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New Poll - Self-Control
(31 posts, 514 views) Posted: 15d 15h, 27m ago by quark1020 in News
If its work, then I have to stop. Can't read manga if i have no job, online or otherwise. Anything else, though, I can live without :3. The usual sacrifice is sleep, but I've already come to the conclusion that I won't be able to sleep either way if I' ...
New Poll - Yaoi vs. Yuri
(58 posts, 1961 views) Posted: 30d 3h, 57m ago by quark1020 in News
Give it some time. From the time of this reply, the poll has only been up roughly 3 hours. The only weird thing I find about this post is this strange feeling that we've done this poll before... ...
New Poll - Villains
(39 posts, 1130 views) Posted: 36d 18h, 19m ago by quark1020 in News
To be fair, the poll didn't specify on whether it was a villain you *could* be versus the one you *wanted* to be.

In my case, I'm a big guy, so I'd likely end up being the brute. However, if I could choose, I'd much rather be the ruling tyrant. ...
New Poll - Collector
(39 posts, 1071 views) Posted: 86d 0h, 43m ago by quark1020 in News
Put me down for [All of the above]. Come on, if I had the spare money, I'd buy everything that my heart desired in this particular genre. Since this is not the case, though, I just buy physical manga volumes whenever I find them at discount. ...
New Poll - Manga App
(38 posts, 1530 views) Posted: 113d 0h, 53m ago by quark1020 in News
I do not. The screen is too small on my phone to fully enjoy a manga (or any graphic novel in general) and I don't own a tablet. I'll stick to my PC at home or bring a physical book.

On a side note, I do use an app for light novels. My phone is definitely capa ...
New Poll - Unrealistic Manga
(32 posts, 1612 views) Posted: 120d 15h, 28m ago by quark1020 in News

I have no strong feelings one way or the other. ...
New Poll - Ad-blocker
(37 posts, 1871 views) Posted: 148d 13h, 32m ago by quark1020 in News
I use a script blocker, which ends up blocking most of the ads I see. I know its a bit bad, especially for websites I do want to support, but you never know what weird things you'll get from some of these ads. ...
New Poll - After Finishing a Series
(23 posts, 960 views) Posted: 155d 15h, 10m ago by quark1020 in News
Fan Fiction,

It lets us screw around with the characters (sometimes literally) without having to worry about continuity. Sequels and spin-offs would be great too, but it will eventually get to the point where the series will start becoming stale or it goes in a direction that is ...
New Poll - Assuming Genders
(56 posts, 3032 views) Posted: 211d 12h, 42m ago by quark1020 in News
Male here, and I just assume its a guy until I'm told otherwise. The way I see it, most of the places I visit tend to have a higher percentage of male, so the odds are in my favor. Worst case scenario, I got a 50% chance its male bigrazz.

Personally, I don't think it ...
New Poll - MU Years
(64 posts, 2930 views) Posted: 275d 1h, 59m ago by quark1020 in News
Probably since 2004-2006, I have no idea exactly. I only made an account several years ago when I started having trouble keeping track of my manga. I do remember using this site when we could still download by clicking on the little button next to the release name ...
New Poll - Sailor Moon
(37 posts, 1721 views) Posted: 288d 14h, 54m ago by quark1020 in News
This video sums up my opinion nicely: ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 4722 views) Posted: 317d 0h, 23m ago by quark1020 in News
I THINK I read mostly shounen. I don't really pay attention to the genre when I read, mainly just grabbing whatever I find interesting at the time. Only reason I assume its shounen is because it doesn't easily fit any of the other options bigrazz .

I really shouldn' ...
New Poll - Age
(30 posts, 1710 views) Posted: 338d 2h, 17m ago by quark1020 in News
You might have something there. Pokemon, DBZ, and Sailor Moon were, usually, the first anime/manga that many of us started with. Of course, my first anime was actually Vampire Hunter D when it showed on Cartoon Network back in 91, but I didn't start be ...
New Poll - Aggregate Sites
(40 posts, 1898 views) Posted: 359d 6h, 44m ago by quark1020 in News
I use them more often than not.

A lot of scanlators now have their own manga readers for their website, so I don't have to go to Batoto for everything, but I end up using it most of the time anyway for manga that was released by a defunct groups or scanlato ...
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 2085 views) Posted: 372d 8h, 11m ago by quark1020 in News
That would be an interesting option for this poll, but it would depend on the restrictions involving it, such as the forms we can return as, distance between forms, and whether we can only continue to come back so long as biological life exists somewhere.

Hell, if you c ...
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 2085 views) Posted: 372d 8h, 32m ago by quark1020 in News

It would depend on what theories on the creation and death of a universe are true, but if I could figure out how to deal with the long wait and comfort (IE, Temperature and Vacuum), seeing the end of the universe and possible rebirth would be something to look ...
New Poll - Mortality
(43 posts, 2085 views) Posted: 373d 7h, 37m ago by quark1020 in News

Existing forever would eventually suck, but I'll be able to live as long as I'd like if I don't have to worry about old age or sickness. Besides, if I had to choose, I'd take death by trauma over the plague. ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 2934 views) Posted: 380d 9h, 0m ago by quark1020 in News

Most of the manga I enjoy to read seems to have something that wants to destroy the world/universe/reality or something for some reason. I'm fine here, thank you very much. ...
New Poll - Pursuing Romance
(43 posts, 2240 views) Posted: 407d 23h, 2m ago by quark1020 in News
Childhood Friend

Yes, I'm boring like that. I just feel that is what both characters deserve. Depending on the characters, of course. ...
New Poll - Time Spent
(23 posts, 1303 views) Posted: 414d 13h, 22m ago by quark1020 in News
5-10 hours

I read manga or watch anime for about 30 to 60 minutes at breakfast every morning before work.

After work, I spend the rest of my free time with my true love.....

Video games. ...
New Poll - Fan Service
(37 posts, 2907 views) Posted: 422d 1h, 22m ago by quark1020 in News
It generally fairly mild things. Things like an occasional panty shots and the very common, but mostly unnecessary, bath house and beach episodes. If the writer is good, the beach and bath house episodes could be plot relevant or at least necessary to tell something ...
New Poll - Hentai
(52 posts, 5282 views) Posted: 453d 12h, 40m ago by quark1020 in News
Ecchi - A lot of strip teasing, sexual situations, Barbie doll anatomy, implied sex if any.

Borderline H - Strait nudity, briefly shown sex scenes, focuses on plot before and after sex.

Hentai - 3 pages of plot, 15 page sex scenes, everything but genitalia shown (silly Japane ...
New Poll - Hentai
(52 posts, 5282 views) Posted: 453d 12h, 51m ago by quark1020 in News
Borderline H

Ecchi gets silly after a few chapters and frustrating if it doesn't go anywhere in the end.
Hentai, on the other hands, focuses too much on the sex scenes and not enough in plot.

Borderline H is the best of both worlds: hentai scenes to draw my inte ...
New Poll - Hentai
(52 posts, 5282 views) Posted: 453d 12h, 56m ago by quark1020 in News
I would assume this poll would apply for either. I mean, sex is sex. Do we really need to be specific on the type of sex in order to have an intelligent conversation about it and its use in manga? ...
New Poll - Scanlation Anger
(138 posts, 10760 views) Posted: 498d 11h, 41m ago by quark1020 in News
I love this, this is probably the best way to go around this particular poll. No one asked, but here's my list of lesser evil to evil incarnate:

1. Making money of scanlations. If they are doing it legit, being hired by the legal owners of the particular manga, then great ...

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