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17 Sai no Hisoka na Yokujou7there's nothing particularly special here, but what there is, is well executed. no epic storyline; just a nice little teacher-student story with sympathetic characters, and a little angst. which didn't feel as pervy to me as they usually do, because the teacher and the student had a bond from years before, and the age difference isn't very pronounced. or maybe it's just that i am a sucker for "childhood friends get together". smile there is a plot; it's simple, but not just an excuse for sex. ...... View
1K Apartment no Koi------
2-14 jiken2i can't decide whether this or the prequel is worse, but it doesn't really matter because they're both beneath contempt for lack of a cohesive plot, repeated abuse of rape, flat characterisation, inane humour, endless boring monologue by a despicable character for 2 entire chapters, and -- to add insult to injury -- mediocre art from a mangaka most of whose other works i like.
35 Do no Renai Netsu8as usual takaido tells an interesting story, but this one left me feeling depressed about what's commonly called "the human condition". i do understand honda, and i don't think it's that he doesn't want a big romance, but that he is afraid of a huge obstacle: society's view of homosexual relationships, which means sudou would become an outcast to his friends and business acquaintances if they were found out, and that, or the required secrecy in turn might make him resent honda, and in the e...... View
A Coward's Happiness------
A Sex Therapist------
Abiru Junjou------
Access---it's late and i am tired, so this'll be just a quickie: the sex in this DJ is exceptionally nice, both as physically drawn, and emotionally conceived. if all yaoi sex scenes were like this, i'd probably never leave my room again.
Agetai Kimochi5i'd recommend to collect the anthologies and then collate the individual stories which have several parts. that way the stories feel less disjointed and the characters seem more connected.
it'll still be average, mind, there isn't enough here to really get invested, but it won't feel quite as empty. these really are mostly worth reading for the smut, if one is looking for that.
Ai no Gebokutachi7the main story is light and fluffy, but quite enjoyable for that. my favourite is the 3rd chapter -- who ever has heard of a chubby lead in a BL story? ok, naono bohra did one, but he wasn't actually all that chubby. keita is, but he is loved anyway; it doesn't matter. that's kinda groundbreaking for BL, even though it's comedy. but yeah, i love it when a mangaka pushes the envelope in some way,
and sakurai pushes it twice in that chapter.

worst thing about this manga is the censorship, wh...... View
Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide------
Ai no Kotoba wo Uragaeshi8i most enjoyed the first story, because it is longer, and because it can therefore take its time to have the relationship develop. also, i'm happy that masayoshi didn't go for souma when he was still in middle school; yay for controlling one's urges.

story 2 didn't really do it for me; i never figured out exactly what the problem was, why satoshi had cooled off. so it just fizzled out.

story 7 is mostly sad for me; lost opportunity because of not speaking one's mind, and then... yeah, that was ...... View
Ai no Kotodama8.5well, the shougo x alfred thing didn't bother me -- people sometimes do desperate things, and i most definitely would forgive my partner if they did what alfred did in order to be able to see me. in the grand scheme of things that's not terribly important to me (though i'd prefer if i got told ahead of time). but anyway, that couple was only a small part of the entire manga, and the weakest story anyway because there was no character development, and i didn't really care about those two.

the...... View
Ai Shika Iranee yo (Novel)8for a BL novel this isn't all bad -- and i find most BL novels insipid and not really worthwhile without the art present in manga. this one has a complete story that mostly works, and while one major thing doesn't make any sense to me, at least i could connect with the characters. well, i could connect with sawa. this novel would gain by having more of kobayakawa's thoughts; we only get one little bit at the end -- and i really like to hear things from the seme's point of view. sawa is a ...... View
Ai wa Doko Itta?7i've seen a lot of rapes in BL land after which the rapee reacts in ways inconceivable in the real world, but this one takes the cake. he dusts himself off, asks his rapist to give him a hand up, and starts conversing with him about how it's really childish to take one's frustrations out in this way.

i don't even know what to say. i don't think i was supposed to laugh this hard at that situation.

that said, this wasn't actually half bad if one ignores the raping. it was mostly amusing me bec...... View
Ai wa Karada de Kataru Mono---sometimes the art is good, even impressive -- interesting, with an edge to it that sets it apart. but much of the time it looks... messy somehow, and certain aspects of it don't work at all for me ("clown makeup" circles instead of hatched blushing, for example -- i hate those. and -- most people might not care, but i have a thing for it -- the hands are often weird, with misshapen fingertips and -nails). odd little things like that make me fall out of the web woven by the art and story....... View
Aigan Shounen6i like dark, i don't mind violence, and i can deal with cruelty, if the story is there to support all of those. i don't feel the story is there in this case (and the ending is completely hokey considering what went on before). i didn't care for any of the characters, and i would have needed some back story about the baron and his cohorts. random cruelty just doesn't work for me at all, and this seems all too random.

the art is unique; i love mizukami shin for that. except for the damn glowi...... View
Aijin wa Korosareru8finally a story with some depth. nice foreshadowing of the ending too; subtle and yet powerful if one notices it when umetarou does it. not typical of BL in that the setup as perceived originally is not how it ends up. this is a definite keeper for me, even though i am not terribly fond of the art -- actually the composition is often very good, just the drawing of the people isn't quite up to par.
Aisareru Hito e Tsugu7---
Aishiteru (FUJITANI Youko)9love it. "nothing happens" isn't actually true -- lots of things happen. it's just that those things don't happen with a lot of noise and outwardly expressed drama. somebody else might have injected visible angst into some of the episodes, like when kasushi knows he'll go to america, but he hasn't told harutomo yet. but just because the angst isn't splattered all over the surface doesn't mean it's not right there, in between the lines. this is a manga for people who can listen carefully,...... View
Aitsu to Ore------
Aiyoku no Canon------
Akai Koi5i had no particular trouble following it, and rather liked the "slice of life" approach. i also wasn't craving drama, and was really glad that the potential rivals were dismissed post haste. but i still think it fell mostly flat. there seemed so little development in the characters and the relationship, even though the manga covers years. for example, at the very end we find something out about hiroshi:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
he thinks to himself "my entire life won't be what i want it...
... View
Akanai Tobira8i think i enjoyed it because it put me right away in a "this is crack" mode, and somehow managed to deliver, which surprises me. because some of the reviewers below are correct; there is near-rape here, logically i don't see why these couples are together at all, and both those things would normally annoy me. but here i just don't take anything seriously.

the storylines are not cliche; i sure can't remember reading anything like it before. hey, they don't fall in love after the near-rape! o...... View
Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau8.5[ETA 2011-01-07] though the license is no longer valid, since this was a biblos title acquired by libre, and they do NOT honour biblos licenses; all of them have to be relicensed. and as far as i can tell from official comments on DMP's website, that hasn't happened, and they have in fact not even decided yet whether they will try to do so. we should probably take the licensing info off this.

i like fujiyama hyouta in general, but this work in specific because of the interaction between the c...... View
Akutai wa Ude no Naka de Futatabi------
Amai Jouken5with pretty but not outstanding art, and with no character development it's completely forgettable 10 minutes after finishing it. which is too bad, because while i am dead bored of crybaby uke like hisaya, i'm fairly happy to see a decent seme -- i just wish there were something else to say here other than that.
Amai Jouken dj - Amai Jouken5---
Amasakaru7very, very, very beautiful art; amazing reproduction of clothing and armour.

but do yourself a favour and read up on the history before reading this, because otherwise you're not gonna understand the half of it; it is so compressed. and from the presentation in the first two (long) chapters i don't think the rest of the tankoubon will shed more light (i've ordered it since i can't find a raw online to check).
Amayakana Toge------
Anata no Kiss mo Kokoro mo Zenbu5.5this isn't my favourite of hasukawa's by a long shot, but i don't think the stories are boring; they're just not filled with drama and angst from start to finish. they have plots and a couple of them aren't even standard BL plots, and they have likeable characters; which is more than i can say for a lot of oneshots i've read recently. and hey -- nobody gets raped or even forced into sex "because they secretly want it". in oneshots i don't care much about sex, because for the most part mang...... View
Anata no Tonari ni Suwarasete6it won't stay with me for long (ha; in fact i already read it once before and forgot), but it's pleasant enough, and the setting is at least original. also, azumi and jin saw things in each other that make sense to me, while in a lot of BL people fall in love with others and i can only scratch my head and wonder what the heck they see in each other. furthermore everything is consensual, and the uke doesn't protest the entire time; so yeah, a step up from average.

and by this time hasugawa's bo...... View
Anata wo Mamoritakute7for such a short story there was actually real content in here. not a complex plot, of course, but sufficient to enjoy, and there is actually enough character definition to care a bit -- it was a really nice touch that mizutani didn't pass the blame. and hey, no raping!
Anbalance Lover5---
Ano Hi Bokura wa Koutei de7.5---
Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara7.5it's a good story with some depth, it moves at the right pace, the characters are well defined, the art is nice and fits the story well. the reason why i am not rating it better is the story's attitude towards domestic violence -- there is too much blaming of the victim going on. that may be a japanese attitude, but it's not mine, and it detracts from my enjoyment of a manga. that might seem weird coming from somebody who generally takes the common domestic abuse in BL in stride, but the d...... View
Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru------
Antique---[edit by mod, Warning: Possible spoilers]
this is a good example of a manga that defies easy classification in the west, and why the west's definitions are hosed, and we should just adopt japanese terminology. because this is clearly BL, but not shounen-ai, nor yaoi. there is no airy-fairy platonic love with at most a chaste kiss and "i've always liked you" between young boys, which characterizes shounen-ai. instead there is an adult, out, sexually active gay character -- but yaoi-lovers ge...... View
Ao no Sekai7.5part of that was the translation, which was a bit klunky, and seemed to have special trouble with names (two makotos, one male, one female, not related? yup, and takahashi tsuyoshi should be tachibana tsuyoshi. the names in the description differ as well; since i now have the raw; i'll correct that.). sometimes the action jumped in strange ways that i couldn't immediately decipher; such as how the knife suddenly ended up in fuwa's hand, and what the heck happened when fuwa dropped the dog of...... View
Aozora no Sunda Iro wa8---
April 4th2---
April Fool9so short, and still it gets to me every time i read it.

the promise hiroki had made was to cross the bridge first (which he didn't do the first time around, because the bridge shattered).
Apron de Choushoku wo5the uke is dense, the seme has a dumb fetish about frilly aprons. the only interesting character is the guy who teaches the uke about housework, but we don't see enough of him. i don't feel any sexual tension here, and find the sex unerotic because i don't like either character. everything is overdramatized; people are always yelling or having their mouth open because they're SO SURPRISED. this is the sort of BL i dearly wish weren't so common; it's all about feminizing the uke and validati...... View
Arabian de naito6that had potential, but ended up mere fluff. no character development, no relationship development, nothing done with the intriguing idea of switching bodies. hinata is the type of clumsy, dumb uke that some people find "cute", but i never find stupidity cute. the prince was sexy in that dark, forceful, dangerous way, but i didn't like him. only the ending saved this from being totally uninspiring -- i favour that particular resolution, even though it doesn't leave everyone happily ever a...... View
Arashi ga Oka4the only thing i liked here is the afterword. the stories are unbelievable, the humour doesn't reach me, and the odd mix between serious, melodramatic, and humourous moments just pushed me around so i never actually formed any kind of affinity for any of the characters.

the artwork is... very uneven. and that's not because the bodies are "too masculine" -- i prefer masculine over girly any day. i really like the front cover. i like the first page. a lot of the backgrounds are beautiful. ...... View
Arashi no Ato8i usually like slice-of-life, slowly developing, character-driven plots. and this is good, don't get me wrong; hidaka shouko is always good. it's realistic (within its given premise) and has three-dimensional characters. but it left me feeling melancholy and unsure that their relationship has a chance to survive much longer. i think much of that is due to the reaction sakaki has after they've moved in together and okada asks him why he is so angry; that seemed very... sharp to me, and it'...... View
Arienai Futari------
Artbook Kiss of Fire------
Asakurake no Hitobito3had a hard time even finishing it. the concept of the family is nice, and normally with one entire volume i'd at least come to care about the characters. but the love stories are dull; there is no character development, no pacing, just "i like you" and *boom* they're now lovers.

the art hurts my eyes; it is so sharp with lots of edges where things should be round. the two elder daughters can qualify as beautiful, especially sakura looks like a doll, but i don't see any beautiful bishies here...... View
Asayake no Diamond Life6.5i don't know who wrote that description, and i don't feel like editing it right now. suffice it to say that the story isn't actually "lovely, sweet, and hilarious". if one pays any attention to the background, it is in fact quite sad, and no amount of chibification and gags distracted me from what has been done to make the jinnai brothers into what they are; and what they are is seriously damaged. i am also a bit tired of the "i love you but apparently am too emotionally stunted to tell you...... View
Ashinaga Ojisama4.5well, that wasn't much. unrealistic set-up, and then not enough was done with any of it to make up for that. the later "crisis" development was also non-sensical -- exactly how was that resolved? it's never said, which means the reader got all wound up for nothing. but worst of all, i didn't feel the love between the main characters; they just never clicked for me. part of that was because they were both so generic; mere shadows of what fictional characters can be. the age difference did...... View
Ashita mo Tanin9i am a total sucker for the "childhood friends fall in love" trope; i never get tired of it. and this is a particularly sweet example of its kind, but not sweet in the saccharine way. i'm very happy that it didn't become a love triangle, i think that would have detracted from the story.
Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai6parts of it were really good -- like mio's relationship with his older sister. but the teacher bugged me. ok, so you don't want your student to be intimately involved with you; you're holding back for his sake, so he can get over you, and you're also afraid that he's too young and will easily forget you once he graduates -- what then are you doing feeling him up on a regular basis? that's not a particularly adult way to act. ok, you were conflicted, i buy that. but then maybe you should ha...... View
Ashita wa Joutenki------
Asobi ja Nai no5there isn't much point to these stories, and they're entirely forgettable. there were some starts that had enough seed for a story, but sakuraga didn't give them enough space to develop into anything; the sex was always way to fast. and alas i didn't find the sex interesting enough to serve well as a mere smut PWP. i can't really assess the art because the scans were overlevelled and blurred. the scanlation was full of really basic english errors (your/you're, their/there/they're) -- i am n...... View
Asu mo Dokokade Himitsu no Jouji5i'd call it "believably dull" instead, *wry grin*. i think i'm gonna stop reading fujii's work because it never ever touches me, and while her art has gotten better over the years, it's not good enough to make me sit through more of the thin stories. if at least the sex were hot, but it isn't.
Awakening Puberty6.5i'm generally not much for shota, but this story doesn't bother me at all in that regard -- the two protagonists are of the same age, and the sex depicted isn't graphic. some of it is very well done; the internal dialogue for example, the teenage angst isn't overblown here. but oh, the art is so terrible. its only saving grace is that sometimes it's used to very good effect, such as right after "the bump" in their relationship (non-con, which shouldn't be a spoiler, but a warning). i think...... View
Bakumatsu Seishun Hanafubuki------
Bara to Yaban6the stories are alright; nothing new here, but also nothing offensive. i'm usually a sucker for childhood friends, but these two didn't really touch me.

