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New Poll - Obtained Physical Manga
(21 posts, 443 views) Posted: 5d 1h, 37m ago by Shibiusa in News
I only have like... Two volumes? And I won them in contests. I can't buy manga in my country, since it's too expensive. I would rather buy a book than pay the same amount for a manga volume =/ ...
New Poll - Manga Availability
(33 posts, 1151 views) Posted: 20d 2h, 42m ago by Shibiusa in News
Meh. Published manga in portuguese (from Portugal) barely exists. I've seen Dragon Ball, Naruto and Death Note. Probably Evangelion. And that's it. Even manga in english is somewhat hard to find around here (only in specialty stores) and I've ...
Suggestion: Hiding undesired sources from "My Lists"
(3 posts, 345 views) Posted: 24d 14h, 58m ago by Shibiusa in Suggestions & Bugs
Yes, please. I have a certain group I wish to hide from my lists as well.

(and I'm pretty sure it's the same as everyone else that supports this suggestion, but that has nothing to do with me...) ...
Mangator Release
(17 posts, 1007 views) Posted: 29d 17h, 47m ago by Shibiusa in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from Gradonil_Ral
If I may suggest something - instead of dropping the series, why don't you just move them to a custom list and turn off showing new chapters there? Just as a temporary measure before the matter gets resolved...
I know you won' ...
Mangator Release
(17 posts, 1007 views) Posted: 30d 16h, 49m ago by Shibiusa in Suggestions & Bugs
I also came here to see if there was any update regarding this situation. Everyone would be pleased if the admins said anything about this (either allowing, not allowing, opening up for voting/discussion...).

