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Series Rating Comment
Angel Densetsu8---
Cross Game9The series thus far has had quite a few emotional moments, as to why they are that is hard to define. An every day thing feels as important as it is for the chars in the series. It has all the possibility of turning into Adachi's best one yet, will have to see how it goes along.
2001 Nights8This series is nice enough. I liked the art of everything but people, which I disliked.

The story is quite nice, even if the episodical way it is laid up is a little drawback for me.

It made me think about a wide variety of issues I hadn't really considered before, the same as NHK might do for somebody not living that life. smile
Appare Jipangu!7---
Bad Company7---
Battle Royale7---
Black & White5---
Black Cat8---
Blue Seed4---
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa5---
Cherry Hill Angels6This series has a few nice moments, but mostly it is bland. The graphics sticks out, thought not a lot and not in a good way for me.
Dead End6---
Death Note7The first half of the series was superb. The second half wasn't as interesting. Reading along one expected a lot more from the second half than it delivered. Especially how the author choose to end it was bad.

The art and characters were always good, the plot was what made it work though...
Girl Got Game7---
Ice Blade6---
Mikai no Hoshi8---
PositioN9I like this series a lot. Each chapter is just a few pages, yet they are more entertaining than several volumes of series like Hajime no Ippo. The art is simple yet still gets a lot of meaning across. This manga simply shows what we miss in our every day life, it simply is wonderful.
Pretty Face8---
The Cherry Project8---
The Devil Does Exist8---
Yamato Gensouki8---
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou10---
Red Lion8---
Kare Kano9---
Mahou Sensei Negima!8---
Ichigo Channel7This series is your typical shoujo fare. Nothing really special about it, it even has a worse plot than some of the standard ones have with regards to plausibility.

It is still good though, what makes it that way is the general lightness of the manga. Even when the main character is crying you don't really feel sad since you know it will work out. This reversed harem series has interesting, if a little generic characters as well.

So generally it is good, and but it really lacks things to stand ...... View
The Day of Revolution7This was a funny story that didn't really take itself all that seriously. It had two extra chapters after the ending and they were nice, but for a good plot and story this would have had to have been made in a different format. It is good for what it sets out to do, but there are a bundle of better series with introverted guy hating girls, this simply had a different reason for that.

Ooh well, I could recommend it, but it is far from a masterpiece.
Asatte Dance7---
Full Moon wo Sagashite7I saw the anime of this manga and expected a masterpiece, what I found was a good story with interesting chars, but nowhere near the anime. The anime and manga versions had quite large differences if I recall correctly, and many of the best things in the anime were lacking here. It still has good art and so on, but it disappointed me.

So although it is good, it left me wanting something else.
Simoun7I just read this in a couple of minutes, and that was its major flaw. It felt like a flashback of the anime, not like a story in itself. It simply takes to many steps in to few pages and dialogues.

Art was good, story is very solid if kinda hinted at in a few places and the chars are nice. I would most likely not have liked this as much if I didn't have the more fleshed out anime version in the back of my head.
Sakkabasu no Yoru - Night of the Succubus6It is nice enough to read, but I won't recommend it. The art is sub par and the story has the same quality feeling as a hentai manga's.

It does touch ones emotions a little, but is simply to short to let one form the connections needed for a truly great story in this genre.
Adventure Boys9When reading this one can feel the minute changes that has come over the time of the author. I would have loved one that spanned a longer time of his career since this is something that hit a nerve with me.

The stories are generally good, some worse than others, but all of them are solid, with the later ones being better than the earlier ones in my mind. As always Adachi has nice art work and a sense of style. I would warmly recommend this series of short stories since it explores his wonder f...... View
Lady Snowblood7This manga is interesting, the story is good and the art is at least decent with a nice attention to detail. The problem is that it never really gets interesting, all the elements are there, it just somehow doesn't come together as nice as it could have.
Kimi wa girlfriend7---
Marchen Awakens Romance6This series was good, not great in any way, but still entertaining. Art was average, chars were average, plot was average and the battles ok. It came together quite nicely as well in many parts, if not all.

The big problem though is that a battle could take a complete volume in one case and a more even one could take half a chapter. This strange pacing really threw of the enjoyment in some parts. You really never did know if you would get a long battle or a bundle of small ones in a row, it ki...... View
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e8---
D-ASH8You have your average story and art, then you throw in a few interesting characters and you are set. There were some plot twists as well, but the characters is what makes this manga interesting. If you dislike them I don't think you will get anything out of the series.
Lady and Bodyguard7---
Tende Freeze8---
Sexy Voice and Robo9This is probably the ultimate experience you can get from reading a highly episodic series.

The art is very nice, it uses a lot of lines and less shadowing than usual, but that gives it a unique and interesting flair.

