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New Poll - Chicken or the Egg?
(24 posts, 778 views) Posted: 15d 16h, 16m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Inuyasha was my first anime that I watched knowing it is anime. I had seen stuff like Totoro and Taotao before and so on, but never really thought of them as anime. just cartoons. ...
Why is the "Rape Isn't Considered a Bad Thing" Tag Allowed?
(27 posts, 1998 views) Posted: 51d 13h, 54m ago by Mamsmilk in Suggestions & Bugs
Don't personally use it, but the more tags there are, the easier it's to spot whatever you want to read. You might have seen those Looking For threads where the poster is asking for some very specific kind of material. ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4978 posts, 387774 views) Posted: 129d 18h, 17m ago by Mamsmilk in Music
Nine Inch Nails A Warm Place ...
New Poll - Sun vs. Moon
(17 posts, 1925 views) Posted: 155d 20h, 40m ago by Mamsmilk in News
I don't have a 3DS, although I've a DS with a Chinese ROM cartridge. Have pretty much ditched playing Pokemans after Silver that I got for my 11th birthday. Getting Yellow for christmas and a Game Boy Color is one of my strongest memories of eup ...
Here is the biggest problem of western gamers
(6 posts, 689 views) Posted: 160d 18h, 8m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
Western RPGs are geared towards strategies. Ideally DA O is supposed to be played with utilizing pause for planning. It wouldn't really matter even if everything was fast, because you will still need to use pause to change unit orders, because you need to st ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4978 posts, 387774 views) Posted: 180d 21h, 20m ago by Mamsmilk in Music
Insomnium - The Killjoy
Mainly listening to old stuff since the past year has been kinda meh other than
Harakiri for the Sky - III:Trauma which is very solid.
Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker is also pretty good
as is Mikko Joensuu - Amen 1.
Latest Purchase You've Done~
(888 posts, 89794 views) Posted: 191d 3h, 20m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
Some Pepsi Max Cherry at night after a gig. ...
New Poll - Piece of Crap
(27 posts, 2171 views) Posted: 191d 3h, 21m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Board game I guess. Depends how it is crappy. Monopoly for example is absolutely trash and I wouldn't play that, but if I could play something that is just so bad that it's kinda good in a good company with some booze. ...
Baka-Updates Anime Closing
(16 posts, 2292 views) Posted: 191d 3h, 28m ago by Mamsmilk in News
RIP. Never really partook in the community of that place, but I did use it back then for Naruto when there were no good public torrent trackers for anything. Good memories. Back then anime wasn't over saturated fetishist garbage. ...
What got YOU into manga/anime?
(3 posts, 462 views) Posted: 202d 22h, 5m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
My sister around 15 years ago. I had watched stuff like Totoro before, but I never knew it was any different from any other animated movie. The first series we watched was probably Inuyasha. ...
New Poll - Translation Sound Effects
(22 posts, 2028 views) Posted: 203d 1h, 35m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Quote from svines85
Though I do have to say, a good translator and/or editor can indeed "replicate sounds" with text, they're called onomatopoeia, and, yeah, properly done they'll be just like an OEL. Bang! Fwip! splut-splut-splurrrt!!....yeah, ...
New Poll - Translation Sound Effects
(22 posts, 2028 views) Posted: 203d 22h, 11m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Sound effects are often part of the art. No need to change that stuff. Writing down sounds is pointless, since you can't replicate sounds with text. ...
Any manga that you think "meh" from the first impression, but became your favourite later
(3 posts, 434 views) Posted: 212d 4h, 51m ago by Mamsmilk in Manga General
At first I didn't really care for what I was reading, just read it because supposedly it was good and eventually I tuned into the humor of it. Sadly most stuff works the opposite ways, like Berserk which I read 20+ volumes in 2 days. Now it's just ...
New Poll - Religion
(40 posts, 3607 views) Posted: 213d 9h, 42m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Atheist here.
Been my whole life.
I'd especially welcome religious views to my question.
As of late I've come to accept agnosticism as a valid point of view to some degree, although I still think it's a bit weird to think that way, especially when those ...
When did video games start to suck so bad?
(9 posts, 893 views) Posted: 252d 2h, 41m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
Witcher 3 is one of the best games for a long while. It just so happens that AAA games have very detailed models that they like to display doing a lot of things. Big games are sold with looks. Many indie games are still amazing when it comes to gameplay, because ...
Has manga changed your opinion of American Comics?
(25 posts, 1593 views) Posted: 264d 15h, 17m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
Essentially just badly drawn dicks, pants-on-head retarded stuff and foul language in every bubble. ...
Has manga changed your opinion of American Comics?
(25 posts, 1593 views) Posted: 264d 15h, 38m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
Never been a fan of super hero junk. That's essentially all that gets imported from The States, other than Donald Duck. Would need to know more about the rest of the stuff that is made to judge. Though I gotta say that I do think all the DC and Marvel stuff is j ...
New Poll - Manga Hiatus
(21 posts, 1728 views) Posted: 274d 16h, 0m ago by Mamsmilk in News
I've spent a few years without. ...
Is ecchi always a turn-on for guys or not?
(4 posts, 550 views) Posted: 291d 12h, 59m ago by Mamsmilk in Adult (18+)
A) I am an adult. Normal stuff. You get used to it. I don't feel responsible to anyone for looking at tits, because there's nothing that can keep me from doing it, unlike when a 12-year-old looks at a porno magazine and tries to be secretive about it. There ...
BL phobia
(7 posts, 878 views) Posted: 293d 16h, 21m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
You're bit too bent on the whole gender role thing in my mind. Women and men aren't necessarily that different when it comes to sexuality, because males and females of the human species have very little sexual dimorphism.
Read this one yesterday ...
Anime Summer Season 2016
(4 posts, 1125 views) Posted: 298d 11h, 1m ago by Mamsmilk in Anime TV/Movies
Loads of fujoshit as expected. Will give 91 days and comedies a chance. ...
Did Resident Evil VII prove that online "fans" are just assholes?
(3 posts, 608 views) Posted: 304d 12h, 14m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
I never was much of a fan of the initial games, as I found Silent Hill being better at capturing the spooky unknown. RE4 is one of my all time favorite games however, RE5 was kinda weak, but had multiplayer which is neat. Never played RE6 other than a demo, but I' ...
New Poll - Guys with Long Hair
(20 posts, 2324 views) Posted: 315d 20h, 3m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Prefer it long honestly. Unless you're balding. Flat top has to be the ugliest hairstyle. ...
New Poll - Changing Tastes
(30 posts, 2582 views) Posted: 337d 8h, 5m ago by Mamsmilk in News
u dun sey
User Posted Image ...
New Poll - Changing Tastes
(30 posts, 2582 views) Posted: 337d 12h, 50m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Was a kid when I started, so edgelords seemed like cool characters. Now, they mainly lack dimension. Generally speaking, characters have been streamlined to anime and manga stereotypes instead of general stereotypes of storytelling, which further makes mo ...

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