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Post #616383 - Reply to (#616353) by Vesey
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5:44 pm, Oct 1 2013
Posts: 770

Quote from Vesey
Have you ever actually paid for manga/light-book/doujin in any form (physical or digital)?

Even before reading it online was a thing I had friends that read a lot of manga without ever paying for it, by reading it in the store aisle or library or borrowing from friends. So I wonder what the percentage is in 2013.

Another question in a similar vein.

Have you ever read (and completed) a physical manga/light-book/doujin before?
-I thumbed through one or read part of one.
-Never, not at all.

I think this might be interesting because I never really read physical manga before in it's entirety, there have been plenty I started, in a store to see if I like it before purchase or one my friend lent me, but I didn't like them and never finished it. All the manga I've purchased has been digital copy or in a few cases a gift for someone else.

Those would be better as "how many" questions including a "never" option. Yes/no polls aren't very interesting.

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Post #616390 - Reply to (#616383) by 狂気
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7:29 pm, Oct 1 2013
Posts: 25

Those would be better as "how many" questions including a "never" option. Yes/no polls aren't very interesting.

While I personally find yes/no polls interesting, it's true not everyone does.

I think the first one especially could turn in to a how much question. While I liked my have you ever paid for manga wording, because it covered the rental sites (like netcomics) & magazines too, but it's probably a small percentage that only ever paid for comics using them.

How much manga/manhwa/doujin volumes have actually bought (physical or digital)?

More than 200

I'm not sure if those are the best groupings. And while I think it's better to go by individual volumes maybe going by series is better. If you only ever bought 1 series but bought all 10 volumes of it should that count as 10 or 1?

Post #616787 - Reply to (#583143) by tom32403
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Archon Solon

6:50 am, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 7693


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MangaUpdates admin

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Post #616789
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6:56 am, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 16

It's probably been done before, but here's an idea for one:

How long have you been reading manga?

Less than 6 months
6 to 12 months
1 or 2 years
3 to 5 years
5 to 10 years
10 to 20 years
Longer than 20 years

Post #616847
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7:27 pm, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 25

I thought a while on what options to add to my second question to make it more interesting, I had more trouble with his one. SO suggestions welcome.

Have you actually read much physical manga books.

- Too much to count, over 100 volumes.
- Plenty, 20-100 volumes.
- A few, 2-20 volumes.
- One or two volumes.
- Few pages or Parts of a volume, never a whole one.
- Never a volume but another physical form (like magazine.)
- Never. None at all.

Post #616968
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6:40 pm, Oct 6 2013
Posts: 50

Ah, I finally thought of something. I wonder if it's been done before though...

"Have you ever taken part in a scanlation group?"

- no, and I don't want to
- no, but I would like to try
- yes, I used to
- yes, I still am

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Post #616984
An innocent

9:32 pm, Oct 6 2013
Posts: 173

What would you do if a giant mecha showed up suddenly in front of your school/workplace at work hours? (It might attack you.)

- Screaming
- Running outside and kiss the huge robot
- Staying and looking at it with full surprise
- Try to slip in the mecha
- Try to buy the mecha from the one in it
- Destroy it with my tank
- Running far away
- Please no, no mecha for me
- My imagination doesn't know

To be, or not to be,
that is the question.
Post #617382
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Site Admin

3:36 am, Oct 10 2013
Posts: 414

What do you think of commentary text in manga? (I mean text put in by the author that basically comments on a scene, not scanlator comments or actual narration. It's usually put in the margins or over the drawing, but without any text box or speech bubble, and usually says stuff an announcer might say, for example, "Batman is down for the count! What will happen now?" or "Batman vs. the Joker! The ultimate fight begins!")

-I hate it, it's obnoxious
-I dislike it
-I neither like nor dislike it
-I like it
-I love it, it makes scenes more exciting
-I've never encountered commentary text

Feel free to change the options & phrasing. Also, if you know a better term for "commentary text" (I couldn't think of one or find any common term for it), please feel free to replace it.

Manga Cover Database
Post #617426 - Reply to (#616148) by 狂気
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2:08 pm, Oct 10 2013
Posts: 24

Quote from 狂気
- Library
- Other (always add "Other" unless the options are exhaustive)

Reading manga in convenience stores seems to also be fairly popular.

I had no idea they sold manga in convenience stores nowadays. What country do you live in?

