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Bara no Kaitou2---
Bokura no Oukoku5koujima nazuki's uke seem to only be capable of two emotions: screaming anger, and wide-eyed cluelessness, and they cycle rapidly between the two. the seme seem to have a third mode; trying to force their loving on the unsuspecting uke. and both of them have a flat learning curve; it goes on for chapter after chapter after chapter. it's is incredibly tiring to read, and i end up not liking any of them. the story overall drags on, nobody ever learns to communicate properly (certainly not by ...... View
Himitsu no Kemonotachi2why is so much of the smuttiest yaoi shota? why can't i have some good old-fashioned smut with MEN? the uke here is the typical big-eyed girlboy that people who're into shota will probably adore, but i find tiresome and off-putting -- he actually has tiny breasts. i suspect i also don't like sakura ashika's storytelling "talents". really, there is no story here beyond the descriptions up there; it's just smut, and i don't find the way it's done sexy at all, even disregarding that i dislike...... View
Mayu3no, really. i am used to bad plots in yaoi, but this one should win a golden turkey award. there is so much sex in this manga that there isn't much time for a plot, i realize that, but the second chapter is just totally egregious and a complete turnoff -- if your new lover lets you be raped by a yakuza for money, i expect even the most personality-free uke to do something more than say "well, don't do that again" and launch right into some more sex. *ewww*. tamaki ren's art is relatively ...... View
The Heart's Rhythm of Angel3this comment covers ch1-4; i am not gonna read any more of this when it becomes scanlated. i'm not rating it low because it's shota, but because it stinks. story 1 has no real reason to it -- why did naoki never try to contact satsuki if he supposedly loved him all along? it's not like anything seems to have stood in the way of their forever-love. this is really just a PWP with a thin excuse for a plot, but i don't like to have my story sense insulted so ineptly. everyone should learn fro...... View