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New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 1545 views) Posted: 179d 14h, 8m ago by mystichead in News
i think invincibility and immortality are slightly irrational concepts.... if you look at the human or ANY biological body...its complex..... theres more other stuff (bacteria, fungus and other microbiota) in you keeping you functioning in every system of ur body AND mind let ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 2122 views) Posted: 183d 18h, 34m ago by mystichead in News

other than most of my fav chars coming from dystopias or a "world/universe" with some real real crazy shit going on...... most of those worlds would REALLY be risky and put me through MUUUUCH more hardship.... even those fun looking w ...
manga/manhwa with badass girl
(3 posts, 339 views) Posted: 265d 21h, 10m ago by mystichead in I'm Looking For...
in particular i came across a description while just browsing thru... about one manga... and for the life of me i cant remember it (no it wasnt a hwang mi ri title..yuck)

and im paraphrasing here

badass girl...moved to new start anew.but it was filled with delinque ...
How much does the manga/anime resemble the novel
(0 posts, 444 views) Posted: 442d 23h, 17m ago by mystichead in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Hey guys.

I've read the first volume and a half. I like this. But b4 I move on i noticed tht it started as most good series do.... From being based on a novel series... While also having an anime adaptation...
Can anyone mind telling me how much does the manga se ...
I don't get the ending(spoilers) plz help
(1 posts, 332 views) Posted: 456d 10h, 17m ago by mystichead in Come Spring
So I was kinda confused as to wht happened the last 2 or possibly even 3 chapters... Can anybody help me?

Especially in regards to both the girls... ...
Does this continue from v5 ch24 of the prequel?
(1 posts, 299 views) Posted: 479d 11h, 29m ago by mystichead in Ai Ore!
So I was just wondering if I should pick up the series... I haven't read the prequel and therefore I was wondering if this continues from where the scanlation stopped as in tht point is where tht series ended.... Or the scanlation stopped b4 the point where it ended ...
New Poll - First...
(19 posts, 2985 views) Posted: 592d 3h, 55m ago by mystichead in News
where is first SEX ( EVER or for some in a long while or the yr) ..or just hime hajime (hajime hime? cant remember the order) ...
General/ Latest Chapter Discussion
(11 posts, 1485 views) Posted: 701d 22h, 39m ago by mystichead in Übel Blatt
wait WTF just happen right now in 106....
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
didnt Glenn die.....and why the fuck is he so young?

did i miss something?.....plz explain if i have ...
(0 posts, 617 views) Posted: 725d 20h, 2m ago by mystichead in Kaze no Stigma (Light Novel)
So i see that that the author died but its noted tht volume 1-6 are the main story and 7-11 (aka ignition) albeit incomplete are just side stories.....

does that mean that the main plot part is complete?

i would like it if some body shed some light on this for me

Thankyou very ...
Any updates?
(1 posts, 492 views) Posted: 783d 18h, 54m ago by mystichead in The Embalmer
I was wondering if there were anymore updates to the manga.....
i mean in the mainland... is it many more volumes/dropped

any info would be much appreciated ...
Still Hiatus?
(1 posts, 967 views) Posted: 787d 7h, 19m ago by mystichead in ChunChu
I remember this going Hiatus A WHILE that some awesome peeps are continuing the scanlation where it was left off......

I was wondering if it is still in Hiatus

Any information on this will be gratefully appreciated ...
Is this loli?
(5 posts, 1048 views) Posted: 799d 19h, 35m ago by mystichead in Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de.
I dont quite remember reading about age of the girl in the manga........but she is at least below 15...which isa confirmed by chapter 3........

so just for kicks....i made this poll..... laugh ...
(3 posts, 1559 views) Posted: 812d 1h, 45m ago by mystichead in Zen Martial Arts academy
I keep seeing the status in country of orinign to be Discontinued/hiatus. its been like tht for a while...yet there are relases of it really still the case......
a mistake....or is there an announced break being taken........

