Febuary 14th?
(36 posts, 2292 views) Posted: 61d 8h, 30m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Went to the mall so my parents could have a couple hours alone. Came back with a manga volume and some truffles so it wasn't too bad. ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 1515 views) Posted: 61d 8h, 33m ago by evilcleo in News
Well, my favorite manga character(s) are usually in pretty safe, normal places with some battle/conflict but not enough I would feel endangered so yeah. I'd feel horrible for my family but 6+ months of job searching without much success, all the crap with m ...
Looking for yaoi
(6 posts, 869 views) Posted: 73d 7h, 47m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
Truthfully, I don't know if it's just a combination of mangas or someone's imagination. On a website I frequent, someone originally posted this and it collected enough interest that everyone wanted to know what it was so they kept on posting it fo ...
How much until you decide to read a manga?
(35 posts, 1340 views) Posted: 73d 7h, 56m ago by evilcleo in Manga General
Well, first I read the summary and then I read the latest or last chapter. If the chapter makes me want to know more, how it came to that point, I start reading from the beginning. I've read enough manga where I regret reading 50 chapters, only for it to have a ...
Worst yaoi cliche
(131 posts, 23701 views) Posted: 89d 7h, 55m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
As much as I like yaoi with one or both having kids, the fact that 99% of the time, those kids somehow end up being gay also irritates me. I mean yeah, maybe some of it is hereditary or a response to your living environment so I expect some to be but not all of them ...
New Poll - Pursuing Romance
(43 posts, 1376 views) Posted: 89d 8h, 44m ago by evilcleo in News
I'm the same. I personally think that that they knew each other and built a relationship based on non-romantic intentions first is the best way to start a romantic one. Gives it more depth. ...
Looking for yaoi
(6 posts, 869 views) Posted: 89d 8h, 56m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
Looking for a yaoi manga with the following description:
a uke is always been bullied then the seme is a popular guy in the school. The one day one of the seme Friend bet with the seme that he have to make the uke off in love with him and have a sex with him. Or a ...
New Poll - Hardest to Scanlate
(28 posts, 1363 views) Posted: 130d 4h, 43m ago by evilcleo in News
That's what I assumed myself. I mean, all genres can have their share of complex text but generally speaking yuri, yaoi, hentai, and shounen all have their share of action (sexual and non) which allow the translators to also interpret by picture.That's w ...
if you were being stalked
(98 posts, 5927 views) Posted: 174d 2h, 26m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Depends. At first, I'd just try the peaceful route and ask them to stop (worked once) but if that didn't work, I'd contact the police. ...
Will world peace ever be achieved?
(32 posts, 1187 views) Posted: 174d 3h, 3m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
Idealistically, that'd be great but realistically, it's just not possible. People are too petty and intolerant. ...
(40 posts, 8173 views) Posted: 174d 5h, 31m ago by evilcleo in I'm Looking For...
Silver diamond and Asterisk may work. They're more shounen-ai than bromance but their feelings are so non-explicit, they my as well be considered be platonic. It's like "oh, look. There's a hug." ...
The most digusting/gruesome/explicit yaoi/yuri?
(20 posts, 4949 views) Posted: 237d 1h, 3m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
Love prism. Incest, blackmail, lots of hardcore S&M, experiments. However, it is unfinished because the author died so there is no ending. Keep that in mind if you decide to read it. ...
New Poll - Same-Sex Romances
(67 posts, 4184 views) Posted: 241d 7h, 41m ago by evilcleo in News
Yuri is just as unrealistic as yaoi. And people who say there are more "ridiculous cliches" in yaoi than yuri are lying. Like, the feminine vs. masculine argument. They're present in both. I've read plenty of series of yuri where one has large ...
Yaoi: Turn ons and Turn offs.
(64 posts, 23373 views) Posted: 348d 2h, 4m ago by evilcleo in Yaoi/Yuri
I'm usually rather tolerant of most things. However, I do have a couple turn offs:

1) Extremely girly ukes. I don't mind girly ukes but there's a difference between feminine looking guys and characters that genuinely look like a shoujo girl.
2) Overly ...
New Poll - Rating Series
(35 posts, 2187 views) Posted: 348d 2h, 25m ago by evilcleo in News
I'm usually for extremes. I mean, for most series there is a target audience and just because it might not be something that gains your interest, doesn't make it horrible for that reason alone. If I find one that bad or that good though, I'm enticed to ...
New Poll - Translation Accuracy vs Fluency
(56 posts, 3995 views) Posted: 355d 1h, 32m ago by evilcleo in News
Quote from puzzledsheep
No, sarcasm is a thing in's just that Western humour is different from Eastern humour. They don't use sarcasm as much as we do. It might be ok to make a sarcastic joke to a stranger at the bus stop here, but it cou ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 11432 views) Posted: 411d 1h, 28m ago by evilcleo in News
Ironic yaoi is leading. I mean, as much hatred towards it is shown, it has just as many successful manga series as any of the other genres. Has anyone tried reading manga on mangago? There's a 80% chance than any random manga you pick, it's p ...
Today, for the first time in my life, I...
(1644 posts, 172422 views) Posted: 422d 2h, 55m ago by evilcleo in Chatter Box
had a 100% honest conversation with my sister. I don't foresee it happening again. ...

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