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New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 2272 views) Posted: 100d 6h, 37m ago by Calamansi in News
I voted no. Sexual fetishes have never really offended me unless they're inherently harmful + non-consensual or... extremely unsanitary. I know in the real-world there's things such as statutory rape, but from the loli/shota-like works I came across wh ...
New Poll - American Comics
(32 posts, 1665 views) Posted: 109d 8h, 54m ago by Calamansi in News
I've read some, like Saga, Shadoweyes, and the Walking Dead, but manga's just so much more accessible it's easier for me to find something I like.

Plus, it's easier for me to suspend belief when I'm reading a manga, while I' ...
What did you learn today?
(1013 posts, 106555 views) Posted: 112d 14h, 42m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Apparently some playgrounds use tanbark for padding... TANBARK...!

I thought gravel was bad enough, especially when it froze over in the winter, but Stabby McSplinter Wood has it beat.

(P.S. Rainbow rubber mulch is the best) ...
Something that made you smile today.
(2732 posts, 282198 views) Posted: 116d 5h, 56m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Dragged myself out of the house today and managed to do over an hour of cardio.
I've had difficulty motivating myself to do anything lately, and working out is especially difficult when depressed, but I did it! ...
New Poll - Categories
(21 posts, 1376 views) Posted: 116d 13h, 28m ago by Calamansi in News
MinatoAce has the right idea... character growth, followed by strong female lead. Though, if the story doesn't have any female leads, I'm fine with that too as long as the female side characters are compelling and not vapid accessories.

Honestly cha ...
New Poll - Forgetting the Story
(16 posts, 1023 views) Posted: 122d 10h, 44m ago by Calamansi in News
It takes me over a year to forget stories, longer if I really liked them. I read a lot of ongoing novel series when I was younger, so my memory's been trained well. ...
New Poll - Preferred Ending
(19 posts, 1423 views) Posted: 128d 17h, 21m ago by Calamansi in News
Happy ending, by my own selfish standards. Meaning, I think of an ending where my OTPs don't get together as "tragic" even if its written to be happy/ satisfying.

I struggled momentarily with "any ending, as long as its not rushed" but th ...
(2 posts, 484 views) Posted: 131d 16h, 20m ago by Calamansi in Hunter x Hunter
Ahh this makes me so happy. 10/10 chapter for me too. Perfect way to decompress after taking 3 exams back to back and finishing up a thesis.

I'm glad we finally got to learn the name of Kurapika's master!! And yes, Melody's back! This make ...
short male protag/love interest
(2 posts, 298 views) Posted: 139d 12h, 39m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Lovely Complex and Get Love!! - Field no Ouji-sama immediately come to mind; I read them both a long time ago, and thought they were pretty funny.

Meru Puri sorta works, but its shotacon-y...

The short male lead tag may be useful in finding other titles. I don't ...
Do you have any childhood friend like in manga?
(7 posts, 1416 views) Posted: 144d 7h, 39m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
I moved around a lot as a kid, courtesy of the United States military. With only my cruddy flip cellphone, infrequent e-mails, and Neopets at my disposal as a kid, I rapidly lost contact with the friends I made in elementary school after one big move from Alaska to Texa ...
New Poll - Reread a Series
(17 posts, 1511 views) Posted: 145d 18h, 0m ago by Calamansi in News
Ah, I get it now.
You're confusing the bolded results from the last poll, posted by the OP, with the question posed by the current one. bigrazz
Check the results on the left hand side; you'll see that a great majority of people have re-read a series, and for those ...
New Poll - Reread a Series
(17 posts, 1511 views) Posted: 146d 17h, 40m ago by Calamansi in News
Nah, it ain't sad at all. No need to pity others for enjoying things in a different manner.

There are more and, in my opinion, far more interesting ways to appreciate a series than going, "Again, again!" and re-launching yourself into the story from be ...
New Poll - Reread a Series
(17 posts, 1511 views) Posted: 151d 15h, 54m ago by Calamansi in News
This is hard, because when I re-visit manga series it's usually only chunks that I really liked, or sections that I forgot if I quit reading a series for a while and come back to it later. I rarely re-read a whole series from beginning to end... I think I've only done ...
What type of heroine do you go for?
(3 posts, 511 views) Posted: 162d 2h, 18m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
It's hard to go wrong with funny girls... especially ones who are really thirsty, but in a humorous way. I really liked Yasuko from Yasuko to Kenji and Yankumi from Gokusen. Though I'm sure I'd be more annoyed by their characters now, I liked ...
Coffee or Tea?
(160 posts, 10592 views) Posted: 163d 8h, 50m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Tea! I really like the fruity variations.
Coffee is pretty undrinkable to me, too bitter. ...
Hunter x Hunter to Return from Hiatus
(4 posts, 807 views) Posted: 163d 15h, 57m ago by Calamansi in Hunter x Hunter
New Poll - Kidnapped Daughter
(37 posts, 3113 views) Posted: 165d 16h, 56m ago by Calamansi in News
What the? If I were a ruler, I would tolerate no demonic neighbors to begin with. If they're willing to go after royalty, who knows how much they terrorize the less fortunate?

My first impulse would be to take those hell-spawn out myself. Though, daughter' ...
What is Your Sexual Orientation?
(15 posts, 2290 views) Posted: 168d 9h, 33m ago by Calamansi in Manga General
Quote from VawX
I'm Heterosexual mmm...
What I find weird in this comment section is how some people start their comment with "sadly" even though it's your choice mmm...
And I'm quite surprised that there are quite a big numbe ...
Shonen with a blond protagonist
(6 posts, 432 views) Posted: 173d 12h, 51m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
... Naruto.

Okay, you've probably heard about that one. Honestly, I can only think of popular series, like Magi, Claymore (the blonde part is often pointed out in this one), Fullmetal Alchemist, Vento Aureo and I would like to say Superior, though its hard to tell beca ...
What do you want to eat right NOW?
(1289 posts, 84249 views) Posted: 174d 6h, 19m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
A nice, warm, buttery lobster roll sounds good right about now... curse my expensive tastes.
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 3482 views) Posted: 184d 11h, 56m ago by Calamansi in News
Yeah, my mom was technically a stay at home mom until I entered elementary school, but she ran an at-home day care at the same time. No idea how she would have fit into the categories presented. ...
New Poll - Your Occupation
(35 posts, 3482 views) Posted: 186d 18h, 29m ago by Calamansi in News
Student, surviving off of scholarship money and parents' generosity. ...
New Poll - Skipping to the End
(20 posts, 2109 views) Posted: 200d 18h, 48m ago by Calamansi in News
Seldom... I've done it for popular series with premises that'll never interest me, such as Air Gear and Deadman Wonderland.

I've also skipped to the end for series that I started off liking well enough, but spiraled down to mediocrity. Spoilers don' ...
New Poll - Spin-Off Series
(13 posts, 1338 views) Posted: 207d 17h, 6m ago by Calamansi in News
Nah, manga need to be stand-alone. Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mary Sue, Soul Eater Moe, all that SnK garbage... the list of cringe-worthy spin-offs is terribly long. The only spin-off I've read and liked is Touhou Shinigami - Meteor Methuselah Gaiden, but even then ...
Oscar and Racism! [2016]
(12 posts, 1125 views) Posted: 215d 6h, 7m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
No hard feelings! I'm glad it was all a misunderstanding. Some of the more high-profile people in defense of the program's nominations were attacking black actors specifically, which is... curious, to say the least, because the issue is more "for t ...

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