Anyways, here's the improved poll

Where do you like to read your manga?
- Everywhere
- Your room
- Bathroom
- Cafe
- Bookstore
- Comic rental store
- Convenience stores
- School
- Workplace
- Outdoors
- Library
- Car/Bus/Subway/Train/Airplane
- Other

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Post #617577 - Reply to (#583795) by whatnot
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Archon Solon

8:11 am, Oct 12 2013
Posts: 7693

Quote from whatnot
If you were able to put your own original ideas and stories without influence from any outside party to something (money and staffs are not of concern), which is the most suitable?

- a manga
- a (light) novel
- a movie
- an anime
- a game
- a theatrical play


A just ruler amongst tyrants

MangaUpdates admin

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Post #617943

10:18 am, Oct 16 2013
Posts: 2

What is your favourite type of narrative you have read/would like to see in a manga?

- Each individual chapters with its own stand-alone story.
- Overall story divided by arcs.
- Straight-forward linear story-line.
- Non-linear story-line. (Pulp Fiction-esque)
- Series of short stories (few chapters) occurring in the same world.
- Story going back and forth in specific points in time. (20th Century Boys)

Last edited by Kramsikler at 11:00 am, Oct 16

Post #617949

10:56 am, Oct 16 2013
Posts: 2

Which do you think is the coolest weapon any manga character can use:

- Humongous Sword
- Bow & Arrow
- Crossbow
- Spear
- Grenades, Smoke bombs, Flash bombs, etc.
- Ninja Stars
- Samurai swords/Katana
- Wooden sword
- Ninja-to/Ninja swords
- Nunchaku ("nunchuks")
- Pistols
- Machine guns
- Heavy artillery
- Bayonets
- Fists
- Everyday tools (machete, chainsaw, cricket bat, etc.)
- Surgical equipment
- Any type of martial-arts
- Superpowers (Saiyan, Shinigami, Shaman, etc.)
- Out-of-this-world firearms (Gantz, Trigun, Blame!, etc.)
- Mecha
- Pokémon
- Gomu Gomu no...
- Death note

Last edited by Kramsikler at 9:57 pm, Oct 16

Post #617959
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Me too ♥

2:48 pm, Oct 16 2013
Posts: 739

Still reading through Old Polls, but I ctrl F to see if this question was asked. (Which there is some variations of these, but I did see a few similar questions ... so maybe it's ok to suggest this.)
*Sidenote - lambchopsil may I suggest placing a link to the old polls in the OP.
(I know I'm blind, but it took a long time to realize a link is right there on the bottom of the Manga Poll section ... Plus I've been seeing a few I don't know all the old polls so I must not be the only blind one.)

Suggestion One
How long has it been since you started reading manga?
- Less than a year
- One year
- Two years to Five years
- Six years to Ten years
- Eleven years to Fifteen years
- Sixteen years to Twenty years
- Twenty one plus years.

*sidenote - heh already another variation of this suggestion slightly before my post.

Suggestion Two
How often do you reread a manga series?
- All the time
- Very often, but only if it's an all time favorite
- Every once in a while ( To anything )
- Every once in a while ( Only to favorites )
- Sometimes if I can't find anything else to read
- Only when I'm waiting for updates and I forgot the previous chapter or beginning
- Rarely
- It takes years before I'll reread something
- Never (but a few accidents have happen)
- Never

Yes yes I know I make longwinded comments, but that's just me >.<
I should proof read my comments more, but I won't ... I really should though >.>
So keep in mind I'm filled with typos

Reading FAQ and Forum Rules is very helpful ... so go read them if you haven't yet. Ex. -You could find out how to link mangas. Along with other useful things.
Post #618211 - Reply to (#583969) by ashi
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Archon Solon

6:32 am, Oct 19 2013
Posts: 7693

Quote from ashi
What gets more on your nerves?
- When 3 different groups scanlate the same series
- When a group takes on too many projects and releases are scarce
- When a good series stops being scanlated because it's not popular
- When you start a series and THEN you read: Last Release (1000d ago). Completely Scanlated: No
- On scanlators sites, people who ask: "When will the next chapter be released?"

Yeah, I'm the one who's pissed at all of these things right now! Specially the last one.

This one

A just ruler amongst tyrants

MangaUpdates admin

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Post #618327
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6:27 am, Oct 20 2013
Posts: 79

What type of girl (with hair) do you like?
- Twintails Tsundere
- Twintails Kuudere
- Twintails Yandere
- Twintails Dandere
- Ponytail Tsundere
- Ponytail Kuudere
- Ponytail Yandere
- Ponytail Dandere
- Long Hair Tsundere
- Long Hair Kuudere
- Long Hair Yandere
- Long Hair Dandere
- Short Hair Tsundere
- Short Hair Kuudere
- Short Hair Yandere
- Short Hair Dandere
- etc

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