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Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19
(16 posts, 1935 views) Posted: 196d 1h, 2m ago by Vudoodude in Chatter Box
First...that half a million votes equates to a 1% difference in votes, whereas the electoral votes is about a 21% difference. But even ignoring this, if a petition is to actually work, you would need petition levels comparable to those that actually voted in the election, mea ...
Mushoku Tensei Final Volume (END)
(20 posts, 6524 views) Posted: 748d 23h, 57m ago by Vudoodude in Mushoku Tensei (Novel)
Honestly, the manga is even worse. While reading you get to read about the perverse reaction, but in the manga they keep showing his ugly old-world face. TERRIBLE. I like harems, I like this series, but his old-world face ruins the manga.

I'm looking for new novels to read
(4 posts, 1012 views) Posted: 777d 11h, 46m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...
I've been on a wuxia kick as of late, so anything by the author of Coiling Dragon - I Eat Tomatoes, which The Desolate Era (Novel) (still early in translation) and Xingchenbian (Novel) (over 10 volumes out)

as well as Xian Ni (Novel) (this one is about a talentles ...
Weak to OP'ed
(3 posts, 1532 views) Posted: 790d 11h, 44m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...
I Eat Tomatoes writes a few of them about a person going from weak to incredibly strong. Coiling Dragon the MC is a genius, and although he starts at a low level everyone else does he rises quickly, while Xingchenbian (Novel) the MC is very weak and has no m ...
A question about Zhan Long (Novel) MC
(1 posts, 603 views) Posted: 798d 4h, 57m ago by Vudoodude in Manga General
I'm not sure if any chapter outlines all of the stats in general, nor does it really explain the dmg or stat to health/mp, but they made reference to classes determine stat ratios. So you put points into certain stats, and depending on the class the points are worth ...
Anime spring Season 2015
(8 posts, 1590 views) Posted: 798d 5h, 45m ago by Vudoodude in Chatter Box
I am really looking forward to Dungeon ni geai.... and Highschool DxD. I also can't wait for GATE in summer, and Overlord ...
The Desolate Era/Mang Shortage discipline(I eat tomatoes)
(29 posts, 7769 views) Posted: 805d 3h, 4m ago by Vudoodude in The Desolate Era
Does the main character get an animal friend? Stellar had the eagle thing, panlong has the rat, this one...confused so far? ...
The Rise of Novels
(27 posts, 4233 views) Posted: 827d 3h, 6m ago by Vudoodude in Manga General
I think a lot of people are realizing that a lot of mangas and animes come from novels, and that like movies made from novels, animes/mangas cut out a lot of content. Novels on the other hand are complete, full, and in depth allowing fans to truly enjoy and understa ...
Hajime and his harem images from the raws
(4 posts, 5903 views) Posted: 847d 10h, 0m ago by Vudoodude in Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
They looked relatively how I imagined they would look. Love this series though. ...
Manga/Manhwa like The Ruler of the Land
(7 posts, 3089 views) Posted: 861d 2h, 21m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...
Douluo Dalu the novel is quite good too. Stellar transformation is like the DBZ version, douluo dalu does a better job moderating power levels of people, but I enjoyed coiling dragon more. Of course, this doesn't mean douluo was a bad read or anything in fac ...
2014, year of the broken games?
(19 posts, 2682 views) Posted: 895d 12h, 44m ago by Vudoodude in Games
It's how gaming is these days. With the release of internet capable consoles and internet availability across most of the developed world, developers can easily patch games or add fixes later. In the past they were unable to do this so games needed extensi ...
The rating of "1" and "10"
(59 posts, 7344 views) Posted: 934d 10h, 33m ago by Vudoodude in Manga General
I typically only rate 8-10, using an academic scale, so is it really worth 80%, 90% 100%? Is it really A-, A, A+? I looked at plot and animation mainly, but will also look at how I like the characters.