the art is alas not my style at all; it feels very shoujo -- flowers and sparkles everywhere, everyone is feminine, the faces are too triangular, the uke mouths are pinched, everybody is skinny and has huge, heavy-looking eyes, which are in perpetual wide-eyed surprise as well where the uke are concerned. some perspectives are also not right;...... View
Barairo Mitsubachi5though nothing special, and i wouldn't recognise the mangaka from her art. the story is insipid; the bratty kid who throws tantrums every chance he gets -- and then screams that he doesn't want to be treated like a kid -- is paired with a not much more mature, much older man, who's possessive for no reason whatsoever, but can't find it in himself to keep a simple promise for the kid's birthday. i dislike both of them. the second story's characters are on stage too short for me to care, the i...... View
Bashing Renai------
Bath towel------
Be Thirsty of Love9this doesn't feel like yaoi to me, but i also think i am wrong, because there is more than one kind of love, and there are stories within the genre that transcend it. *wry smile*. this is definitely such a story. is the ending positive? i guess in some sense; the boys are able to find solace in each other, and forgive. but the very last scene leaves me feeling sad again though it is realistic; i just wish the story had ended when they last meet in yuka's room. i think that's why i am dedu...... View
Benkyou Shinasai!5.5cheaters in BL always cause a story to get downrated here, no matter what. me, i don't mind per se; it all depends on what's being done with the cheating.

and here not enough is done. takanaga makes akira too easy to hate by not giving him any redeemable qualities to make up for the cheating, loafing, and money wasting -- he isn't at all conscious of it being a problem at the start, but that's just not enough, especially since he does continue it even after he realises that it hurts kouta; his...... View
Better Than a Dream------
Beyond My Touch------
Binetsu Kakumei------
Binetsu Shuukan------
Spoiler (highlight to view)
it's not a bad manga, and contrary to the previous reviewer i didn't find it confusing or too fast moving, but there are two drawbacks to it for me: 1) the drawing style is quite dated. and 2) because i don't expect it in my yaoi, i think others might benefit from this warning: character death.
Bishounen no Koi------
Bitter Sweet Cafe7---
Bleach dj - Brother------
BLT - Burning Love Twin5---
Body Language (Novel)---i've added "smut" to the genre listing, because that's what this is. no character development; heck, no relationship development except for a sudden leap from 0 to 60 at the end; just smut, smut, smut. i don't know how to rate it, because as far as smut goes, it's pretty hot, and quite successful. but i can't say i expected it to be this smutty from the blurb; i expected more of a story, and i was hoping for more interesting characters. it'd be nice if june at least spelled out just how smu...... View
Boku no Kawaii Hito dakara4does everyone want to rape and torture yuuri? and what is it with the total forgiveness afterwards? nobody as much as mentions it again. sorry, but all the smex in the world can't make up for idiotic plots (also, too much self-censorship for yuuri to look sufficiently like a man for my taste). and not even her art rescues this from my ennui.
Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi------
Boku no Suki na Sensei6.5i usually stick with things even if they start badly, because i am a completist, *wry grin*. this starts terribly badly; crappy chinese scans, mediocre translation which confuses, butt-ugly character art, silly conceits (such as a 15-year-old, not particularly mature student falling in love at first sight with his 27-year-old teacher, and the teacher actually going along with this). but by volume 3 we actually get some character development, and once we arrive at the teacher's backstory wit...... View
Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai------
Boku wa Subete o Shitteiru------
Bokura No Unsei------
Boyfriend8for a oneshot, this will do. there are undeveloped aspects because of the limited format -- such as the love between those two, just ... why exactly? because they were friends as kids is all we get, and i am never really satisfied with that because i don't grok love that leaves out 10 years of crucial development. also, kaede's given reason for his career choice doesn't make sense to me at all. but beyond that, there is enough meat here for a quick read, the art is pleasant (kaede is hot)...... View
Boys Next Door------
Brothers (YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko)8.5this is my favourite of yamamoto's work; it has slow relationship development, good pacing, and loveable characters, including the supporting cast. and it has a real ending (the person who thought the end was left hanging must have only read the first volume). there is some angst, but it's handled with a light hand. there are no stereotypical seme/uke dynamics. it doesn't rank with my top favourites because it remains light and doesn't really touch on the characters' deeper psychology, bu...... View
Bukiyou de Gomen------
Bull to Arukeba...------
Café Relish ni Oide7.8this is cute and pleasant fluff with really lovely art. very pretty digital colour art as well. i don't know how realistic it is; *snicker*; somehow i don't see it. but it doesn't matter. there is enough space here to do a little character development, but i want to see more of that. love the otaku injokes, and that kyousuke reads daria, *snicker* (the manga was serialized in daria). the sex scenes are a little weird and not a turn-on to me because naked yasutomo is drawn very young, and...... View
Caged Slave------
Calling (OTSUKI Miu)9because this is definitely not what i expected when i saw "porn star x salaryman". it is much better, and left me with a smile on my face. kira is totally not what i imagine a porn star to be like, *grin*; i want him as my friend. the story is basically a simple love story, and it's really nice to now and then read something where there's not big, angsty drama and all sorts of nasty obstacles. and while there is a blushing, crying uke who's much too feminine for my taste, he is not the ann...... View
Cat & Dogs!------
Catch Smile!5---
Chic (FUWA Shinri)------
Chou ni Naru Hi {the day which become a butterfly}------
Cinderella Boy (yaoi)------
Cobra Mansion of Terror3i must be differently humoured, because i thought there was one funny thing in there, and that wasn't nearly enough to save it. indeed, not even the art is good -- which usually is a reliable plus for michalski.
Cold Sleep8i've read all 4 of her novels that have been published in english, and this is the one i'd recommend if one wants to read a yaoi novel. it's well plotted, and for once her characters are not unlikeable. they're odd, mind, and almost all of the story happens in one man's internal dialogue, and the other man remains much of a mystery. it feels very japanese to me, if that means anything. smile yes, it ends too soon. the short story at the end isn't bad either though.
Cool Down------
Croquis7story 1: transvestite != transsexual, *sigh*, but one can't automatically blame the mangaka for that conflation because japanese itself is at fault here; the words used in the raw: ニューハーフ (new half) can mean either transvestite or transsexual; オカマ (okama) means male transvestite or effeminate man. i gather nagi's not a transsexual, since in one of his inner dialogues he reveals
Spoiler (highlight to view)
that he doesn't want to change his sex because he feels he is in the...
... View
Curse Project9---
Daigishi no Ichizoku6---
Dark Road------
Dash!6.5these two stories are not particularly strong. the first one starts out well, but in the end i don't really see saitou's rationale for getting romantically interested in akimoto; that seems to come out of the blue. it's ye olde persistence meme a lot of manga has going on; if you just hold on long enough, push yourself at them every chance you get, and do nice things for them, the person you like will end up liking you back. uh hn. if only. my western sensibilities don't like stalker-y me...... View
Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta------
Dear Green8---
Deep Flower1yamakami riyu has a serious problem with presenting violence as a passionate expression of love. BL in general has this problem, but in her case it goes so far as to completely lose any shred of believability. there is nothing good about kaiya; he is an abusive bully, and no, he's not redeeming himself at the end. she simply does not manage to make me care about this relationship, because there is nothing here but that kei thinks kaiya is "so cool" because he is a pretty, arrogant model. i...... View
Deki no Ii Kiss, Warui Kiss---the pairings at the end bothered me. i think it's because we spend most of the time seeing certain characters and learning about them, and then crisis happens, and *boom* all of a sudden everything is different -- and everyone gets used to it within days! i just didn't buy it; it felt ... manipulated, as if kano wanted to screw with the readers and our expectations. i wouldn't have minded if this had happened to one pairing, but to all of them? uh hn. and while i can see this sort of thi...... View
Dekiru Otoko3you'd think 5 chapters would be enough to tell a cohesive story, but apparently not. we get to see too many characters whose behaviour isn't sufficiently explained. human beings do have an incredibly wide range of behaviours, but several of these characters don't seem real to me. sagishima is the worst -- he cannot love his own children -- ok, shit happens. but why can he then love some stranger based on a single letter years ago thanking him for a present? and even though he's apparentl...... View
Desire8i'm rereading this after several years, and i think it holds up well in comparison to much other BL i've read since. emo high school stories are a dime a dozen, but this one actually has a fair bit of character development. mostly in touru, who is a pushover at the start, but has by the end of it pulled himself together and is doing the right thing for himself and towards others. i quite like touru even though i am generally not fond of doormats, but he's young, he's generally a decent guy...... View
Doctor's Rule8i've only read the main story; know nothing about the oneshots. i like this a lot. the two lead characters are both adults and behave like adults; they don't do the myriad of really idiotic things yaoiland characters so often engage in to create obstacles. there are obstacles enough because their personalities are different. they have communication difficulties, but they actually work on them. i wouldn't mind reading a lot more about their relationship as it grows. and i enjoyed the lit...... View
Dog Style10oh ghod. i am a wreck. i thought my heart was gonna break. what a fantastic roller-coaster. it's complex, honest, tough, stubborn, witty, boyish, aggressive, silly, unpredictable, erotic, deeply emotional, and completely original. i don't cry easily, but i'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, and i can't stop. was this really just 3 volumes? these people became my friends. i sat in that abandoned building with them, and i bled with them. i don't want to leave. i might j...... View
Dokidoki Renai------
Doll House------
Don't Cry Baby------
Don't Cry Mama4who's putting all the yaoi novels in here? it's a site for manga, ne?

this is interesting if only because konohara breaks one of the iron taboos of yaoi -- a leading man is fat. she can get away with it because she writes about it; imakura is never actually drawn in all his obese glory. but she doesn't shy away from writing about it at great length, and heck, i applaud her for that.

unfortunately, she has a tendency to make her characters overwhelmingly unlikeable -- with imakura it's not hi...... View
Donuts Tsuushin------
Double Line------
Doushite Namida ga Derunokana------
Doushitemo Furetakunai8.5i have some problems with it, especially with the amount of background angst -- that's a whole lot of drama crammed into one volume; a bit too much for me. but when i push my inner editor out of my head, it touches me anyway. especially since i actually know a person very much like shima, with a similar background and those same fears ruling his life for a long time. real people don't always react rationally (in fact i'd say rational reactions are in a small minority); they blow things out ...... View
Eerie Queerie!------
Egoism (AGAWA Kouko)2this could be good with that setup, but unfortunately as of chapter 2 it's not. miyano is pitiful in letting himself be forced quite so easily, and his dialogue is insipid -- "am i your toy that you treat me so" is repeated way too frequently; surely as a doctor he should have a larger vocabulary to protest? also, the translation is unnatural and full of errors; blissful sin needs a literate english speaker as proof reader. we'll see how it goes on; i hope it won't be as dreadfully predicta...... View
Eien no Shichigatsu8yeah, tachibana's cheating without so much as a thought as to whether this is ethical isn't a nice feature, and the fiancee gets removed very conveniently. but hey, the former happens, and the latter is a cheap plot device. add to the negatives that i think ryuusuke is a bit of a bimbo for acting how he did; he really does make very stupid decisions that hurt tachibana badly. but i enjoyed the story anyway, though not quite as much as calling, which didn't have as much angst nor detracting fa...... View
Embracing The Canvas9forget plot, but who cares in this case? beautiful art, very erotic. and the idea hasn't been used to death yet.
Empty Heart8not the most original of plots, but well executed, and holds up to rereading a few years later. was this her first published work, or did tsuganai no yukue predate it; i don't know. her art already bears her trademark prettiness. this is my second-favourite of her ouevre after uso to kiss; it's a bit depressing that the works i like best were all penned early in her career.

there's not a whole lot of character development, but there's enough information about the characters to care what happ...... View
En wa Ki na Mono Aji na Mono8with a twist, even. it's not much, but more than a lot of BL, where the romance is the only real plot going on. that was fun. i didn't think, however, that it was all that well paced. at the start, yes, but towards the end it started speeding up, and that's where IMO it needed to stay the course. my heart didn't even get time to speed up for poor miyagi's sake before the whole situation was already resolved.