The story connects the parts decently and each case is interesting for various reasons.

Characters is what makes this series great. Niko, the protagonist develops as the story unfolds and her changes truly captivated me. The characters around her give life to a dynamic and unique ...... View
A Girl in a Million5This is your typical shoujo manga.

The art is about average without having any strong or weak sides. Bishoujos and bishounen feature as well as the normal people.

The story is weak, I've read this same story a lot of times. At least some of the other adaptations were good.

The characters are never really fleshed out, you get a sketchy background story and the minimum needed to do the story. I never came to care for anybody.

I would not recommend this to anybody that has read more than 30 or so sh...... View
Tenshi Ja Nai!!8This series shows the growth of the mangaka quite well. From a a decently drawn series with some humor to a solid, if not spectacular work.

The characters are likable and the story is mostly solid. The growth you can see in them over the course of the series is what retained my attention. They never felt stale due to the slow but constant change.

The art is fine in standard shoujo style, not the best I've seen, but it serves the series well.

All in all it is worth the time spent reading it and ...... View
Great Teacher Onizuka9---
Hikaru no Go9---
Slam Dunk8---
Battle Angel Alita8I read this quite a while ago, but felt the urge to add a comment.

This manga features a main character whose past is a mystery and with an amount of power that is staggering. It leads you on an epic journey with interesting characters. The art is clear cut with a decent eye on detail.

The only real downside is that the author didn't know when to move the focus. Some times to much is spent on one thing and another time a bit to little on another one. Over all it is fine, but the details is what...... View
20th Century Boys6---
Lilim Kiss7---
Aishiteruze Baby9---
Mai-HiME - Amai Himegoto Nikaime8I liked this doujinshi, it had a nice flow. It kept decently in touch with how the characters were in the series, while heavily stimulating the lesser beast in me. ;)
Miwaku no Tobira7---
Deep Love Virus7---
H3 School7---
Buzzer Beater7This series is in all color, it has small pages. It doesn't look like a manga in many regards. The different style came as an unpleasant surprise to me.

Beyond the style of art it was nice, if a bit short. The characters were likable and decently fleshed out. The story had two major twists and was enjoyable.

Over all it was a good series with art I disliked.


The animation was actually superior. There the art fit in well and the pacing was a bit better. Especially the second season.
Awasete Ippon7---
Shiroi Natsu7I came into this with high expectations. That is why it feels worse than it really is when I finished reading it.

The art is your standard wonderful Adachi art.

The story is decent, but way to fast paced to be fun to read. It moves from one thing to another to directly.

The characters get almost no room for development, you never really get to care about them.

Everything is nicely done, but I just don't care for it. Enjoyment was low, but the other parts were solid, thus the relatively high objec...... View
Hiatari Ryoukou7---
Kaede Purple5Stereotypical.

The characters are what you expect, no surprises, same with plot. Art does its job without flourishes. I see nothing good about this series, yet it still entertains and does the minimum needed everywhere.

So this is the closest you can get to an average manga in my mind.
Love Hina8---
Akkan Baby9---
Video Girl Ai8---
Hoshi no Koe9---
Bakune Young6---
Oneechan no Onegai6The art is good, like most hentai art is. The big breasts on most females is a bit strange and the cross dressers look a bit to realistic. But nothing special in any way.

The story is decent. If you used it for a manga it wouldn't work though. The characters lack the depth needed to bring a story this bland contiguous interest.

It works well at what it sets out to do, entertain in an erotic fashion. But it is far from the best hentai out there and even further from the best manga.
Ane no Inkou---Artwork nothing spectacular. Caters to the big breast fetish, one I don't share. Even if this wasn't extreme it was in that direction.

I can't recall anything else worth mentioning...
Captain Tsubasa7The chore of reading this series is over. I read the first 15 or so volumes with a lot of joy. The next 10 or so with a bit of happiness and the last 12 I fast forwarded through and hoped for better things. They never came. :/

The art is good, if a bit bare to my tastes. The story straight forward with a few minor twists and the real value lies in its characters. A large cast with interesting personalities and somewhat unique outlooks on life keeps the glow going between games.

Basically this i...... View
I am Misaki Taro8This short oneshot fills in what happens to Misaki just as he and Tsubasa loses touch for a while. It is interesting, if nothing really special. It could easily have been a chapter in the story instead of a oneshot. smile
Threads of Time7To much morals and glory for Korea. I never could get fully into the story due to the message it wanted to beat into the reader.

It had interesting characters and plot, but not the best I've seen with some glaring problems. It was nice and engaging, but far from where it could have been with a better storyteller.
Kojin Jugou7This hentai manga has some nice art. Some hectic sex scenes along with a few pages in all color makes it stand out quite well.

