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Is dating tedious?
(29 posts, 2212 views) Posted: 16d 11h, 44m ago by gwkimmy in Chatter Box
yeah girls paying for dudes is super common in the states XD in fact, sometimes its so common i tell my female friends "OMFG tell your man to get a job and stop being a goddamned mooch!" except i was that girl once too *sigh*

honestly, dating can g ...
I'm lookin for a Yaoi
(3 posts, 291 views) Posted: 45d 17h, 38m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
oooo, now i am also interested in this @_@

anyone know? ;_; ...
Some recommendations needed my dear fujoshis~
(3 posts, 260 views) Posted: 45d 17h, 42m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
first ones that come to mind:

the cornered mouse dreams of cheese and its sequel the carp on the chopping block jumps twice
doushitemo furetakunai
hidoku shinaide
totally captivated - i think this one has that? it's been awhile
hatsukoi no atosaki
hageshii ame ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 1558 views) Posted: 64d 15h, 15m ago by gwkimmy in News
hell to the nooooo!!

im finally really happy with my life and everything that comes with it, it would be terrible to have to adjust to the rules of a whole new world ;/ lol i sound like a boring adult 8D

not to mention a lot of the manga i read takes place in dystopian worlds/da ...
(7 posts, 429 views) Posted: 68d 6h, 45m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
ugh, crossdressing is totally my thing. @_@

Syrup! - Bitter - various oneshots centering on crossdressing as a theme (some serious, some silly)
Meek/Scared in Brand New Situation
(4 posts, 278 views) Posted: 78d 17h, 57m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
Hana no Saku Koro: ostracized seme x quirky uke in a fantasy setting (actually i cant be sure of their roles 8D its shounen ai)
Doushitemo Furetakunai: uke traumatized by a past love with a straight man falls in love with another straight man who accepts him fully. the ...
New Poll - Archive
(37 posts, 932 views) Posted: 82d 8h, 40m ago by gwkimmy in News
i like to archive my favorite mangas and ones i re-read on a regular basis. though most of the time i just archive everything and later go back and delete ones i don't really care about. helps when we have power outages sometimes and im at a loss of what ...
New Poll - Archive
(37 posts, 932 views) Posted: 82d 8h, 45m ago by gwkimmy in News

my condolences ;_; ...
When Do You Put On Your SLASH GOGGLES?
(14 posts, 509 views) Posted: 83d 19h, 17m ago by gwkimmy in Chatter Box

lol, ok not ALL the time. but for funsies i like to imagine romantic scenarios between any bromance or sismance being displayed anywhere. some pairings take some work, others make it WAY TOO EASY. i think some do it on purpose for th ...
New Poll - Time Travel
(26 posts, 916 views) Posted: 85d 0h, 48m ago by gwkimmy in News
i love post-apocalyptic stories. the thought of how advanced people start from the bottom again or even apocalyptic, dealing with the catastrophe itself (alien invasion? deadly pandemic? nuclear war?) is really interesting to me, especially if the atmosphere/setting ...
Yaoi that is not guilty pleasure
(8 posts, 458 views) Posted: 91d 18h, 15m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
if you don't mind super sweet and heartfelt shounen ai fluff, i highly recommend Hayakawa Nojiko's works. super slice-of-lifey and gorgeoussssss art. im obsessed with her stuff right now D8

i just started 10 Dance and it's really great so far, bu ...
New Poll - Pursuing Romance
(43 posts, 1405 views) Posted: 93d 19h, 35m ago by gwkimmy in News
i think it depends on the genre for me. i read mostly bl nowadays, and childhood friend romances there are THE BEST /melts

it's cool in other genres too, but like someone said, it gets really annoying when its the cliched "you promised to marry me and ...
New Poll - Fan Service
(37 posts, 1869 views) Posted: 109d 20h, 34m ago by gwkimmy in News
i mean, if it's really jarring and occurs during a crucial part of the series and the series is fairly serious, then i'll be like -_-

but otherwise if the series is silly anyways, then yeah, BONUS 8D

(im referring to female fanservice scenes, though, where the du ...
Popular yaoi/yuri/shounen ai/shoujo ai you don't like?
(17 posts, 1041 views) Posted: 122d 17h, 51m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
i dont like the finder series much drama-rama and rape everywhere @_@ i hate domineering semes.

on a similar note i dropped koisuru boukun as soon as i got to the rape scene. i liked takanaga hinako's other series but this one is not for me.

i a ...
New Poll - IRC Usage
(32 posts, 1433 views) Posted: 124d 13h, 5m ago by gwkimmy in News
recently the members of an old forum i used to frequent plus the members of an inactive scanlation group i used to be affiliated with had a reunion of sorts on irc and it was great! biggrin everyone had to re-register their nicknames and everything, the channel itself even ...
New Poll - Web Browser
(55 posts, 2219 views) Posted: 129d 15h, 21m ago by gwkimmy in News
chrome~ i love how simple it is. my browsing doesn't get too complex outside of reading manga and watching some youtube videos. also i can easily pull up whatever website i was looking at on my phone earlier, but i don't use that feature much.

i tried ...
New Poll - Web Browser
(55 posts, 2219 views) Posted: 131d 7h, 28m ago by gwkimmy in News
uh, chrome can definitely do tabs o_o i don't know which version of chrome you used though. ...
LGBT best friend
(7 posts, 596 views) Posted: 132d 16h, 30m ago by gwkimmy in I'm Looking For...
Hana Kimi - if you haven't already read this, the MC's confidant and advisor is the gay school nurse 8D
Shinshi Doumei Cross - i never finished this, but i believe there's 2 gay bff's to the main
Yamada Tarou Monogatari - the "rival" ...
Recommendations: Yaoi With Memorable Kids.
(17 posts, 1924 views) Posted: 135d 16h, 54m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
Yozora no Sumikko de - most memorable kids i've ever encountered in bl. squee! ...
Group Links Removed
(226 posts, 23472 views) Posted: 141d 15h, 12m ago by gwkimmy in News
hmmm....does this mean we can't post scanlator site links anywhere in the forum either?

if so...sjdlasjdlkjalkjdaldjaskljdlaj ...
New Poll - Last Gen Consoles
(52 posts, 2119 views) Posted: 151d 7h, 12m ago by gwkimmy in News
wii! i'm a nintendo whore forever. i haven't had any time to play any games lately though since i don't have the time ;(

my sister owns a ps3 and that comes at a close second, but i wouldn't trade it for my wii ever. ...
A really cute and heartwarming manga?
(5 posts, 475 views) Posted: 185d 22h, 29m ago by gwkimmy in Yaoi/Yuri
Hayakawa Nojiko will be your queen, no doubt. ...
New Poll - Media Type
(43 posts, 2169 views) Posted: 189d 5h, 19m ago by gwkimmy in News
whoah, chillax. in the end, all art, including storytelling, is subjective and can be told through whatever medium anyone desires. brevity and limit of a medium have absolutely nothing to do with how it can tell a story. after all, ernest hemingway managed to create a sto ...
New Poll - Media Type
(43 posts, 2169 views) Posted: 190d 10h, 7m ago by gwkimmy in News
i think paintings and pictures are completely capable of telling stories on their own, like picasso's guernica. it's a little unfortunate that option wasn't included in the poll, but oh well, you can't have it all.

by music video i meant the ones that are ...
New Poll - Media Type
(43 posts, 2169 views) Posted: 190d 20h, 24m ago by gwkimmy in News
where would a music video fall under? i dunno, that was my first thought and i voted for live-action movie, even though in my intended future career i'd love to write novels XD ...

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