The reason why I only give 8-10 is because any manga or series that is wo ...
Best art for Shounen/Seinen- Mangaka/Manga
(40 posts, 11374 views) Posted: 944d 8h, 10m ago by Vudoodude in Shounen/Seinen
Oh great is a great one. I'll also second Highschool of the Dead's artist. One artist not mentioned is the artist who does Minamoto-kun Monogatari . The women in this series, my god, the women are drawn just so spectacularly. Some of the best fan s ...
yi shioon questions. SPOIL IT FOR ME
(3 posts, 1810 views) Posted: 951d 6h, 33m ago by Vudoodude in The Breaker: New Waves
He does get it back. Forget when, but he becomes quite capable in fighting. ...
Volume 9 Preview Chapters?
(2 posts, 1298 views) Posted: 959d 11h, 51m ago by Vudoodude in Mushoku Tensei (Novel)
Read them. Preview just means they haven't been fully edited so not all the grammatical mistakes are corrected. They are still for the most part readable and in fact very enjoyable. I've read straight up to vol 20 now, and I didn't notice much of ...
Why so many Magical Combat Highschool mangas
(3 posts, 586 views) Posted: 970d 2h, 41m ago by Vudoodude in Manga General
It's like asking, why are there so many high-school romance shoujo mangas. For starters, highschool magic-combat genres are very broad mainstream genres to begin with. For starters, magic basically needs combat, otherwise you're reading a m ...
Mushoku Tensei
(18 posts, 3900 views) Posted: 972d 7h, 28m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...
Funny. I am waiting for those chapters to come out as well so I can read Vol 20. Still, I've reached a end to my quest so far and haven't found anything else to read. ...
Mushoku Tensei
(18 posts, 3900 views) Posted: 972d 9h, 59m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (novel) -> although most of it is translated work by Bakahou and not "officially" released but is in "preview", they chapters are completely translated and readable. Also the current chapter it is on right now ...
Why do some people dislike vegans?
(95 posts, 8674 views) Posted: 977d 2h, 38m ago by Vudoodude in Chatter Box
As many have mentioned already, the preachiness, but also, in the western community it is largely different. In countries where the majority are omnivores, seeing someone restricting themselves from an entire body of food seems odd. It immediately brings up the ...
Mushoku Tensei
(18 posts, 3900 views) Posted: 987d 0h, 19m ago by Vudoodude in I'm Looking For...
Not sure if you've read these but these light novels:
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel)
Ark (Novel)
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Novel)

Ark is very similar to moonlight sculptor, a bit darker.

Arifureta is a nice read too.

While the first two are ...
Harem tag
(48 posts, 6635 views) Posted: 1053d 2h, 30m ago by Vudoodude in The Gamer
Does the class rep even talk to the main character? By your logic, EVERY manga is harem and reverse harem because EVERY manga has multiple male and female characters. As I've said before, this manga can make the harem direction, but right no ...
Harem tag
(48 posts, 6635 views) Posted: 1053d 3h, 8m ago by Vudoodude in The Gamer
Okay, it took some time, but I'm really that bored, so:
The "many girl" argument, is 3 girls, 4 if you include the witch that just appeared (but excluding the mother of course).
Of the "4" girls,
the red hair girl talks to the main character 4x
th ...
Harem tag
(48 posts, 6635 views) Posted: 1053d 4h, 8m ago by Vudoodude in The Gamer
From one manga site:
THE 게이머 (Original); 더 게이머 (Korean); Игрок (Russian); اللاعب (Arabic); Oyunc ...
Harem tag
(48 posts, 6635 views) Posted: 1053d 4h, 17m ago by Vudoodude in The Gamer
The Gamer's genre:
Genre [Edit]
Action Comedy Martial Arts School Life Shounen Supernatural

The Gamer
Note the lack of harem.
Check mate.
You mad bro? ...
Harem tag
(48 posts, 6635 views) Posted: 1053d 4h, 28m ago by Vudoodude in The Gamer
Quote from Akiradesu
Look at this. That's an example of what projection is. Now look up some more of the things from some "sunny posters"

See reflection of their ugly inner self.

OMG I ge ...

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