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Series Rating Comment
1/3 no Kareshi6---
17-sai Hajimete no H6---
666 Satan8---
99% Love6---
A Cruel God5---
Ability Shop7---
About a Girl------
Absolute Boyfriend7---
Ahiru no Ouji-sama------
Ai no Tame ni6.5---
Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!7---
Aishiteruze Baby7---
Akane-chan Overdrive6---
Akuma de Junai6---
Akuma na Eros7---
Anata ni Tsunagaretai6---
Ane Pani5---
Angel Densetsu9Brilliant is a total understatement. this manga is hilarious and totally addictive. when you start you will not stop until you've finished. what made it great was the other genres supporting the main which is comedy and also the how clueless the main character was from beginning to the end and the supporting characters are very much likable and lovable.This is the closest thing to COMEDY MANGA PERFECTION. I strongly recommend it!
Archlord3This manhwa had everything to make it a great manhwa from the beginning but lacked intelligence and emotion.
the characters were never really developed past the 1 volume and it had nothing but half explained question. the characters are like unreasonable little children carrying swords.
the is a lot of mayhem and if you like mayhem you will probably like this but don't expect more than unreasoned mayhem. i doubt there was a single chapter where something or someone didn't die.
As the Death god Dictates6---
B Reaction6Good Read and i recommend it but one should not expect a lot from it cause you will be left disappointment. ending not soo great but still a good read.
Bad Company6.5---
Baku Ai6---
Beast Master8---
Beauty Pop------
Billion Girl6---
Bitter Virgin8---
Blood the Last Vampire 2000------
Bura Girl------
Cat Street8---
Change Guy7i read this because i sensed and angel densetsu concept but this was a great disappointment. the art is clear and good but the author emphasizes an event in this manhwa and gets the reader hooked into it and hooked onto it but then drops is at the last minute which gets annoying after a while. It had great potential but it failed in the end. i only gave it a 7 because the martial arts is good enough to make up for some of the failure.
Chocolate Kiss Kiss6.5---
Clover (OTSU Hiyori)7---
Complex (KIKUCHI Kumiko)7---
Crazy for You6---
Crazy Girl6---
Crazy Girl Shin Bia------
Crimsons - Akai Koukaishatachi------
Cross Epoch5if your are fun of both one piece and dragonball youi will probably like this. don't get yor hopes up about some great action or deep plot cause you will be left disapointed this is nothing more than an intresting thing to show how characters from one piece and dragonball will interact if they met.

DON'T expect much! after all it is a one shot!
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon8---
Cutie Boy7---
Dame Ijiwaru H------
Doki Doki Summer Beach------
Dokyusei H kara Hajimaru Koi4---
Domu9Recommend to anyone planning on reading akira later. it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. the art is great and it is structure beautifully. so never gets boring.
Dr. Chanbelee------
Dr. Slump6---
Dragon Ball7---
Dramatic Love Album7---
Eensy-Weensy Monster------
Enren Debut8---
Eureka Seven7---
Eyeshield 218---
Funbari no Uta------
Futari to Futari6---
Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor9---
Girl Friends7---
Girl x Girl x Boy------
Girls Saurus4---
Gokuaku Drop5---
Gokujou Drops6.5---
Goshimei desu!------
GTO8it's very easy to understand where people who don't like this manga are coming from especially since it is very unrealistic. (

this doesn't change the fact that it is hilarious and the fact that it is very unlikle to take place in real like makes the teacher (onizuka) even more likable. every character in unique, interesting and very well developed.

i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Hadashi de Bara o Fume------
Hana yori Dango------
Hanjuku Joshi6.5---
Haou Airen5it was pretty obvious that Haou Airen was going to be the only mayu work that has the most mixed views.
you could only get through this manga due to the fact that it is so unrealistic and you will hope for a happier time whilst reading it.
all of this doesn't change the fact that it is really hard to digest even after you have completed it.
am a big fan of mayu's work and i must admit even i could handle the messed up personalities and the way of thinking by the main characters. it is one of t...... View
Happy World6---
Hatsukoi Limited5you can't really hate this manga yet at the same time you can't love it.
it's one of those things that you get through then you ask yourself is that it?
there are some interesting parts and the fact that it is structured like a many mini-series all intertwined with each other gives it a little edge.
it's not average yet it is not brilliant.
Hatsukoi Shimai6---
He Dedicated to Roses8---
Hi ga Kuretemo Aruiteru3---
Himitsu Kichi5---
Honey Honey Boy - He Is a Sweet Temptation4---
Hot Blooded Woman6---
I Fell in Love for the First Time7---
Ichigo 100%1I hated this manga. the only good point about it is the fact that it is written very well to the point that it can hook you in except from that it was a total disappointment. this manga was the very reason that i came to HATE "harem" genre. the art is likable but the basic concept is simple but the execution of that concept is really terrible. the main character's indecisiveness gets boring and hateful after the first couple of chapters. this manga is terrible and does nothing but leaves a bi...... View
Ijiwaru na Aitsu4---
Jump Super Stars6---
Kaikan Phrase8---
Kanaete Aizen7.5---
Kare First Love7---
Karin Airmail6---
Kimi Koi Limit------
Kimi Sae mo Ai no Kusari7.5---
Kimi wa Girlfriend5---
Kindan Wedding6The problem is that it is trying to be like a Shinjo Mayu like manga ie kaikan phrase, love strip etc. yet at the same time trying to retain the innocence of special A and I's like manga. which it fails at greatly. you also have no real sense of time and the manga feels like everything takes place in a space of 2 to 3 days which makes it really unnatural.

