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Total: 24

Series Rating Comment
99 Happy Soul4.5---
Akuma Jiten6---
Boku no Watashi no Yusha Gaku3---
Boku to Kanojo no XXX3---
Desire Climax5---
DOLL: IC in a Doll6---
Dragon Knights7---
Faeries' Landing5---
Futaba-kun Change3---
Girls Saurus DX4---
Last Fantasy7---
Love Hina5---
Maria Holic------
PhD: Phantasy Degree------
Seiyuu Ka-!------
Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou------
Vampire Knight5.5---
Vision of Escaflowne8---
Yu-Gi-Oh!3.1This manga could have become one of the best shounen manga's of all time if it was nothing more than a pure comedy manga.

yu-gi-oh! is written in a way that it want's people to take it seriously, but by doing that it loses the little respect we have for it. trying to take this manga seriouly is like saying pokemons are real. it just doesn't work. it started of great with the whole shadow games and when they started dueling with the whole dramatic card drawing it became nothing more than a joke...... View