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(25 posts, 837 views) Posted: 22d 21h, 30m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
Oh, but it does. Strength comes with choices. Choosing your own path instead of following the whims of others. Choosing whether or not to consider others' weaknesses. (etc. blahblah) ...
(25 posts, 837 views) Posted: 23d 7h, 50m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
I really can't not victim-blame when it comes to those occurences when the victim defends the spouse, or lies for him/her or whatever and places him/herself in the line of fire again and again. (If they're locked up, either by locks or kids, then it' ...
(25 posts, 837 views) Posted: 23d 23h, 7m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
Most people have a stick up their bottom and need to take copious amounts of chill-pills. Letting things get to you is often associated with fear and weakness of mind. And for good reason. ...
End it or get your effin act together.
(4 posts, 400 views) Posted: 35d 19h, 24m ago by Jooles in Hunter x Hunter
Granted, I've heard so many different reasons why it's on hiatus over the years, but from what I've gathered lately, his illness was only during one of the hiatuses and the rest have been either to make a better storyline or protesting about the w ...
Something funny like Word of God or Heaven's Lost Property
(1 posts, 125 views) Posted: 75d 0h, 56m ago by Jooles in I'm Looking For...
I have no idea what those two manga are, but for humor, "Kyou Kara ore wa!" has few equals. ...
New Poll - Death of the MC
(35 posts, 2605 views) Posted: 432d 2h, 15m ago by Jooles in News
Ditto. There's strength and pride behind killing off a beloved character if it's done for the sake of the story, and as much as I've hated seeing some people die suddenly, it's also pretty damn "awesome" a lot of the times. ...
New Poll - Translation Accuracy vs Fluency
(56 posts, 4510 views) Posted: 452d 3h, 23m ago by Jooles in News
Chose fluency. Mostly because of retarded non-translations like just romanicizing that thing they say when they're leaving instead of well, "I'm off/leaving." or "Let's eat" instead of "Itadakimasu". It's n ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 12742 views) Posted: 506d 20h, 30m ago by Jooles in News
Girl on girl is hoooooooooot.

LESBIAN ON LESBIAN, however, isn't. Nothing hot about two girls that doesn't like penis, regardless of circumstance. ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 12742 views) Posted: 506d 20h, 34m ago by Jooles in News
Didn't vote, partially because I keep forgetting that the poll is retarded and once you click "Show results" you can no longer vote. But I would've kept it blank anyway. My three least favourites (below) --that I might still read-- all possess some ...
New Poll - Bad Spelling/Grammar
(81 posts, 7638 views) Posted: 589d 1h, 53m ago by Jooles in News
While I do prefer that font that most "pro"-groups use and the QC at an extreme high, I guess I'm only "definately annoyed" when the sentences are troublesome to understand. One manga that comes to mind is the early Captain Tsu ...
New Poll - Scanlation Ethics
(80 posts, 8672 views) Posted: 681d 0h, 40m ago by Jooles in News
Let's see, morally wrong? No. Shows like Suits, Buffy/Angel, Miami Vice and Boston Legal are all something I downloaded and am planning on buying once I have the cash for it. Would I ever had bought $100~ boxsets if I hadn't seen them and loved the ...
New Poll - Cheering for Couples
(41 posts, 3138 views) Posted: 752d 5h, 30m ago by Jooles in News
I fail to see how you can vote for this properly. For scenario-questions like this, context is everything. Sometimes you prefer this/him/her to win, sometimes that/it/the alien in the shed. ...
New Poll - Disliking Stereotypes
(70 posts, 5513 views) Posted: 778d 18h, 17m ago by Jooles in News
I was missing something in the lines of "'Pervert!' *slap*"-girls like everyone in Love Hina, etc. I much prefer the "Oh, you saw me naked, what are you gonna do about it? ;;wink" in that case, but then it always boils down to "AM ...
New Poll - For an Essay
(97 posts, 4822 views) Posted: 983d 15h, 2m ago by Jooles in News
Don't really understand why you're whining so much about the poll being bad when you have absolutely no idea what the essay is about - the subject of the class wasn't even specified. For all I know, this answer could fit into a statistic or whatev ...
Site Poll - Chat Box 155 - Choosing an Honorific
(50 posts, 3306 views) Posted: 1005d 22h, 52m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
If I HAD to be addressed by an honorific, I'd prefer shooting myself. Honorifics is one of the many things I dislike about Japanese culture. ...
Site Poll - Chat Box 152 - Cliffhangers
(19 posts, 1622 views) Posted: 1026d 3h, 10m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
Can't really think of any examples in manga, but take Prison Break as an example. The reason it was so wildly popular at first had a lot to do with the endless episode-cliffhangers, many of which grand enough in size to be season-finale'ish.

