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Series Status Rating Comment
Aitsu ni Koishita Yottsu no Wakev.1 c.11---
Bocchama wa Ijiwaruv.2 c.72---
Chou yo Hana yov.1 c.11---
Fortune Arterialv.3 c.212---
Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu.v.2 c.72---
Momogumi Plus Senkiv.4 c.175---
Moshikashite Vampirev.1 c.12---
Rosario + Vampirev.1 c.11---
U-Bu U-Buv.2 c.41So far it's just a bunch of run around bS. Artistry is pretty bad for (models) can't see the beauty in them at all.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
strts with this girl wanting to be a model so she skips school for a pageant. She gets there too late however, but some guy saves her by letter her through somehow he kisses her though?! Then on he break some other photographer dude kisses her?! Then the person she goes there for kisses her when she chases after him?! Then she stalks them to take pictu...
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Vampire Master (Os Rabbit Cat)v.2 c.111Not worth reading... Very boring read. Art is too sharp to like.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
girl is some hunter chick but the bad demons are all sealed up?! The seal is breaking so she seaks the seal book which a half-breed has and he and her start acting stupid to each other . There are also these powerful vampires that send beings after them. .. I don't care for this manga at all.
Yamada Tarou Monogatariv.11 c.381---