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Total: 75

Series Status Rating Comment
1/2 Princev.1 c.18---
Aho Girlv.1 c.16------
All Rounder Meguruv.1 c.849---
Americano-Exodusv.1 c.117---
Arslan Senki (ARAKAWA Hiromu)v.1 c.158---
Baby Stepsv.1 c.1049---
Birdy the Mighty (II)v.1 c.1388---
Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijouv.1 c.77---
Boku no Hero Academiav.1 c.368---
Crowsv.1 c.18This is a manga about high school delinquents fighting each other for various reasons; revenge, high-school gang politics, for pride, or because they just want a fight. There are too few of these manga about, and this is a great example with memorable fights, characters, arcs and relationships.
Do Not Miss.
Daiya no Av.1 c.2378---
Demon Kingv.1 c.17---
Digimon Cross Warsv.1 c.96---
Dungeon Meshiv.1 c.18---
Gangsta.v.1 c.248---
Gaussian Blurv.1 c.1------
Giant Killingv.1 c.18---
Gintamav.1 c.177---
Gokichav.1 c.18---
Green Boy: Shouting to Youv.1 c.1------
GUNNM: Last Orderv.1 c.19---
Hitogatanav.1 c.137---
Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryakuv.1 c.1------
Hunter x Hunterv.1 c.3409Hunter X Hunter's premise seems rather simplistic at first. A young man goes out into the world to find his father, who abandoned him to become a professional Hunter. This young man, Gon Freecs, is convinced that being a Hunter must be fantastic if his own father was willing to abandon him for it. And so he goes out into the world.
As a character, he is a typical shounen male protagonist in the same vein as Goku (Dragonball) and Luffy (One Piece). Simple, honest and a bit dumb, but still a...... View
Idv.1 c.1267---
Iris Zerov.1 c.298---
Isekai Izakaya "Nobu"v.1 c.137---
Itsuwaribito Utsuhov.1 c.9------
Kenja no Magov.1 c.15------
Koe no Katachiv.1 c.3------
Koukoku no Shugoshav.1 c.328---
Kurenai Oujiv.1 c.348---
Kurosagiv.1 c.778---
Little Jumperv.1 c.3------
Manyeo Sanyangv.1 c.117---
Monsterv.1 c.158---
Mother Keeperv.1 c.267---
Nanatsu no Taizaiv.1 c.738---
Natsu no Zenjitsuv.1 c.78---
Noragamiv.1 c.408---
Nyan Koi!v.1 c.317---
Ocha Nigosuv.1 c.938---
Ohikkoshiv.1 c.17---
One Piecev.1 c.64210Funny. Epic. Brutal. Dramatic. Full of pure, elementary joy and happiness.
One Piece has got it all. Usually, I rate by enjoyment, but my rating of 10 for this manga includes quality as well. Oda has created shounen perfection in this manga, creating a world where all the seas are free to sail upon, to discover new worlds and places, where his/your/whoever's imagination is the limit.
The cast that form the crew are a diverse bunch; a swordsman, a martial artist chef, a sharpshooter-...... View
Onepunch-Manv.1 c.19Incredibly and unpredictably awesome in almost every respect. Gonna sit on my arse and wait for more awesome to flow my way, because this is one hilarious manga like I have never seen before.
Pacing's a bit terrible later on, reminds me of Bleach in that way, but meh. Still great.
Onepunch-Man (ONE)v.1 c.18---
Pokemon Specialv.1 c.18---
Quick Start!!v.1 c.16---
Ran to Haiiro no Sekaiv.1 c.368---
Realv.1 c.7210---
Red Ravenv.1 c.46---
Red Stormv.1 c.6------
Rengoku Deadrollv.1 c.5------
Ruler of the Landv.1 c.2738---
Sayonara Footballv.1 c.2------
Sayonara Zetsubou-Senseiv.1 c.6------
Shanghai Youma Kikaiv.1 c.37---
Sousei no Onmyoujiv.1 c.39I had (and continue to have) high expectations of this manga. It's the mangaka's next manga after the masterpiece Binbougami ga! which is a top class comedy/parody manga in terms of humour, art, character development and character relationships.

The 3 chapters so far have shown that Sukeno-sensei is equally adept at applying these elements to a straight shounen battle manga. Still hilarious, already getting good characters with good chemistry between them, and fantastic artwork and emotive exp...... View
Space China Dress (Online)v.1 c.1------
Teppuuv.1 c.288---
The Gamerv.1 c.588---
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptorv.1 c.104------
Torikov.1 c.18---
Tower of Godv.2 c.318---
Uchuu Kyoudaiv.1 c.23------
Vagabondv.1 c.30010Amazing art. Fantastic action. One man on a journey.
Sure, this manga can be quite slow, with all the philosophy about sword-fighting, but that's what makes it an authentic samurai manga. Forget the fact that samurai were essentially sell-swords in real life, we remember them as semi-spiritual warriors that lived by a code of honour. Hey, if we read manga to escape real life, you might as well do it properly. This is the tale of Shinmen Takezo, who would later become the most famous ...... View
Vinland Sagav.1 c.979Ah, the Viking manga. Fantastic.
Of course, as a purely historical manga, this has some failings. The ideologies and way of speaking of the Vikings (and their contemporary European neighbours) in this manga are Japanese, pure and simple. It's a failing I feel Japanese entertainment achieves every time it portrays a foreign culture.
Nevertheless, a truly minor flaw. The characters are strong, the fight scenes brutal and bloody, the plot follows the characters closely, and the art is superb. ...... View
Waratte! Sotomura-sanv.3 c.407---
Working!!v.1 c.988---
World Triggerv.1 c.618---
Worstv.1 c.28---
Yongbiv.1 c.568---
Yowamushi Pedalv.1 c.358---
Yurekav.1 c.17---
Zettai Karen Childrenv.1 c.1529---