I actually ha ...
Site Poll - Chat Box 147 - Recruitment Pages
(24 posts, 2352 views) Posted: 1061d 18h, 4m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
If they spoil shit with art or comments, it bugs me to no end. It's ignorant.

If they're funny, I might even stop to read. Otherwise I just ignore them. But seriously? 2.8% so far hates them? Pages like that have probably given you hours of reading-fun. Think, ...
New Poll - Anime/Manga for Lent
(22 posts, 715 views) Posted: 1220d 17h, 58m ago by Jooles in News
I don't believe in denying myself pleasure of any kind. ...
New Poll - AnimeExpo 2010
(17 posts, 476 views) Posted: 1488d 4h, 35m ago by Jooles in News
Hot Sceneteens: Yes
Stat'rape-age in the US: 18

...So it'd still be a no, even if I was going to the US. (What's up with that age, anyway - Once they turn 18, for most girls it's all downhill from there. What a waste.) ...
Removal of Unlicensed Release Links
(86 posts, 3498 views) Posted: 1505d 18h, 24m ago by Jooles in News
Don't throw around absolutes like right or wrong, especially those based on "morals".

Since the dawn of Internet, which truly made culture global (and immortal), it's WRONG to deny anyone another country's culture [in 4D]. "W ...
Manga sites censored
(136 posts, 32000 views) Posted: 1561d 3h, 28m ago by Jooles in Manga General
Quote from Lord_Lucifiel
Hmmm... so what if the titles get removed?

There're always MangaTraders, Subwire and a ton more of other online reading/manga download sites. confused

Yes and no to the indifference. Mainly no, though - while I wouldn't even co ...
New Poll - Define Love
(34 posts, 1052 views) Posted: 1562d 5h, 6m ago by Jooles in News
Let's see, I used to be fed the same kind of bullshit most people get. I bought it. "Aww, marriage, girlfriend, bladdieblah". I was in tune with you and most other people out there. What I'm currently lobbying is way off field for about 85-90% of a ...
New Poll - Define Love
(34 posts, 1052 views) Posted: 1562d 20h, 16m ago by Jooles in News
Cynical? Only if you're looking at life through the DisneyTM/Hollywood-kaleidoscope. I'm a realist. Marriage is a dumb idea. But it's all part of the female agenda, so I won't hassle you for your views. ...Do please tell me that you're f ...
Site Poll - Chat Box 93 - Define Love
(57 posts, 4709 views) Posted: 1563d 22h, 0m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
Quote from Orka_n
Quote from Jooles
"Love" = (Attraction --> Addiction) + Delusion.

People tend to think that "Love" is what defines gender-dynamics, and that true love and soulmates exists, blahblahblah.

There is only ATTRACTION. W ...
(44 posts, 2909 views) Posted: 1564d 18h, 53m ago by Jooles in Chatter Box
I use Youtube for music.

I download series all the time, I'm not going to let some douche or yt-clip spoil something for me just 'cause my country has to wait for new episodes. Nor will I ever schedule my life around the TV-guide when I can and should b ...

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