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Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(57 posts, 3064 views) Posted: 5d 18h, 25m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Hinata has an important role because Hanabi, her little sister, has been kidnapped by a mysterious pretty man with a moon crescent on his back. Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata have all been tasked with bringing her back. That's what some pages ...
Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(57 posts, 3064 views) Posted: 13d 13h, 23m ago by kirabook in Naruto
The 'beginning of love' thing hasn't been directly tied to romance. None of the translators really know if it's referring to romantic love, or love in the world, etc etc.

There hasn't been any legitimate proof of what the scarf means ot ...
Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(57 posts, 3064 views) Posted: 13d 18h, 52m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Normally, Viz is the least accurate out of all of them. Normally, I hate Viz translations and stick to mangapanda. Mangapanda wasn't right this time because it used past tense. I was told they probably did that mistakenly because Sakura's whole speech ...
Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(57 posts, 3064 views) Posted: 13d 21h, 50m ago by kirabook in Naruto
After consulting with people, the correct translation for this chapter was the Viz translation (previously, I thought it was Mangapanda)

Sakura still loves Sasuke in some sense, but her love cannot be described as romantic or plantonic. She feels guilty for allowing Sa ...
(4 posts, 553 views) Posted: 183d 14h, 49m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Indeed, I am quite annoyed how Naruto just seems to push everything Sasuke has done aside. But what can I say, it's expected. Don't like it though. ...
Killua and Gon?
(18 posts, 7869 views) Posted: 241d 20h, 29m ago by kirabook in Hunter x Hunter
Why would kids be lusting after each other, and why should they lust after women at such an age?

Let them be. There doesn't always need to be a female in the mix, and I'm not even someone who likes yaoi. Bro relationships can be so amazing and to ...
Did you attend your Prom
(236 posts, 15414 views) Posted: 242d 12h, 19m ago by kirabook in Chatter Box
Yes, just to get the experience over with. I took my older cousin, who never got to go to her prom. I pretty much sat around and ate while she danced with like minded peers. Lol. I'm happy that she got to have fun at least, and I did see some of my friends ther ...
(3 posts, 875 views) Posted: 266d 13h, 44m ago by kirabook in Dragon Eye
I love this manga. It's apparently on indefinite hiatus which is unfortunate. It was so interesting. ...
(1 posts, 485 views) Posted: 267d 2h, 50m ago by kirabook in Naruto
I hope that Sakura gained the respect of some of her haters this chapter. This is the definition of not being useless. This is the definition of a true amazing medic nin. Cutting open someone's chest and pumping someone's heart manually.

Now the argu ...
(1 posts, 344 views) Posted: 276d 1h, 42m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Loved this chapter. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I've been debating how Sakura can possibly help given they always die after extraction.

Some speculate that they're being taken to Minato and he will seal the other half in ...
Kishimoto's Father Passed Away
(1 posts, 811 views) Posted: 279d 21h, 10m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Naruto will be on break next week. Kishimoto is taking some personal time off for his father's death. It seems that his father has been sick for quite a while.

User Posted Image ...
(7 posts, 740 views) Posted: 281d 13h, 34m ago by kirabook in Games
I was expecting a lot of Sims3 in the beginning stages.... but as the expansion packs continued and all, I started feeling extreme disappointment. The game was riddled with bugs that they didn't bother to fix. Every expansion pack felt incomplete and underdevel ...
(1 posts, 372 views) Posted: 292d 14h, 18m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Yush, that is true. Though, I don't think it relates to 660 much, unless you're indicating that Obito will save Naruto from certain eventual death. ...
(20 posts, 1398 views) Posted: 335d 16h, 48m ago by kirabook in Naruto
No, he didn't die because of what Dark Kurama said. You don't die if the juubi is extracted, you just become incredibly weak and immobile for a while. ...
(20 posts, 1398 views) Posted: 336d 15h, 52m ago by kirabook in Naruto
It makes sense why Obito didn't die, dark Kurama explained it. As we already know, the original sage didn't die from extracting the bijuu from himself. The same applies to Obito, severely weakened, but not dead.

Eh, I'm kind of iffy on the Edo Te ...
(20 posts, 1398 views) Posted: 337d 1h, 13m ago by kirabook in Naruto
If I remember correctly, Kabuto's edo tensei didn't require a mass load of bodies did it? Some of them did, but I thought the point of him surpassing Orochimaru on this front was that he didn't need all the bodies to accomplish what he did. How ma ...
(20 posts, 1398 views) Posted: 337d 7h, 24m ago by kirabook in Naruto
I don't know about everyone else, but I really didn't find it all that terrible to revive people like that. It's not like the whole world gets revived or something. Would it have been better with Nagato if only some people got revived? -I just can't se ...
(7 posts, 743 views) Posted: 350d 12h, 55m ago by kirabook in Naruto
I'm pretty sure the hiatus is only 1 week. There are like. 48 or 49 issues of SJ a year. This was the last one of the "year", so it starts back up at #1 after next week. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

I was kinda hoping that Kakashi wou ...
(15 posts, 1227 views) Posted: 352d 23h, 20m ago by kirabook in Naruto
I'm almost positive that the manga will truly end soon after this war. There's seriously no where else it can go. I think most of the manga world has learned its lesson from Bleach.

As for the 'genjutsu', I don't think that Naruto used a ...
(15 posts, 1227 views) Posted: 357d 23h, 50m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Hey, I am quite pleased. I actually said "Yes" to myself when Obito didn't just willingly take Naruto's hand. In fact, he put Obito in an elaborate genjustu and forcefully pulled everything out of him.

This chapter did feel short and slow though. I t ...
The first four words you see
(86 posts, 3228 views) Posted: 401d 13h, 47m ago by kirabook in Chatter Box
Naive, Shy, passionate, sentimental ...
SasuSaku or NaruSaku?
(32 posts, 3453 views) Posted: 431d 0h, 32m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Quote from fakar
so he finds Sakuras dedication for Sasuke atractive.... yeah hes a masochist allright.
and of course Sakura is also in love with a guy who shows complete emotional indifirence towards anyone except for his brother and Naruto. well of course he h ...
SasuSaku or NaruSaku?
(32 posts, 3453 views) Posted: 431d 15h, 29m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Quote from Gamermaster42
I'm mainly confused as to why people ship anyone with Sasuke, since he's... oh what's the phrase... oh yeah, A SELF-CENTERED, UNREPENTANT, MURDEROUS, INSANE, PSYCHOPATH! And let's not for ...
(9 posts, 1107 views) Posted: 470d 6h, 13m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Yup. My first impression is that he only saved Naruto because he wants to kill Naruto and 'erase the past' himself with his own hands.

Similar to Vegeta and Goku I guess. ...
(7 posts, 927 views) Posted: 482d 9h, 32m ago by kirabook in Naruto
Minato realized that the 'masked man' was behind everything. He was able to teleport to him because he fought the 'masked man' all that time ago. He also understood that the 'masked man' was not actually Madara, but so ...

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