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New Poll - Paying Translators
(37 posts, 1387 views) Posted: 53d 8h, 12m ago by gwkimmy in News
In several of the groups I follow there are members who are actually part of official translating licenses of other manga, so I kind of find it funny lol. many of them have since retired because of the demands of the job, however sad

I see several people who live abroad ...
Suggestion: Search for incomplete manga
(0 posts, 146 views) Posted: 53d 8h, 29m ago by gwkimmy in Suggestions & Bugs
So there's an option for "search only for complete manga". I'd like one for incomplete manga.

I was browsing through my complete list and discovered that since I completed some series, the author decided to continue them later on, ther ...
New Poll - Scanlators Asking for Donations
(28 posts, 1353 views) Posted: 76d 7h, 27m ago by gwkimmy in News
I've never given a scanlator donations for their work or anything, but I did once give a good chunk of money to a scanlators GoFundMe for their parents declining health. I'm in the genre where free raws are rare or of shit quality so most groups I foll ...
New Poll - Trump
(106 posts, 12426 views) Posted: 368d 6h, 15m ago by gwkimmy in News
Well they already basically proposed tax increases on middle class single parents so we have that to look forward to, not to mention a Republican congress to zing that bill into law.

Obvi racism exists but no reason to be petty when it can be written into the goddamn ...
New Poll - Loli/Shota
(28 posts, 3973 views) Posted: 547d 17h, 11m ago by gwkimmy in News
i believe that the age limit being 18+ is in place mostly so that educators, who are in close contact with kids up until that age, are deterred from having relationships with their students. abuse is all about power and with a teacher having authority over a student, it prov ...
New Poll - Kidnapped Daughter
(37 posts, 4419 views) Posted: 609d 9h, 19m ago by gwkimmy in News
obvi i've already trained my daughter since birth to be a badass swordswoman/warrior so i'm sure she'll be back in due time. i'll distract the demons by sending messengers and whatnot so she can make her escape. xD ...
New Poll - Publication Frequency
(16 posts, 2529 views) Posted: 639d 16h, 30m ago by gwkimmy in News
monthly. most of the series i read are released monthly and the page length is usually pretty good, like around 40ish pages, enough for some plot to happen and to end at a good spot without feeling rushed or choppy.

i really hated it the few times i read some shoune ...
New Poll - Harem Roles
(16 posts, 2904 views) Posted: 671d 1h, 57m ago by gwkimmy in News
my friends say i'm a tsundere with all of the tsun and no dere at all xD

i choose the poor one because i get excited over sales and coupons and free things lol. ...
New Poll - Another Anime vs. Manga
(28 posts, 3453 views) Posted: 681d 5h, 14m ago by gwkimmy in News
it depends. most of the time, the few times i watch an anime, it's an action shounen that benefits from being animated. and i usually skip out on the manga, especially if the manga has like 23982948 chapters. i also skip out on animes that have 80+ episodes as w ...
New Poll - Bad Scanlations
(55 posts, 5811 views) Posted: 700d 4h, 11m ago by gwkimmy in News
i once read a scanlation where the scanlator admitted that their translations were based off another translation of ANOTHER translation and that their translation was largely derived from google. suffice to say when i bought the official english translation the conte ...
New Poll - Best Shoujo
(54 posts, 5772 views) Posted: 784d 5h, 43m ago by gwkimmy in News
nooooooo i would have totally voted for ore monogatari had it been there ;(((((((((

i know almost none of those shoujos o_o lol. and the ones i do know i dropped/forgot about a long time ago. ouran used to be good, awesome even, but then it stopped being funny an ...
New Poll - Pirate Remorse
(34 posts, 4220 views) Posted: 844d 15h, 17m ago by gwkimmy in News
i feel like scanlations are similar to a library; one person/entity puts the money into buying the work and then distributes it to the masses for free. the only difference is that if you download the file from a scanlator then you have access to it whenever you'd lik ...
New Poll - Apocalypse
(34 posts, 3635 views) Posted: 880d 16h, 53m ago by gwkimmy in News
I'm glad you included mass infertility biggrin

Children of Men is a GREAT underrated movie by Alfonso Cuaron

I vote for viral pandemic since Contagion is the movie that made me rush to the bathrooms in the theater and wash my hands afterwards even though I' ...
Je suis Charlie - Nous sommes Charlie
(40 posts, 3981 views) Posted: 1028d 17h, 30m ago by gwkimmy in Chatter Box
wow, the misconceptions here are INSANELY wild.

the people who bombed ch, boko haram, the taliban, and al qaeda, etc, ARE. NOT. FOLLOWING. ISLAM. they're just doing it in the NAME of islam, which is completely different. you have nutjobs bombing ab ...
Je suis Charlie - Nous sommes Charlie
(40 posts, 3981 views) Posted: 1038d 14h, 49m ago by gwkimmy in Chatter Box
while i agree that the right to say what you want, even if its shitty, should be protected, i feel like many of the responses to this attack has left a bad taste in my mouth. like, reprinting material and celebrating this company like its some kind of hero? naw.

would have pr ...
Why do some people dislike vegans?
(95 posts, 9064 views) Posted: 1080d 9h, 24m ago by gwkimmy in Chatter Box
I'm not a vegetarian, but my mom is (for religious reasons). i have no idea how people are arguing that it's more expensive to be vegetarian than to eat meat, being vegetarian/vegan does NOT mean you have to be a hippie and get all your produce f ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1148d 21h, 17m ago by gwkimmy in News
what bothers me about "you hit like a girl" is that it implies that i won't knock you out if i get mad at you.

because i will '-' ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1148d 21h, 26m ago by gwkimmy in News
when people assume that latino/as ONLY speak spanish and don't know any english, that is discriminatory and reprehensible.

when people assume that latino/as speak spanish at all when they don't, it's annoying but not necessarily discriminato ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1148d 21h, 45m ago by gwkimmy in News
watch any lars von trier film

@______@ ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1154d 13h, 22m ago by gwkimmy in News
oh god, just reading the list made my blood boil, lol. the second i come across any of these for either gender i pretty much close the window. done.

i would say that the one that irks me the most, IN MANGA, is the assault/rape played as a joke. assault/rape is a rea ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1154d 13h, 46m ago by gwkimmy in News
the sexist part of the falling in love with rapist scenario isnt that the heroine fell in love with her rapist in the first place (some mangas play with this scenario for psychological/mind break effect), it's that the manga often gives the rapist a "pass" b ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1154d 14h, 3m ago by gwkimmy in News
i mean, you can pretty much swap "girl/woman" for "boy/man" in most of them. better wording would have been nice ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 19053 views) Posted: 1154d 14h, 7m ago by gwkimmy in News
how is this american politics o_o i see no mention of obama ...
Shoujo/Josei that you can't bring yourself to finish
(24 posts, 5498 views) Posted: 1157d 10h, 44m ago by gwkimmy in Shoujo/Josei
biggest for me was ouran host club. i even own the volumes up to 13. but then it stopped being as funny as it was in the beginning and started focusing on all the romance and drama, BLEAGH. typical shoujo. havent read the rest of the story and havent looked back ...
New Poll - Favorite Narrative
(13 posts, 1439 views) Posted: 1166d 9h, 45m ago by gwkimmy in News
i enjoy all types of narrative styles as long as they're used effectively in the story and written well enough.

my favorite is actually one that isn't listed...i love when different chapters are told from different characters' perspectives. especially in s' ...

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