but other than that it was sweet. kasuga is a very nice seme, despite being push...... View
Endless World10*blink*. say what, @astroasis? "an unrealistic world where women don't seem to exist and every man is gay"? there are women in this manga, and because jaryuu dokuro isn't afraid of boobies and a vag, some are even naked, and there is hetero sex (which is rather more realistic than most BL). there is, in fact, nothing unrealistic here whatsoever, it's simply not a story about either common BL tropes nor about BL gayness either. in fact, being gay is not a major point here at all; it's inci...... View
Eros in the Stoic------
Erotikku ni Oborero3---
Escape (KANO Shiuko)------
Family Border------
Fascinating Summer Vacation------
Feverish5it appears to me that the art looks so bad because the scans are overlevelled; ie the tonal range of the image has been compressed too much; light greys have been made white, dark greys have been made black. levelling needs to be done on many scans because they come out of the scanner too grey (washed out) overall, but one needs to be careful not to do it too much. could also be that these started out as chinese scans, which are printed on cheap paper that doesn't take the ink as crisply, whi...... View
First Love4---
Fortune Fortune3i am giving this a 3 because the art is reasonably competent, if boring. the plot is non-existent; we basically get a bored and sulking lucky catboy with nothing to do, who for some inexplicable reason falls in love pretty much on the spot with mr. gorgeous chairman who has little time (but of course finds enough time to smex up the catboy, and then also inexplicably falls in love). because of the way the boy is drawn and behaves (basically like a 5-year old), this has a shotaish feel for m...... View
Free Punch------
From Dusk till Dawn------
From Yesterday------
Fruits Basket------
Fujimi Orchestra6.5it's hard for me to separate my feelings for the series overall (love it) from my feelings for the manga. i basically don't think the manga does the story justice overall. in specific, it doesn't show just why yuki ends up loving tounoin despite their very rocky start -- the actual novel series is as realistic as one can be about ye olde rapee falling for rapist angle, while the manga glosses over it just like most yaoi. so i don't know. i feel *meh* about the manga, and wonder whether any...... View
Fukuin4the start was promising because there wasn't any of that "i rape you and then you'll instantly be in love with me", but rather some very interesting feelings on the part of hagiwara (the rapee). but it quickly went downhill. i am not sure how much of this is due to the translation, which is full of english errors and doesn't flow naturally, but the artwork continues to deteriorate as well. and i just don't care enough to seek out the raw. a 4 because this is overall worse than average (th...... View
Fukujuu no Gakuen2---
Full Moon Ni Sasayaite---if you're reading this for its shounen-ai contents, don't bother. it's 99% hetero romance, and the tiny shounen-ai bits are shoved aside, despite marlo being a woman only under the full moon. in general marlo annoys me because s/he is the sort of person to not grow out of protesting against any affection from their supposedly beloved, and that gets on my nerves. i am not gonna rate it because i am so annoyed right now and probably wouldn't be fair.
Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata------
Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana7.5i don't find the plot to be uneventful; it's just not filled with obvious drama, and the angsting is done quietly. a lot actually happens internally with both yuuri and hideaki. but the story does feel weirdly disjointed in places, and there's not enough background information. what is it with hiromi and oikawa that they're getting involved in the relationship? that doesn't seem like a particularly normal thing to do. also, hiromi himself started out coming across as a potential rival, b...... View
Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto8.5well, i don't usually like girly uke and cute stories, but somehow ogura has wormed herself into my heart with her first work, and has established a firm foothold with this one. they're short stories, but have interesting characters, great atmosphere, and even the teacher-student thing isn't stereotypical (though it gets awfully close). the other stories are more original. my favourite is the least lovey-dovey one with the guys who wait on the bench for each other.
Futeki ni Romance3if you like noisy, spoiled queen uke, and seme who fall in love with them when they're teenage brats who command grown men around because their grandpa owns the company, since apparently noisy, spoiled, and bratty is "cute", then you might like this series. me, not so much. notwithstanding the lengthy smexing scenes, if i don't like the characters, those aren't as hot as they could otherwise be. only the last one really wins because the kid isn't quite as much of a brat in it. the art doe...... View
Gaten na aitsu------
Gekkou no Rankan ni Kuchinashi no Nioi------
Gentle Cage (Novel)5honestly, i get why people have rape fantasies, i get why there is an attraction in being overpowered into sensation that sweeps you away -- without any responsibility to boot; you can still be a good girl; yay. whatever you do in your own head is fine by me; your kink is ok. but it's not my kink, and to me this is a fantasy about somebody getting raped when he is at his most vulnerable (and he does in fact NOT enjoy it at all the second time). i'm not even a social worker, but i find it ......... View
Ginchou Kidan5.5once again, this didn't reach me. there was loads of potential in ginchou's story; i really liked the bit where he tosses his pipe into the river, but there wasn't enough of it to make me care -- why did those two get together? i didn't feel the love. i also think that honjou wanted to write a story about the "floating world" without doing a lot of research, so she decided to set it in some random future after WWIII instead, without doing any actual world building for that future. i didn't...... View
Give Me Your Love8---
Go Con -Gokujou Rakuen Tours4at the most idiotic plot i've seen in a while. wow, this bad a plot usually only comes from with a PWP, but there isn't actually enough smexing here to qualify it as such. oh, there's plenty of smexing, but they actually spend a lot of time on that ridiculous plot. also, whatever humour the previous reviewer saw, i don't see it at all. there's exactly one character i like and he's not getting much play (i probably like him because he has fewer chances to make me dislike him, unlike the ot...... View
Gochisousama7gouchisousama: i don't expect any depth from CJ michalski, and there is no depth here, of course. it's a just a fluffy little romp with a cute child thrown in. potential angst is provided, but resolved so quickly that my emotions didn't even have a chance to feel it. compared to some work of hers i've read in the past there is no rape here (though she did have to throw in some rough sex), and the uke doesn't look underage; yay.

sonna kimi na suki has as little depth, but is less predictable; ...... View
Gokuraku Cafe------
Gokusen9i like this much better than GTO. i watched the anime because it has a couple of my favourite seiyuu, and that intrigued me enough to want to read the manga. i'm glad i did, because it's a gem. don't let the art turn you off; it's pretty bad at the start, but improves considerably over time. also, if you come from shoujo, the character design might turn you off -- the heroine isn't beautiful, and many of the characters are in ugly-boy territory. i didn't care, because bishounen who all look...... View
Green Light (Novel)------
Gyokusenbou Yawa7---
Hachimitsu no Aji------
Hada made Aishite------
Hajishirazu na Yoru------
Hakui no Shihaisha7i mean, its not particularly deep on any level, but it's rare enough to see consensual BDSM in BL that i am excited just by that. i don't agree that the seme is mean and the uke weak and girly; the seme actually does everything he does because the uke honestly likes it -- and he gives him the choice to leave before he starts to get serious. and the uke actually says "no" to another guy who wants to do it with him -- ok, so he doesn't free himself, he needs his seme to rescue, i give you tha...... View
Halfmoon Emotion------
Hanataba ni Te o Agero5.5i quite like toyama's art style, but the stories are nothing much. i wasn't exactly bored while reading them, but they also didn't leave any lasting impressions, and there was nothing to distinguish them from 50,000 other BL stories.

the first story is the longest one and would have been my favourite if the uke hadn't been such a blushing otomen (and i usually like otomen, but he was too much). throw in a female rival and you've got your basic plot. the other stories are as predictable, onl...... View
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e------
Hand Which---there is one lovely story in this volume; the 3rd, "shoumei na kokoro", the one with the bento stand owner; that's really touching, and has satisfying development for a short oneshot. "hand which", the 1st story, is also cute. but there are 3 stories i don't care for: "shake a hand", the 2nd story has a character who cheats without compunction; ok -- that happens. but he and his new lover are also vehemently "not gay", and i am just dead tired of that stupid trope. and there really isn't a...... View
Hanjuku Orange7i really enjoyed the story until the non-con (this isn't a spoiler, but a warning). i know, it's BL and that sort of thing runs rampant, but it completely didn't fit with my concept of who ryuusei is (and he even SAID he wasn't gonna do that, and then he did it anyway). the manga would have been considerably better without that nod to BL standards for frustrated seme. aside from this, it's pretty nice, with unusually excellent secondary characters, and i really like the art too. i wouldn'...... View
Happy Days5.5the art is sadly lacking. the story is sweet, but very typical. the usual misunderstanding is boring by now. the sex isn't hot. extra point for reversible partners because i always get a kick out of that.
Happy Yarou Wedding4the basic idea wasn't all that terrible, and i've seen it done well. but here it was just ghastly, with stupid actions and reactions by all people involved (except for the little tyke). and if the kid is the prettiest thing in a BL manga, that's even worse -- the art is terrible. while i generally like a large difference in line thickness because it can emphasise certain aspects of the drawing, here it seems a lot more random. what's worse is that the proportions are all off; huge bodies wit...... View
Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko7---
Hard Core Heart51) there's no real story here, only smut, so no need to hurt one's brain trying to figure out seiji's motivations. we're talking extensive smut, quite detailed, and not censored. it's not all that bondage-oriented, and there is only a little orgasm denial, so i don't think this is gonna do much for BDSM afficionadoes.

2) less smut, a wee bit more story, but flat and uninteresting.

3) this one's a bit more affecting, if you can stomach incest between brothers.

4) short extra to the first story ...... View
Hard Triangle6.5a couple of the stories were good, with quite a bit of depth for oneshots. the titular one especially has a nifty plot with a twist i didn't see coming (that's always fun in BL because it is extremely rare). yeah, yeah, the doc has sex with an older man; so don't read it if old people having sex grosses you out. i also liked the rusty swamp, maybe because that one is particularly tragic. silent voice didn't quite fit with the dark theme because it's rather sweet.

i always like minami's art,...... View
Harem Days------
Harem de Hitori7yes, every uke looks like a girl, and a very girly one at that -- this is hoshino lily, and that's what she does; all her yaoi features this type of uke. and i don't care for that, as erotica. but her stories tend to be charming, and this collection is probably my favourite of hers; fantastical, mystical, inventive. and her art is unmistakeable.
Harete Bokutachi wa7---
Hazama ni Aru Sorane6it's not like i really expected much depth from misasagi, but this one seriously pointed at there being some... and then it didn't happen. too bad, because it felt very promising while hisaya and kouju were getting to know each other. but then *boom*, kouju fell in love overnight, and the story turned mostly to comedy and became pretty standard (though fortunately the attempted rape didn't materialise as the real thing). it's not bad, mind you, but i would have liked it better if i hadn't ...... View
Heart (SAKURANO Nayuna)5---
Heart ni Goyoujin------
Heat (MIYAMOTO Kano)------
Heaven's Love7what with the terrific art, and the interesting setting (i so want to know more about this world). but it doesn't quite live up to that; at least not with the first story, which is quite standard with a girly, crying (though admittedly very pretty) uke who's hopelessly in love with his best friend, who seems to be more interested in girls, while the uke's own brother is just a little too close to him, and jealous as hell -- and after all that buildup the angst gets all too easily resolved.

th...... View
Hide and Seek---unusual for ike reibun too, who's normally a "pretty boy" artist. but the men in these oneshots aren't pretty boys. this actually feels like bara to me. there aren't any flowery shoujo backgrounds here -- the men are well-muscled, have square chins, beards (and there are no flowing locks), several are oyaji, some have body hair (and not just the werewolves in ch9), and rather large-sized equipment -- and they use it in very explicit ways. this probably won't appeal to the minami haruka fa...... View
Hidoi Otoko5i don't find asou annoying, but i do find the bratty, immature seme so; he comes across as if he's 16. at least he doesn't rape asou the first time, but i can't say i find his behaviour right afterwards endearing -- and there is no hint whether he already is in love with asou, so it comes across as even more mean than it would otherwise. i don't dislike him entirely though; he is not a bad kid underneath. but this is a typical scenario of minase's; forceful, immature seme overpowers reluct...... View
Hidoi Otoko (AOI Akira)6---
Hikaru no Go10---
Hikkoshite Kimashita. Otonari ni5---
Himegoto wa Ouji no Tashinami---more detailed commentary is under the first tankoubon in the series -- but this is truly a hideous downturn for the mangaka.

though i wouldn't have preferred it as a tragedy; i would have preferred the characters to not be such horrid cliches. i am not opposed to fictional incestuous relationships between half-brothers -- but i agree with the previous reviewer in that this instance is NOT a healthy relationship, merely an obsessed one. it's not even particularly interesting, despite all the ...... View
Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Hisho to Oishii Gohan------
Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Sweet Private Secretary------
Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Tsuya-bon------
Hisho to Yajuu3i LIKE middle-aged men, but this is one booooring series, and i want my time back. everything is a cliche; the overpowering seme who forces himself on the uke, the helpless, spineless uke who is either crying or running away so the seme chases after him. there's a wee bit of hope for the sex, but there isn't actually enough of it in each scene,and i don't find it particularly hot. the romance is unbelievable; what, i am supposed to buy that this powerful president doesn't realize for 9 years ...... View
Hitodenashi to Koi6---
Hitomi no Giwaku5---
Hitomi no honne4story 1: typical junk BL -- younger seme has "always" been in love with uke (who in turn is in love with seme's older cousin), but apparently the only way he can express that is by first molesting and then raping and humiliating the uke repeatedly. who of course falls in love with him anyway. spare me from such moronic plots already.

story 2 is just a recounting of how said younger seme fell in love at first sight with uke (who he first thought was a girl).

story 3: continuation of daichi x a...... View
Hitomi no ounowa (dear green)10this is so far my favourite of fujiyama's manga; its quiet and simple plot proceeds at a realistic pace. there is nothing stupid here; no stereotypes, no instant love, no high drama, no contrived misunderstandings; just two people who slowly grow from friends into life partners -- which brings its own problems, and they're dealt with sensibly. the art is very expressive; it says a lot with small gestures, and she captures the romance in those gestures so well. the manga even has a strong fema...... View
Hitomi wa Umi no Iro4---
Hitorijime Theory7.5but well enough put together, and humourous in a way that didn't grate on my nerves. oneshots often leave me cold, but these had sufficient character development to at least make me care a little. the characters are a touch on the dense side, but at least nobody is girly and tsundere. the art is uncluttered (maybe a bit too much so regarding backgrounds) and mostly pleasant to look at -- maybe a bit too "safe"; viewpoints tend to be plain, there are no adventurous camera angles to heighten ...... View
Hokenshitsu de Suki ni Shite5---
Honenuki ni Saretai61. i know it's supposed to be humourous, but maybe i wasn't in the mood. hoshina's character mostly ruined the first story for me, because he is such a selfish jerk. ok, so atsushi is way too clingy, but that sure won't be cured by hoshina bullying him and never telling him how he feels. i don't like characters who keep all the good, caring, concerned thoughts to themselves, who seem to think praise has to be reserved for really, really special occasions, and that one never ever should tel...... View
Honki ja Neekara------
Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo8---
Honoo no Suna71) *ack* -- rapee falls in love with rapist. there aren't any extenuating circumstances why; it's not as if he is being treated nicely by anyone. this isn't even stockholm syndrome; it's completely nonsensical. a shame the story is so flat, because some of the art is lovely -- that desert scene especially. fortunately i no longer expect verisimilitude about other cultures from manga, so the total hash made of anything arabic didn't bother me especially. i was sorta interested in Q; his bac...... View
Honto no Uso5western usage of "shounen ai" always cracks me up -- there are no young boys involved here, and there's no "pure" love; quite the opposite. but there's no sex, indeed.

