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New VK Chapter Coming in November
(5 posts, 1208 views) Posted: 280d 3h, 41m ago by brid in Vampire Knight
was it worth it at all?

No, unfortunately it wasn't.

I don't know about other people, but I would absolutely NOT recommend this manga to anyone. The only recommendation I would make is for someone to read the series up until the point that you di ...
New VK Chapter Coming in November
(5 posts, 1208 views) Posted: 280d 19h, 56m ago by brid in Vampire Knight
Quote from PJ1
Another terrible chapter of Vampire Knight.

I wasted 10 minutes reading it. Lala gave Hino 40 pages to come up with something and, as usual, came up with nothing.

Ain't that the truth.

I also love the fact that the chapter was advertized as being ...
(9 posts, 1047 views) Posted: 401d 10h, 23m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from TheMob
So wait...Who is Sasuke talking to[/url] after saving Naruto?

I'm hoping he's talking to Obito...which would mean that Sasuke saves Naruto because he wants to be the one to kill Naruto! laugh

Pretty sure it was Obito he was talking to. ...
(34 posts, 2405 views) Posted: 450d 5h, 47m ago by brid in Naruto
Let's call this chapter what it was: fanservice. It's cool shit the fans wanted to see, but it doesn't exactly make sense to the plot or characters. I think Kishimoto hoped everyone who loves Classic Team 7 would be pleased by the chapter, but if ...
(13 posts, 1145 views) Posted: 513d 9h, 53m ago by brid in Naruto
I know Hashirama is the one narrating this flashback and there are certain things he wouldn't know, but I feel like the most interesting story in this flashback just got skipped over. Namely, all the resentment that developed toward Madara. While Hashirama w ...
Why I really hate vampire knight
(19 posts, 3231 views) Posted: 571d 22h, 40m ago by brid in Vampire Knight
I'm surprised to see so many responses to this thread without anyone mentioning the latest chapter (89). Guys, you are only scratching the surface. The manga just jumped the shark in a big way. (Not that it hadn't before.) But 89 was bad enough som ...
Naruto and Karin
(32 posts, 7445 views) Posted: 572d 1h, 42m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from QueenVIP
What does it conclude you to be then? Naruto x Sasuke shipper? Naruto x Naruko shipper? Naruto x NOBODY shipper?

Obviously you have selective reading abilities. I said exactly what my preferences were:

Quote from brid
(I prefer a no-pa ...
Vampire Knight's Final Arc to Start in January
(28 posts, 5351 views) Posted: 575d 9h, 59m ago by brid in Vampire Knight
The latest chapter was just SO distasteful. It's really indescribable.

It's not just that in chapter 88 Yuuki decided she was in love with one of the guys only to have sex with the other one in 89 (and the reasoning was so stupid too.)

Spoiler (mouse over to ...
Naruto and Karin
(32 posts, 7445 views) Posted: 582d 19h, 1m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from StaticHD
Well Brid, whether if you are a shoujo-fan or not, you have to admit that you lost and I won.

I don't usually say stuff like this, but I will now: Naruto-x-Hinata forever!!!!

Okay, so before you start spreading your whole "Sakura Still Has a C ...
Childhood Friends who don't realize their feelings!
(3 posts, 1045 views) Posted: 598d 5h, 23m ago by brid in Shoujo/Josei
Quote from jeffreymgibson
You know, I remember some of my first crushes from when I was a little kid and I never wondered what these weird feelings were. When I had my 1st crush, I knew right away that I liked her. I didn't walk around for six months ask ...
(31 posts, 2913 views) Posted: 600d 3h, 56m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from kirabook
I just... Kishi said everyone would get a chance to shine.... doesn't everyone agree this was his chance to bring in Team 10? I mean, what other time will they show up? One of their teammates died.

Another extreme fear I have.... Kishi swi ...
(13 posts, 906 views) Posted: 632d 3h, 14m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from Jun Tenkawa
^ x 2

Naruto should hurry up and end now. Each chapter is just getting worse and worse. And Naruto (the character) just sucks with his whole "I'm gonna beat you!" speech. Getting tired of it.

^ x 3

[Totally cliched/lame.]

