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New Poll - Anime/Manga and You
(19 posts, 882 views) Posted: 55d 11h, 32m ago by Mamsmilk in News
I read less but watch more in comparison to how I was 7 or 6 years ago.
I barely ever read, but I've watched something pretty much every anime season for the past 3 years or so, tried out the majority at least for 1 episode. ...
New Poll - Pirate Remorse
(34 posts, 2065 views) Posted: 72d 0h, 56m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Sometimes I feel a bit bad when there's that "thank you for buying this tank" page. ...
New Poll - Genders and Demographics
(28 posts, 1823 views) Posted: 78d 11h, 21m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Josei is kinda rare in comparison to the rest. A lot less publishers. ...
Cried at a Game??
(48 posts, 3137 views) Posted: 78d 11h, 33m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
Can't say I have. I do feel sad whenever something I've invested time in and which I liked comes to an end, but that's about it. ...
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(236 posts, 10426 views) Posted: 78d 11h, 41m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
My emails to school haven't been answered. ...
Is it possible to write porn well?
(30 posts, 4178 views) Posted: 78d 12h, 7m ago by Mamsmilk in Adult (18+)
Really depends what you consider to be well written for pr0n.
Would it capture the eroticism perfectly? Would it have some kind of
a theme?

I'd say that you can't write pr0n well, as it's an antithesis of deeper thought.
It's superficial or eye c ...
What free MMORPGs are you currently playing?
(11 posts, 926 views) Posted: 204d 10h, 14m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
Played Neverwinter for a little while between Dota matches with my stack. Combat was pretty sweet, the rest was a rehash and the usual boring stuff. ...
New Poll - Self-Control
(31 posts, 1841 views) Posted: 237d 9h, 2m ago by Mamsmilk in News
I read chapter by chapter. I don't really need to stop reading at any point in the middle. If I were in a hurry to do something, I wouldn't even start doing anything that I would need to stop midway. ...
Dark souls the first game
(39 posts, 2223 views) Posted: 243d 4h, 57m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
Quote from Baalzebup
And this is .. kinda typical point of view for someone who does not have the attitude or patience to approach the game with the care and observation the games in the series deserve. Different strokes and all that, but one of the main things in t ...
Dark souls the first game
(39 posts, 2223 views) Posted: 243d 19h, 48m ago by Mamsmilk in Games
I sure hope you love dying. I have the game but can't be arsed to play it since I get fucked over by rats poisoning me while I try to land a blow in a small corridor that has no space for swinging. ...
New Poll - Types of Relationships
(25 posts, 2214 views) Posted: 244d 18h, 53m ago by Mamsmilk in News
No preferences. As long as it is well executed and isn't too laden with drama. ...
New Poll - Villains
(39 posts, 2418 views) Posted: 258d 8h, 34m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Basic jerk I suppose. I am not very good at being cruel. ...
New Poll - Turn for the Worse
(17 posts, 1238 views) Posted: 286d 3h, 47m ago by Mamsmilk in News
If it gets any worse or doesn't improve, dropped. ...
How often to you vote multiple times per poll?
(8 posts, 542 views) Posted: 289d 16h, 47m ago by Mamsmilk in Manga General
What's the point of voting many times? There's nothing to gain. ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4898 posts, 331874 views) Posted: 291d 20h, 19m ago by Mamsmilk in Music
October Tide - Of Wounds To Come

Really dig the early Katatonia guitar. ...
New Poll - Long Series
(28 posts, 1610 views) Posted: 294d 7h, 30m ago by Mamsmilk in News
I just drop them altogether. Oftentimes when series get translated slowly, I just never read them again. If there's a lot of stuff out when I start reading, I read everything there is without stopping. Rarely bothered to read any if there's like a chapter ever ...
Men who are genetically attractive to women
(8 posts, 1123 views) Posted: 298d 5h, 54m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
Depends on the woman. Good asses are great for example, but that alone won't do much. Good personalities are great, but first you must see her as someone you would go for instead of just hanging out like with buddies. If you don't plan on dating he ...
New Poll - Collector
(39 posts, 1892 views) Posted: 308d 2h, 23m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Physical volumes I suppose. I don't really care about all the other goods. ...
Anime Winter Season 2015
(13 posts, 1040 views) Posted: 317d 3h, 43m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
Well, Tokyo Ghoul continues and a new season of Monogatari. That's pretty good IMO. ...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4898 posts, 331874 views) Posted: 319d 13h, 5m ago by Mamsmilk in Music
Anaal Nathrakh - Unleash ...
New Poll - Dystopia vs. Utopia
(36 posts, 2601 views) Posted: 321d 21h, 19m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Dystopistic settings give characters more opportunities to show depth. It's also way easier to feel strongly about the characters when they face ordeals and have to take chances and maybe act against their will. It's a lot harder to change pace in uto ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 14913 views) Posted: 323d 14h, 18m ago by Mamsmilk in News
Rationally, what do people gain if you ban loli and/or shota? People don't turn into pedophiles because they read that stuff. They were already into it if they have that kind of interests. Better channel that stuff into something that injures nobody, assuming we ar ...
Youve read Berserk...right?
(56 posts, 12172 views) Posted: 323d 17h, 38m ago by Mamsmilk in Berserk
Talk about a necrobump.
Welp, while we are at it, might as well join.

I read it and dropped it after 32 volumes. Too Dragon Ball-esque a development for me when it became a battle of multiple volumes. I enjoy the brooding of Gattsu and the character development an ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 14913 views) Posted: 324d 23h, 22m ago by Mamsmilk in News
No. It's fiction. Banning it solves nothing. ...
When was the last time you sat down and read a book?
(514 posts, 50476 views) Posted: 375d 0h, 50m ago by Mamsmilk in Chatter Box
It's been around 8 years. ...

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