this is way too short and shallow for me to even start caring about any of the characters. extra point for using older men.
Hontou ni Yasashii------
Hotel Traffic------
Houshin Engi dj - Brothers------
Houshin Engi dj - Ignition------
Hyakka Souen------
Hybrid Child10i did cry during the third story, and i can't remember any other shounen-ai story ever getting to me that much. i am so glad i picked this up (i almost didn't because i read junjou romantica v1 first, and that annoyed me with its overreacting protagonist and messy art). this collection, however, is touching, and the art is fine.
I'm Aware of Love at Night------
Ichigenme wa Yaruki------
Icy Corridor, Kaleidoscope3does not a good oneshot make. the dialogue is just too moronic, and i could have done without the meaningless obligatory love confession at the end -- what's wrong with plain, old-fashioned lust in a oneshot? we either got time for smex or we got time for character development. clearly the decision was made for the former, so let's not pretend. not even ike's usually fine art is holding up here; everything looks sorta stiff (and no, i am not talking of that which ought to look stiff). oh,...... View
Ikenai Otoko9i wasn't embarrassed by the first story, but turned on; it was really hot, and that despite the fact that i didn't come to care for any of the characters (except maybe makoto a little), which is rare; usually if i don't invest some emotion in the characters i don't find the sex hot. the art is fabulous in a more realistic way than usual for BL -- each character looks uniquely different, and not everyone is conventionally pretty. while i didn't like tatsuya's design, and that took away a littl...... View
Ikinari Seitoukai1this does not qualify as a oneshot. a oneshot can stand alone. this is an 8-page opening sequence during which nothing happens but the setting and some characters are introduced -- for a novel series to boot, not a manga.
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan------
Illumination7i'm just too... too old probably to enjoy this. these are very intellectual stories, and really, i don't need to be inspired into thinking depressing thoughts about separation, loss, and the vast distance between people; i've got sufficient experience of my own. i prefer reading stories where there is some growth in the characters. there isn't in the first and second stories; the titular story in specific ends worse for all three involved, and "love or something" starts and ends in a vacuum...... View
Ima wa Tooi Natsu6i figured lots of people would hate it. i didn't. mind, i didn't think it was GOOD, but it was by far not the worst BL i've ever read -- and what i thought was bad was mostly the writing itself, not the plot. the plot was melodramatic and stretched at times a bit far, but i liked both ryo and natsu, and felt for them (more for ryo). #jellaaay's spoiler amuses me; what, we're applying what WE would do to a BL story now? honestly, if i did that, i couldn't read the vast majority of it becaus...... View
Inferior Doll7---
Itoshii Akuma6i read this right after its prequel, and i like it partly better, partly not. the main relationship is still as nonsensical, and the love triangle isn't making it any more interesting; all of that doesn't even make sense. the gags between naruse and akiyoshi stopped being funny in the prequel already. and somehow i felt the art here wasn't as good; the panels too crowded maybe? it's still beautiful, mind. the sex is still hot even if not graphic.

what saves this from sinking below average ...... View
Itsumo Yasashii4even if you like oneshots, this is a particularly weak example, and not really worth reading IMO. even if one reads hidoi otoko first. one doesn't actually find out anything more about the main couple, just the presence of the other two at the bar makes a bit more sense.

and i don't think even minase's art is up to par here, though the men are still pretty, of course. i don't think she could draw and ugly one if she tried.
Jinsei wa Barairo Da5and that's primarily because of the art, which, i am sorry to say, i find butt-ugly. the story itself wasn't as bad, even though i couldn't at all get what kazu saw in yayoi, and i didn't care whether they ever got together kazu, on the other hand, was quite a nice seme, and the story was mildly humourous. i don't want my time back, but i am unlikely to read it again; the art makes my eyes hurt.

the side story at the end is creepy and doesn't fit with the mood of the main story. it also ma...... View
Job Searching Advice4---
Joker Trap------
Jounetsu no Young Man7.5---
Junai Seichouki------
Junai Virus4i'm conflicted about this series of oneshots -- the stories aren't cliche, and there is promise here, but i find myself empty after reading them. maybe the drama quotient is turned up way too high for such short stories? the art isn't my style either, but maybe i need to return to this one after letting it simmer for a bit.

[edit 2011-04-12: no, it didn't grow on me, i like the art no better now than i did then, and the stories don't hang well enough together; i don't care about any of the ...... View
Junjou Karen10---
Junjou Mistake------
Junjou Romantica dj - Chika*Chika------
Junjou to Furachi6---
Juusha to Oresama------
Kagerou no Mori2wow, this was bad. it's a thoroughly no-sensical story. exhibit 1: you, a painter, fall in love with a middle schooler over a single letter praising your painting. exhibit 2: some years later your friends plot to get that boy to your studio. exhibit 3: when you finally see your love for the first time, you shake his hand and in the next moment jump his bones and rape him so badly that he is bleeding and needs to stay in bed for a week to recover. exhibit 4: the scheming co-conspirators ...... View
Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi8---
Kamakiri---if i came at this at a younger age i'd probably find it deep and emotionally affecting, but as it stands it's a bit lacking -- however, i wouldn't call it "crap". i am probably also spoiled for it because i read a lot of psychological seinen manga. as to the plot, i didn't see enough connection between everyone being confused, yet shortly thereafter (was it shortly? days, weeks? no idea really.) usa and kaname had figured it all out -- my favourite part of psychological manga is the proces...... View
Kamen Teacher8like the previous reviewer i hate shota, and came across the mangaka through a oneshot. kamen teacher is hilarious. i don't even mind that he likes little boys; he really doesn't ever do anything, he thinks badly of himself for liking boys, and he doesn't even have particularly perverted thoughts -- they're sparkly and typically shoujo romantic (flowers!). he mostly fails at actual sex (there IS no sex in this manga); he's in a total tizzy when he has the chance with an adult (who looks le...... View
Kanashii (Itoshii) Kotoba8it's a bit too black-and-white for me; there's the instant love between kyousuke and kaname, where i prefer to see some time pass so people actually get to know each other. also everyone in kaname's family is an abusive jerk, and i am in general more interested in conflicts between good-but-flawed people than good versus evil; in this case there was nothing redeeming about them. but kyousuke is a kind and caring seme, which is definitely a bonus, and kaname actually does need protecting, so ...... View
Kanga na Spoon------
Kanmitsu Danshi5if i hadn't come from reading some nekota yonezou, i might have found the art here not too bad (though never "splendid"), but compared to nekota's work it is badly lacking in competence. tetsu is not attractive to me at all, there isn't exactly a wealth of expressions, the proportions are off more often than not when enomoto draws a full body, and profiles with a lot of neck showing also don't work -- heads are too small. the profusion of screentone flowers can't make up for that.

story-wise...... View
Kanpeki na Koibito7---
Kasougenjitsu Renairon------
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Balance------
Katsuai Monster6but very simplistic. what brings this slightly above average for me is that in the first story 1) the uke doesn't just succumb tearfully, but he stands his ground even when bullied, and 2) the art is expressive when it comes to showing all the emotions the seme experiences. it's different to see a seme be as emotional. also, the infirmary doctor (who knows what the seme is) who serves as comic relief actually is amusing.

the only supernatural element here is the succubus nature of the seme,...... View
Kawaii Akuma6i love the art (well, i love the "serious" art, not the SD). it's really distinctive, and flowing; and the colour art is to die for; i'd hang that on my wall.

but the storyline. oi. i liked the way it started; the sudden reversal -- that was very funny, and a nice twist. i can ignore the raping, since it's BL (though i am never pleased by it, and it doesn't turn my crank). but the story didn't go anywhere. it became just a vehicle to repeat the same funny bits over and over, and i stopped ...... View
Kawaii Hito (KONNO Keiko)8i started out liking it, but then i got a bit annoyed as the story went on. well, "story"; there isn't really a plot, it's more slice-of-life. i didn't see much character growth, and in fact it felt to me like shinoda and ikeuchi's relationship got worse as time went on; mostly because shinoda turned from a kid who was courageous about his confession and could take care of himself into a doubting and second-guessing wretch, constantly angsting but not outright talking about issues. to me i...... View
Kedamono Nanbiki?------
Kekkon Dekinai Otokotachi7this is the first off fujii's works i actually like. it's still not particularly deep (though it tries to be), and i still didn't come to care about the characters, but it's plotted and executed well. the art is also considerably better than it used to be.

it doesn't have any reread value for me, but it's a pleasant, above average read.
Kibishiku Aishite4this fails for me on several levels: as porn -- it doesn't even remotely touch actual S&M after teasing about it, and the sex is very repetitive, too censored, and, frankly, the opposite of "hot", because none of the ingredients are present that make sex hot for me -- in the absence of characters in whom i am emotionally invested, and who are passionate about each other, i want to see lots of foreplay, unusual viewpoints, and close-ups of interesting bits. the manga also fails as story, bec...... View
Kimi Dake ni Focus6---
Kimi ni Sachi Are!6naruse is just too much of a girlyboy for my taste. i've read too much BL where the uke is super-naive, gets embarrassed by every touch, and never seems to get over that. it's especially unbelievable since his uncle runs a gay bar, and naruse hangs out there all the time. naruse at least does get over it a little towards the end, and he also doesn't react like a total nitwit when encountering kunisaki with women, but still, it's too much. also, when uke are this small and girly, my inner ...... View
Kimi ni wa katenai3i am rating this a 3 only because i like honami-sensei's art, which is unfortunately totally wasted here. the story is so thin it could have fit into a one-shot. despite the manga having 3 volumes there isn't actually a plot -- it's all silly sexual harassment hijinks, and there isn't any smexing to make that an enjoyable PWP piece (i rate story way above smex, but without story, at least give me some action). i didn't come to care for any of the characters, though some had potential. one...... View
Kimi ni Yori Nishi4well, i do like kinoshita's work, but i think short stories are not her forte. there was too little development here for me to feel satisfied after reading. i could accept the premise of the first story if the time had passed while they were getting to know each other. but without contact? why would there be anything different? how would yamato know whether he's not still just a replacement?

the second story is about two people who reconnect at a mutual friend's wedding. apparently 10 ...... View
Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui------
Kimi no Na wa Star6i don't understand these characters. i don't know how much of it is the translation; it doesn't flow in english, but i have no idea whether it is the same in japanese. and the art is no help. in any case, they say some really strange things at various points in their growing relationship, and i couldn't make heads or tails of it.

they also DO some strange things, and that's not the translation. frex through the entire manga hirokawa is portrayed as the cool guy who is more mature and has a ...... View
Kimi to Date7---
Kimi wo Mukaeni7.5i really like these characters and want to know a lot more about them -- shimotsuki is very good at coming up with interesting people. and her art is wonderful. now if she'd only figure out how to develop those characters. that's where she always falls short. it's the perfect set-up for writing fan fiction, but for just reading it's just not quite there. i am rating it relatively high because of the art, and because i rather have interesting characters about whom i can think to flesh them...... View
Kimitachi Otoko no Ko9this takes some old standard plotlines and infuses them with freshness and humour -- and the scanlation is particularly good. my favourite isn't the main pairing (though there is nothing wrong with them; i enjoy them as well), but taiyou -- he's so spot-on with his snarky remarks, and at the same time he cares about his friends and helps to bring them together; i am glad he got his own side story, and i would have enjoyed seeing that play itself out longer. the only story that left a little...... View
Kin no Cain------
Kinjirareta Taion5i felt like important bits of the background story were missing -- so what about the incestuous rape; did moriyasu remain friends with the brother? was he ever friends with kazuki? shouldn't it be a problem that he didn't lift a finger to help kazuki then? i also feel there isn't enough development of the present-day relationship.

the art is getting better if one compares with previous works, but it's still not blowing me away.
Kiraboshi Dial8---
Kiss Blue8this is where i think kinoshita shines (rather than her oneshots). i'm a sucker for "best friends fall in love" anyway, but this is really nicely done. good characters, slow build-up; no big drama, but strong emotions anyway, and enough length to allow the story to develop at a good pace. it's not a story that swept me away, but it's better than average.

don't read it for sex -- there is very little; it's mostly implied. there is generally no heat here.

the little oneshot featuring the gay c...... View
Kiss Ja Tomaranai------
Kiss Me Tennis Boy9and cute. there's a lot of character shown in the drawings, like at the start when daniel is working out. for such a short story we actually learn a lot about the two tennis players. i almost laughed out loud at the ending.

and no, the title is no better in japanese. but aren't japanese titles usually weird? they often seem to bear no relation to the contents; at least here it does, *snicker*.
Kiss no Mukou------
Kiss no Ondo (Novel)7it starts out well enough, and the kissing scenes are great, very erotic. but then the author strays onto the worn down, lazy route of using stupid misunderstandings as a plot device. yeah, you allegedly love this person beyond everything; you want to build a life together; but the first time you see him with another person unknown to you who seems to be on familiar terms with him, you withdraw, doubt him, and pout/angst? oh, please. that's not much of a love then, is it. this always tic...... View
Kizoku no Aoi Seppun5---
Kizudarake no Airabuyuu---ok, so the art is almost amateurish, and the panels are much, much too crowded, and what little sex there is isn't actually very sexy. but the stories are very, very funny. and i don't usually take to humour in BL; i don't care for sakurai shushushu, for example. no, this is a different kind of humour. the bit with the pubes! and the two fanciers of old school figurines; so on the button. i'll be looking for more from psyche delico.
Knock 3 Times6---
Koi ga bokura wo yurusu hani------
Koi ni Oboreru Houkago6---
Koi no Shizuku7for such short stories i unexpectedly liked most of the characters, and thought their stories were sweet, and there was decent enough development. but the stories were too much alike in their theme: easily embarassed uke thinks the seme doesn't care that much for him (despite the seme being pretty darn obvious IMO), acts distant/annoyed, which makes the seme back off, upon which the uke realises his own feelings. if that had varied a bit, i wouldn't have felt a particularly strong uke/seme ...... View
Koi to Wana6---
Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode------
Koi wa Maiorita------
Koibito no jikan------
Koibito Shigan1i don't understand why so many people like minami haruka; she is my least favourite big-name mangaka. her stories are generally insipid even on the rare occasion that they're not PWP; her characters are impossible to tell apart from one story to the next, even her seme look like anorexic girls, everything she writes feels like shota because her characters LOOK prepubescent no matter what age they claim to be, and her art style seems designed for minimum effort (except her eyes. she does reaso...... View
Koiha Ina Mono Mouna Mono------
Koisuru Omocha2in every which way. it's got just about the ugliest art i can recall ever seeing in BL, there is no interesting storyline to be seen, and the low quality of the art makes the smut messy and not very sexy -- and the swearing of love after abusing the uke really sticks in my craw especially hard in this case; it'd be better to just have smut without the pretense of love. i was actually looking for smut tonight, but the only good thing i can say is that there's a panel with an interesting persp...... View
Koiyami Archive5.5for a first original solo work this isn't that bad. and i think ike-san's art is better than average. but the stories themselves are mostly trite, and some of the dialogue is really tortured. my favourite character is seiji from "love prisoner battle line"; he's not the usual fare (i mean the way he's drawn, not his personality). if all her characters were designed like that it'd be awesome. i could've done without the non-con in the second part; for me that never works with comedy. the...... View
Kokkyou no Chou8this is very japanese, and not just because it uses japanese mythology. just the general feel is so, even in the first story, which takes place in an imaginary world. strong stories, beautifully detailed art, minimal BL content. yeah, i can't even see how to slash these -- though i guess akihito x miki is a possibility, considering they do seem to develop feelings of care for each other, and one could stretch that, i guess. but eh, why bother; strong male bonding works for me.