I' ...
(9 posts, 1016 views) Posted: 688d 2h, 13m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from Kaitentsuki
Still don't like that Kishi picked the friend killed friend making another friend nerdrage card.

LOL! Too true.

If we're going with the whole death of a friend thing as Obito's motivation, I wish Kishimoto had at least made the s ...
Good seinen non-action manga
(6 posts, 2299 views) Posted: 696d 3h, 17m ago by brid in Shounen/Seinen
I didn't see any URASAWA Naoki on your list? He's a must for any manga fan, and especially since you're asking for seinen that will make you think. ...
(24 posts, 2104 views) Posted: 716d 6h, 7m ago by brid in Naruto
which eye do u mean,
his right eye prbably didnt get crushed
his left eye he got from pain, thats why he was looking for his grave and foght the "paper lady"

I mean his left eye. (I agree with you on the right eye.)

Tobi claimed he gave Nagato the R ...
(24 posts, 2104 views) Posted: 716d 10h, 25m ago by brid in Naruto
LOL. Obito's reason for evilness actually makes Sasuke look good in comparison, and that's saying something.

I figured with all the "I am no one" stuff, Tobi's back story would end up somewhat paralleling Kabuto's: a bad gu ...
I'm Looking For
(10 posts, 1083 views) Posted: 724d 4h, 36m ago by brid in I'm Looking For...
7-nin no Shakespeare - By the mangaka of Beck ...
Shoujo without a seemingly perfect male love interest?
(11 posts, 1897 views) Posted: 726d 10h, 37m ago by brid in I'm Looking For...


Bitou Lollipop


My Hero!

The heroine picks someone other than the gorgeous popular guy in all four of those. smile

Edit: I forgot, the hero in Hanada is actually popular (for being a nice guy), but he's a farmer and unconventional, not like t ...
(32 posts, 2450 views) Posted: 730d 0h, 24m ago by brid in Naruto
LOL. After dragging out the secret of Tobi's identity for so long, Kishimoto will never be able to live it down among the fans if it turns out lame...

Hopefully it will all make sense what his connection is to Obito, and why Itachi wouldn't let him show Sasuke ...
Naruto and Karin
(32 posts, 7445 views) Posted: 735d 20h, 42m ago by brid in Naruto
@StaticHD -

About Karin's actions over the Sasuke portrait: there was a whole discussion about this at the time (you can check the past threads to see it for yourself), but basically, Karin wasn't serious about still being infatuated with Sasuke in that sc ...
Shounen/Seinen with likeable female characters?
(15 posts, 3328 views) Posted: 755d 23h, 0m ago by brid in I'm Looking For...
For shounen I'll also suggest Nurarihyon no Mago.

There's one useless female (Kana), but she's not that important to the plot, so it's OK. (In the first few chapters, it makes it seem like she'll be an important character, but she' ...
(5 posts, 710 views) Posted: 757d 11h, 18m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from kirabook
Sasuke battles.... all of them seem to be fighting just to fight. He's not really trying to 'prove' anything or stabilize his goals. Even if he does fight to complete a goal *killing Itachi*, he acts like that was never a goal in the first p ...
(5 posts, 710 views) Posted: 758d 1h, 13m ago by brid in Naruto
Guy lives up to the hype once again. Thumbs up!

Quote from kirabook
I wonder why I enjoy Naruto's action scenes yet I am extremely bored with Sasuke's. Maybe because Naruto fights more interesting people?

That's actually a really good po ...
Kishimoto announces Naruto's ending
(62 posts, 15430 views) Posted: 759d 12h, 0m ago by brid in Naruto
Quote from MisaoFan
From ANN :
At the end of an article published in the Saturday evening edition of the Asahi Shimbun paper, manga creator Masashi Kishimoto revealed that his Naruto "series is rising towards its climax" at its current point.

Q ...
(6 posts, 507 views) Posted: 760d 6h, 52m ago by brid in I'm Looking For...
The two characters remind me of modern dress versions of Alexia and Albert from Shounen Oujo.

There's definitely something familiar about them like it might actually be a manga. If you find out what it is, post here so we all know. smile ...

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