The plot is decent, quite good for a hentai. The romance that is in the foundation serves its function well.

The characters are interesting, they are what makes one read beyond the fact that it is hentai.
Click8This series has everything you can expect of a shoujo. Love triangles (yes, in plural), bishoujos/bishounen and wacky characters. Despite having exactly what one expects it doesn't get old.

The small differences is what makes this manga alluring. I find it hard to define them though, the tears and anguish are perhaps what makes it live. The build up and then the crashes.

It doesn't have everything needed to truly shine, but it is well worth the time reading it. smile
Charisma Doll6---
Replay9I just finished reading this manga and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

It starts out pretty slowly and build up the plot to an ending that is largely a surprise, but still a happy one in the middle of the great sadness. I would not mind a spin off series continuing from the last few pages that is the end here. Though it is tied up nicely I still wanted more.

It is not by any means perfect though, the art is nice, but nothing unusual or special. I have a tendency towards saving images ...... View
Eureka Seven dj - Rave=Out7---
Boys'n Girl8---
Inu Neko Jump7---
Bokko7I liked the strategic approach this manga tried to take to battles. It made reading about combat unusually exciting.

What made me drop the score was the characters, they fit their backgrounds but are uninteresting. A story focusing on one person that you don't really care about is hard to keep interest in.

Art was good, nothing that stood out as either good or bad. A bit gory at times, but it is seinen.

The plot was a bit dull as well, there was a plot, it plodded forward to suddenly burst into ...... View
Dragon Half7---
Koi Kaze9---
TAG (SUEHIRO Gari)------
Take on Me------
Slut Girl------
Swing Out Sisters------
Petit Roid 3------
Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai8---
Jinzou Shoujo8---
Pushu~ke~!! Psyche!8---
Yakuza Girl8---
Yodong's Vampire8---
Kon no Ki Konoha7---
Cat Street8---
Boku ni Natta Watashi7It started out strong and had a nice ending point after one volume. Then two more volumes came along and dragged the score down. Then it peaked up again near the end.

Basically a filler middle gives it a lower score than the good parts deserve.
Nononono10When the first chapter was scanlated I was in love. I even went and started trying to understand things from the raw (I can't read a single kanji).

What struck me then was how much I liked the art.

I thus far don't have a single major thing I dislike about the manga while liking a lot of what it does good.
Battle Club6---
My Sweet Sisters5---
Count Down!7---
Furi Kuri------
Shining Musume------
HEN5I just finished reading this and liked the concept a lot. The pacing of the plot was what really tripped it up. One step forward, two steps back, three forward, 5 back, totally random in a bad way. It felt like it had a volume limit that was pushed, then pushed again.

(The main lead also had too big breasts, an instant minus.)
Gaki Jigoku4The art is unique, which isn't always good.

This series feels like it tries to portray a series of a morals in a horror setting. The standard for what is horror goes up each year though and this just doesn't cut it any more.
Assassin Story5---
Shiwasu no Okina7---
Monkey Strip8---
Wise Ass8Since this is a hentai I went in with certain expectations. When those were finished I found myself continuing reading. The story was sweet and told in-between the sex scenes. Its story would be nice as a one shot, the sexual content just makes it longer by taking up space.
Nightmare Campus------
Hana yori Dango------
Binbou Shimai Monogatari9This manga is a sweet slice of life with a touch of that something special one is on the lookout for.