i like the ...... View
Kokoro no Kagi wo Mitsukete6---
Kokoro to Karada no Hazama5.5---
Konna Hazu ja Nakatta no ni4---
Kono Te de Yokereba------
Koufuku no Ouji------
Koukou Debut7.5i actually liked this manga, and i can't say that about a lot of shoujo i have read, i didn't have high hopes for this one after reading the first few chapters where apparently all that's important for attracting a boyfriend are one's looks and the way one dresses. i also hated how haruna dumped her athletic pursuits and became totally focussed on getting a boyfriend. i almost put it down then.

but regardless, overall it was rather sweet and funny. haruna is a little too dense, but as a shou...... View
Koukyuu no Arika------
Koutetsu no Daitenshi------
Kouun no Rihatsush9this is the mangaka's debut in chara, and it's fun to read. it's not terribly deep, but it's got a reasonable plot, is humourous, has a fun cast of side characters, and is satisfying for a oneshot. and it's drawn well; nagato's art is competent and pretty. i'll be watching for more.
Kowarekake no Omocha7the titular story is an expansion of the oneshot forbidden toy, but unfortunately it doesn't build enough on that to make it worthwhile. there's still not enough development -- and i don't mean they need to fall in love and kengo becomes a decent human being (though for those who want that, the extra gives a glimmer of hope), no, it can remain dark, but some real development is needed so i care at all. it wasn't powerful for me at all but mostly dull -- yet another possessive, abusive maste...... View
Kreuz---how frustrating. and i don't really think it's a matter of the translation, because it's not like the art is making any sense either. i can't make rhyme or reason out of the first two chapters at all (and i see the first reviewer felt the same way). do i need to be intimately familiar with the way of speed tribes to figure it out? i did like (not enjoy, just appreciated the choice) what akira did after yugou told him to destroy his universe. beyond that i usually like myself some angst i...... View
Kuro Otoko------
Kuse ni Narisou5.5---
Kuu ka Kuwareru ka (Novel)8.5this is one of the better BL novels i've read recently. it has a very japanese feel, with its adoring description of ordinary people doing their ordinary jobs exquisitively well (it matters much more that they do it well than what it actually is), all the loving detail of the food our protagonist gets to eat, as well as the attitude people have towards their relationships (some of which will strike westerners as decidedly odd). there is an actual plot that's not simply concentrating on the ...... View
Kyou mo Dokoka de Himitsu no Jouji5.5yeah, there is a lot of sex, and i wish there weren't; not because i am opposed to sex (i am reading BL for a reason), but because fujii's sex isn't hot. everything here is cliche, with one small exception, which is why i am rating it a little above average -- fujii has a sense of humour, and occasionally that saves an otherwise dull scene. as usual i didn't come to care for the characters and their relationship at all, which means they're utterly flat and uninspiring.

to think that this is ...... View
Kyou, Hana no Gotoshi5.5the art is very pretty, and it's nice to see a character who's a little older (kikuchi), who is still heat on wheels. but the stories are rather insipid, and considering these guys are yakuza, there is a surfeit of lovey-dovey sweetness and flowers; the whole yakuza setup is basically wasted once feelings have been confessed. actually, even for non-yakuza stories these would be way too many flowers; the shoujo drips from every page. the smex is nicely drawn (uncensored), though stereotypic...... View
Kyouken Breeder7these oneshots run the gamut from comedy to tragedy. some of them have a bit more meaning than the average oneshot -- i especially like white snow black wings and milk. haruhi, which is the really tragic one, is my favourite. i would have liked atelier a bit better if ritsu hadn't been drawn as such a kid; i just don't find sex with kids a turn-on, and i actually thought the sex detracted from the story regardless; it was more meaningful without.

the art is pleasant, but i don't think i'll re...... View
Kyuuketsuki no Shouzou7well, that was ... different. amazingly detailed art; just phenomenal. the story does not live up to it. i'm not much for vampires on the best of days, and this didn't change my mind. it's melodramatic (yeah, i know -- comes with the vampire territory), and there's more gore than sex (much, much more gore than sex; there's hardly any sex at all, and most of the gore is surprisingly not of the bloodsucking kind). the love story (hm. there might be two.) nearly disappears behind the two v...... View
La Partita8this is a little melodramatic for me, but the basic story is solid, and not even unrealistic -- i could easily see hijiri being torn between his gratitude and allegiance to akira's parents and his feelings for akira, and deciding that it was the better choice for everyone that he deny his feelings. i don't consider him a jerk for that, nor do i think he was wrong for trying to build an alternate life for himself by going along with the marriage his adopted family wanted for him. and it's no...... View
La Satanica9there is nothing particularly new about this high school romance, which just proves that it's not WHAT, but HOW something is written that makes it interesting. i love this pairing; they're both real characters with distinctive personalities, not just cardboard cutouts slotted into the seme and uke roles. and not everything gets resolved with a mutual confession, but insecurities (not artificially created dumb misunderstandings) are still throwing up obstacles, and will continue to do so, pl...... View
La Satanica dj - Fluffy Thing------
La Vie en Rose (yaoi I)------
Last Portrait7.5the first story, "last portrait" has too convenient an ending for me. so what would sakaguchi have done if this handy ending hadn't been presented to him? looks to me like he'd have gone through with it, which doesn't sit well with me. i was a lot more interested in that inner conflict than in what i got. i also thought sakaguchi didn't have sufficient rationale to marry without so much as approaching yamato first and feeling him out. this didn't really work for me.

the second story; well...... View
Last Target------
Liberty Liberty!7.5but basically too short for all the threads that're touched on. i really liked the whole setup, and would enjoy to read more about all the characters at the TV station, and more about itaru -- see him really get over the bad stuff from his past, and come into his own as a writer. and the kouki x itaru relationship needed a lot more time to grow; it felt weirdly rushed from kouki's side. i know there are people who will end up liking somebody just because that person likes them, but it's em...... View
Like a Hero------
Little Butterfly10there's much more to this story than "OMG CUTE!", so don't be turned off if you're like me and usually try to avoid the sugar shock. it is in fact, not particularly cute at all, though kojima himself certainly qualifies, perky as he is. but nakahara's story is dark and sad; there's nothing cute about it. and kojima is much more than indomitably perky; he really cares, and he goes seriously to bat for nakahara in all sorts of ways; even against his abusive father. there is no sign of the stup...... View
Lock out------
Lonely Soldier------
Lost Angel------
Lotus Eater8.5this is probably tenzen's most realistic work. rihito feels like a real person, and his emotions, fears especially, seem real as well; particularly in japan where the pressure on people to be "normal" is so much higher than in the west. kanda on the other hand is a more idealised fantasy object, complete with that stalkery persistence that seems so popular in manga -- the notion that if you just hang in there long enough, and push yourself on the other enough, the other will come around to ...... View
Love & Action7---
Love Comedy4---
Love Comedy no You ni6i actually liked this one ever so much better than body language. ok, so maybe that's not saying much. i appreciated the setting because it was reasonably well-researched, something which most BL authors/mangaka couldn't care less about doing, which is a pet peeve of mine. i also thought the writing was above average, with more complex vocabulary than the usual, and a natural flow in english -- kudos to the translator, kelly quine.

that said, the character development was lacking. despite ...... View
Love is your name------
Love Making------
Love Me Thru the Night6what's with the repetition? it's usual that a little bit gets repeated for a story in serialisation to catch news readers up and remind prior readers what happened last time, but it seems a lot more than usual here. there is also a major continuity error which interferes with the plot, and threw me out of the story. aside from that it's the usual story of one friend pining away for the other one for years without telling him. we spend a lot of time in ritsu's head, listening to him repeat...... View
Love Mode9i'm giving this a 9 even though the art is really mediocre to start with, and while it improves considerably throughout the series, it takes more than half the volumes to shape up. but the stories are excellent; volume 1 starts out pretty lame (izumi is annoying as all hell and takamiya is creepy/too good to be true (keep reading; he's much better later on)), but wow, does it ever improve. naoya is a great character, and his story with reiji didn't make me roll my eyes like izumi/takamiya. ...... View
Love Neco------
Love or Pride------
Love Seeker5coming back to BL after a 3 year hiatus, and only cherry-picking good, multi-volume non-BL manga in the meantime probably prejudices me against run-of-the-mill stories like this. there is just nothing special here -- the characters aren't horrible, just also nothing to get excited about, the plots are driven by stupid misunderstandings that could be cleared up in 10 seconds if those characters ever TALKED to each other -- and could we do without the sexual brutalising cuz the seme is angry w...... View
Love You Only5we get an entire volume concentrating on these two guys, and yet we learn nothing about them, other than that morishita is ever so much in love, and determined to convince yoshioka to fall in love with him too -- and that, of course, yoshioka eventually does so, despite not even having noticed morishita before, not being gay, and generally not looking to have a relationship. i'd say they have nothing in common, but we don't even find out; they talk about nothing but love and whether yoshioka...... View
Lover's Name------
Lover's Position71. lover's position: hayato is too much of an insensitive prick for my taste, and the story is not sufficiently believable. is he a moron for not giving an explanation why he kicks his lover out of the apartment? no, hayato just jumps when motoki calls, and completely disregards jun. it's beyond rude and uncaring. how can anyone who actually loves a person behave like this? i value my friends greatly, and i will definitely rush to their aid when they need help, and i will even prioritis...... View
Machibito (MINASE Masara)5---
Mae yori mo Dare yori mo6---
Make a Wish------
Makeinu no Nandemoya7---
Makeru na Otoko Yo4---
Man's Best Friend - Inu mo Akurekeba------
Manatsu no Zanshou6---
Mangetsu Monogatari9coming from junjou romantica, which annoyed me a lot, this is a breath of fresh air. hilarious take on the original. and the art is beautiful (mmh-mmmh, heian period). i am happy now; this is the mangaka whom i fell in love with when reading hybrid child.

but shounen-ai, no, i don't think so. the bit that might seem that way is only played for its humour value, and sorry, that doesn't count. calling this shounen ai would be like calling hanakimi shounen-ai just because it has a guy who op...... View
Manhattan Love Story4confusing. it looked like the protag from the first vignette is also the protag of the second one; the character design is very similar, and at first i thought he was cheating on his busy lover. however, they're competely different characters as it turns out. but the protag of the first vignette IS back in the fourth, and the seventh. also, #6 is a continuation of #2. *sigh*. couldn't they have put those in a better order?

warning: there's shota/pederasty in #3, though the sex is no more ...... View
Manhattan Love Story dj - Meet Me in Cotton Roses------
Martini Kouryakuhou---the two oneshots here are perfect little vignettes; they didn't leave me unfulfilled like so many oneshots; thinking "damn, too short", or "what was the point", or "thanks for the PWP; i don't care about sex between people i don't get to at least know a little". no, these are tiny little doors into the complex stories of people, allowing a glimpse that tells a lot in just a few scant pages. especially "let's forget" -- the two characters are also present in the main story, but i read the on...... View
Marude Hajimete no Koi Mitai ni6.5more depth than oitekebori blues, but still too rushed -- i just can't get into it if the characters profess a deep and abiding love for each other out of the blue; ok, so in some cases one of them has loved the other unrequitedly for years. but the other was clueless, yet once confessed to, *BOOM* in love he falls. the first story is my least favourite, because it rings the least true. but there are little details here that i like overall, and a cute sense of humour, and the art is nice, s...... View
Matenrou Maybe------
Meguriau yo Baby------
Melty Honey------
Memory of the Future------
Michizure Policy9shinohara and nishioka are just so 'adorkable' together. this manga isn't particularly deep, but it's also not pure marshmallow -- the characters have genuinely plausible emotions. it's a pleasantly fulfilling read. i'm glad to see that nishioka turned out to be a better guy than he seemed previously when he appeared to have his eye on takao; i didn't really like him then because it appeared that he was using wakamiya as bait, and i don't care for people who pretend friendship for one pers...... View
Midara na Sasayaki------
Mijuku na Kareshi5---
Mimurake no Musuko------
Missing Code4.5this isn't a successful collaboration. the story started out with a lot of promise, but just did not keep it up for long. i'm not saying minase is a great author when she writes her own stories; they usually lack... something for me to really care. but they have a certain style that, even if they leave me cold, at least doesn't make me roll my eyes too hard. this one had them rolling at 50,000 rpm. it is way too melodramatic and... fake, i guess. everything about it feels fake -- like ...... View
Mitasareru Kuchibiru------
Mitsumete Itai10this mangaka is definitely one to watch. i wish more of her works would be scanlated, but i think her art limits her appeal. the art isn't bad, mind, but it is very spare, and lacks the pretty that makes so much yaoi attractive to us fans (aside from the mansex, *snicker*). but her stories are so worthwhile, so real, her powers of observation so keen, and the way she uses the spareness of her art to make the tiniest of those observations stand out... it's just excellent.
Mizu no Kioku------
Mizuiro to Pinku, Sore kara Daidai8it's always interesting how different people's perceptions can be -- i thought these were quite well done for oneshots, and i can still remember most several days after reading, which is rare for oneshots as well. it's true that the stories don't have a lot of depth, but i don't expect much depth from oneshots, and these have rather more than average. yes, i think some could have been done better -- if they had been longer. but then we'd be talking about a different manga.

i liked story 1 f...... View
Momoiro Saeru Suman------
Mori no Animal Company------
Mori no Animal Company dj - Anikan------
Motto Midara ni Shitsukemashou5---
Mousou Catalogue8this is probably the smuttiest BL manga i've ever read. there's sex nearly on every page, and yeah, there is no relationship development -- it's just fantasies of the people in the relationship, who haven't actually done anything yet in reality. but they're very well informed fantasies; these guys must have read a lot of BL, *grin*. it's even amusing in addition to being smutty; some aspects of the fantasies are hilarious (without taking away from the hotness). and to top it, the fantasie...... View
Mukizu ja Irarenee------
Musuko ga Osewa ni Nattemasu!------
My Bodyguard7---
My Life With You3the art is fabulous, but the story is so pseudo-american and over-the-top melodramatic that i kept laughing out loud at moments when i am sure i was supposed to swoon from the "depth that is barely expressible". and that's just the first chapter. i am not sure i can convince myself to read more, because it's painful.

well, onward. we must suffer for our art. eric, who is supposedly full of wisdom and inner peace, blows his top and goes emo on steve at the slightest provocation, including...... View
My Precious------
Nakimushi na Little5once again, oneshots are too darn short for kinoshita to express herself well. she's considerably better when she just take one idea and follows it through. it's so frustrating, because i can FEEL that there's something underneath many of her stories that i would just love, but it never really comes out.

