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New Poll - Character Clones
(24 posts, 717 views) Posted: 24d 4h, 19m ago by Calamansi in News
"Depends on the author" would've been the best choice for me. Some "mangaka", if you can call the HMR/HYR people that, will abuse the heck outta such a situation. Not only do the characters look and act the same - the plots and ...
Developed Side Cast
(13 posts, 596 views) Posted: 29d 8h, 42m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
I second 7 Seeds. Among all the manga I've read, it has the best-developed side cast. Basara, another work by the same author, also has great character development, though not to the same extent as 7 Seeds. However, since it's completed, I can c ...
New Poll - In a Fantasy World
(31 posts, 929 views) Posted: 31d 11h, 5m ago by Calamansi in News
Learn magic. Every fantasy world is sure to have its fair share of overpowered jerks, right? Rather than live my life cowering in fear, I'd want to learn how to defend myself.

Too bad, "Find a hot humanoid lover" isn't an option. laugh I'm ...
Best Shounen
(330 posts, 91449 views) Posted: 33d 5h, 3m ago by Calamansi in Shounen/Seinen
Ooh, I'm glad this thread was revived.

Best of all time: Hunter x Hunter. I considered putting this into "currently running" but... yeah. Honestly it's my favorite even among those I've completed, so it doesn't matter. For me, shoune ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 34d 1h, 32m ago by Calamansi in News
Seeing as MU polls barely push 20,000 votes, I think you have a very narrow view on demographics.

And I think you're confused - I was still referring to manga demographics in the quoted text. I don't see why you brought up the whole 20,000 vote ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 36d 9h, 28m ago by Calamansi in News

So are you or are you not a mind reader?

Clarification: I cannot translate non-committal grunts. However, like you, I am capable of making assumptions. If I was false in doing so, feel free to tell me.

So are you making overarching statements or not?

No ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 37d 0h, 1m ago by Calamansi in News
Quote from imercenary

You believe citing a Western poll is meaningless? Even though the poll I'm citing is the one we're currently discussing? It's only natural to reference it, since it's the topic. I don't see ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 37d 1h, 16m ago by Calamansi in News
Yes, it was a "fair statement" because it was broad, vague statement. What do you consider "Western"? By some standards, Japan is a "Western" country yet Japan is the same country where there are women-only tra ...
self sacrifcing for many people/animals/plants
(5 posts, 424 views) Posted: 37d 4h, 27m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Interesting request. The person you've described reminds me of a couple of Miyazaki heroines. I believe Nausicaa has a manga, so you can go check that out. There's a page for it on the site called Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä.

Superior has two ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 37d 8h, 11m ago by Calamansi in News
Because theres no point in comparing Western gender expectations in something that was originally designed for Japanese audiences. All it does is reveal the fact that you're an ignorant fool. For all you know, MU might have had a massive influx of m ...
New Poll - Apocalypse
(34 posts, 1415 views) Posted: 38d 2h, 43m ago by Calamansi in News
I went for rapture/ hell on earth. In times of need, at least people can look forward to the afterlife as being a blissful nothingness or something "better". Suffering while knowing that suffering may as well last an eternity is just depressing to think about.

Ov ...
Looking for a horror manga......
(7 posts, 374 views) Posted: 40d 3h, 33m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
I second Apocalypse no Toride. I rarely ever read stories devoted to horror besides Itou's, but I marathoned that in one night. ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 40d 3h, 52m ago by Calamansi in News
Sure but which society are your talking about? In "Western" societies, yeah. Thats a fair statement. But in Japanese society? Sorry, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Why in the world would I be referring to Japanese society? We ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2087 posts, 513861 views) Posted: 44d 0h, 15m ago by Calamansi in Manga General
Which of the following do you judge people the most for reading/ watching?

-In the end, it's just fiction, so I don't judge others for their tastes

Which sort of offensive material can you stand the least in a manga ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 44d 10h, 26m ago by Calamansi in News
Yeah, my previous two posts were in reference to the original question. I'm typically against neutral options as long as the question is worded in a flexible enough manner.

To respond to the actual poll, nowadays I read shoujo the least, though back when I fir ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 44d 20h, 19m ago by Calamansi in News
Quote from imercenary
Assuming people don't lie/rig the polls in huge numbers, Mangaupdates has a 50/50 male/female demographic.

If anything, it probably has to do with the fact that shounen and seinen stories are (generally speaking) "gender-ne ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 2073 views) Posted: 45d 10h, 33m ago by Calamansi in News
Ugh, terrible poll. As several have said before, "hate" is a loaded word. If I were to list my top 10 favorite manga, it would have representation from all four of the choices listed. Glad to know many of the users here aren't totally biased against a ...
Top 5 Mangaka
(175 posts, 31027 views) Posted: 90d 1h, 9m ago by Calamansi in Manga General
5.Ozaki Kaori - She's improved a lot as both an artist and a writer. Immortal Rain was one of the first manga to make me cry. I really wish more of her work was translated.
4.Asano Inio Very creative. A lot of his characters just feel "real". His ...
Proud/arrogant character gets broken/humbled...
(8 posts, 780 views) Posted: 143d 19h, 59m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Real and Berserk immediately come to mind. Neither of them, especially the former, follow the template you described. I've become disenchanted with Berserk over the years but Real is still one of my favorites. Plus, Inoue's art is amazing.

One of the ...
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(229 posts, 9248 views) Posted: 237d 2h, 47m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Quote from drunkguy okehold/

A black man is choked to death on camera by white police and the prosecutor couldn't even get one officer indicted. Disgusting. no

This. ...
Most memorable moment of the series?
(7 posts, 543 views) Posted: 261d 5h, 34m ago by Calamansi in Naruto
When Naruto found out about Jiraiya's death.
Couldn't hold in the tears when the popsicle scene was referenced. ;_; I really started to feel for him as a main character then (before it was mainly the side characters and villains that kept me interested). ...
Ore Monogatari gets anime!
(4 posts, 638 views) Posted: 262d 21h, 20m ago by Calamansi in Ore Monogatari!!
Funny, I was thinking about various shoujos that could get an anime the other day and this one came to mind. But then I was like "Nahh, they only want to showcase the manic depressive pretty boys."

Glad to see I was wrong! The hype is real. ...
Main character becomes something supernatural over the course of the story
(30 posts, 6400 views) Posted: 389d 6h, 42m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Yu Yu Hakusho
Shingeki no Kyojin
Cats or Dogs?
(95 posts, 4437 views) Posted: 438d 17h, 21m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Definitely prefer cats. I've never come across one I haven't liked. They all have such interesting personalities, and can be pretty hilarious, especially when it comes to their pride. Also, they're super soft and cuddly! I love chilling with mine after a ...
strategic revolution
(6 posts, 623 views) Posted: 656d 23h, 30m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Have you tried Basara? No supernatural powers involved, just the effective use of allies and some daring tactics. Strategy isn't really a focus of the manga, but a large component of it is about gathering enough allies to overthrow the corrupt royalty of wha ...

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