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strategic revolution
(6 posts, 489 views) Posted: 188d 8h, 50m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Have you tried Basara? No supernatural powers involved, just the effective use of allies and some daring tactics. Strategy isn't really a focus of the manga, but a large component of it is about gathering enough allies to overthrow the corrupt royalty of wha ...
Will world peace ever be achieved?
(32 posts, 1184 views) Posted: 198d 14h, 39m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Quote from jelzin89
define "world peace"

Exactly what I was wondering.
The first four words you see
(86 posts, 2687 views) Posted: 204d 10h, 46m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Ego ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(1890 posts, 407638 views) Posted: 249d 7h, 47m ago by Calamansi in Manga General
When it comes to background art in manga, you prefer...

-Lots of detail! Feels as if you're immersed in the world
-Just enough so you know where the characters are at/ what's going on
-Little to no detail (easier to focus on current actions)
-Sparkles/ ...
Looking for a name
(2 posts, 211 views) Posted: 274d 7h, 45m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Sounds like Chou Dokyuu Shoujo 4946. ...
New Poll - Vehicle
(46 posts, 2355 views) Posted: 276d 11h, 50m ago by Calamansi in News
I chose other animal, that animal being a phoenix.
They've always been one of my favorite mystical beasts. <3

I almost chose "walk" because that sounds so... nonchalant and badass. XD
Too bad that doesn't really fit my image. ...
Fat girl undergoes a dshiet and gets in ape JOSEI
(2 posts, 481 views) Posted: 314d 13h, 23m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Sounds a lot like Cousin. ...
Only One Can Live
(4 posts, 304 views) Posted: 372d 14h, 24m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
When you say "it will be made for you", does it mean you will die, or one of the other two people will die?
Lose-lose situation either way, but the first scenario would make the choice more difficult (since refusing to make a decision would be practically su ...
Button Press Gives 10 Grand
(52 posts, 2595 views) Posted: 372d 14h, 42m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Never got around to viewing the results, but I read through some of the arguments.
Abortion's a subject I'm less opinionated about. :/
I have a friend who works closely with people with mental and physical disabilities, and it's touching how much s ...
Button Press Gives 10 Grand
(52 posts, 2595 views) Posted: 372d 15h, 20m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Wow, even after learning about game theory in economics, I can't believe "yes" is in the majority.
You people... suck.
I'd be a bit less incredulous if the amount was 100k or so, but... it's only 10 grand.

Some demographic data on age/ ...
Shoujo with "shounenish" feel
(17 posts, 1117 views) Posted: 376d 14h, 26m ago by Calamansi in I'm Looking For...
Definitely Replica.
I thought it was a shounen until I read the genres. xD
I also recommend Ore Monogatari!! if you're into romance. It follows the perspective of the guy, who is rather... lackluster in appearance, compared to the sparkly anomalies who tend to p ...
(31 posts, 2732 views) Posted: 473d 6h, 4m ago by Calamansi in Naruto
Is it just me or did Naruto look especially adorable in this chapter?

Anyways, I loved the development! Hinata spoke up to Naruto while staying in character, props to Kishimoto for that. I have to admit that I almost face-palmed when she commented on Naruto' ...
What makes you want to read and continue a manga?
(2 posts, 326 views) Posted: 504d 9h, 35m ago by Calamansi in Manga General
Well, first the manga has to be good. I can't stand annoying protagonists and cliche plots. If there's some big mystery or final destination that shows hope of being resolved later in a manga, I'll continue reading it because that kind of stuff keeps ...
Have a question that's been bugging me for years
(26 posts, 1653 views) Posted: 531d 8h, 30m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
I've always pronounced anime, as you say, the "American" way. It's always sounded best, because it's like a shortened form of "animation", and even people who aren't into anime know what I'm talking a ...
New Poll - Anime/Manga for Parents
(46 posts, 3718 views) Posted: 547d 11h, 55m ago by Calamansi in News
I remember my dad watching DBZ since... well, since I can remember. xD
Even today I hear him complaining about Sasuke to the TV.
My mom has tried to watch anime but it's just not her thing. She's more of the Whovian type.. though she'll eat u ...
Dokuhime Ends
(6 posts, 1105 views) Posted: 547d 12h, 0m ago by Calamansi in Dokuhime
Aw man, I love this manga. Sorry to hear about that. I can't imagine it ending so soon, there's so much more the author can elaborate on. :[ ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4670 posts, 244819 views) Posted: 555d 12h, 40m ago by Calamansi in Music
The Legend of the Black Shawarma - Infected Mushroom. ...
What shoujo manga should be made into an anime?
(278 posts, 36470 views) Posted: 555d 13h, 1m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
Something with action like Immortal Rain, Replica, or Masca (which I know is a manwha but I can dream, right?).
The style they're drawn in is already pretty fluid, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything when I read them. And I can't w ...
Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?
(717 posts, 77033 views) Posted: 558d 13h, 36m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari made me cry for over five minutes until I calmed down. The noisy kind of sobbing too, not a silent watering of the eyes like normal. D:

Naruto made me cry twice...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The first time was after Jiraiya died and ...
First Shoujo Manga
(414 posts, 34614 views) Posted: 561d 7h, 56m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
Tokyo Mew Mew. I borrowed it from a friend who borrowed it from a friend in the 4th grade. I read it secretly under my covers because I was afraid my parents would think that the semi-nude transformation scenes were inappropriate. xD ...
Why is it a tragedy?
(3 posts, 736 views) Posted: 561d 7h, 58m ago by Calamansi in Immortal Rain
I agree with Alaena, it's definitely worth the read in spite of the iffy tag. I think the companion series Touhou Shinigami is more deserving of being labeled as a tragedy, but it's still really sweet. ...
Popular shojos you just don't like?
(495 posts, 60368 views) Posted: 565d 8h, 27m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
Quote from theLettuceGarden04
I want to add this one to as well as Mars, I don't think I like this type of mangas (yet, depends on my mood). I really want to add at least 50+ more, but I shall restrain...

And oh, is Calamansi a little lime/lemon fruit (size of a err, gu ...
Homework Help
(372 posts, 28870 views) Posted: 565d 9h, 11m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Aaarghjfdfd this problem. I need to find the derivative of
..............¯¯¯¯¯¯ _ ¯¯¯¯¯¯
lim..........ln(x+1)....... ln 3
x->2 ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ...
Shoujo or Josei?
(107 posts, 10093 views) Posted: 572d 8h, 20m ago by Calamansi in Shoujo/Josei
Honestly it depends on the author. Basara and 7 Seeds, shoujo and josei respectively, are two of my favorite manga and are written by the same author. I've loved and hated titles from both genres. Most of the hate is geared towards cliches like "plain ...
Something that made you smile today.
(2529 posts, 204170 views) Posted: 588d 11h, 47m ago by Calamansi in Chatter Box
Cream corn. :'D
-easy to please- ...

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