and the art in this, her first tankoubon, was really sketchy.
Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri6i knew there was gonna be a tragedy, and i figured out early on that it was going to be the story with the prostitute, so it didn't come as a surprise. but i don't think it would have affected me anyway; i don't think honjou can write tragedy that touches me. i don't connect enough with her characters, so smut is fine, and comedy is fine, but for tragedy i definitely need more depth. i also couldn't figure out what time period this was supposed to be in, and that kept distracting me; at fir...... View
Natsukashi Machi no Rozione------
Naturalist no Kare6.5i like this better than kimi ni sachi are. in the first story, the uke has agency, can defend himself, is actually interested in sex, and makes it happen! and the seme is nice. it's not a particularly deep story, mind, but it didn't annoy me; even naruse isn't bad as a supporting character. i agree that the timeline is weird. i imagine that's due to how the manga was serialised; chapters 2 and 3 were probably not planned for when chapter 1 was written. i think they should have changed the o...... View
Nayamuhodo Nara Koi to Yobe!------
Negai Kanae Tamae10people keep saying that her art is rough around the edges, or that it would be great if she could draw. i want to take issue with that -- her art isn't rough around the edges, it's just very spare. if you look at her characters' positions they're always perfectly natural; their proportions are correct, and the perspective isn't off. she is a vastly better artist than most IMO. i know that in a genre that goes very much for the pretty her style is not going to be valued as much as say, min...... View
Neji no Kaiten------
NightS9.5complex plot that didn't confuse me, interesting characters, amazing sexual tension pretty much from the get-go, great banter, hot sex, cool denouement, and yoneda's expressive art. the only complaint i have is that this is a oneshot instead of a whole volume or series (please!), and that's not really a complaint because it might not be as great if it were extended. it's definitely one of the best BL oneshots i've ever read.

i am running out of original yoneda manga to read, *sigh*. i don't...... View
Nikumi Kirenai Rokudenashi------
No Color9---
Noroshi wo Agero!------
Ochibure Shinshi ni Ai no Uta9---
Ochiru Seija no Seppun1same old, same old, and then some extra sprinkling of utter crap on top. higashino's art has gotten much better over the years (i didn't use to like it at all, while now it's rather pleasant to look at), but her story telling skills are as bad as ever. the first two stories are standard "sadistic seme forces uke into perverted H stuff, which uke then comes to like". i'm so bored by that, i don't even find the sex hot anymore (i am also turned off by crying uke) -- i think what most bothers...... View
Oitekebori Blues5i should just stay away from oneshot volumes, because i inevitably find them lacking. these days it takes a special kind of oneshot to make an impression -- and unfortunately none of these are it. they're predictable, and simply not deeply enough developed for me to care. even the art feels underdeveloped, and there was not enough time to get into the sex to find it erotic.

though, if you like oneshots with a bit of angst and a happy ending, you might like these. i'm just rating the volume...... View
Oka no Ue no Rakuen8THEY ARE SO DENSE! how can anyone possibly be so dense. alright, i shouldn't be talking, because i know i was just as dense at least a couple of times in my life. some of us are really blinded to the obvious when it concerns ourselves, no matter how observant we might be otherwise. so i forgive these two.

i really liked the development here. not much happens other than that these two characters get closer to each other, fall more and more in love, and get also more convinced that the other...... View
Okubyou na Yubisaki9---
Okujou Fuukei9.5i don't think i could say it any better than "MightyMaeve" below. that's exactly how i feel about this volume.

with the small exception of "the vast summer sky", which, while not terrible if sad, left me wanting something more/else. and no, that's not because of the possible incest (or maybe not primarily so; fujiyama could probably sell me incest with a bit more preparation).
Omoi Shire------
Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi8the stories are a bit uneven, but primarily i enjoy yamada's art, which isn't pretty, but very expressive -- i'm really glad to see more and more mangaka who develop their own style separate from the typical shoujo -> bishounen BL with its impossibly beautiful men. she also has a sense of humour i can understand (even if i don't necessarily share it). i'll be watching this mangaka.
On the Quiet5.5tenzen has cranked up the sex content; there's more graphic stuff than usual. and surprisingly (considering how much i like graphic, detailed sex), i rather wish it weren't so here. because while tenzen's stories usually have something special to them even if they use the same cliches as 99% of BL, these stories aren't all that distinctive, and the conversations during sex sounds like 50,000 other BL conversations. and they don't always fit with my image of the characters. maybe the edito...... View
One two three4judging from the description and formulating a summary afterwards the story should be straightforward enough. but i found this manga difficult to read; the progression felt very muddled. don't know whether the original text is responsible for that, or whether the translation is just bad (it certainly misses in a number of spots, so i am leaning that way, but i don't care enough to find the raws and check it out). and the art is not helping (it's almost ugly in places). i don't even want to r...... View
Oni ni Hatsujou------
Onozomi no Mama ni5maruya's art is beautiful and detailed (i could wax poetically about the folds in her clothing, *heh*), but her story telling skills are unfortunately not on par, not even close. the plots are way too often driven by really stupid "misunderstandings", and people generally behave in very stereotypical (and not endearing) BL ways. her characters are almost never interesting. for example in season for three -- what is it about reiichi that yuki even likes? i'm ok with the "childhood friend" ...... View
Open Air7.5i suggest reading tsunoda's work in chronological order, because her stories keep getting stronger. this one actually has a little depth, though it maintains a humourous line throughout. i was a wee bit skeeved by the relationship moving so fast because the kid has real problems; the age gap creates a power imbalance that bothers me. yeah i know, this is BL, but if a story gets presented to me as serious, i take it seriously. i think this might be due to a general problem she has with pac...... View
Orangenia na Hibi5the first story had a small plot (yay), and a cute, girly uke (even dressed in girl clothes, *sigh*) who could, however, take care of himself, which redeemed the crossdressing.

the second story annoyed me, because it featured a guy who, after having made plans to go on a trip together, doesn't call his lover for 10 days to reassure him because
Spoiler (highlight to view)
he's in the hospital with appendicitis and doesn't want his lover to see him with his public hair shaved, for heaven's sakes!...
... View
Ore no Shita de Agake------
Ore no Tenshi wa Mayonaka Akuma------
Ore Sama Teki------
Ore wa Warukunai------
Oresama no Toriko6.5it's not a particularly bad story, it progresses pretty well; the art is crisp and vibrant, and i like amagi's sense of humour -- and yet i don't care at all for the characters and their lives, and had a hard time even finishing this. this is how i generally feel about amagi's stories; the art outperforms the storytelling by a lightyear. here we have a young couple who's just started to live together, and they're going through some adjustments -- this could be interesting! and yet somehow ...... View
Oshioki Gakuen2i should probably analyze exactly why this fails so badly because there's usually something to be learned from that, but it does fail for me sufficiently that i don't actually want to think about it anymore. it just felt forced the entire time, and it wasn't funny despite obviously trying to be, nor was it hot despite obviously trying to be. the only redeeming feature is that the art is at least not as incompetent as the story, which is why i rate it a 2 instead of a 1. (comment written aft...... View
Otokomae! Beads Kurabu5i read this right after "dengeki daisy", and i wish i hadn't, because it comes nowhere close to that fantastic manga, and it really suffers from the immediate comparison. the best thing about it is the protagonist, who is once again an unusual girl. there are also a few other ideas i like, but overall it's just too short and too simplistic to be enjoyable after reading something really outstanding. i give it a higher rating than i normally would because i think i might be unfair to it beca...... View
Otona no Manaa9---
Ouji to Joujin2see my comments under hisho to yajuu -- in short, this series of 4 manga is a waste of time due to cliched storylines, dull / annoying / despicable characters, and even boring sex, despite being more graphic than takahashi usually draws. i have no idea what happened to her, and i sure hope it doesn't continue. i don't like any of the pairings; there is not a single fun, healthy relationship in the lot. the only reason i read all 4 is that i came from kimitachi otoko no ko which was a reall...... View
Paradise Heaven5---
Passion (Netsujou)------
Pistol in one Hand6i like the story concept, but the execution leaves something to be desired -- too much of it is told via info-dumping, and i consequently didn't really care; i would really like to see this reworked over more chapters. but hey, at least there is a plot! the development of the main relationship isn't handled too well either, i understand why haruhi has a thing for kaga, but why does kaga have one for haruhi?. too many holes. i wanted to care about several of the characters more than i did. ...... View
Please---this is not the strongest of miyamoto kano's stories, but it's still heads above the crowd. i recommend them all for their realism and their characterization. and liquid passion's scanlation efforts are superb.
Pochi no Shiawase------
Poet was not built in a day5rendou aida isn't the only one left feeling empty and disappointed -- coming off "sakende yaruze" this manga left me feeling that way too. i didn't ever really empathize with rendou, though i felt a bit sorry for him as he stumbled from one bad luck experience to another. most of the other characters i disliked outright. but then i am generally not one for tragicomedy; give me one or the other, they rarely mix well. also, more hetero sex than mansex, which i really don't care for in my ya...... View
Powerful Gossip------
Prince Charming---for BL. which means people do not fall in love and go through the requisite single crisis only to live happily ever after. instead they are confused, change their minds, make mistakes, and there's not always a happy ending -- though takaido tried her best to make happy endings, or at least allusions to those for most. i really enjoyed this one from start to finish, with all its complex emotions. usually love triangles are so cliched that i am tired of them, but here the love polygon didn'...... View
Prisoner (Kaen)------
Prisoner (Oumi)------
Punch Drunk Babies------
Pure Love in Roppongi6---
Rakka Sokudo------
Renai Junkie7i love, love, love reversals. the stereotypical seme/uke dynamic which is repeated at nauseam, bores me and limits the characters, so i am happy when a mangaka goes against it. i became a fan of toujou's for that alone.

but in general these stories don't sit as well with me upon rereading a few years later, because i have since encountered some really excellent BL, and they fall a bit short. they both are too melodramatic, shadow especially. it starts out promising with the physical proble...... View
Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!------
Renai Nenrei------
Renai no Kamisama ni Ie------
Renai Shinan!6the art is attractive, clean, and crisp, and some of the humour was fun (golden poop!) but overall i didn't take to it. in the first story the uke may look cute, but he's mean and self-absorbed and i don't WANT honjou to get with him, because honjou is cool in a dorky way (i also think he looks better when he isn't all dolled up). the uke in the second story isn't as objectionable, but both characters have no depth, and the story didn't do anything for me. i liked the 3rd story best though ...... View
Retsujou Kyoumushitsu------
Right Hand Gun, Left Hand Love------
Rules10whenever somebody complains that yaoi isn't realistic (yeah, and erotica in general is?) i whip out miyamoto kano's work. it's very different from the idealized bishounen world; miyamoto's people feel real. there are no stupid stereotypical seme and uke here; the terms should never even come to mind; it is completely irrelevant who sticks what where. the realism also means that not all relationships work out, and not all her stories end happily. "rules" is probably my favourite of her work ...... View
Rules dj - If winter comes, can spring be far behind?------
Rules dj - Song Birds------
Rumble Rush7no, it's not about "gay men doing sex" -- it drives me nuts when people claim such things (the ones who claim it are never gay men themselves, of course). BL is not about gay men in general, and fujoshi would be well-advised to remember that BL is pure fantasy rather than to imagine that they're learning anything about how actual gay men feel and act. with a very few exceptions, and condom use notwithstanding, BL mangaka do not portray truths about gays, even if some of the characters look ...... View
Ruriiro Butterfly5---
Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma Wo Hirotta8the takao/kamuro team just keeps getting better. this story isn't at all like their smutty oneshots; it has some depth, and an unusual ending. the cover is misleadingly cute, and the ending goes against BL formula -- this might turn those people who like the formula off. i liked it though, partly because it ended differently.
Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito9i generally like "childhood friends fall in love" stories, but this one stands out as original, and proves that it's not the plot that leaves a story a mere cliche, but the execution. what makes this one original is mostly the protagonist, who's outwardly stoic, but what he thinks to himself is quite insightful in a laconic way, which often comes across as funny; he is a great "straight man" to his own thought processes. i also like that he's decisive when he has figured something out (or th...... View
Sasayaku no wa Sono Yubi2it's really sad to see that yamakami riyu is not growing out this ridiculous idea that somehow severe abuse and violence is excusable if the person only ends up in love with the one they abuse. there is slightly more depth in this work than there is in "deep flower", but she still completely fails to give watakabe any motivation that might make us understand exactly why he acts as he does. i hated his guts in "mitasereru" because he mistreated his brother (whom he was also allegedly in love...... View
Scarlet8.5read any literature? heck, looked around yourself in real life lately? because that's chock-full of terrible relationships which people continue out of "love". i don't need the authorial voice to tell me how to feel, because i can figure it out for myself; i don't read to be spoon-fed somebody else's view on life and the human condition. the first story packs a serious punch. it's SUPPOSED to make us feel uncomfortable. gloryfying rape and violence? i don't read it that way -- it serves...... View
Secret---between the comedic and the serious elements; i actually would have preferred this one to be more serious. i kept wanting it to dig a little deeper, but it just didn't. i guess araya-san mostly does pure comedy, this manga has the most serious moments of any of hers i've read. so it kept me wanting for more, and left me feeling a bit hollow.

but who else turns stupid yaoi conventions on their head by creating a cross-dressing seme? and he still looks like a man, albeit a beautiful one, whi...... View
Seifuku no Tame no Love Song7it has a good setup, and interesting characters -- and then it doesn't quite live up to expectations. there's not enough internal dialogue for my taste, so i am left guessing at what the characters feel; especially when it comes to love. and so nothing really involves me enough emotionally to feel for the characters. kinda odd too that this is a story about a group of band members, but we never see them play as a band, and really, there's only one short scene where somebody actually plays ...... View
Sekaino Owariga Furu Yoruni------
Sekuhara Shiokinin------
Selfish Love3you know what it says about a yaoi manga when your favourite character is a woman? yeah, exactly. the seme is narcissistic, the uke has a warm-hearted supportive friend who's also in love with him; why does he pick his stalker and rapist? oh right, the seme gets what he wants. the 2nd volume is slightly better than the first, but just for the supporting cast, not for the main characters. yaoiland rapists are forgiveable if they're sizzling hot, of course, but unfortunately orita isn't, s...... View
Sensei, Wakarimasen.5.5same old, same old, except the sensei-uke is more irritating than usual, being massively insecure about the relationship (he should be insecure about his teaching ability instead), constantly second-guessing, and prejudging the student's feelings. fortunately it does get a little better after chapter 4, and at least sensei-uke doesn't protest when having H. there's loads of that, and it's pretty good too, and graphic without a lot of censorship. the art is standard, though again the H is m...... View
Sentimental Garden Lover8mostly fluff, and too short to really get attached to anyone. but original and -- well, the word is so overused -- but this really is cute.

