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Series Rating Comment
-6mm no Taboo8---
Adeiro Netsu Shisen9---
Agnus Dei - Lamb of God------
Ai dano Koi dano10---
Ai no Gebokutachi7---
Aijin Ichimanyen2---
Aijin Incubus8---
Akuma no Himitsu------
Anata no Tsubomi o Osewa Shimasu!------
Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara9---
Ano Kado wo Magatta Tokoro10---
Artbook Aya------
Ashita Naku10---
Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai10---
Asobi ja Nai no10I'm normally very picky, but just because it is so freaking hot and adorable, I gotta give this a 10. Not a good plot you say? Well, I agree it's pretty mediocre, but the way she draws and writes the dialogue makes this very enjoyable. I definitely have a soft spot for this one. ^.^
Bi no Isu8---
Bitter - Kare no Hisoyaka na Seppun8---
Biyaku Café------
Buddy System------
Bukiyou na Silent7---
Cafe Relish ni Oide------
Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo------
Cat and Master Dog7---
Child Epicurean6---
Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai8---
Code Geass dj - Another Heaven------
Crimson Spell8As a fan of Ayano Yamane's, I had no doubt in my mind that this would be a good read. And it is, but it's not GREAT like her other work, the Finder series.
The art beautifully drawn - maybe "too" beautiful if that's possible - that it often feels like it's the only thing backing up a somewhat simple plot. Prince falls under curse, dashing seme breaks it. Add some expensive velvet, fantastical creatures, and some swords here and there and you've pretty much got it.
It's enjoyable and breathtaki...... View
Dark Road---Man. I'd give this a 10 but it's so good that I feel like I'm being jipped here; it's so freaking short! The art is incredible, the sex is nitty-gritty and I just want MORE. Give it a shot - but be warned, you're gonna be left panting. XD
Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata9---
Do You Want to Try?7---
Dog Style10It's so refreshing to come across something like this once in a while. Nothing is sugarcoated, it's deliciously nitty-gritty, and that's very hot. At first I didn't like the art, but the story got me going, and once I got into it everything was just perfect. I recommend giving this a try, even if you're used to "fluffier" things, because it'll really wake you up!
Double Face------
Doushitemo Furetakunai9---
Finder10Up to now still my favorite of all time. It's got everything I look for in a great yaoi. Oh sure, there's tons of kink - but it all adds to the story.
Ayano Yamane is a true master!
Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata------
Gaten na Aitsu8---
Haginokouji Seiya-sama no Ran10---
Haitoku no Love Sick------
Hana yori Dango10---
Hanairo Virgin Soil9---
Hand Which10---
Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko------
Heart ni Goyoujin8---
Hey! Doctor---Yes it may be graphic, but if it's going to be graphic it has to be satisfying, and it isn't. Personally for me it was just too over the top, and that doesn't make it believable. Just splatter effects everywhere with tangled limbs, messy lines, sometimes I didn't know what was going on. Complete waste of time, but then again, some people might like it.
Honenuki ni Saretai------
Honey Boys Spiral------
Honto Yajuu------
Ichizude Karen na Ore-sama------
Ikenai Otoko9---
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan10---
Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu10---
Jigokusei Remina7---
Junketsu Drop------
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Seinen Horeyasuku, Koi Narigatashi7---
Kimi de Oboreta Ato wa------
Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru------
Kimi Note------
Kimi wa Amai Amai...9---
Koibito Shigan------
Koisuru Boukun------
Koujitsusei no Tobira10Beautiful and sensitive. I love the activeness of the line quality, which adds a certain emotion to an already engaging story. Most manga have clean-cut lines, which is good, but I've never seen this style before. A must-read, whether or not you like yaoi, because it's seriously amazing!
Kowarekake no Omocha6---
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu1Exhausting to read because of the lead female's constant, ceaseless blushing. I honestly tried carrying on because it was labeled "smut" and the guy happens to be hot. However, seeing as I found none such smut, and no discernable plot along the way either, I was sorely disappointed.
Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aruwakede------
Liberty Liberty!------
Like a Hero8---
Little Butterfly10I was completely blown away by this. What can be said about Little Butterfly has pretty much been covered by other more eloquent comments, but I have to express my love for it too. The art is gorgeous and I was entranced by how cute and flowery-looking it was, but the story is much, much more profound. The true caring and love shown by both Kojima and Nakahara toward each other, even before they realized they were in love, is what romance should be like. This is the sort of wholesome story yo...... View
Lock Out------
Love Prism---Don't be fooled by the pretty art. I have never been more disappointed after a read.
I think sunnyme described it perfectly; you'd think that by CHAPTER 5 the story would have advanced somewhat, but the characters are all still where they started. Except that the uke just has an ulcer in his butt - sorry to be frank.
If you must read this, only do so if you're in a very horny mood. And by very I mean EXTREMELY horny, you'd feel you'd die if you don't read something erotic quick. In all honesty...... View
Making Love Like Newlyweds------
Mimi no Kaidan7---
Momoiro Saeru Suman------
Mousou Elektel9---
Neji no Kaiten------
No Toy4---
Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou7---
Orange Marmalade9Now here's a refreshing take on the vampire romance genre. I disagree with comments saying that this drags on. It is lengthy, but it never really gets boring. I feel that it actually needs the slow pace for the character development and room for the female lead, Ma Ri, to come to terms with her feelings. She's got a lot to sort out after all. And by Chapter 57, it's all the more satisfying and special when she does. I'd liken it to a butterfly emerging out of cocoon. With a story like this, I...... View
Oshioki Gakuen8Dear god, I don't quite know what to make of this. Never in my life have I read such a cracky crackfic. I'm a tough girl, so I got through the first chapter snorting and laughing but halfway through the 2nd chapter I was hiding my face in shame. Like, "Man, they're gonna f*ck this poor boy to death, wtf"

I am going to give this a 5, just because I know it's a crackfic and it's probably considered "good crack", because wow, srsly, I think it did its job. The art is pretty shiny too, so............... View
Otona Keikenchi------
Peach Girl9I'll admit the first arc was tiring to read because of everyone doubting each other, due to Sae's neverending schemes. But the second arc blew my mind. It was drama from start to finish, and I mean major emotional DRAMA, so you better be prepared to have your brain rocked back and forth.

