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Genres and more news on authors section
I added a little genre's page that lists all the genre's that baka-updates manga has, and you can access it by clicking on "Genres" on the menu to the right. You can search series/authors by genre's with a link and it also shows how many of each type we have in our database. (Yes Pender!! If you still visit the site, I hadn't forgotten!)

I tried cleaning up the authors section a bit. Since the section is new, there are still many errors such as duplicates and incorrect ordering of names. (Baka-Updates does family name, followed by given name). If you see a mistake, don't hesitate to join and help us correct them!

To show how the new authors system works, we have some information that was added by some users.

TANEMURA Arina by neko-bot
TAKAYA Natsuki by neko-bot
NAKAJO Hisaya by neko-bot
MIZUSHIRO Setona by Xandra Kitee
KAMIO Youko by Xandra Kitee
CLAMP by quethiril (just a picture)

Also a special thanks to all those who have added information but are not listed here. A special note that a capitalized name in the author name represents the family or surname. Some of these may be incorrect, but we will try to iron out the bugs within the coming weeks.
Posted by Manick on 
June 16th 10:29pm
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Gakuen Alice licensed by Viz
Strawberrie writes: The popular manga series Gakuen Alice has been licensed by Viz recently. Not much is known about the licensing and publishing at the moment, but the following website is proof:

Click Here

ShoujoMagic and Dragon Voice will be releasing one more chapter and then dropping the project altogether.
Posted by Manick on 
June 16th 7:22pm
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2 New Reviews
We have two new reviews for you today by jellybean:

Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari
Posted by Manick on 
June 16th 1:40pm
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New Site Section: Authors
A big update today. Based on popular request, you can now check out our Authors section (click on "Authors" on the menu to the right). It's pretty sparse right now. It has a list of all the authors people have submitted in the series database. There are fields for users to add information if they choose. The most interesting parts of this new section are the "Most numerous genre" column, which shows you the works they release the most of, and you can click on a specific genre to see other authors who focus on that specific genre. Also, if you click on an author you can see a list of series that they have authored, and their genre. Hopefully this section will expand in the future and turn out to be as successful as our series database. If you notice, if you are a registered user you can edit information or add your own authors. If anyone would like to join Baka-Updates and help maintain the authors database on a more extended basis, send me an email at manick _at_ If you have previously registered but have been denied an account, and would like to help out with the authors section, re-register, and we'll be sure to add you. We would be very appreciative of your help!

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Check out our new poll. Pretty generic, but might be useful to get some feedback on it :)
Posted by Manick on 
June 16th 1:12am
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Elfen Lied Review
A new review of the Elfen Lied manga by Dr EviL! Check it out!

Elfen Lied
Posted by Manick on 
June 13th 5:13pm
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Interesting news over at Mangasync. If you follow any of their projects, i.e., Glass Mask, bad news for you. Check it out.
Posted by Manick on 
June 13th 4:49am
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