the art seems to me a bit reminiscent of ootsuki miu, but is sufficiently different to be recognisale.
Seven8.5i can see why this might appear confusing, but the bit in the middle is not a random oneshot. let me explain:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
mitsuha from story 1 lost contact with his brother nanao (nanao-2) when nanao-2 was just 3 years old and got adopted. they were both living in an orphanage at that time. later there was a fire at the orphanage and the records got destroyed, which left mitsuha without any clues as to where his brother might be. mitsuha has no permanent home and travels a ...
... View
Seven Days10it's interesting that so many people love this who "normally don't read shounen-ai". i normally do read and like BL of all kinds, and you know what? it completely doesn't matter to me for this manga; it is a work of art no matter what the genre. and it's way cool to see great art transcend people's prejudices.

i'm afraid if i try to describe it that this special feeling i have right now will dissipate, so i won't say a lot -- just that it is a perfect manga in that the writing and the art en...... View
Shiawase no level5i don't like the uke, kaoru. i don't mind insecure characters, but insecure and immature with a temper tantrum a day over his partner liking cute animals and kids? i wanted to strangle him on page 5 already. in addition i find koujima-san's expressions overly exaggerated, and most of her men appear way too young for their stated ages; they look like pre-teens, and they have chipmunk faces. people who like uke to look cute and behave like spoiled brats might gobble this up, but i find the ...... View
Shigekiteki na Kankei------
Shihaisha no Koi------
Shijou Senyuuritsu8and likeable characters who, while this manga falls a tad short of realism, still behave well within the realm of the possible. i like both main characters; sawatari is such a forthright guy who doesn't fidget around once he has his feelings figured out, and shino, while more closed off, still does not shy away from going to sawatari and telling him of an incident that might make sawatari distrust him. and this one is actually paced well; it doesn't drag anywhere, and i didn't feel the endi...... View
Shiranai Kao7.5i didn't like the first story; mainly because haruyama is such a total jerk, and never really improves, which makes tanabe seem like a total doormat for coming back. the story could have been quite nice (cause that particular trope works for me) if haruyama hadn't been so cold and mean every time, or if he had at least grown up by the end -- but no, he still got a stick up his butt about "fair treatment", like it's tanabe's fault he gets it after working so hard? the more i think about it, ...... View
Shitsuji Kyoushi no Renai Jugyou6very standard BL romance, complete with dumb misunderstandings to provide crisis, and overblown corny promises; entirely predictable. because i prefer some depth, this was just too superficial to satisfy me. i only really liked the funny bits (there are some very cute ones). the sex is too vague to be hot.

the art is a cut above average though. very nicely presented; the mangaka clearly did some research on the subjects.
Shortcut Love7.5this actually had a better plot than the last few i read by minase, which might well be because she didn't write it herself; though it fits her style like a glove -- that's some inspired collaboration. i'm gonna give extra points to shu thinking up an advertising campaign that could actually work in the real world; it doesn't happen often in BL that a mangaka depicts a business workplace in a reasonably realistic manner. i probably also filled in some of the holes -- the reason akino is so in...... View
Shout Out Loud!8it's maybe a bit on the slow side, but not by much. and it's definitely one to read for the story, not for the sex, though when there's sex finally, it's very nice. good characterization, for the most part (though i didn't like how the girlfriend was side-lined). believable struggles with emotions from both father and son. and fun little inside jokes about seiyuu and BL drama. i could handle reading more in this world; there are stories left to tell.
Signal Red Baby9that first story was intense. and interesting; complete with plot, and a bit of education about kabuki (made me look up a lot of detail). oh, and very hot sex. as i thought, kitakami does better with stories that have some room to grow instead of oneshots. i especially enjoy the inclusion of older (middle-aged) characters, and that the stories are connected.

kitakami's art keeps getting better, and in this manga it is especially sumptuous in the colour pages. of course it helps that i thi...... View
Skyscrapers of Oz------
Slam Dunk dj - Cross Road------
Slam Dunk dj - Tequila------
Soko ni Suwaru na------
Sonna Kimochi Ga Koi Datta------
Sonoki ni Sasenaide7definitely kiku x shibata. love those two. there is a bit more about them in the oscillogram DJ. am also kinda sad for them, because despite being together for so long, they live in a society where it's not really possible for them to live together. how difficult it must be to hide your true feelings all your life.
Sonoki ni Sasenaide dj - Oscillogram------
Sore wa Isshun no Hikari, dewanaku10i rarely give a 10, and giving one to this story might seem surprising because it is so ... quiet. but i can't think of any way to improve the story, and it left me completely satisfied, so there it is. we get some angst, and some misunderstandings, but this is realistic and doesn't drive the plot, and it all gets cleared up quickly instead of driving people apart artificially. i especially like yasunao, the socially clumsy and naive junior -- he really grows through his experiences, and i...... View
Sore wa Yappari ai Kamone------
Sore wo Ittara Oshimai yo------
Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu9.5this manga has both a young child, and a straight man turned gay, usually warning signs for me to expect some serious schmalz and ridiculous antics. but instead it's actually very well done. i didn't care a whole lot for yoshioka when i first encountered him as the unfaithful cod in yachin hanbun no ibasho desu, but asou redeems him very successfully here.

i like the slow pace at which the romantic relationship develops; there's no overnight conversion here. i also enjoyed the character o...... View
Square na Kankei6---
Star na Koi------
Star ni Ai------
Steady Study------
Stepping Stone9---
Stop! Master---the art is pretty and ever so cute, so if you go for that, especially with ears and tails and maid outfits, then you might like this. me, i found it completely empty, and i just can't stand explicit sex in shota because of the size difference. not rating it because i don't think i can be fair to it.
Suki da Nante Ienai5---
Suki no Mebae7.5ok, so in real life this thing hisashi has for 13-yr-old keisuke would be creepy, but since this is yaoiland i forgive it. and hey, at least he waits until keisuke is 16 before he does anything. it's good that keisuke has him in his life, because his mother seems to be absent, and his brother is abusive (maybe his mother should at least have taught minamoto that being a good replacement father consists of more than strictness and constant physical punishment). contrary to other reviewers i...... View
Suki to Itte (YAMAKAMI Riyu)7for a PWP oneshot, this isn't actually bad, especially considering the sorry state of oneshots in general. the art is darn good for yamakami (she's really been improving over the years). and it's quietly humorous, which is rare for a PWP oneshot. a quick read, too shallow to fall in love with any of the characters, but not a waste IMO.
Suki Toiunoni Nazekashira8i don't like takehisa, which means i don't like that relationship. i do see why he does what he does, but IMO that's an incredibly juvenile and cruel way to go about it -- and it doesn't even get him what he wants (i am not surprised at that). maybe that's the lesson here, but i don't know whether it got learned. that's often the case with abe's manga; i am not sure exactly what the characters get out of their experiences. takao sure hasn't learned his lesson yet, despite having had it rep...... View
Sumanai!! Masumi-kun8not particularly realistic or deep, but rather sweet. and hey, nothing is forced here! love the sub-plot, because while i caught onto the main plot right away, i didn't see that coming. the drama of this story lies in the little things; there is no big upheaval, no rivals, no stupid misunderstandings. it didn't touch me where i live, but it was very nice overall.

i wish itsuki did more of these, because i really enjoy her art, but don't care for shota or shota-esque characters.
Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi6---
Suutsu wo Kita Akuma3even if you like abusive relationships, these are not good; they're boring and so cliche it hurts. often what saves such BL manga for me is if at least the sex is hot, however, here the sex may be graphic, but it left me cold; not enough foreplay, too much of the same thing -- all the seme are kichiku and like to embarrass their blushing, crying uke; yeah, like we haven't seen this 500,000 times before with exactly the same inane dialogue. "but you are already like THAT here." "your body is m...... View
Suzu no Ne ga Kikoeru6.5i like the art. yes, there are some awkward drawings (this was done very early in the mangaka's career), but there are also very beautiful ones, especially of facial close-ups, and i didn't find it "common". i also don't think this is a typical case of seme overpowering uke who has to take it; rather this is a typical case of uke protesting out of embarassment, but actually liking it. there is a difference; i don't mind the latter -- though it is so damn typical that it can be tiring.

that sa...... View
Tactics dj - Love Sick------
Tadaima Shugyouchuu------
Taikutsu wa Warawanai6---
Taiyou no Kikoushi8i could just faint from the pretty. the story isn't quite my thing; too unrealistic while i am on a realism binge. and even if i were fancying fantasy, this is just not gonna do it for me; i am 100 years too old for stories about princes from far-away lands falling for the straight-talking commoner. but it's certainly well enough crafted for its type.

i don't really care about the story here, as long as it's not total crap. maruya kae could illustrate the phone book and i'd buy it. absolut...... View
Taka wo kukurouka3the art is unfortunately not growing on me so far; i find it ugly and hard to decipher, and the panels are overly busy. each mop head character doesn't even look particularly similar from panel to panel, but characters in general do at times look awfully similar to each other, which is very confusing. if i don't like the art, i usually don't like the sex either, which is alas true here.

not like it's particularly smutty; all stories do have an actual plot which is not just an excuse for s...... View
Tarinai Jikan8.5forget standard seme/uke dynamics. it doesn't matter here who tops and who bottoms; they don't get assigned personalities based on that. that is never a part of hidaka's stories, and it's a big reason why i like them, because i am dead tired of those stereotypes

i do always want to know more about the characters in her stories, but that doesn't make the stories incomplete; it just means she manages to endear the characters to me even if there are only 20 pages in which to do it. i'm almost al...... View
Tatoe Toraware no Koi demo5---
Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wo------
Tennen + Gokuraku Mahoutsukai------
Tenohira no Seiza8this one i liked better when i read it the first time. since then i've been exposed to way too much BL that uses really dumb misunderstandings to drive the plot, misunderstandings that would be easily cleared up by just one simple, honest talk with each other. IMO that's lazy writing, because hey, it's easier than to think up something meaningful. why in the world would mizuho trust a total stranger's word over what's going on with somebody he cares about? what is it with both mizuho and ...... View
Tenshi no Tamagoryouri5neither story nor art are anything special, but at least the art isn't as bad as it is in yogoto na yamashii niwa de. i don't mind that the pairing doesn't work out as most probably expect, because the way the story is built, it makes sense that the other pairing would be stronger. if there's anything to be said for this story it's that at least it has this small surprise in it. if i cared about any of the characters, maybe i'd feel sorry for the kid, but there is nothing here that would m...... View
Teppen no Himawari7---
The Collar Boy and the Favourite6weirdly enough (i LIKE sex; that's a large part of why i read BL), but in this story i would have preferred not to get any. it somehow seemed so darn fast to go from tutoring to full-on intercourse; i'd have been happier with the story if it had stopped at kissing. i think this has something to do with souta seeming to be so young and naive. and no, he doesn't look particularly young (not even a hint of shota here); but the more i read about him the more innocent he felt.
The Judged6warning: contains several rapes, and assaults thrown in for good measure. quite violent.

i don't see how this is particularly realistic; i don't know any congressmen who raped their childhood friend (out of thwarted love, natch), raped him again many years later, and threatened his sister with rape if he'd not agree to sleep with him again several years later. nor secretaries who help with the assaulting, and who take revenge for being scorned in such a manner, and get away with it. i can't...... View
The knight likes it hot------
The Lonely Egoist4too simplistic, too idiotic an uke. i can't enjoy a story if one of the people is described as especially competent, but is in reality so clueless that he couldn't get that amazing a reputation. it just grates on me too much. i also like a wee bit more realism in my rapes -- minami is described as almost as tall as asakura, taller than most, and asakura later shows that he himself is out of shape -- and yet, minami can't do a thing to fend him off; he conveniently loses all power to fight af...... View
The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes2it's not a manga, it's a novel. the few illustrations don't qualify it as such.

i wrote a long, scathing review of this on amazon and my pissy attitude hasn't worn off yet, but i'll make it short: nobody in this novel is likeable, and the protagonist's behaviour makes him go from "what a whiner" to "toss him in jail and let starfish (-> under grand hotel) show him the ropes" in my book. and maybe it's the translation, but konohara's writing seems even worse to me than the average harlequin ...... View
The Master and Me------
The other side of you9---
The pretty wolf and the 7 goaty6---
The Secret Agreement9maruya kae's artwork is ever so beautiful; i can't get enough however long i gaze at it. and not just the bois; the backgrounds are lush and evocative; perfect scene setters.

i see that i wasn't the only one who had trouble figuring out what exactly happened, but now that i've read it several times and made reference back to the original japanese, i think i have a pretty good working theory. since it would be a spoiler to post it here, PM me if you want to hear it smile. i am hoping gotou-sensei ...... View
The Sky Over My Spectacles------
Three Wolves Mountain------
Thunderbolt Boys: Excite---so this is making up for the lack of smexing in the prequel by having rather too much smexing (i can't believe i am saying that, but really, it feels totally gratuitous). i am by now thoroughly annoyed with natsui, who has gone from innocent and naive to completely and utterly dense (yeah, a guy who's fondling your nipples and nether regions, naked, is training you to be a model, sure), and whiny to boot ("i can't do this, he probably doesn't love me, oy vey, i should leave", rinse, lather, ...... View
Tight Rope------
Time Lag------
Tobu Kokoro8i've not yet read a story by yamakami-sensei that didn't get to me on some level. these three are definitely on the odd side -- especially "beside", about the huge white rabbit who to us readers looks exactly like his human owner (but everyone in the story sees him as a rabbit. well, there is one scene where that's in question, *snicker*). that doesn't exactly make it in the "suspension of disbelief" department, but is interestingly enough worth reading anyway because of the emotional cont...... View
Toiki Yori mo Yasashii5*sigh*. it just doesn't improve, does it. the stories remain shallower than a crepe pan, the emotions don't reach me, and i just don't believe these characters are actually in love, or angsting over having lost it. resolution happens way too fast; MY emotions can't ramp up that quickly. and all the prettiness can't make up for that; i'm even getting tired of the art by now because it is all of a sameness. it seems that minase really shot her wad with her early work; damn....... View
Toki no Rashinban6that started out promising, but quickly went downhill with too damn much raping. poor akito gets it from all comers -- and really, being raped by a butt-ugly old geezer is so totally not hot. and what the heck was wrong with shin? how in the world was rape the best choice at that point in time? and why not tell akito the truth right away? he has good reason for the things he does (minus the rape), and akito is smart. shin, on the other hand, that man is dumber than dirt.