What i mean is... can anyone enlighten me to ...
(0 posts, 882 views) Posted: 860d 11h, 58m ago by mystichead in Misumaruka Koukoku Monogatari
Hi guys

I love this series, but now as i see it tagged as axed...I wonder what potential it would have had....
since i love the concepts, character (smart, strategic [not a cheesy smart , in which the manga doesnt even display the thought process or complexities of a situ ...
decimals for chapters
(2 posts, 305 views) Posted: 875d 4h, 7m ago by mystichead in Suggestions & Bugs

sorry about that

the last paragraph was a related but separate request in which having the chapter/volume tracker thingy be able to recognize different parts and volumes of a series, incase the chapter count or even the volume count resets was no ...
decimals for chapters
(2 posts, 305 views) Posted: 875d 8h, 14m ago by mystichead in Suggestions & Bugs
Hi, sorry for bothering u guys for something this small,

But recently i have been follwing and reading a decent number of series with decimals in their chapter like 1.2, 18.4 etc or maybe like 20a,13f

Since i use this site to track where i am in a particular series, it might b ...
Moyashimon Returns with New Anime Season This July
(5 posts, 999 views) Posted: 875d 23h, 42m ago by mystichead in Moyashimon


......after del rey even dropped this...i was so sad.....but atleast i might get farther into the series via anime... ...
no Romance?
(0 posts, 598 views) Posted: 881d 7h, 49m ago by mystichead in Eighth
7 volumes..... and this is a harem shounen.....even tho its a cliche by itself....sometimes a good one

IS THERE REALLY NO ROMANCE in this? possibly another good cliche.........but really none or so minimal tht it doesnt even count as subplot?

just curious, if anyone has ...
(1 posts, 481 views) Posted: 921d 0h, 58m ago by mystichead in Ten yori Takaku (AKITSU Mikami)
I just strted resuming manga after coming back from a long no read hiatus, 500 days, and among the series tht i was kinda looking forward to was this one. Is this REALLY canclled or something?

Can anyone enlighten us to he details on whats actually hapening re ...
Incest related scanlations -new trend?
(7 posts, 2483 views) Posted: 1495d 21h, 51m ago by mystichead in Manga General
ok gotcha ...
Worth Reading anymore? (caution spoilers)
(12 posts, 2410 views) Posted: 1496d 19h, 58m ago by mystichead in Kimi no Iru Machi
thanks guys
After checking out suzuka again

I am strting to like it..............but not too much...ill finish it eventually........

However while attempting to this..........i have read up to 83. for Kimi no Iru Machi.............I am sorry but i have reached my limit.....i dont really htink its getting bette ...
Incest related scanlations -new trend?
(7 posts, 2483 views) Posted: 1496d 20h, 12m ago by mystichead in Manga General
sorry my everywhere else i actually meant scanlation culture located everywhere else.......

i apologize for my lack of skills in articulation and expression..............

Would you like mint-chocolate chip.......or DARK double chocolate (from the DARKSIDE)? ...
Having a filtration system for the tags
(7 posts, 696 views) Posted: 1496d 20h, 15m ago by mystichead in Suggestions & Bugs
Hey guys.....sorry for bothering you......but i was wondering if you can add a similar system that you have for the Genre filtration to the tags........

I know it might be hard, but I am hoping that you will consider adding it, and maybe even find an easy method to accomplish th ...
Incest related scanlations -new trend?
(7 posts, 2483 views) Posted: 1496d 20h, 43m ago by mystichead in Manga General
Is it just me or is there like an insane rise in all the incest/incest-like manga that is being scanlated all of a sudden?

Is it just my paranoia or one of Japan's bad cultural niches of interest have started to leak unto everywhere else? ( i know it is a very po ...
Worth Reading anymore? (caution spoilers)
(12 posts, 2410 views) Posted: 1502d 21h, 26m ago by mystichead in Kimi no Iru Machi
Hey guys,
I know this is weird......but im just curious....
I left this manga on hold cuz i got frustrated on it when Nanami didnt want to be Haruto's girlfriend, and i think now he was thinking of getting together with Eba.....which i thought was chezy, and extremely lackin ...

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