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Series Status Rating Comment
Dear Wolfv.1 c.16---
Deep Love - Pao no Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Dog Style (MINAMOTO Yuu)v.5 c.18For the first half of the oneshot, I thought the guy was a girl haha.
Anyway, I would have rated it higher but I feel the ecchi is too distracting. However, I can't give it less than an 8 because it was good. I think the relationship between the 'dog' and the master was portrayed nicely in here. Enjoy it!
Eien no Withv.5 c.310I love this. Only, I doubt I can read it again. Because I'll end up crying again bigrazz
This is perfect if you love animals, especially dogs.
Words fail me. Just go read it and you'll see.
Gau Gau Watav.1 c.1------
Ginga - Nagareboshi Ginv.1 c.1------
Ginga Densetsu Weedv.1 c.1------
Guru Guru Pon-chanv.1 c.1------
Hachi: Yakusou no Inuv.1 c.1------
Heren Espv.1 c.1------
Inu Jikanv.1 c.37It's a typical shoujo, the only difference being that dogs are featured in this as well. I thought the way the dogs were brought in was cute. That's the only thing that could possibly set this apart. There are better stories out there that have dogs in them so if you're looking for that you can skip this one. But don't get the wrong idea, it's a heck of a lot better than some of the cr*p shoujo currently out there, so if you're a shoujo fan, give it a read.
I grade incredibly hard. A 6 in my b...... View
Inu mo Arukeba Fallin' Lovev.1 c.1------
Inu wo Kauv.1 c.18---
Inubakav.6 c.110I love this series. The dogs are accurately described, with various breeds taking the spotlight. You don't even have to be a hardcore dog lover to enjoy this, as the human interaction balances the story.
The dogs are drawn beautifully, though the people seemed kinda weird to me in the beginning.
Great story. Go read it!
Inugamiv.1 c.339---
Inukami!v.1 c.1------
Inumimiv.5 c.197So let me just add that this was worth the read. It wasn't what I was expecting, which was okay. A good light read.
The dogs were adorable as well.
Joousama no Inuv.1 c.1------
KaNav.1 c.1------
Kimi no Kokoro Boku no Kokorov.1 c.27.5
Spoiler (highlight to view)
I'm sorry but you NEVER let a dog bite you that much. I'm a hardcore dog lover, and I've had my share of dog bites from my own dogs, but this was just ridiculous. I don't care about the whole 'the dog will understand you' thing. Yeah, it'll understand what a freaken pansy you are.

Other than that, I enjoyed this series. It doesn't just focus on the dogs, it also focuses on the humans and their lives. I think it's worth the read....... View
Love Wan!v.1 c.116.5---
Momokanv.1 c.48---
My Little Loverv.1 c.119---
Partner (ASANO Masumi)v.1 c.1------
Sayonara Bluev.1 c.17---
ShibaOv.1 c.47---
Stray Dogv.1 c.110---
Tengoku no Inu Monogatariv.1 c.210I bawled at this. I had to tone it down though cause if not, my family would have thought that something terrible had happened to me.
To anyone who has ever had a dog (or pet) die, this is for you.
The art looks bad, but it's not that bad on the inside.
Uchi no Hidev.1 c.18---
White Gardenv.1 c.1------
Yume-Iro Fantav.1 c.1------