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A Night of a Thousand Dreamsv.3 c.176.5[spoiler]This is my first and only boys love manga that have read; so I'm not 100% sure how to grasp my head around it. Artistry very beautiful. Although I can understand the feelings towards the characters.. Not being a man it's hard to understand the pleasure they feel in the smut scenes. I love the lengthy tales.. It's what keeps the story fresh and exciting. I wish the smith scenes were better detailed.
[a king goes mad from heartbreak and starts killing woman after sleeping with them.. One ...... View
Akuma no Kuchizukev.1 c.53---
B.Ichiv.3 c.110---
Black Sun, Silver Moonv.5 c.710---
Charon Siphonv.1 c.87---
ChunChuv.4 c.2210---
Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Dov.2 c.137This Manga is so close to touching the human emotion. It has the colour depth in the art. It also brings a real emotional side out of people in the different situations they are in.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
starts with a girl at her part time job. She encounters some pretty ignorant students and ends up throwing a drink on one of the guys.
Later that guy ends up being this boy that sings from another school and also her neighbour.
He right away finds interest in her and they start dating ...
... View
Enchanterv.11 c.454---
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagiv.4 c.183At first it seemed action packed and exciting.. Now I'm just getting tired of it so far.. Artistry is okay.. Normal big eyes big hair.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a normal boy is going to school and has a girl that likes him. Only thing is he is hearing and seeing this girl.. Then when he gets hit by a car he fully loses it and sees her everywhere. Then he starts to remember everything. His powers are activated and she wakes from him remembering her. She breaks out of that realm and he is bei...
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Jigoku Shoujov.6 c.254The concept is great.. But the whole thing is very repetitive.. Love the artistry in it. I'm always a fan of wide eyed characters.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the story's were good but again repetitive. And most of the reason to kill and send yourself to hell for was pretty bad.. Like bad in a way that they should sold their own damn problems instead of resorting to such means... Hell girls story warranted such a thing as revenge..

After the 6th volume English version is cut?? I'm confused...... View
Jigoku Shoujo Rv.2 c.63---
Koisuru Yajuuv.1 c.23---
Mitsu Aji Bloodv.2 c.104I'm still waiting for it to become good.. I love the sexy vampire looks and movements... I feel the main character somehow doesn't fit in at all.. She seems a bit too easy... Artistry is fantastic.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
it's starts with recent murders that has been happening around the community which they call "the vampire killings" because of the way they are killed. A school girl and her friend start to talk about it, and as her friend is obsessed with vampires. She is all for it. Sh...
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S Kareshi Joujouv.4 c.152So the story so far is about what exactly? Art is okay. Don't like seeing half noses sometimes.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a girl works hard to get into a prestigious school. Just to be bunked with some prince like dude. And he kisses her the first day and pretty much forces a relationship on her. She doesn't seem to care though. They fall in love quickly though he keeps doing messed up things to her. She honestly seems kinda stupid. She keeps getting closer to guys even though she knows he ...
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Sonna Koe Dashicha Iya!v.3 c.143I really love the smut scenes but it's so hard to get past the main character.. Art is kinda flat and not very appealing.. I wish the next chapters would come out sooner.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a girl starts as a voice actress and quickly the main male actor takes a notice in her and starts physical "practice" with her. It seems like it is going somewhere good when all of a sudden she states that she is already taken?!?! Wtf slut alert. How stupid virgin or not can she be to be doing phy...
... View
Toriko - Aigan Shoujov.3 c.127It's a very disturbing but very addicting read. Art is fatfaced but okay. Wish someone would continue the translation soon..
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a aristocrat goes to a marketplace in the red light district and ends up buying a beautiful mixed blood girl. He takes care of her and decides she is going to end up being his sex toy.. She tries robe her own person but attract sexual attention from all the men she comes in contact with. He also gets lots of attention from woman and she gets ...
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Usagi no Koiv.1 c.2------