the showdown at ...... View
Tokimeki No Seito Kaishitsu------
Tokyo Babylon------
Tokyo Yabanjin3well, this was clearly meant to continue, but for some reason that didn't happen (maybe the publisher had no interest, or maybe they actually noticed the similarities with okane ga nai and decided to deep six the project). as to the similarities to OGN; yeah, they're definitely there, but considering that both manga were first published in the same year it might really just be coincidence -- there are differences as well, especially between fubuki and ayase. the artwork is somewhat similar,...... View
Tomato Pretty3you've got to be kidding me. why is there no category for "pure crack"? i don't even know what to write here. it's CJ michalski-style crack, and it's a little funny, and very cutesy. i really would prefer a total lack of smexing with this sort of thing, but unfortunately there is smex. the thing i like about michalski-san is that i think she really wants to write more complex stories with all sorts of different characters. the ones that are artistically most developed are often her nast...... View
Tooi Nemuri------
Totally Captivated5i am coming off a streak of really excellent manga, and this one is suffering from the immediate comparison. i was mostly annoyed by it for 2 volumes; fortunately it started to pick up. some of the things that bothered other people didn't bother me -- mookyul sleeping with the old man out of gratitude? makes sense to me. ewon cheating on everyone also makes sense once one suspects his backstory; he's very much broken. it would have helped if we didn't get that backstory infodumped on us ...... View
Tou no Kemono6.5yeah, lukka being a kid (or at least being drawn as a kid) bothers me slightly too, but i'm not bothered enough to write this off as pedophilic crap. there's no sign here that edgar goes after little boys for sex; he picks lukka for the colour of his eyes, which reminds him of his dead mother, and he picks him to be a companion, not a sex buddy. nor is there any hint that they carry on a sexual relationship; there is just that one scene in chapter 1, and it happens for a good reason; not to...... View
Trouble Love Candy------
Tsugunai no yukue6---
Tsujimura-san is a Secret8another oneshot by suzuki that made me smile -- she really is one of the better mangaka when it comes to short stories. sure, as usual i want more; but i'll just have to imagine it -- and i don't mind. we're not talking big drama, it's just a glimpse into the lives of two salarymen.

and her art just keeps getting better.
Tsuki no Hikari Hoshi no Michi------
Tsuki no Ookamiotoko5---
Tsuki to Yabanjin7i've taken the "smut" label off this, because it has a fully fledged plot, the sex is a very small part of the whole, and isn't even particularly long and graphic, so the label was rather misleading.

the art is just lovely here; lush and detailed. the story is a total cliche, a throwback to the days of "laurence of arabia" when western romance novels were full of sheikhs kidnapping beauties, seducing them (with their amazing arab sexual powers!), and who would then fall in love with their capt...... View
Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku7---
Tsuki Yadoru5here we've got not only incest, but shota incest, and the rapee falling in love with the rapist just because he's also sometimes nice; awww. and what's with the dumb competition between those two boys for "head of household" via their martial arts prowess, and their abusive mothers pushing them -- they're too far apart in age for the competition to make any sense. there is in fact nothing realistic about this story at all. but it's dramatically not as bad as it could be with all those strike...... View
Tsumasaki ni Kiss------
Tsumetai Otoko4it makes slightly more sense than its prequel, but not sufficiently to actually be good. even though i knew the two main characters from before, i still didn't give a damn about them, and their love story felt at best lukewarm to me. steve behaves like an idiot, not like the man of brilliance he is alleged to be. this is of course a common problem when mangaka don't do a lick of research on the world they try to portray.

and to ruin what little sex there is completely, the characters are ema...... View
Tsumi to Kuchizuke------
Tsurukusa no Niwa------
Ubawareru Koto Marugoto Zenbu8---
Uchi no Tantei Shirimasen ka?------
Unbalanced Heat3it's a bit too soon to say anything about it, but it looks to be shaping up to be on par with uso to kiss and empty heart, minase masara's 1 volume works. i am always glad when she writes longer stories; her oneshots rarely come into their own. the triangle here is more interesting than in most love triangle stories; i'm curious where she'll go with it.

2011-04-13: i finally picked this up again and finished it. and oh boy, did it ever go downhill. she didn't go anywhere interesting with ...... View
Unmei Nante Shinjinai6the best thing about this are the prince's long, flowing locks. seriously; it's a very cliched romance between an ordinary salaryman (i find him excessively boring), and a gorgeous prince from a foreign land who also happens to be a fortune teller. salaryman denies his feelings for a while, there are misunderstandings, then a love rival enters and schemes to create more misunderstandings... i'm not feeling the love between prince and salaryman; there's no chemistry between them at all. bu...... View
Unmei ni Kiss------
Until My Job is Done2the boss is totally unlikeable and not hot (despite wearing glasses), so i don't care whether he falls in love with sheiichi while watching him be violated by ugly old men -- and why, please, do i have to watch that as well? *ugh*. and sheiichi is such a pitiful doormat that i just want to grab him and get him away from a boss who would make such demands of somebody. *bleagh*.
Urban Cross---in which to get a concept across, but this oneshot succeeds in that. alas it's not a particularly interesting story, but just a tiny slice of these two people's lives, which left me ultimately with a lot more questions about their relationship than what i got from the oneshot.

i'm not gonna rate it because i am really not sure how -- it did the job it was meant to do, but it didn't fulfill me, and i'll forget it as soon as i added this comment.
Uso to Kiss8.5there's a plot, it is a wee bit outlandish, but holds together well enough. there's enough background to invest some emotional empathy in the characters (haru more so than tatsuya). there's inner conflict and angst. the sex is good, if not graphic. the art, as always, is very pretty (did minase spring fully formed as an artist from some wellspring? with other artists you can clearly tell when they were new to drawing manga, but i've not seen any bad art by her ever.)

while this isn't one ...... View
Usotsuki wa Dareda------
Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari9there's a new breed of BL mangaka out there, and it delights me. matsuo is one of those stretching the envelope of BL to reach far beyond smut, angst, and soap opera drama into literature. and for once a mangaka has actually done research into the exotic locale used (the US in this case); the names sound right, the WASPiness is right on (if a bit stereotypical for north american readers, but stereotypes are always what makes it across to another culture first), and nobody is waving a gun ar...... View
Utsukushii Utsukushii Utsukushii------
Utsumuku Shisen------
Vanilla Star------
Venus Kiss2i couldn't even finish this, it was so bad. rape and humour do simply not go together, and even people who write rape fantasies ought to realise that. WTF got into this author? and where was the editor; out cavorting in ni-chome? certainly didn't do any editing. i'm pretty inured to raping in BL by now, and take the usual excuses in stride, but this just went over the line. also, it's hard to figure out what exactly is happening when. where IS the plot? i lost track. how often did sa...... View
Wagamama Romeo------
Warawanai Ningyo------
Warera no mizu wa doko ni aru------
Warito Yokuaru Danshikouteki Renaijijou6i thought this was a fairly insipid story and didn't really care to read the second volume, but eh, i was bored. and i am glad i did, since fujiyama actually managed to pull it out of insipid territory and gave it a little depth. it's still nowhere near her later manga, and i would strongly recommend to read it BEFORE anything else she created. that'll really highlight how much she has grown as an artist since; both as regards storytelling and drawing. i didn't particularly care for her art...... View
Warui Koto Shitai6kitty media did not translate the sound effects, and didn't keep honorifics; sheesh. i can't stand it when commercial versions are worse than scanlations; if you're trying to sell me your product, do a professional job.

that aside, this is pretty standard fare story-wise; there wasn't much development, and i didn't really care about anyone. while the seme were likeable and hot, i don't really like totally clueless and dense uke. if you can't even figure out what's going on when he has you nak...... View
Wasurerarenai Yoru to Hikikaeni3wow, this is astonishingly bad. the first story is revoltingly so, the others are just insipid, though with less non-con. and i am not talking about the subjects revolting me, mind -- no, the internal story logic is abysmal, it makes no sense in several of the stories. for example: guy A plays the violin in his apartment. next door neighbour is so annoyed by the sound that he punches a hole in the wall. in takakura's story universe guy A is responsible for that hole. oh, and research i...... View
Watashi ni Nita Dare ka5---
We are Gorgeous4Fails as interesting story, and fails as good wank material. Maybe I just don't know the right "metropolitan" gays in order to find whatever the stereotypes are supposed to be funny. The only stereotype I actually recognize is that of the emotionally overwrought actor who can't separate his role from his real life -- nothing particularly gay about that, and the way it's shown isn't very funny. In any case, there are too damn many "men" in dresses here. Maybe the mangaka got tired of drawi...... View
White & Black7i'm probably not supposed to think about what's likely only a plot device: a god who has half his angels tasked with dealing with corrupted human souls -- and as a result they end up as demons. what a cruel god; i hate him. i tried to get over that, but kept on grumbling about it the entire time.

aside from that the story is more touching than it rightfully should be -- star-crossed lovers, miracle, years of waiting for the destined one and then maybe not getting together after all... i felt...... View
Wild and Strawberry8seriously. this isn't her best work, and not my favourite oneshot, but it's still original. and hilarious. the sex scene had me laughing out loud. the sex isn't forced -- minoru is more eager to have sex than yuusuke, who's mostly still shell-shocked that minoru agreed to go out with him, and who is embarrassed (which sounds typical, but isn't really -- he has good reason to be embarrassed; the conversation is priceless). yeah, sure, in real life i'd be critical of minoru moving so fast an...... View
Wild Fangs9beautiful, beautiful artwork, especially the animals. very atmospheric too. the story is better than many, at least in its very broad strokes, but i agree with those who said the manga is too short; i wanted to know so much more. BL mangaka seem to rarely be given enough space to develop their stories, at least not at first. the relationship also happens a bit fast, though that seems to be typical for "fated" partners in BL. but hey, better a story leave me wanting more than thinking i w...... View
Wild Rock5i'm a total pushover for takashima kazusa's art, i love her to bits, i hope she's really back finally, but: unfortunately i am not fond of the useless, wide-eyed girly uke in this manga, and them having to be rescued by their ueber-manly seme. as a saving grace this doesn't disappoint in the art department, and i'll look at it again just to drool over emba and selem, and i bought it because, yeah, love for takashima-sensei, but it's not worth rereading for me.
Wild Rose9for scanlating this, because without you i wouldn't have known of this mangaka at all.

so this turned out to be a prequel rather than a sequel, but that's ok, because i had a lot of questions about kiri, and here we find out what happened to him after leaving the village. it is more cohesive than wild fangs because we already know some of the background for the manbeasts, it doesn't pack as much into a single volume, and it spends more time on developing the relationship between mikhail and k...... View
Wild Wind9it amuses me that each time i start reading one of these, i wish it to be a sequel, and it never is. but it doesn't really matter, because they just keep getting more interesting. this is a pre-prequel to wild fangs, which tells the story of how the manbeasts came to earth, and why there are "marked ones" who are their masters. neat mythology. the artwork is once again so very beautiful. there's a bit more enthusiastic sex in this one, but as before, nothing graphic; it fits well with the...... View
Wonderful Days?6there wasn't enough development here for me to buy that ray really did already have feelings for shingo, albeit unrealised ones. it also didn't make sufficient sense that, after "saving" himself all this time, shingo would go and have sex with a stranger shortly after ray actually wanted to sleep with him. i can understand why shingo ran away from ray then; it would definitely hurt more to sleep with somebody for whom you have apparently unrequited feelings than to sleep with a stranger -- ...... View
Wonderful Life------
X Kai------
Yabai Kimochi (Novel)8---
Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu------
Yakudate! Seishun.6---
Yakusoku no Yokan------
Yasashii Kankei------
Yogoto Nayamashii Niwa de3the first story feels like it was written by a 9-yr-old (well, minus the sex maybe); it's that sort of fairytale with evil, scheming relatives out to rob the lonely young master. it has a silly plot, and is completely predictable.

the second story doesn't even live up to this low quality. because rape, of course, makes the rapee forget all about his prior love and fall in love with the rapist.

the sex isn't hot, the art is worse than average for BL. you know, i usually try to say something ...... View
Yoiko no Sumu Machi------
Yokubou Sensibility5a whole volume, and not much character development -- a tiny bit on part of the uke who starts out kinda lazy but then shapes up to impress his strict manager. what the heck do these two see in each other? it's adequately drawn, but i just couldn't get into it because these characters are not very interesting.
You and Harujion------
You are my Queen---and, i assume, a parody of the cool beauty / spoiled queen uke paired with a seme who lives to serve his queen. i found it amusing, but as so much comedy, also completely empty. the art, however, is very good, surprisingly so for something with so little substance. i don't quite know how to rate it because it didn't touch me at all, and i'll neither buy nor ever re-read it, but i think it's quite successful at what it sets out to do.
Yukemuri Biyori Koi Meguri------
Yume No Kodomo9i had a bit of trouble liking youji to start with; he was just so bratty and immature. but he slowly grew on me until i was really pulling for him, which means this is a pretty successful "coming of age" story in that regard. i was not entirely convinced of the progression of the love story, maybe because youji was so immature, and i don't have this japanese fervour for valuing "purity". but there were enough chapters to develop depth in the characters, and i really did like how youji star...... View
Yume wo Miru Hima mo Nai9---
Yuuwaku Lips5.5i'll never figure out the ratings in this place, *wry grin*; we're so often at odds, and the fact that it's right on here makes me think the manga is underrated. this isn't as bad as that low score indicates. it's not great, but for a oneshot it has some meat.

i think that the low score comes from two things: 1. akira is willing to cheat on his lover without a second thought, and 2. we don't get invested in the final pairing at all, because the meat of the story is concentrated elsewhere. ...... View
Yuuwaku no Kaori------
Zankoku na Kimi to Tomo ni------
Zankoku Yuugi------
Zenbu Ore no Mono!6all storylines are common, and not particularly exciting for me. not bad, mind, just ... completely forgettable. i agree with the previous two posters about the relative merit of the stories, except i rank the entire volume lower because there is just nothing special here at all. well, there is sakuraga's art, which is nice, and which brings the volume up a point above average. interestingly, even though i don't at all mind sex in my BL (the steamier the better), here i thought the sex in...... View
Zettai Fukujuu------
Zettai Unmei Houteishiki------
Zip Up Boy1this is so very very bad i have to restrain an impulse to use profanity. reiji knows something is very wrong with his brother akira, but does he try to protect kazuki? hell, no. instead he lies to him about his motives, a cruel lie that would hurt kazuki to the core if the mangaka managed to actually create a single believable character; he just randomly angsts a little but without much consequence. kazuki's mother also knows what's wrong with akira and yet she leaves her son alone with h...... View