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News  (1352 topics, 27318 posts)  New Posts!
This forum hosts news shown on the front page of the site
in We Need Your Help!
by Manick at 4:31 pm, Nov 28
Announcements  (34 topics, 324 posts)
Yea, you all have been to enough forums. You know what this is.
User Announcements  (1529 topics, 27434 posts)
Come here to introduce yourself or celebrate personal holidays.
Mods: Gorath
in Hi and thanks^^
by Noth94 at 5:59 pm, Oct 1
Recruitment  (3884 topics, 24564 posts)  New Posts!
Looking for someone to help in a scanlation project? Ask around here!
in MGS recruiting!
by MokumokuGuimi at 2:42 am, Nov 28
Suggestions & Bugs  (2439 topics, 15162 posts)  New Posts!
Have a suggestion or see something that doesn't quite work right? Tell us here!
in Manga List Bug Topic
by lambchopsil at 11:18 pm, Nov 24

Manga Topics

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Manga General  (2384 topics, 51722 posts)  New Posts!
All about manga.
in Site Manga Poll Suggestions
by Afiaki at 2:23 pm, Nov 28
I'm Looking For...  (27841 topics, 172948 posts)  New Posts!
Looking for a reading suggestion or don't know what the name of a series is? Ask here!
Shounen/Seinen  (220 topics, 7250 posts)
Discuss shounen and seinen series or topics related to them here.
Shoujo/Josei  (255 topics, 8373 posts)  New Posts!
Discuss shoujo and josei series or topics related to them here.
in Smut authors
by Sugar_daddy at 8:04 am, Nov 28
Adult (18+)  (1679 topics, 31370 posts)  New Posts!
This forum is for mature series & subject matter.
in Looking for manga ntr
by SoulRaven at 12:22 pm, Nov 28
Yaoi/Yuri  (7468 topics, 31589 posts)  New Posts!
Discuss yaoi and yuri series or topics related to them here.
Mods: eni, NightSwan
in Looking for BL title
by mrs_choco at 2:10 pm, Nov 28

Fun & Games

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Chatter Box  (3803 topics, 167945 posts)  New Posts!
Say stuff here. Yea, general stuff. Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.
Anime TV/Movies  (59 topics, 210 posts)  New Posts!
The animated equivalent of manga
in recommend anime no romance latest
by Aremon at 3:04 am, Nov 25
Other TV/Movies  (15 topics, 1659 posts)
Live action, dramas, American stuff, you name it
Games  (677 topics, 14863 posts)
Console games, computer games, board games, you name it.
in Favourite 3ds game(s)
by Penguinsarepsychotic at 11:36 am, Nov 14
Music  (430 topics, 17399 posts)
A forum dedicated to all topics/discussions relating to music.

Most Discussed Series

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Watashi no yuri wa oshigotodesu!  (1 topics, 2 posts)  New Posts!
Comedy, School Life, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life
Discussion forum about the manga Watashi no yuri wa oshigotodesu!.
in Volume 10 - Bad Vibes
by Sugarshark at 2:32 pm, Nov 24
Arata Kangatari  (3 topics, 5 posts)  New Posts!
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Discussion forum about the manga Arata Kangatari.
in Complete?
by Finiraldi at 6:38 am, Nov 24
Tentacle Hole  (2 topics, 2 posts)
Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen
Discussion forum about the manga Tentacle Hole
in Tentacle Hole Q
by aksis1 at 11:46 am, Nov 6
Toriko - Aigan Shoujo  (3 topics, 10 posts)
Drama, Historical, Lolicon, Mature, Shoujo, Smut
Discussion forum about the manga Toriko - Aigan Shoujo.
in Toriko-Again Shoujo Ending
by Perversion at 12:57 pm, Oct 30
Namaikizakari.  (2 topics, 2 posts)
Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Sports
Discussion forum about the manga Namaikizakari..
Queen Rasbos, A Strong Monarch That Might One Day Become The Source of Tragedy, Devotes Herself to Her People  (1 topics, 2 posts)
Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance
Discussion forum about the manga Queen Rasbos, A Strong Monarch That Might One Day Become The Source of Tragedy, Devotes Herself to Her People
Erito Ω wa Yoru ni Oborete  (1 topics, 2 posts)
Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi
Discussion forum about the manga Erito Ω wa Yoru ni Oborete.
in Does anyone have volume 4 raws?
by lambchopsil at 10:00 pm, Oct 10

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