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New Poll - Same-Sex Romances
(67 posts, 8634 views) Posted: 1140d 12h, 38m ago by MitzumiKare in News
I'm a girl and read both but good yuri that isn't just schoolgirl lesbians or smut is hard to find. /sobs

I would like a poll to see how this correlates to sexuality but I think the amount of sexual choices [I'm bi/het/homo/omni/pan/asex/attracted to pu ...
Ever thought about an app?!
(11 posts, 1128 views) Posted: 1161d 21h, 8m ago by MitzumiKare in Suggestions & Bugs
I have to agree on an android app. It would be really nice to have an app where you login and swipe left to access your lists or swipe right to go to the discussion boards. A really great example of this is Chant which is a 4chan browser. Somehow I have an easier t ...
(20 posts, 1669 views) Posted: 1169d 20h, 54m ago by MitzumiKare in Recruitment
I'm interested in being a cleaner. ...
New Poll - Preferred Setting
(21 posts, 2199 views) Posted: 1183d 0h, 30m ago by MitzumiKare in News
Augh I actually had to think about this when doing an original series. The original roleplay was in japan but I don't know japan like that and it just come off weeboo-ish if I went ahead and did that so I moved the cast to america, made them multi cultural and left ...
New Poll - Last 5 Years (Anime)
(21 posts, 3146 views) Posted: 1203d 21h, 23m ago by MitzumiKare in News
As an anime reviewer I naturally watch far more anime now than I did previously. 5 years ago I didn't have internet, a laptop nor any way to watch anime other than going over my sister's to watch it via on demand at her house.

Conversely I read far ...
Most Fanserviced Manga/Anime
(11 posts, 1405 views) Posted: 1210d 7h, 11m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
As much as I agree with the HOTD example, there are a few others that come to mind: Ikkitousen as OP says which is not only panty flashes and boob jiggles but girl on girl action for no reason, guys molesting girls, clothes being torn off like the cloth is tissue pape ...
Girls, what do you think about female characters with XXL boobs?
(81 posts, 13650 views) Posted: 1214d 6h, 25m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
As a bisexual girl with big boobs [DDD and growing] I actually like the big boobs. It depends on the character and if I am in the mood for it. If someone like Saeko from HOTD has big tits, I am happy but the Nurse from the same series is annoying. Pairing the innocen ...
New Poll - Color Battle
(26 posts, 3248 views) Posted: 1225d 0h, 58m ago by MitzumiKare in News
I prefer color only if the mangaka has some coloring skill. Some artists just can't color well and have no idea that contrast colors are not meant to go together all the time. >_< I have seen some horrible color pages in my time and some equally as ba ...
New Poll - The Waiting Game
(25 posts, 2637 views) Posted: 1238d 12h, 32m ago by MitzumiKare in News
Well that is what the reading list is for. At least for me anyway. If there is a massive gap though, I will just move it to the on hold list and wait for the scantalators are finished or wait until it comes out in my language and buy it. Naturally this also depends on what I read ...
Evangelion Manga to Resume With End in 2013 Planned
(2 posts, 1117 views) Posted: 1250d 10h, 37m ago by MitzumiKare in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Yuuuuuussss this pleases Mitzumi....

But really, once it's finished and scantalated, I am going to download this, and read it all the way through and have some semblance of idea of what the hell EoE was about without my brain asploding. The manga has done a ...
Dancer to Martial Artist?
(8 posts, 944 views) Posted: 1254d 17h, 23m ago by MitzumiKare in I'm Looking For...
It's not immediately obvious but keep and eye on the big black dude in Tenjou Tenge. His arc and most of his character development is tying his dance to his fighting [well finding rhythm in his fighting since his style is mostly Coepiera which is Brazilian dance fi ...
Ikki Tousen republish
(14 posts, 3988 views) Posted: 1309d 21h, 35m ago by MitzumiKare in Ikki Tousen
Ignoring the posts above and answering the original question, I would read Ikki Tousen...maybe.

I used to say I would never get through Tenjou Tenge with the sex, violence and flashbacks flashbacks flashbacks but ta dah, it's on my completed list AND I alway ...
Exception to the Rule
(4 posts, 625 views) Posted: 1323d 20h, 40m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
Quote from CatzCradle
Isn't this thread already kinda similar to this one? l=exception

Did NOT see that one. Oh well mods will lock this one eventually I guess...
Exception to the Rule
(4 posts, 625 views) Posted: 1324d 9h, 51m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
There are just manga you avoid. You hate the art, the story line, the characters pick up a manga that looks...different. You didn't plan on enjoying it but now it's your favorite!