Though it is pretty bad quite a lot of the time, like the guys head in proportion to his body.

Though you could name so much negative things...... View
Kinenbi Tokubetsu na H6---
Koe no Katachi8---
Koi no Kamisama6---
Koorihime Kitan5---
Koukou Debut8---
Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo6.5---
Lilim Kiss8good read. Slightly predictable but still a very good read. probably, the best work by this artist. good Characters are very likable and fun.
Love & Sex4---
Love Celeb7---
Love Lucky7.5---
Love Monster7---
Lovely Complex8---
Madofuki Park7---
Magic Insulator7---
Majin Devil8---
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro8---
Make Love Shiyo!!6---
Mayu-tan no Tokimeki Note #1 - Taboo ni Daite5---
Mayu-tan no Tokimeki Note #2 - Fiancée Shitai5---
Mayu-tan no Tokimeki Note #3 - Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite6---
Midnight Secretary------
Midori no Hibi7---
Mint na Bokura7.5---
Monster Hunter Orage6.5---
Monster Soul7---
Motto Oshiete6.5---
MxO8i still wonder why it was canceled. This manga was brilliant and this is how harry potter should have been like. Very well structured and a lot of humor and though the ending was predictable i still wanted to be told what could have happened. Brilliant Art. I think it should be returned and finished off properly. ignoring the ending, This manga was brilliant throughout which makes up for the rushed ending. i highly recommend it.
My Boyfriend Is a Vampire------
Nanaco Robin6.5---
Neko Majin6---
Ningyo Ouji------
Onnanoko Tokidoki Otokonoko------
Othello (OTSU Hiyori)6---
Otokomae! Beads Kurabu------
Paradise Kiss6---
Peach Girl------
Petshop of Horrors7.5Very hard to predict what will happen. but still a very good read and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy and indirect humor. the main characters are very likable and fun, plus their relationship with each other is funny and very interesting. (The count Is more less a suspect in every case.) 3 rules when you buy the pet. note that though it has humor it sometimes turn dark, very dark.
Pretty Face8i loved it and it was one of the manga that i read that got me interested in the romance and also the gender bender genre. It has great humor and the characters are very likable. i highly recommend it and i am in the process of reading it again. the main character is very energetic, fun and hilarious.
Rave6.5lets be honest this manga doesn't have the best structure nor the best character development and it does get annoying at some point due to too much emphasis on friendship. (though not to the extent of yugioh)
this manga redeems itself with a spectacular ending which is pretty satisfying. The art is pretty good and clear.
this manga is not the best manga, it drags, lacks in some areas but if you get through it the ending almost justifies the means.
it very satisfying
Recca no Honoo6.5---
Ren'ai Strip6this manga it nothing more than a fun read at best and probably one of Mayu's best work.
simple plot and and a right amount of smut. you shouldn't expect a lot cause you won't get a lot in terms of plot but for a shout smut romance this is one of the best
Romance Dawn7---
Rurouni Kenshin8---
Saboten no Himitsu6.5---
Sachie-chan Guu!!------
Saikyou Koibana6---
Sailor Moon dj - Million Kisses5---
Samurai Champloo8---
Samurai High School6.5---
Senpai Amasugiru H5---
Sexy Guardian6---
Shaman King------
Shaman King Kanzenban------
Shijou Saikyou no Gaiden4---
Shinjo Mayu - The Best Selection------
Shoujo Bigaku------
Shugo Chara!6---
Snow in the Dark6.5---
Soul Eater7---
Special A7---
Steady Study4---
Sweet Days (TAKASUGI Kou)7---
Tatakae! Ryouzanpaku Shijou Saikyou no Deshi6---
The Breaker7---
The Devil Does Exist7---
The Poisonous Flower6.5---
The Rites of the Moon Princess5---
Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji------
Tokyo Crazy Paradise9---
Ultra Maniac7there is nothing great nor bad about this manga. the characters are fun and simple and nothing more than a good read highly enjoyably and recommended.

if you did not like it then it is probably due to the 'it' factor you probably seeked and this manga did not deliver. it's nothing more than a feel good manga so if anything serious was to happen it will not fit and probably would have ruined it.

it a feel good manga and you just can't hate. thats what i feel.
Unlucky Boy Undead Girl------
Video Girl Ai8---
W Juliet II7.5---
Wishing on the Moon6---
Witch (Chi-ran)------
Woman in the Man7.5---
Yu Yu Hakusho8---
Yuri Hime Wildrose------
Yuuwaku - Sakaraenai Yokubou4---
Zippy Ziggy7---