(I also dropped a few series... It's sad) ... - Everything You Should Know
(112 posts, 11861 views) Posted: 51d 19h, 48m ago by Shibiusa in Suggestions & Bugs
I also agree it's not a proper group to have here on MangaUpdates. You wouldn't consider a raw provider website as a scanlation team. You also wouldn't consider Reddit (or any other blog with translations) as such. I've seen spoiler b ...
Mangator Release
(17 posts, 1007 views) Posted: 53d 15h, 15m ago by Shibiusa in Suggestions & Bugs
May I suggest a group filter then? I don't like to see their releases on my lists and I would like to filter them out. I already had to drop a series because I was waiting for scanlations and then that suddenly appeared... I honestly tried, but I can't stand readin ...
New Poll - In a Fantasy World
(31 posts, 1212 views) Posted: 61d 20h, 58m ago by Shibiusa in News
Honestly, my priority would be food and water along with trying to figure out where I was. I think it's better to know more information about the world and then making a decision about the future. Once I knew enough about that world, I think I would try to learn m ...
Upcoming Policy Changes (Doujinshi and Novels)
(248 posts, 9073 views) Posted: 73d 20h, 15m ago by Shibiusa in News
I would also advise to keep webtoons, even if you create a category for them instead of adding them to manhwa. There are too many wonderful korean webtoons, that aren't published for some reason (being on Naver doesn't mean it's publis ...
When was the last time you sat down and read a book?
(514 posts, 49838 views) Posted: 223d 10h, 47m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
Right now, actually. I'm in a reading mood, as it seems. I hate to leave series unfinished, so I try to get the books and read them in a row xD
I've been reading the "Age of the Five" trilogy, by Trudi Canavan. I'm now in the third book, " ...
Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender?
(303 posts, 25744 views) Posted: 223d 10h, 54m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
Nope, never happened to me. I always had long hair since I was young and then puberty hit quite early, so there was no way to mistake me for a boy. I have a deep voice, but it seems it's still in the feminine range or so they tell me xD ...
Mangatraders Hacked, and How it Affects MU
(83 posts, 40352 views) Posted: 443d 22h, 16m ago by Shibiusa in News
I believe it's unecessary to change everything here. Only the password if that was shared. My e-mail here and there is the same, but not the password. I won't change a thing. My MangaTraders password is an old one I don't use for years now, ...
How often do you drop mangas?
(18 posts, 921 views) Posted: 532d 12h, 56m ago by Shibiusa in Manga General
I usually don't drop mangas. It actually almost never happened... 23 mangas dropped and I have way more on my lists (I have 471 only on my complete list). I use the "on hold" lists a lot, but now I've been focusing on reading everything I kept ...
Do you have a driving licence?
(24 posts, 1155 views) Posted: 535d 11h, 59m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
Yes, I have a license since I was 19. I could have gotten it one year earlier, but college got in the way (I was studying far from home). In Portugal, you can get a license for cars when you are 18 and the license for motorcycles when you are 16. It has two exams: a ...
What's wrong with mangafox?
(16 posts, 8754 views) Posted: 536d 10h, 49m ago by Shibiusa in Manga General
I believe that it's probably only the US. I've tried accessing with IP's from the UK, Switzerland, US, China, Germany and Portugal and the only one blocked was the one from the US. I don't think it's something dealing with Viz, since Viz ...
What's wrong with mangafox?
(16 posts, 8754 views) Posted: 536d 12h, 54m ago by Shibiusa in Manga General
Oh, they finally got into trouble. I can't say I didn't see that coming. An aggregate site making money out of scanlations (and many of them licensed in some countries)... It was to be expected. I guess the blocked countries are those with the license. I jus ...
Cried at a Game??
(48 posts, 2971 views) Posted: 544d 15h, 21m ago by Shibiusa in Games
Many times, actually xD
I cried with Crysis Core as well. That yell broke my heart, completely. I was already crushed and then that (I played the undub version. Now check it and see if it isn't waaaaaaaaay sadder than the english dub xD).
Final Fantasy X. The e ...
SasuSaku or NaruSaku?
(32 posts, 4083 views) Posted: 664d 10h, 52m ago by Shibiusa in Naruto
Well... I'm not a yaoi fan, but... If I had to guess, I would say it looks like a NaruSasu will most likely be the pairing. That obsession with Sasuke is not normal (as friendship). Even to those that don't read Naruto (or watch the anime), it's quite obvious ...
What's Your Native Language?
(200 posts, 12237 views) Posted: 703d 23h, 22m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
My native language is portuguese. I have foreign family though, so I had contact with english early in my life, even though I only started writing it after I was 6 (when I learned how to write, of course). Till then, I only understood a few words. Right now, I'm fluent ...
Disabled Children - Abortion?
(63 posts, 4896 views) Posted: 876d 8h, 54m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
You guys talk about overcoming the disability and all that. That's really a nice thought. But we have to be realistic. You have no idea how many parents come to me wanting their child to be "normal". They have him/her going to every therapy yo ...
Disabled Children - Abortion?
(63 posts, 4896 views) Posted: 886d 13h, 30m ago by Shibiusa in Chatter Box
Quote from BurningFish
Rather serious topic. none Just wondering what other people think about this.
There seems to be a method where people can detect disabilities before birth, especially trisomy 21. Many people don't want such a child. But they don' ...
How much does manga normally cost in your country?
(62 posts, 5564 views) Posted: 899d 12h, 14m ago by Shibiusa in Manga General
Oh, you guys are luckier than us! Our FNACs are terrible, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and not much else ._.
And the stores in events don't even bring manga to sell... Only other merchandise... Even if they did, selling each volume for 10 wouldn't work ...
How much does manga normally cost in your country?
(62 posts, 5564 views) Posted: 900d 18h, 19m ago by Shibiusa in Manga General
The only volumes we can find in a Portuguese bookstore are Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Sometimes, we can find Death Note, FMA... But not that usual. If we want volumes from another mangas, we have to order them from them or anime shops. Usually, the vo ...
Romance manga that made you cry
(8 posts, 1227 views) Posted: 916d 11h, 15m ago by Shibiusa in I'm Looking For...
I second Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu (the manga isn't thaaaat amazing, but it made me cry) and I also recommend Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (my favourite manga) and Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru (it's soooo... I don't think I can even d ...
bad romance bummed me out- need a palate cleanser
(19 posts, 2917 views) Posted: 920d 9h, 12m ago by Shibiusa in I'm Looking For...
Let's see what I can recommend you with the romance genre:
Bus Hashiru is interesting. Sweet, fresh romance. Great for when you need a cheer up.
I could second Hanatsukihime, but it isn't like Bus Hashiru.
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan is prob ...

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