Surgeon's Law states that 90% of things are crap but that jus ...
2 men and a kitty
(7 posts, 619 views) Posted: 1326d 7h, 30m ago by MitzumiKare in Yaoi/Yuri
Okay Gravity Falls is explained and I know that feel of linking to the wrong manga. XD

I've already read [am reading?] Punch Up and Kyou is already on my wishlist. I think I did mention no kids though..../suspicious look at Seinen 14 Sai.

I did a nice little hunt mysel ...
2 men and a kitty
(7 posts, 619 views) Posted: 1327d 9h, 21m ago by MitzumiKare in Yaoi/Yuri
Quote from maladymaven
Suteneko no Karute oops somebody beat me to it while I was double checking suitability
Gravity Eyes
Aisareru Hito e Tsugu

The Summer Cat Turns Its Back oneshot (loosely fits)

I don't think Gravity Eyes or that last one fits it at all. O ...
Favorite OS
(66 posts, 5206 views) Posted: 1327d 12h, 28m ago by MitzumiKare in Chatter Box
I've been using Windows since Windows 95 and all releases since then though 7 is my favorite at the moment. I tried Windows 8 and it's not as bad as others say it is.

I did use a Linux based OS for a minute called Jolicloud but it was such a pain in the as ...
Popular shojos you just don't like?
(530 posts, 85443 views) Posted: 1327d 12h, 55m ago by MitzumiKare in Shoujo/Josei
Hmm for me it's most of anything posted in Shojou Beat with the exception of Vampire Knight, Crimson Hero and NANA. I tried to watch see the appeal of Special A but it only reminds me of Kaichou wa Maid-Sama: supernaturally good guy plus tsundere.

In ...
What turns you off... about a manga.
(306 posts, 50409 views) Posted: 1327d 13h, 7m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
It's a short list but powerful:

Regarding scantalations:
1. The scantalation group is playing hide and seek with the releases. I love Crimson Spell but jumping through hoops to get it. Just no. Call me when it's over.
How to find more manga (guide)
(48 posts, 25160 views) Posted: 1327d 13h, 24m ago by MitzumiKare in Manga General
This is more yaoi specific but I follow some Yaoi blogs on tubmlr and they post pages sometimes and give recommendations. The ones who do this best is Yaoi Reign who not only gives recs and post pages but they have EVERYTHING tagged. The reason why m ...
Sex Pistols to Resume in Japan
(8 posts, 5186 views) Posted: 1327d 13h, 42m ago by MitzumiKare in Sex Pistols
Oh I have that chart. Doesn't make it any less confusing though. On another note, it's pretty rare to have Yuri and Yaoi in the same series. J'approve. ...
Straight Guy/ Gay Guy?...
(22 posts, 13525 views) Posted: 1327d 13h, 43m ago by MitzumiKare in Yaoi/Yuri
A lot more recent [not sure if you are still following this thread but] is Himegoto Asobi which is so hilarious but the art though..../sigh To each their own. ...
2 men and a kitty
(7 posts, 619 views) Posted: 1327d 13h, 51m ago by MitzumiKare in Yaoi/Yuri
I'm looking for a manga where two men meet [and fall in love] because of a cat. I have read Hachimitsu Darling and am reading Koi to wa Yobenai in the meantime so I want something similar. Mind you I said MEN so shoutas and girly ukes and traps and sch ...
Best and Worst Shonen Jump Anime Adaptations You've Sees (so far)
(13 posts, 3287 views) Posted: 1332d 15h, 3m ago by MitzumiKare in Shounen/Seinen
Yu Yu Hakusho- I remained more or less faithful to the manga and cut out filler that the manga had. Also this is one of the better cases of Superlative Dubbing I have seen.
Dragonball Z- love it or hate it, it captured the essence of the DBZ manga- LOTS of talki ...
Sex Pistols to Resume in Japan
(8 posts, 5186 views) Posted: 1332d 15h, 14m ago by MitzumiKare in Sex Pistols
At this rate though, MOAR characters will be introduced. I can barely keep track. Can anyone draw up a relationship chart or something? I don't have a thing against a large cast [looks at own long character list for upcoming manga in shame] but everyone ...

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