The anime is a sad slice of life without that touch. So I think this manga is better, but also has a very different mood.
Aisuru Hito7---
Paradise Kiss------
Purimu no Nikki8---
Kare no Satsujin Keikaku7---
Captain Tsubasa: Saikyo no Teki! Holland Youth------
Kumabachi no Koto9---
Gantz dj - Gamtz6---
Elfen Lied8---
Itsumo Kimi wo Kanjiteru9---
Mayonaka no Jewel5---
Love Roma7---
Arcana Soul8---
Sarashi Ai9---
Pink Shock!6---
Henjin Henkutsu Retsuden6---
Gaki no Koro kara8---
Rooftop Miracle6---
Butterfly 695---
Sister Trap5---
Tomoyo After - Dear Shining Memories------
Canon Sensei Tobashisugi8---
Kokou no Hito6---
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan9---
Nineteen, Twenty-One5---
The Breaker7---
Ping Pong9---
Zero (MATSUMOTO Taiyou)9---
Power Play!9---
Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Evangelion Re-Take After8---
Sayonara Piano Sonata9---
Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume7---
Molester Man8---
Game Over (MIZUTANI Fuka)------
Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa7---
Vampire Crisis6---
Dance in the Vampire Bund7---
Tetsuwan Girl8---
Tomodachi no Hanashi7---
My Heart Is Beating8---
Nana to Kaoru - Black Label8---
Tayu Tayu8---
Eden no Ori7---
Idol no Tsukurikata------
Sexy Guardian------
Offside Girl8---
Discipline dj - Damaged Fes------
Anata ga Fureru Tabi ni------
K-ON! dj - Kuroiro Jikan------
Omoide Emanon8---
Rin x Mama8---
Boukun Tyrano-san7---
Monzetsu!! Explosion------
Mankai Otome------
●REC (Mizu Asato)8---
Cirque Arachne6---
Body Warmth Communication6---
Henshin Ganbo8---
Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou7---
Warera Nishizaki Kiba Gundan7---
Sayonara Football8---
Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo8---
Kaichou-san Chi no Koneko4---
Flowers (NIHONBASHI Yoko)8---
Ushiro no Pleiades------
Jitsuryokuha Elite Jin------
Hikidashi ni Terrarium8---
Itoshi no Karin8---
Kantai Collection dj - Shoujo ga Mita Mono7---
Genghis Khan7---
Hana Fuda7---
Soushisouai Note6---
Minotaurus no Sara5---
Otameshi Lovers7---
Aka no Yuuwaku------
Magi dj - Judar-chan ga Onnanoko?!------
When She Touches Me------
The Last Question------
A Special Person------
Puri Puro------
Asobare - Dear Sex Friend------
All You Need Is Kill8---
Pisu Hame!8---
Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu5---
Ikinari! Harem Life------
Atatakai Heya------
Jinsei Ano Denchuu Made Sakusen------
Mushoku Tensei (Novel)------
Fella Hame Lips------
Nikuyoku Rensa - NTR Kanojo------
Joshikousei no Koshitsuki------
Renai Sample------
Delimama - Midara na Ore no Gibo-san------
Nikutai Communication------
Watashi wa Hoka no Otoko to, Sex Shite, Sex Shite, Sex o Shita. - Itsu no Mani ka Kanojo wa------
Milky Queen------
Milky Mint------
Chijoku Yuugi------
Innyuu x Chijo------
Lingerie Panic------
Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera------
Aibuka! (Kari)------
Midara na Karada ni Sareta kara------
Kano Bana - Kanojo to Koi to Monogatari------
Nuwu (Novel)7---
Wuming Qishi (Novel)------
Steins;Gate dj - OMD------
Bakemonogatari dj - Hitagi Frog------
Megamori Milk Pie------
Torikae Appli------
Fotorare - Sex & Photograph------
Panlong (Novel)------
Sanmi Ittai------
Renai Stampede!------
Love Love Rumble------
Taihen Yokudekimashita?------
Chu Berozu------
Shuuchi Nikurin------
Groove Tube------
Naked Party------
Loveless Labyrinth------
Broadcast Girlfriend------
Cohabiting Lover------
Love & Peach------
Megabody Night - Watashi no Oniku o Meshiagare------
Mucchiri Sukebe------
Sex Nochi Ryou Omoi------
Pure Days------
Shindol no Bunka Jinruigaki------
Shoujo Nostalgica------
Shoujo Mysterica------
Aibenki - Tonari no Dosukebe Onee-san------
Houkago Initiation------
Happy Peach (Novel)------
Daraku no Ou (Novel)8These two books contain 10+ different viewpoints on life and the action happening. Some you will laugh at, some make you want to cry and others you can't associate with and they bore you. It is simply a great work that feels like it was written by multiple people due to varied it is.

There is something in it that you will like and likely something that makes you want to drop it (as I did twice in the second book before finishing it).
Bake Bare!------
Mon Mon Animal Girl------
Keiren Reijou------
Houkago Choukyou Housoushitsu------
Teisou Kannen Zero------
Boku wa Kanojo no Jikkentai!------
Ano Ko to Ii Koto------
Henshitsu Fetishism------
H-Ero - Sei no Kyoushitsu------
Turning Point - Moshi Ore ga 15-nenmae kara Jinsei Yarinaosetara------
Hatsujou Sex Days------
Hazukashii Chibusa------
Kurohaku Black Rubbers------
Anehaha Kankei------
Harix2 Honey------
Tenshi ni Omakase------
Kindan no Haha Ana------
Ai Love Nyuu------
Enjo Kousai - Midara na Mama no Itoshikata------
First Touch------
Bakunyuu Gegera------
M-O Izonshou------
W Yome Sand------
Toraware Box------
Boku no Yamanouemura Haramase Nikki------
Yoiko no Gohoubi------
Shimoeda-san Chi no Akarui Shokutaku------
Trans Star------
Everyone Else is a Returnee (Novel)------
Li Mu7---
Meng Wu and Chu Zi6---
Boys be Zombitious------
Ero Pippi------
Close as Neighbors------
Seeking the Flying Sword Path (Novel)------