A lot of people are saying that it's cliche, irritating, even labeling Momo as a slut. I rated this a 5 when I first started reading this, but now I give it a 9. Why? It's a good story, it's realistic in its ...... View
Peeping Tom8---
Pet Oshigotochuu------
Porno Superstar8---
Prince of Tennis dj - Bitter Sugar------
Prince of Tennis dj - Shishunki------
Prince of Tennis dj - Sweet Sigh------
Prisoner (KAEN)6---
Renai à la Carte!9---
Renai Junkie------
Renai Shinan!10Wooow. Did you guys know that the mangaka is a guy? Yes, it's true. I find that to be VERY hot.
And that aside, all his works are steamin'. Looking forward to MORE!!
Rival ni Ki wo Tsukero------
Royal Fiancé7I found this through a friend's recommendation. I didn't hesitate to read it because the art is the first thing that draws me in. And wow, is the art beautiful... but the story fell short for me. This is probably the cheesiest thing I've read in a while. The uke is incredibly weak, unable to defend himself and is constantly weeping and blushing. The seme I can't even begin to start on; he's simply a bully. It's one of those stories where the seme goes "I rape you, but then I do a little nice ...... View
Running on Empty10At first, I thought the photo backgrounds were lazy too, but as I read on I came to love it. It enhances the story rather than detracts from it, and it's probably not as easy as it seems, because the colors blend in with the character drawings well. The mangaka really knows what she's doing. As far as story goes, it's original and very touching. Wrapped up very well for me in the end. A must-read.
S (Novel)10---
Saa Koi ni Ochitamae7---
Saa Koi ni Ochitamae dj - Nakayoshi Nano------
Saihate no Kimi e8It's better the second time you read it, because you start to pick up more of the bits and details that make up the WHOLE story rather than going O.O at all the sex scenes. And it just gets better every time you read it! The first time, I didn't like it very much, because I did think it had a "rape you till you love me" meaning. However, the story implies that their "love" had already existed prior to the violence - btw, I'm giving this an 8 rather than anything higher, because there are flaw...... View
Saikyou no Love Magic------
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi------
Senzoku de Aishite------
Servant's Master8---
Sexy Cool Voice7---
Skin Cream de Nurashite------
Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru------
Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu---Oh god this is amazing. This may be one that deals with rape, but it's unlike any I've ever read. Very very original storyline, and done beauuutifully, absolutely heartbreaking story throughout but ends on a high note. Left me feeling good inside, which is unexpected in a rape manga! Just read it, you'll remember it for a long time after.
Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru10---
Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu.------
Steady Study------
Suki to Itte (YAMAKAMI Riyu)8---
Surf Junkie9---
Sweet - Ano Amai Amai Aji7---
Taka wo Kukurouka9Short and smutty, these are all short stories that eventually lead to sex. Good read if you're looking for something light. The first two stories have something going for them and I wish there was more, but alas, they're all one-shots. I have no complaints other than the fact that the stories seem to be cut off abruptly, just for the sake of getting to the smut. So, don't take this too seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. The art is nice too. Worth a shot!
Takaga Koi daro------
Teen Spirit10Oh how I wish we could have more of Jea Eun Sensei's work. I have just discovered her today, and found that she has passed away due to cancer. I am devastated at the loss of what is clearly a very talented artist. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a manwha quite this much. The art is gorgeous, and is backed by a very strong story with unique pretty boy characters! Definitely please check this out, despite it being incomplete... it is worth it.
The Strength of Pure Soul9---
Three and a Half------
Tonari ni Iru no ni, Tooi7---
Totally Captivated10As with all manga I was skeptical at first, judging from the seemingly-cliche summary description about an innocent guy being lured into the mafia.
Well, I ended up reading the entire thing in two days, staying up well past midnight finishing it up. I did get a slow start though, as I didn't know anything about it before and tried reading it from left to right, lawl.
Anyway, to the point of why I LOVE this series so, so much... first of all, I'm picky about the art. Hot leading guys? Check. ...... View
Tsuki ni Hoero8---
Uzumaki9First of all, I didn't think there could be anything more disturbing than Gyo until I read this. It's seriously twisted (no pun intended). If you have doubts about this, or think, "Really, what could be so scary about spirals?" well think again. That's what I thought at first, until I gave this a try and wow, it gets under your skin! For example, in one chapter a guy becomes a snail and it's one of the nastiest things I have ever seen drawn. That's another thing. The art is very good and cons...... View
Venus ni Arazu7---
Wild Rock------
Yajuu de Hatsukoi10---
Yami no Koe8---
Yoiko no Sumu Machi10---
Yuuwaku no Bansan5---
Zenbu Ore no Mono!9---
Zettai Kareshi8The story is very entertaining and the premise is like every girl's dream, to have the perfect boyfriend. The art is lovely, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. One thing I will stress though: don't take it too seriously. The character of Night is so likable, that the ending was a huge disappointment. The other characters bland somewhat in comparison, including the lead girl, who is too naive and childish for my tastes. *****SPOILERS***** I'll try to keep it brief, but it's I think it's too bad real...... View